Top 5 Green Hotels For Honeymoon

Updated: April 24th, 2019Top Green Hotels For Honeymoon – Are you looking to go green on your honeymoon without sacrificing comfort and luxury? If you are, then you’ve come to the right place. While traditional honeymoon getaways are great, they can have some seriously negative environmental impacts. Over the last decade, travel destinations and resorts all over the world have been working to reduce waste and utilize the natural splendor of their surroundings in an … Read more

10 Easy Ways Students Can Go Green

Updated: April 22nd, 2019Easy Ways Students Can Go Green – Saving the planet is every inhabitant’s responsibility. Being a student can never be taken as an excuse as every individual can do his or her bit. Going green need not be expensive. Rather by using effective means, becoming eco-friendly can actually save you money. Even the smallest contribution can help do wonders to our beautiful planet. Moreover, adopting a green lifestyle today will make it … Read more

Yellowstone National Park Insider Tips

Updated: April 25th, 2019Yellowstone National Park Insider Tips – Yellowstone National Park was established in 1872 and is the world’s first and probably the best-known national park. Designated a UNESCO biosphere reserve in 1976 and World Heritage Site in 1978, the Yellowstone Park is a melting pot of natural environment, specific climate, unique animal and plant life as well as iconic historical sights and long-lasting human imprint. The breathtaking scenery and otherworldly beauty are attracting … Read more

Useful and Green Tips for an Unforgettable Sailing Experience in The Ionian Sea

Updated: April 22nd, 2019The Ionian Sea is filled to the brim with history, as well as an unforgettable allure and beauty! Your destination set, your heart ready to explore the gorgeous coastlines and islands that lay waiting in the Ionian waters, it’s time to look into the best way to experience this incredible holiday. A yacht charter, or a flotilla charter to be specific, is an excellent way to see the landscapes and have an … Read more

Best Holiday Travel Guide For Your Family

Updated: April 22nd, 2019Holiday Travel Guide – Between the overabundance of family togetherness, relatives who overstay their welcome, and delayed flights, the holidays are stressful. But you can make your travels hassle-free by taking a few simple steps. Step back, take a deep breath, and dive into the holidays with these 8 Holiday Travel Tips for a Hassle-Free Vacation. Holiday Travel Tips for a Hassle-Free Vacation Check for flight delays before you leave Call your … Read more

Sustainable Adventures: How I’ve Decided to Travel and Protect the Planet!

Updated: April 22nd, 2019Sustainable Adventures – If, like me, you’re a big fan of travelling, you probably spend most of your time on sites like Kandoo, planning your next big trip. Now, if you’re also a big fan of the planet Earth, you’re probably also searching for ways to go about your daily activities in a way that’s as sustainable as it gets. Well, this article is going to bring you the best of both … Read more

How to Be Responsible to the Environment with Green Traveling

Updated: April 25th, 2019How to Be Responsible to the Environment with Green traveling is about adopting green practices to reduce the circulation of chemicals like carbon and plastics, which can destroy the environment. If you practice green at home, you should also carry on your practices when you are traveling abroad. Doing so allows you to contribute your part to the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Environment with Green Traveling Avoid Taking Public Transportation … Read more

Group Eco Travel Destinations Near New York City

Updated: April 22nd, 2019Ecotourism is such a trend these days. With our hectic modern-day lifestyles, more and more people are craving for a break from the city to enjoy nature and the serenity it offers. In this guide, you’ll learn all about the best group eco-travel destinations near New York City, as well as NYC group tour bus rental options that are also friendly to the environment. What is eco tourism? Before we dive into … Read more

Women Who Made History: Visiting the Mary Kay Museum in Texas

Updated: April 25th, 2019Mary Kay Museum – If you’re a fan of makeup, women who’ve influenced the world, or entrepreneurial history overall, visiting the Mary Kay Museum in Addison, TX should be on your list. Combining a short but rich history of a powerful industry today, you’ll receive a lesson on perseverance and grit when you enter the museum. Visiting the Mary Kay Museum in Texas Who Was Mary Kay? As you’ll find when you … Read more

Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

Updated: April 22nd, 2019Traveling with your dog – Traveling alone carries with it a plethora of preparations. When you are traveling with dogs, you will find those preparations increasing in number and difficulty. There are a number of considerations that you should take into account in order for your dog to be comfortable and safe without risk of loss, injury, or accommodation difficulties. The following tips will instruct you in making traveling with your dog … Read more