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Best Travel Shorts for Women – Anyone who travels frequently knows that packing for your perfect vacation can be a chore, especially if you’re planning on being away for any substantial amount of time!

How do you look cute when you’re on the road?

More to the point, how do you choose clothes that are going to work with the weather and your scheduled activities?

Best Travel Shorts for Women

Finding the best travel shorts for women does not have to be rocket science.

Simply follow this handy guide and you’ll be well on your way to looking and feeling fabulous anywhere in the world.

Don’t Automatically Go For The Cheapest Option

It might be tempting to go for the cheapest shorts that you can find, but resist the urge!

Traveling puts a lot of wear and tear on your clothes, and going for the least expensive option often leaves you with ripped or damaged clothing halfway through your trip.

Think about it this way; the money that you save by buying inexpensive clothes before your trip will be lost when you need to splurge on new clothes during your vacation.

Instead of looking at the price tag as the only determining factor, consider thinking about what you’ll be doing on your vacation.

Choose travel shorts that serve you best, not ones that are the least expensive.

Think About What You’re Planning On Doing

Best Travel Shorts for Women
Best Travel Shorts for Women

In order to determine which travel shorts will work best for you, it’s important to give some thought to what you’re planning on doing while you’re on vacation!

Best Travel Shorts For Hiking

If your travels include some adventures in altitude, consider shorts that will work with you on your climb.

The best hiking shorts are made of breathable material, like a cotton and nylon blend, and are built to last.

Hiking is guaranteed to test the durability of your shorts, so make sure that they’re made to stand up to harsh conditions.

You’ll also want to invest in shorts that are waterproof and have plenty of zippered pockets.

These days there are plenty of options and hiking shorts don’t need to be ugly or oversized.

You can easily find cute hiking shorts that are both flattering and utilitarian.

Best Low-Maintenance Travel Shorts

Even if extreme sports isn’t on your travel agenda, you’ll probably want shorts that look good but don’t require a ton of effort.

There are plenty of places out there that don’t have irons readily available, so if your shorts are delicate and wrinkle easily, they will probably stay at the bottom of your suitcase for the entire trip.

The best low-maintenance travel shorts for women are made of a material like polyester or nylon.

Shorts made out of these materials can be balled up and tossed at the bottom of your bag, and emerge looking like new.

It’s especially advisable to invest in shorts made out of polyester and nylon if you’re staying in hostels.

These types of low-budget travel accommodations generally do not have all of the amenities of a hotel, and you’re less likely yo have drawers or space to spread out.

As a result, you’ll be literally living out of your suitcase.

Minimize the stress and buy yourself some low-maintenance shorts.

Why not get shorts in a color that goes with everything?

Beige, brown, black or dark blue shorts will compliment nearly every outfit and don’t show dirt as much as lighter shorts.

Simply thinking strategically will help you look more fierce on the road!

Best Travel Shorts For Hot Climates

If you’re traveling to a hot climate, stay away from cotton.

Instead, look for material like polyester. Polyester wicks away sweat and is lightweight enough to bear the brunt of a sweltering sun.

Try to find travel shorts that don’t cling to you, as tight-fitting materials can lead to unpleasant skin rashes and increased sweating.

Instead, look for loose fabrics that allow a little air flow between the shorts and your skin.

Additionally, stay away from black colored clothes which will only absorb the sun’s rays and make you hotter.

If you’re heading to the beach, find shorts that are made of waterproof material.

Don’t be afraid of fun colors!

Find ones that match your bathing-suit and fit in well with the tropical environment.

The beach calls for lightweight, flowy fabrics so make sure that your shorts aren’t too formal.

You’re on vacation after all!

Best Travel Shorts When Going To Countries That Prioritize Modest Dress

Sometimes you’ll find yourself traveling to a country where modesty is expected.

You don’t need to make major modifications to your wardrobe, but it’s important to avoid obvious inappropriate dress like crop-tops or skimpy miniskirts.

Similarly, your short should be at least halfway to your knees.

When traveling in countries that value modesty, try to find for shorts that are made out of sturdy material.

You don’t want them clinging to your legs in a suggestive fashion.

Additionally, find muted colors and fits that are longer.

Pair your shorts with flats and a modest blouse and you should be completely fine.

Whenever you’re traveling to a country that values modesty in fashion, remember to err on the side of caution.

It’s better to be overly covered than under-covered.

Additionally, many religious sites specify that you wear certain types of clothing.

Packing Tips For Traveling

No matter how amazing your shorts are, if you don’t pack them properly you could run into problems!

Here are a few sure-fire ways to get the most out of your suitcase.

Start off with a packing list that details what combination of clothing you’ll be wearing.

  • Roll your clothes so they pack properly
  • Use packing cubes to make the most out of your space
  • Choose clothing in lightweight, wrinkle-free materials

Use the advice that I’ve outlined in this travel guide and you can be sure to look your finest while wandering anywhere in the world!

Women's travel shorts

Best Shorts for Travel

Best Shorts for Travel – I recently heard about a shirt made of wool that you could wear for 100 days without washing because wool is such an amazing fabric.

While I wouldn’t wear them for 100 days straight without washing, the Via shorts that Icebreaker sent me to review are also made of wool and are pretty amazing.

When I first heard of “wool shorts” I was skeptical.

As a Minnesotan I spend about 75% of the year wearing wool sweaters and honestly the thought of wool shorts had me imagining thick scratchy shorts (totally unappealing).

It turns out that the Via shorts are not at all what I imagined.

Surprisingly, they are neither thick nor itchy.

I would highly recommend them.

Here’s my full review of these amazing shorts.

Merino Wool Shorts: About the Material

I’ve always thought of wool as a winter fabric, but merino wool is a bit different than the typical scratchy sweater wool.

Several years ago, I reviewed Icebreaker’s Merino wool pullover, which I wear even during the summer months because the fabric is so wonderful.

After wearing my Icebreaker Via shorts for several weeks, I can now tell that the shorts will follow the same pattern as the pullover.

They will get a lot of wear and last a long time.

The Via shorts are made of 70% merino wool and 30% cotton and is a soft, durable blend.
travel shorts for women - best Shorts for Travel
The Icebreaker Via shorts make the perfect travel shorts.

They are breathable, lightweight, machine washable, and stylish.


Wool, as I’ve learned, naturally regulates temperature.

Wool is breathable to prevent overheating, but also can keep you warm when the sun goes down.


I always thought that wool was a heavy fabric, but the Merino wool is extremely lightweight and the shorts are small.

You can pack light with these shorts.

Machine Washable

The Icebreaker shorts are machine washable.

In my opinion, a pair of shorts could not contend for “best shorts for travel” without that label.

Gone are the days of ironing too!

Style and Fit

Via shorts are wonderful because you can dress them up or down; you can wear them hiking or out to dinner or a show.

The shorts also fit great.

There is a similar pair, the Vista, which are longer with an inseam of 9.5 inches compared to a 5-inch inseam on the Via.

The Vista might be better for travel in countries where you are more concerned about modesty, but 5 inches in still a long enough inseam to be considered modest in most places.

Bottom line on the best shorts for travel

The Via shorts have become my go-to shorts for changing into right after work and are perfect for the weekends.

They have become my best shorts for travel and for all-around wearing.

They come in Jet Black and in Cabin.

I own the Cabin, which is dark Khaki color.

You can buy the shorts straight from Icebreaker.

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