Filtered Water Bottle Review

Filtered water bottle review – We get a lot of questions about stainless steel water bottles with filters, but until recently I hadn’t used a filtered water bottle review.

The folks at Eco Vessel were kind enough to send us a filtration water bottle to try out.

According to Eco Vessel, the blue water filtration bottle “removes up to 99.99% of pollutants.”

It’s also BPA-free, which I appreciate.

filtered water bottle review
filtered water bottle review

When to Use this Filtered Water Bottle Review

I would recommend using this bottle when you know you won’t have access to your own Brita or reverse osmosis filtered water which is why it is our top recommendation on this filtered water bottle review.

Hiking and Camping

This bottle would be great to use on extended hiking or camping trips where the water in streams is safe enough to drink, but might contain some pollutants.

I wish I’d had it when I was hiking in Patagonia.

The water there was fine, but even just removing the debris would have been a huge help.

Travel – Extended Travel

For extended trips where you’ll be traveling to places where the water is safe to drink, but potentially not tasty or totally clean, this filtration water bottle would be an excellent option.

At the Office

If your workplace doesn’t offer filtered water, this filtered water bottle would be a good choice for the office.

That way you can drink tap water and rest assured that the bulk of the pollutants are removed.

Working Out at the Gym

If you work out at a gym and are used to drinking out of the water fountain, this bottle is for you.

Fill the bottle up at the water fountain and drink it through the filter.

When to Choose A Filter-Free Bottle

For times you have access to filtered water, you won’t need to use this bottle.

And the filter inside makes it a little clunkier (and takes up space where water could be) so it’s not ideal for sports.

Everyday Use

If you’re at home or can fill up your bottle before you leave the house, you’re probably just as well off sticking with a traditional (filter-free) stainless steel water bottle.

Bike Ride

This bottle could work well for a bike ride, but I would prefer something a little less clunky with more room for water.

Travel – Short Trips

For shorter trips, especially those where you’ll likely have access to filtered water, you’ll probably want to bring a larger, filter-free bottle that you can refill.

How Does It Work?

According to the website, the Eco Vessel water filtration bottle uses an “Ionic-Adsorption Micro-Filtration system.”

I’m no expert on filtration systems, so I’m trusting that Eco Vessel’s system really does remove up to 99.99% of pollutants, as they claim.



I like the contoured shape, which makes it easy and comfortable to hole in your hand.

It also comes with a cloth handle and caribeener, which I suppose could come in handy.

Filtered Water Without Hassle

For people on the go, this bottle is ideal.

Not everywhere you go will have filtered water, but if you have your filtered water bottle, you can create your own low-pollutant water.

Stainless Steel (and BPA-free)

If you’re a regular Go Green Travel Green reader, you know we’re big fans of stainless steel water bottles because they’re lightweight and don’t contain the nasty chemical BPA.

One of our favorites is the Klean Kanteen, but their water filter isn’t quite as compact and integrated as Eco Vessel’s.


Not Made in the USA

Although the filter is made in the USA, the bottle isn’t.

That’s not surprising, though, considering we have yet to find a stainless steel water bottle made in the US.


Because of the filter inside, this bottle is a bit clunky, which might make it awkward for some athletic activities.


I would definitely recommend the Eco Vessel Blue Water Filtration Bottle to someone looking for an easy-to-use, compact filter water bottle.

The built-in filter makes it very portable and the contoured design makes it comfortable to carry.

I hope you find this filtered water bottle review helpful

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12 thoughts on “Filtered Water Bottle Review”

  1. Thanks for this post – I’ve been wishing such a thing existed! It’s getting hot and I can’t make it through the day on the first fill.

  2. @ Emma – I agree – It’s about time someone invented a filtered water bottle like this one. And so glad that it’s BPA free Stainless steel.

  3. Although not a filtered water bottle, we’ve found an interesting alternative to the devastating number of plastic water bottles that are being thrown away. The Perfect Bottle Collapsible Eco-Friendly Water Bottle. It’s BPA free, collapses into the size of a hockey puck and can be safely washed in the dishwasher. My son needed a water bottle for a school trip and this was perfect. It’s re-usable and a perfect solution to the millions of water bottles being wasted and tossed into landfills.

  4. yeah this looks like such a great idea – we are really thinking of buying something like this for next time we are in Asia – have you heard of the The Life Saver Ultra Filtration Water Bottle? apparently you can put unsafe water in it and then it turns into safe drinking water… expensive i think but sounds amazing!

  5. Nice review. Might be big to take on the road but using it at the gym clinched it for me.

  6. I have this bottle and also purchased a loop cap from them for times when I didn’t need/want the filter. I believe they may also have a sport cap that may fit… which may solve most of your ‘cons’. Its been so versatile… I love it.

  7. Thank you so much for this article. We liked our bottle so much that we invested in a Corporation that sells a similar bottle except it has Biosafe and ensures more safety with clean, refreshing water even under the harshest conditions. The Advanced Self-Filtering Water Bottle has Ionic Adsorption with BIOSAFE, and kills not only Bacteria, (crysporodium, Giardia, and E-coli, but also kills Virus, (Anthrax, H1N1). OrbElements bottle is so advanced that the United States Military is ordering bottles from them. They sell a BPA Free Plastic Bottle, a Medical Grade Stainless Steel, a Filtered Pitcher, an Inline filter for Camelback, and a filter pump for 5-25 gallon containers. Get your own logo and business name printed directly on the bottles and make them yours. Great wholesale pricing is the next generation in personal, portable, filtration, bottles and products.

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