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Advertising on Go Green Travel Green

marketing [at] gogreentravelgreen [dot] com

Go Green Travel Green offers an array of advertise options, customized to meet your needs.

To learn more about advertising with Go Green Travel Green email marketing [at] gogreentravelgreen [dot] com.

Go Green Travel Green is viewed by tens of thousands of visitors every month.

We cover everything from eco-tourism and public transit to local foods and green travel gear.

Go Green Travel Green’s targeted topics make it an excellent match for a wide range of advertisers, including hotels, resorts, credit cards, personal finance tools, tourism bureaus, countries, airlines, and green product companies.

Our website visitors are savvy moms who love to travel, are dedicated to reducing their environmental impact, and are smart with their money.

Go Green Travel Green
Go Green Travel Green

If you’d like to reach thousands of travelers and environmentalists every month, contact us at marketing [at] gogreentravelgreen [dot] com and we’ll customize a package to meet your needs.

The [London] Times Online named Go Green Travel Green a Top 100 Travel Sites Newsweek, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, MSN Money, National Geographic, PC World, and others have featured Go Green Travel Green

Go Green Travel Green is the top online resource for sustainable travel.

Whether you’re a lifelong environmentalist or a traveler who’s just starting to exploring ways to decrease your environmental impact, we’re committed to providing you with tips, stories, and travel gear to make green travel easy.

We cover everything from eco-tourism and public transit to local foods and Go Green Travel Green gear.

Founded in 2008, Go Green Travel Green (GGTG) quickly became a top sustainable travel website.

GGTG was re-launched with a focus broadened to include green living, money tips, family travel.

Thanks for reading!

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Go Green Travel Green in the News

Go Green Travel Green has been featured in media such as Newsweek, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, The Observer, MSN Money, National Geographic, PC World, Kayak, and Lifehack.

We were named one of the [London] Times Online’s Top 100 Travel Sites.

MSNBC: EarthTalk: Haiti quake, green prisons ~ January 26, 2010

The Westerly Sun: It seems that everyone sees green in green ~ December 20, 2009

ABC News / PCWorld: Who’s Responsible for Outrageous Gas Prices? ~ August 19, 2008

The Observer: The travel gurus’ guide to 2010 ~ January 3, 2010

Forbes: How To Save On Holiday Travel ~ October 10, 2008

Los Angeles Times: JetBlue coupon; Snagging discount New York theater tickets; Green Travel index

Lifehack: Lifehack Digest for February 24 ~ February 25, 2008

Times Online: Best websites for specialist travel ~ March 18, 2009

Credit Donkey: Best Travel Blogs ~ July, 2018

We are extremely excited to announce that we were named one of the Times Online Top 100 Travel Sites for 2009!

You’ll find us in the Best Websites for Specialist Travel category.

Of course, we couldn’t have done this without you and the rest of our readers.

You are what make this green travel community so amazing.

Some others who were featured in the top 100 websites include: Gridskipper, Travel Rants, Green Traveler, and Cranky Flier.

Check out the complete list of Top 100 Travel Sites.

We have a guest post up at about 5 (+1) Ways to Travel Green with Kayak.

If you haven’t checked out Kayak lately you’ll see that they have recently added features like sorting rental cars by miles per gallon.

Remember whenever you use Kayak to give back to the environment by searching with Search Green Travel.

The History of Go Green Travel Green

Kimberly and Elizabeth, co-founders of Go Green Travel Green, are avid travelers and environmentalists.

After living in Russia and traveling across Eastern Europe, Egypt, and Turkey for 2 months in 2004, they temporarily settled in Washington, DC.

In 2008, they quit their DC jobs to travel.

Elizabeth and Kimberly explored Argentina and Belize for 4 months before settling in Minneapolis, MN.

They became moms in 2011 and they’re both passionate about green living and creating a safe and healthy environment for their son.

They’re also determined to keep traveling and are learning that traveling with kids is both incredibly challenging and tremendously rewarding.

Kimberly and Elizabeth have been to a collective 36 countries and so far their favorites are Ireland, Egypt, and Argentina. Legoland California trip

Meet Our Writers

Kimberly, Co-Founder and Editor

Kimberly’s passion for travel was born when she studied abroad in Krasnodar, Russia in high school.

Since then, she’s been to six continents and is scheming to get to seven.

A long-time environmentalist, Kimberly led online outreach at Environmental Working Group.

