Best Travel Jackets for Women: Scottevest Molly Jacket Review

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Best Travel Jackets for Women – I love pockets.

Typically my love of pockets results in buying bags that have lots and lots of pockets.

Or jeans that have pockets of the proper depth.

Who wants pants with pockets that are so short you can’t even fit your hands in them properly?

But recently, I’ve found new clothing items with great pockets.

Scottevest makes stylish travel clothing, all decked out with the best pockets I’ve ever seen.

One item they’ve perfected is the travel jacket.

They were kind enough to send us a [easyazon_link keywords=”Molly Jacket” locale=”US” tag=”gogreentravel-20″]Molly Jacket[/easyazon_link] for review.

As the owner of numerous jackets, I can officially declare the Scottevest Molly Jacket to be one of the best travel jackets for women.

Here’s why..

One of the best travel jackets for women

It’s Super Cute

In all honesty, I tend to opt for practicality over cuteness when choosing travel clothes.

As a result my travel clothing tends to be fairly boring.

Lots of quick dry, solid color shirts. So, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate adding such a stylish and practical piece of gear to my wordrobe.

Most of the models on the [easyazon_link keywords=”Scottevest” locale=”US” tag=”gogreentravel-20″]Scottevest[/easyazon_link] site seem to be taller and skinnier than the average person I know.

But, the Molly Jacket looks great on both Kimberly (who is 5’ 3”) and me (I’m 5’ 6”).

I love the belt because it makes the jacket a little more fitted than most jackets are.
best travel jackets for women

It’s Affordable

Most high-quality jackets are several hundred dollars, but the Molly Jacket is less than $200.

It has Amazing Pockets

The Molly Jacket has 17 pockets (seventeen!). They include:

  • sunglasses pocket (with built-in cleaning cloth)
  • digital camera pocket and memory card pocket
  • lipstick / chapstick pocket
  • pocket for your earbuds, which can be wired through the jacket
  • cell phone / MP3 player pocket
  • pen pocket
  • ID pocket
  • travel documents pocket
  • ereader or tablet pocket
  • change pocket

My favorites are the ID pocket and travel document (passport and ticket) pockets, as they make going through security a breeze.

I put my phone in the phone pocket, my wallet in a larger pocket, and my sunglasses in the sunglasses pocket.

All I have to do is take off my Molly Jacket and put it in the bin to go through security.

I can’t tell you how much I love not having to empty my pockets to go through security.
Scottevest Molly travel jacket for women

It’s Lightweight and Breathable

I recently wore the Molly Jacket with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt on a flight from Minneapolis, where it was 75 degrees when I left, to Denver, where it was 83 degrees when I arrived.

The jacket was light enough that I wasn’t sweating while walking through the airport or on the plane.

There’s nothing worse than landing at your destination and needing a shower because you were too hot.

However, in colder weather — like on a recent trip to Iceland — the jacket can be paired with a long sleeve shirt or a wool hoodie to keep you warm in temperatures down below freezing.

It’s a Great Commuter Jacket

Not only does the Molly Jacket make an awesome travel jacket, it also works well as an every day commuter jacket.

If you’re a frequent rider of public transit — be it the Subway, LightRail, T, L, or Metro — you know a key part of commuting is having your transit card and phone accessible.

The ID pocket doubles as a transit card pocket.

And the phone pocket with the headphone system makes it easy to put on your favorite music or podcast and drown out the sounds around you.

It Makes Traveling with Kids a Breeze

Besides their tendency to throw tantrums or cry in the middle of an airport or plane ride, kids are also difficult to travel with because of the amount of stuff they require.

When we were traveling with our son, then 9 months old, to Iceland, being able to put everything in the coat pockets made it incredibly easy to breeze through security — as well as store toys and baby books we wanted to keep accessible.

Granted, by the end of the trip my jacket weighed about 15 pounds because of everything I put in it, but you wouldn’t have known by looking at me because of the special weight system that prevents bulkiness!

Room for Improvement

There are only three things that this jacket lacks. First, it doesn’t have a hood.

I’m not sure that a hood would look all that great on the jacket, but in my mind the very best travel jacket on the market would have a hood for those rainy windy days in Iceland or London, New York, Bellingham, WA, or wherever you happen to be when the poor weather strikes.

Perhaps it could fold inconspicuously into the collar.

The second and third imperfections are minor.

There is no little loop on the back of the jacket to make it easy to hang your coat on a hook.

Minor, but I missed having that loop on the jacket.

Third, the other Scottevest products I’ve tried have a great outside pocket that has a key ring on it.

As the person who normally drives the rental car, I loved having a place to attach the keys to so I didn’t lose them.

Unfortunately, the Molly Jacket doesn’t have this key ring.

The Bottom Line

Overall, I would recommend the Scottevest Molly Jacket to any woman is who is looking for a travel jacket.

It’s cute, stylish, great in most weather, and has absolutely amazing pockets.

I can honestly say I’ve found it to be one of the best travel jackets for women that I’ve ever worn.

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