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Kuru Shoes – As an avid sneaker wearer for well over 10 years, I’ve experimented with a multitude of shoes.

The ones that look good inevitably have no arch support.

Sneakers that are comfortable tend to be so unattractive I couldn’t realistically see myself wearing them.

That’s why Kuru’s Women’s Halcyon shoes are so great.

Not only are they cute, but they’re comfortable and excellent for travel.

The folks at Kuru Footwear were kind enough to send me a pair of Halcyons to try out.

kuru shoes
Kuru’s Halcyon shoe

Kuru Shoes review

Halcyons are great for trekking a city or hiking a trail.

Designed with outdoors-y types in mind, these shoes are great for travelers, especially those who enjoy spending time outside.

Whether you’re looking for durable trail shoes or cute sneakers for the city, these could be the shoes for you.

And if you’re not planning on doing hardcore hiking, I would even recommend Halcyons as your primary travel shoe.

The Halycon, and Kuru shoes in general, are very practical.

They’re comfortable, have decent arch support, and great grip on the soles.

I especially appreciate the padding around the achilles tendon.

A note on choosing a size: I read reviews that said they run 1/2 size small, but I think they fit true to size.

Kuru as the Perfect Travel Shoe

They’re lightweight, comfortable, durable, and compact.

If you’re looking for an excellent travel shoe, check out Kuru.

The upper of the Halcyon shoe is even collapsible so you can stuff the shoes in your bag without worrying about misshaping them.

My only complaint about my Kuru shoes is that compared to other sneakers they look a little chunky.

They look great with pants, but with a skirt or shorts they look more like tennis shoes and less like compact sneakers.

Kuru Shoes and Sustainability

Another benefit to buying Kuru shoes is that Kuru donates a portion of its profits to nonprofits through a concept called Consumer Empowered Sustainability.

Although the shoes themselves aren’t necessarily as eco-friendly as some other brands, this concept is worth reading about.

Kuru’s philosophy is about embracing sustainability as a lifestyle, not just in isolated events.

It’s about using it to improve our world.

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Patagonia has a new line of shoes out – and one of them is by and far the best lightweight travel shoe I’ve ever come across.

The Patagonia Women’s Advocate MJ is a slip on shoe (that has a elastic strap so it doesn’t slip off), and thanks to Patagonia I’ve been testing a pair out for the last month.

Best Lightweight Slip On Shoes Patagonia Advocate

Here’s what I like about the shoes:

They are Super Lightweight Shoes (and are Exceptionally Comfortable)

The Women’s Advocate MJ is definitely the lightest shoe I’ve ever owned.

The shoe is made of microfiber which not only makes it comfortable and breathable, but unbelievably lightweight.

It almost feels as though I’m not wearing any shoes at all.

But, they aren’t so thin that they are uncomfortable.

There is built in arch-support.

These aren’t just your typical flat shoes.

Instead they are well constructed.

There is both padding and support.

I’m not sure how they are so lightweight given how supportive they are.

The Advocate MJ shoes are great for throwing in your suitcase as they won’t add any extra weight.

They are Slip On – but don’t Slip Off

I have very narrow heels, and most slip-on shoes slip off my feet and I can’t wear them.

However, the Advocate MJ has an elastic strap across the top that holds your foot comfortably in place.

I’ve tried a lot of slip-on shoes and these are the first I can say won’t slip off if I’m walking fast or jogging to get somewhere in a hurry.

They just stay on my feet.

Plus, because they don’t tie or require any extra work to strap on, you can slip on the shoes without bending down.

Perfect for when I’m carrying a bag or my son in my arms.

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The MJ is made from Recyclable Materials

Patagonia is a sustainable company – and their shoes are no exception.

The various components of the shoe are made from recycled material (from 15-50% recycled depending the on the part.)

They are vegan shoes.

Finally, the shoes are part of 1% for the Planet, which means that 1% of sales go to environmental programs around the world.

They are Cute

I got a pair of the shoes in black as I tend to use a black color scheme when packing.

Choosing a color scheme is one my favorite tips for packing less.

They are quite cute and look great with jeans, khakis, and shorts.

They are Perfect Travel Shoes

Because the shoes are lightweight, supportive, and have great traction, I wouldn’t hesitate to pack them for any trip where I need a casual shoes for walking around all day or light hiking.


Honestly, I love these shoes.

The only downside that I can think of is that they are a little pricey.

That said, because they are so versatile, comfortable, and well constructed, I’m even considering buying them in another color.

Bottom Line

The Patagonia Advocate MJ is an awesome shoe.

It’s lightweight, comfortable, cute, and easy to put on. I would highly recommend them.

If you’re wondering about size, I wear a size 9 in most shoes (9.5 in Nike and Asics running shoes for comparison) and a size 9 of the Advocate MJs fit me perfectly.

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  1. Lately, I’ve heard lots about the Kuru shoes. Thanks for sharing your insightful review on their Women’s Halcyon Travel Shoe.

  2. Kuru shoes are exactly the type of shoes that I’ve been looking for: athletic in terms of how they feel, but a slight step up in formality from your basic trail runner.

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  4. I came across Kuru last Autumn. I ended up with 4 pairs all of which were a delight to wear. My PF and heel spurs practically disappeared and for the first time in years I was walking with speed and balance. I shall be ever grateful to the company and those I dealt with personally. I am about to start my springtime purchases. Well done, super brand.

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