In 2011, she became a mom and set her sights on helping moms like her find the resources they need to travel with their kids and adopt a green lifestyle.

Kimberly enjoys writing travel stories, product reviews, and green living tips for families.

When she’s not busy chasing her son around, she likes listening to records and frequenting thrift stores.

Elizabeth, Co-Founder and Editor

Elizabeth, a freelance writer and attorney, loves travel and being a mom.

Her favorite activities include sampling local ice cream, playing tennis, training her dogs, and exploring the outdoors with her son.

She enjoys writing about personal finance for moms, product reviews, and family travel tips.

Elizabeth also writes for the personal finance website Wise Bread.

Amy Whitley, Staff Writer

Amy Whitley is an adventure, eco, and family travel writer based in Oregon.

When she’s not writing at Go Green Travel Green, She and her family love exploring the outdoors, navigating new cities, and finding great hotels and restaurants along the way.

Tell us about your travel experiences.

I was one of those kids fortunate to have parents and grandparents who traveled, so experiencing new places and cultures has always been a priority in my life.

As a child and young adult, I traveled across Europe, Mexico, Canada, and U.S., and after my own children were born, I was determined to raise them in the same manner.

I quickly learned that while traveling with kids comes with challenges, the rewards vastly outweigh any inconveniences.

Kids adapt to new places and new people with enviable grace, and I learn as much as they do when we set forth on each adventure.

In what ways do you consider yourself green?

Our favorite type of travel involves natural spaces, national parks, and outdoor exploration.

I’ve been ‘green’ long before the term was coined, and I credit this mindset to my appreciation of the outdoors.

Because of this respect for our parks, natural wilderness, and wildlife, it’s important to me to teach my children how to preserve and care for our environment.

To this end, I’ve been a vegetarian for fifteen years, travel and explore locally with as light a carbon footprint as possible, and keep an eye on eco travel products which will help me on this quest (staying away from excessive packaging, a pet peeve of mine).

Am I perfect?

Goodness no.

But I believe that green travel is not only possible, but natural.

What types of interesting tips and adventures can we look forward to hearing from you?

It’s a bit of a mission in my life to convince parents that they can (and should) travel with their kids, so many of my travel tips and destination reviews will come from a perspective of family travel.

I’ve been told I’m one of the most organized people you’ll ever ‘meet’, so you can expect plenty of travel planning and itinerary tips from me as well.

You’ll also see a lot of backpacking and hiking posts, eco product reviews, and adventure travel tales.

If you can hike to it, paddle around it, climb it, or zip-line across it, I want to go!

Where else do you write on the web?

I’m the founding editor of a family travel site that reviews hotels and resorts, outdoor spaces, museums, and more across the U.S.

Stop by, and you’ll find road trip itineraries, flying tips, our top ski resort and beach town picks, theme park advice, and more.

Every Tuesday, you’ll also find me at Practical Travel Gear, where I review the latest in outdoor and family travel gear.

Occasionally, you’ll see me elsewhere, as I’m a contributor to regional print newspapers and magazines in my home state of Oregon.

Tell us about your travel experiences.

I caught the travel bug in 2006.

Since then I’ve traveled to over 25 countries.

More than that, I’ve been able to experience life in many of them.

While living in South Africa for 4 years, I explored countless cities and cultures throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

In what ways do you consider yourself green?

I’ve been vegetarian for quite a few years, mainly because of the environmental impact meat production has on the environment.

My husband and I tend to focus on long-term travel.

Going at a slower pace means we get a more authentic experience, but also lessens the impact we’re having on the environment.

What types of interesting tips and adventures can we look forward to hearing from you?

We’ve been lucky enough to do a lot of long-term travel, I’m excited to share tips on how that’s worked so well for us.

After living in Africa for a few years, I have a lot of tips for over-landing and traveling through the massive continent.

Also, later this year we’re moving to Scotland.

I’m excited for this new adventure, and I’m sure I’ll be sharing all sorts of lessons we learn as we prepare to move overseas again.

Where else do you write on the web?

I co-founded Peas in a Blog with one of my best friends.

We focus on vegetarian food and fitness.

But, because we both love travel, we throw it in as much as we can!

Eco-Lodges, Green Tours, Green Hotels, Green Tourism Industry, Travel Gear and Luggage

We know that many of our readers are affiliated with the green travel industry in some way.

Running an eco-lodge, green hotel, WWOOFing, volunteer tours, etc.

