Digital Luggage Scales Reviews: Save Money and the Environment

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Digital luggage scales reviews – Digital luggage scales seem to be all the rage these days.

Well, at least that’s what the ads I’ve seen have led me to believe.

And with the increased airline baggage fees for pretty much every single U.S. airline, and stricter weight policies — “You’re 3 pounds over, that’s going to cost you!” — perhaps it’s time to invest in a luggage scale.

But is this just another electronic gadget to have to deal with?

Is buying yet another thing helping to go green? Well, it depends….

Why buy a portable luggage scale?

Personally, on the occasions I’ve needed to weigh my luggage, I always used a bathroom scale.

And I’ve never given any thought to buying a special suitcase scale since my bathroom scale works fine.

However, when researching luggage scales and trying them in order to write these digital luggage scale reviews, I realized there are plenty of reasons why a portable luggage scale might be a good choice.

Luggage scales help you to be eco-friendly

Using a portable digital luggage scale can help you and/or your family to plan and stay within packing limits.

I know a family who travels with a family of five and doesn’t bring more than 70 pounds for the entire family.

Just because I am allowed to pack and bring a 50 pound suitcase doesn’t mean I have to.

So, having a scale like this can be helpful for the environment in that you can use it not to maximize what you can bring with you, but to minimize what you bring.

When you pack and tote less stuff with you, it lessens your impact on the environment.

Other times a luggage scale will help

If you’re likely to have more stuff when returning home.

If you are going somewhere (e.g. a trade show or winery tour) and are planning on bringing a lot more home with you, a portable luggage scale would making packing a lot easier.

If you frequently pack bulky or heavy items.

Knowing how much your belongings weigh in advance will definitely lessen your stress as you make your way to the airport.

Photographers or others carrying a lot of equipment might benefit from a luggage scale.

If you attend cruises, weddings, polar expeditions, or other events that require a lot of clothing options, it might be helpful to buy a portable luggage scale.

When you travel abroad, they weigh your carry-on luggage.

My backpack always weighs more than the 14 lbs they allow on international flights.

My laptop with cord weighs about 6 pounds alone.

Add a book and a camera and you’re at your weight limit.

So I can definitely see that if you are doing a lot of airline travel abroad a luggage scale would be incredibly useful.

When you’re backpacking for an around the world trip and your packing list includes only 3 shirts, you probably don’t need a luggage scale.

But if you are attending events several times a year, or are going on a big trip that require lots of changes of clothing, I can see how a luggage scale would be a good choice.

And again, you can use these digital luggage scales reviews to help you pick one to minimize your packing not just maximize your packing.

Digital luggage scales reviews of the best luggage scales

After trying many different luggage scales, here are our top choices, in no particular order.
Luggage Scales

Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale

The Balanzza ergonomic digital compact luggage scale is one of the best luggage scales.

It’s supposed to be an “ergonomic digital luggage scale” due to the design of the scale.

It weighs luggage up to 100 pounds.

It’s small and compact.

What I liked about it is that the scale itself is the grip.

You lift the bag and can easily see the weight as you are lifting it.

Their process is unlike others:

You lift the bag with the scale, you wait for it to beep, and then you put it down.

It’s also great for weighing other things such as packages you want to mail.

Taylor Digital Luggage Scales

We like the [easyazon_link keywords=”Taylor luggage scale” locale=”US” tag=”gogreentravel-20″]Taylor luggage scale[/easyazon_link] as well.

It was the least expensive of all the ones we tried — even the ones not listed in our digital luggage scale review — and ships from Amazon for free.

What we love most about this scale is that it’s accurate, light-weight and very easy to use.

Even better?

It’s the only one made in the USA.

EatSmart Precision Luggage Scale

It’s name threw me for a minute.

At first, I was thinking maybe I had ordered a food scale by accident.

But it is a digital luggage scale that weighs luggage and other things up to 110 pounds.

Here are some things I liked about the EatSmart Precision Luggage Scale:

You could fit two hands on the handle making it easier to pick up really heavy items.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t pick up a 75 pound bag one handed.

The screen was easy to read.

It was simple and clear and in large enough font size to read.

It really was small.

While they say it features a “compact design” it is actually small enough and light enough to toss into your bag.

If you’re in the market for a luggage scale, the EatSmart Precision Luggage Scale is a good bet.

Luggage scales can help you be green

I think luggage scales are a good choice for people who will intentionally pack less because they see how many pounds they are packing.

For people who won’t use them frequently or will pack more because of it, don’t waste your money and add electronics trash to the landfills.

The environment benefits because you’ll be packing light and thus less fuel will be used when transporting your luggage.

So for green travelers who are looking to constantly reduce their luggage weight, it would be a good purchase.

Comparable to buying a Kill-A-Watt energy monitor.

You will also be straining your body less.

Remember, you have to lift and carry and pull and tote and manage everything you bring with you.

Finally, if you’re looking for light weight luggage, make sure you check out our lightest luggage reviews.

Closing ideas on digital luggage scales reviews

My thought on luggage scales had always been that they probably aren’t a complete necessity.

In the United States if you are a good packer you can probably fit most of your items into a carry on size bag and make sure it all weighs less than 50 pounds.

But when I consider the environment and how a digital luggage scale can encourage people to pack less, then I’m all for them.

I would add a luggage scale to my round the world trip packing list.

Using these digital luggage scales reviews can get you a quality product at a good price.

How to Not Pay Airline Baggage Fees

In a desperate attempt to cover their costs, airlines across the US are charging for something that was once included in your ticket price: checked luggage.

Whether you’re flying overseas or regionally within the United States, airline baggage fees can add up quickly.

These days, it’s common to pay $25 each way for just one checked bag.

For a family of four, that’s $200 for a round-trip flight!

Thankfully, there are a few simple ways you learn how to not pay airline baggage fees.

Book with an Airline that Doesn’t Charge Baggage Fees

This may sound obvious, but when you’re comparing flights it’s tempting to go for what appears to be the cheapest option.

But with airline tickets, things aren’t always what they seem, and there can be hidden fees.

Before you book your flight, check the airline’s policy on checked luggage.

When you factor in the luggage fees, sometimes you’ll pay less by opting to fly with an airline that offers free checked luggage, even if the ticket is more expensive.

Thankfully, there are still a few airlines that don’t charge baggage fees.

Southwest Airlines seems to be the holdout, and we love them for it!

They still doesn’t charge for your first or second bag.

Even though the fare was a little bit higher, my husband and I used them earlier this year when we knew we couldn’t get around having two pieces of checked luggage each.

We saved over $100 each way by not paying fees for checking luggage.

While passengers flying on JetBlue and WestJet used to be able to check one piece of luggage for free.

Even when all the other airlines began charging — that is no longer the case.

They are both charging now.

It’s a good idea to pack light!