In Search of Green Dish Soap: Whole Foods 365 Review


When Whole Foods announced their new 365 household products, including for laundry, household cleaning, and kitchen, we were thrilled. Whenever possible, we seek out green options. They provided us with some samples to review for their eco-friendly and green dish soap.

Until recently, when it mysteriously disappeared, I was loyal to my Method Dish Soap in Pink Grapefruit. Sure – the bottle was a little awkward – but a bottle would last a really long time and was relatively inexpensive. I would have preferred dye-free dish soap, but I loved the pink grapefruit smell. But it’s gone, and we were in search of another green dish soap when Whole Foods told us about their new line: 365 Dish Soap.

365 Dish Soap Review of green dish soap Whole Foods


The 365 Brand Dish Soap comes in three options: unscented, Mandarin Ginger, and Citrus. Strangely the Mandarin Ginger was priced higher than the other two for the same quantity so we opted for the Citrus. (Whole Foods picked up the tab for the bottle, but since I wouldn’t likely spend more of my own money on a different scent I wasn’t going to spend theirs either.)  It was priced competitively with the Seventh Generation dish soaps.

green dish soap Whole Foods
365 Dish Soap Citrus

Scent and Texture

The citrus smell has a slight citrus smell to it and is not overpowering in anyway. It’s much closer to being un-fragranced than to being over-fragranced. It is dye free and doesn’t leave the hands too dry. (Crucial for those of us living in cold and dry winter wonderlands. I do not want to have to slather my hands with lotion — more chemicals oftentimes — every time I do dishes or scrub a pan.)

How Well Does the Dish Soap Work?

The 365 Dish Soap is extremely effective. It removes both the grease and eggs from our stainless steel cookware as effectively as any other green dish soaps we’ve used. My only complaint is that the soap is either extra runny or the hole is too big – resulting in more dish soap coming out of the bottle in one squirt than is actually needed. When you turn the bottle over the soap comes pouring out without even having to squirt. (This reminds me of when I buy certain salad dressings and some of the brands and lids have a small hole from which to dispense the dressing and it comes out slowly and others do not have any plastic covering over the lid/hole and out pours more than you could ever eat.)

I like that the bottle is not overly large because I don’t like, nor do I have room to store, large quantities of anything in my modest-sized home.

I am never someone who is going to mix together my own “recipes” for chemical-free cleaning products or buy a large quantity of the solution and have to dilute with water. So when I can find some eco-friendly cleaning products that work, I’m happy. I’m doing whatever I can to eliminate chemicals and toxins from my home so it is important to consider products you use most often, and then get the best and “healthiest” of those products whenever possible.

Update since reviewing this green dish soap Whole Foods: One way to find healthy products is to look for the Environmental Protection Agencies’ new “Safer Choice” logo on the product. After a lengthy and thorough process by EPA scientists, over 1,000 products have been deemed safe from potential health and environmental risks. Another great place to check is the GoodGuide.

Overall, if you are a Whole Foods shopper, it is definitely worth checking out the 365 Brand of green products, including household cleaning supplies and their green dish soap. The brand is competitively priced and work as well as their brand name counterparts.

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