We’re thinking of starting up to three new initiatives and would like to know your thoughts:

Free Guide:

Greening Your Travel Business — A Consumer’s Perspective

Free E-Newsletter

For people working in green tourism initiatives.

It would be from a consumer’s perspectives with roundups of what other travelers are saying online, resources, etc.

Directory of Green Hotels, Tours, Eco-Lodges etc

Best of the Best Luggage

We’ve featured a number of luggage posts this year.

Here are the best of the best – all of the top luggage posts we’ve featured.

Best Rolling Duffel Bags featured the best rolling duffel bags to help save your back when packing a duffel.

Best Weekender Bags showcased the top rated weekend bags for when you’re taking a short trip away.

Best Travel Bags for Women revealed all the fun prints that are available for women looking for a suitable bag.

Lightest Luggage: Light Weight Luggage Reviews highlighted the best new luggage for light weight travel.

Kids Carry-On Luggage Your Children Will Love (enough to carry themselves)

Lightweight Luggage and Suitcases Reviews for Frequent Travelers

Best Backpack ~ 9 Tips to Choose the Best Travel Backpack

Lightest Luggage – LightWeight Luggage Reviews

TSA Locks: Luggage Lock Reviews

Green Luggage Reviews

Digital Luggage Scales: Luggage Scale Save You Money and Environment

Our goal is always to help make it easier for you to travel.

Our site will continue to be focused on green travel tips for individual travelers, but this would be a way for people in the tourism industry to hear directly from green consumers.

If there’s not enough interest, we won’t bother.

But if you or your business is even slightly interested, let us know by filling out the opt-in form directly below.

We’ll let you know next week if there are enough people interested to move forward.

For information on our disclosure and privacy policies, please visit our Policies page.

Have suggestions or questions?

Let us know.

If you have questions, comments, or ideas, or would like to advertise on, feel free to email us at info [at] gogreentravelgreen [dot] com.

We welcome media inquiries about Go Green Travel Green and Search Green Travel.

For more information about Go Green Travel Green, check out our About page.

To learn more and Search Green Travel, the first eco-conscious travel search engine, visit the Search Green Travel About page.

Best Travel Writing and Favorite Blogs

Happy to celebrate some for the best travel writing and some awesome new blogs and amazing travel writing.

We received numerous awesome submissions and included all of them below.

They are in no particular order .

Each post name is followed by a blurb about the post or the first few sentences of the post.

Best Travel Writing

Get In (and Back Out) of San Pedro, Bolivia’s Most Notorious Prison posted at Notes of a Globetrooper.

We recently asked why on Earth would anyone accompany a real criminal into a real prison under entirely false pretenses for a completely illegal tour.

I myself wondered if I’d actually do it, given the chance.

From a trip to the police station, to being scammed, to giving up hope, to finding a second-wind, to finally getting in, and then getting out again… it’s all here.

Expat in Germany posted Canadian Habits in Germany:

I’m a big believer of the old saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, but there are a few Canadian habits that I just can’t shake in Germany and yes, that includes thinking that red really is the best color for police uniforms as it is the traditional color of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (R.C.M.P).

Hole In The Donut Cultural Travel published Palenque Ruins of Chiapas are a Mystical, Magical Wonder:

Brutal sun blazed down on the Mayan ruins of Palenque, Mexico.

Heat permeated my boots and crept up my pant legs as I climbed steep stone stairs of the Palacio – the Palace.

I paused at the top to ineffectually dab my beaded brow with a too-wet tissue.

As I blinked away stinging sweat streaming into my eyes, the powerful city that once ruled over a large part of the states of Chiapas and Tabasco in southern Mexico came into focus.

For miles in every direction, ancient temples poked through dense vegetation.

The wonder of this place is not how it grew to be such a powerhouse of Mayan culture.

The wonder is how it existed at all.

Liv posted Life In These Here Hills at I Eat My Pigeon.:

It’s 1 September, the night before I leave for Dublin.

I’m having an arrivederci dinner with my upstairs neighbors – the DiVecchios; middle-aged parents of the screaming Emilia.

Maria says it’s her mission to find me a man.

She says this over spaghetti alle vongole, as Emilia grabs fistfuls of table and kicks her feet towards the wine glasses.

A glint comes into Maria’s eye.

She says: “I have it. The perfect man for you. Stefano.”

Chickstravelflicks wrote about Italy & India:

Why there’s more than meets the ‘I’.:

In his novel Shantaram, Gregory David Roberts wrote that “The Indians are the Italians of Asia”.

At first I thought that Roberts’ words were a liberal stretch of the imagination.

But after various visits to Italy, I’ve come to realize that the two countries have more in common than just the enigmatic Mrs Sonia Gandhi.

Always capitalized the “f” in Food

Chris Around The World submitted Geography of Somewhere: Visiting Atlantic, Iowa:

Nothing gives you more insight into your spouse’s DNA than a trip to their hometown.

It’s an exploration of far more intimate geography, a navigation of the elements that shape a personality.

Guidebooks don’t work here, as the landmarks are far too personal.
Best Travel Writing

What I learned on a trip this summer to my husband’s birthplace: tiny Atlantic, Iowa.

Inspiring Travellers authored 20,000 Kilometers by Thumb: A Hitchhiker’s Lap Around Australia:

Have you ever thought about hitchhiking on your journeys?

For one traveler, the experience provided insights into his fellow countrymen and restored a bit of faith in humanity.

Travel Maestro wrote Waterfalls, Spices, and Life in Grenada:

The beauty of Grenada is not only in the lush topography and fragrant spices, but in the warm and resilient people who make it home.

Mike’s Ryukyu Gallery has a fun post:

How I Became Santa Forever: A volunteer gig as Santa that turned me into a permanent Santa in Okinawa, Japan.

Natalia Forrest presents Bern posted at No Beaten Path.:

A post about visiting Bern with a six year old, and how to enjoy the city on foot and using public transport

At Go BIG or Go Home they posted World’s Longest Elevated Pedestrian Bridge, Hudson Valley, NY:

The Walkway Over the Hudson is not only the world’s longest elevated pedestrian bridge, it is also an inspirational example of recycling on a gargantuan scale.

It was created by renovating the historic Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge, which for decades stood in disrepair, unused.

A preservationist group began raising funds over a decade ago, confident that the $35 million renovation cost would be far less than the cost to dismantle it.

They were right, and use of the bridge in its new life has far exceeded anyone’s projections!

This piece is about a rainy afternoon in Burano — and all the color and life therein.

The Vacation Gals loved Swimming with Wild Dolphins in Oahu, Hawaii:

Swimming with wild dolphins is an extraordinary travel experience, and vastly different than, say, watching a trained dolphin show at SeaWorld.

Although I know the spinner dolphins off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii don’t remember me, swimming among them was an experience I’ll never forget.

First-Time Travels spent their First-time in the Shanghai World Expo 2010:

Visiting a major expo which occurs only every five years is not a usual occurrence.

The highlight of my 2010 travels was getting inside the Shanghai World Expo, which was like seeing the world through the many pavilions.

The expo theme of Better City, Better Life fits promotes balanced progress of cities that also advances the protection of the environment.

Claire Marie Algarme’s Medblog Page wrote about A Garden Fit For A Queen: The Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden was one of the highlights of our familiarization trip in Chiang Mai.

Visiting attractions like this enables me to learn more about plants and brings me closer to nature.

Phil Byrne wrote Take A Manchester Music Tour posted at Cheap Hotel Chains – Guide To Great Places.:

Priyank presents Cycling in Montréal posted at Final Transit.: I love cycling.

In Toronto, its my primary mode of transport throughout the year.

When I went to Montreal last spring, I found the city’s cycling infrastructure to be excellent, and I’ve tried to capture it in this post.

Sunset Mood authored Sunset MoodJogja Solo Trip – At The Soul of Java.:

It is my honeymoon trip to Yogyakarta, Indonesia. As lonelyplanet say it:

It is the soul of Java. And indeed, we encounter some soul as free as we can imagine

Andrew wrote New York Food Trucks and Street Food Guide posted at The Brooklyn Nomad.:

A comprehensive list of the best New York City food carts.

Matador Network published a Green Guide to Oslo:

In many ways, Norway is a green pioneer.

However, it’s difficult for one of the world’s largest oil exporters to further reduce emissions at home.

Adventures With Ben presents 5 Tips for Taking Fun Travel Photographs:

If you want to impress your friends, relive your vacation memories and laugh all over again, take fun pictures.

Here are some of my favorite tips taken on a recent trip to Philadelphia and Washington D.C..

Hidden Pousadas Brazil authored 10 surprises about the Pantanal, Brazil:

I have just got back from an incredible trip to the Pantanal in search of great fazendas (farms) for the Hidden Pousadas Brazil sites and now I really feel like a fully-fledged explorer.

Janice posted Should I Stay or Should I Go at Solo Traveler.:

This is a story from the heart. It’s not a solo travel story but a story that explains why I travel solo.

It’s a story about long term travel.

My hope is that it inspires you to take the trip of your dreams.

And from our blog, Go Green Travel Green, the favorite post was 10 Chilling Tales of People Killed by Icicles Around the World.:

Strolling through my Minneapolis, Minnesota neighborhood yesterday, I noticed a 6-foot-long icicle dangling from a neighbor’s gutter and thought, “That looks like it could kill someone.”

It turns out, it could.

Falling icicles kill people all of the time.

Especially in Chicago and Russia.

In fact, death by icicle goes back to at least 1776.

Here are 10 chilling tales of people killed and injured by falling icicles, ice dams, and roof snow.

Now – go curl up on the couch with your laptop and start reading!

Links to OUR FAVORITE BLOGS, WEBSITES AND RESOURCES ~ As We Travel is Comprehensive Travel Site for the Adventurous Kind, Wanderlust Mind and Anyone Who Enjoys Traveling ~ Leading website information and tips for homesteading, livestock, sustainability, prepping, survival and more.

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Where to go Honeymooning ~ Searching for the best destinations, hotels and activities for your honeymoon? Checkout this website

Trekking Nepal ~ Great information about the awesome once-in-a-lifetime experience!

This Life In Trips ~ collection of memorable experiences, great food, and overall awesome times.

Global Debauchery Currently visited all 50 states and 37 countries in four years.

Check out her travel blog for discount travel tips, unique must-sees, travel tech, and my own personal misadventures!

The Roman Guy ~ Italy travel guide

Happy Frog Travels – It’s all about the place!

Traveling – Canadian travel blogger who lives in the Cayman Islands.

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If you want your next trip to be easy on the environment (and on your wallet!), you’ve come to the right place.

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We offer free consultations to match your company’s goals with our services.

Why Work With Us

You’ll work directly with the co-founders of Go Green Travel Green to develop a customized strategy for your business or your next trip.

We’ve been avid travelers our whole lives and are committed to helping your company save money with eco-conscious initiatives.

At Go Green Travel Green, we recognize that living off-the-grid and using earthworm composting toilets isn’t for everyone.

But we also love to travel and explore new destination, cultures, and foods.

That’s why we focus on simple steps anyone can take to travel greener.

Go Green Travel Green has been featured on Newsweek, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, MSN Money, National Geographic, PC World, and Lifehack.

And we were named one of the London Times Top 100 Travel Websites for 2009 .

At Go Green Travel Green we write about green travel from a consumer’s perspective and our writing focuses on ways travelers can be more eco-conscious in their adventures.

While our articles are written for the individual traveler we offer the following services for businesses in the travel industry.

Green Travel Services for the Travel Industry Consulting Services

To learn more about our consulting services, check out our Green Travel Consulting page.

We may also begin offering an enewsletter and green travel business directory.

If you are interested in either of these please submit your name and email in the form below.

You can also learn more about the possibility of these services here.

Green Travel Articles

You may also be interested in some of the articles we have written about green travel.

The Green Hotels page lists a wealth of information about green hotels.

The 25 Days to Green Travel Series provides an introduction to green travel in a series format.

To learn more Go Green Travel Green email marketing [at] gogreentravelgreen [dot] com.

Organic Goes Corporate

Travelers, it’s 10 am.

Do you know where your organic food is?

Possibly on its way to your local grocery store from a corporate food processor.

You might have been concerned when Clorox acquired Burt’s Bees last October.

I know I was – somehow bleach and personal care products just don’t mix in my mind.

But did you know that M&M Mars bought Seeds of Change, a company whose mission is to promote sustainable agriculture, over 10 years ago in 1997?

Or that Coca-Cola owns Odwalla and Pepsi owns Naked Juice?

The list goes on – Kraft lays claim to Boca Foods, Kellogg has dibs on Morning Star and Kashi.

It seems like all of the major American corporations are jumping on the green bandwagon.

Does it change how you feel about the food you buy from these companies?
Organic Corporate - Green Travel Consulting
image credit Phil Howard

I first saw this image, created by Associate Professor Phil Howard at Michigan State University, a year ago.

His website has lot of other interesting charts and even a movie depicting how it all comes together.

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