Best Fruit Infused Water Bottles Guide Review ~ Top 3 to Pick

Last Updated on June 24, 2022 by Greg Head

Fruit infused water bottles – Fresh, refreshing drinks that are actually healthy.

Yes, please!

Learn about the best fruit infused water bottles and why they are awesome.

I never knew what a difference owning a fruit infused water bottle would make!

Prior to owning one, I thought that I could just put some fruit in my glass or reusable water bottle if I wanted some extra flavor.

I had been “off” of diet soda for over a year. Instead, I (unfortunately) switched to vitamin water and also started adding those sugar-free powders into my water for flavoring.

But when I finally stopped to think about all the chemicals I was adding unnecessarily to my body, I never bought them again.

Best Fruit Infused Water Bottles Review

Being I use reusable water bottles every day, it’s essential the bottle is easy to manage, won’t break, and won’t ever leak.

I also like when they are lightweight, and in the case of fruit infused bottles, easy to fill with fruit.

If they can be cleaned in the dishwasher, that’s a huge plus as well.

With all of these fruit infused bottles ([easyazon_link keywords=”fruit infused water bottle” locale=”US” tag=”gogreentravel-20″][/easyazon_link]), I love that I can create different great tasting concoctions based on what produce I have on hand.

Overall, I am thrilled with using a fruit infused water bottle and feel good about being so much healthier than I was before.

People use them for detoxing and cleansing as well.

All of these I tried have a twist top, not a [easyazon_link identifier=”B00SFNRYQ2″ locale=”US” tag=”gogreentravel-20″]flip lid[/easyazon_link].

Savvy Infusion Water Bottle

This was the first bottle I tried, and I absolutely love it.

Here’s what makes it one of the best infuser water bottles:

  • Easy to put fruit and vegetables into it
  • Holds 24 ounces
  • Made with Tritan plastic so won’t break
  • Easy to carry with the handle
  • Twist on lid, so it closes securely. I’m never concerned about it leaking when I put it in my purse with my smartphone.
  • BPA-free
  • It’s dishwasher safe

It also comes with a digital fruit infused recipe book but I did not access it as I was making up my own recipes when I first bought it.

Downsides to Savvy Infusion Water Bottle

Something people may consider to be a disadvantage is that you have to unscrew and take off the lid completely in order to take a drink from it.

But of course, this is what makes it leakproof!

I use this while walking so it hasn’t been a problem but for those wanting to take a fast sip while working out on a treadmill, bike or stepper, or driving, etc., it might be a negative.

There are slots at the top which help to regulate water flow, which means water doesn’t spill out when you take a big drink from it.

The only real criticism I have with the Savvy Infusion Water Bottle is that I wish the fruit chamber went a little lower in the bottle so that water at the bottom can be more flavored and infused before I finish it.

However, this is typical with several other fruit infused water bottles I tried, that didn’t make this top 3 best fruit infused list.

The Savvy Infusion Water Bottle is a great bottle overall.

Advantage of The Savvy Infusion Water Bottle

The screw on/off cap works well and is leak-proof.

Love the bright lid.

There are even Fruit Infused Recipe Books now.

Design for Living Tritan Infuser Water Bottle

This one holds 24 ounces of fruit-infused water, and it too has a twist-on/off lid.

It also was completely leak-proof, and like the others, the lid has to be completely untwisted and removed to take a drink from it.

Overall, it is much more sanitary to drink this way in that you don’t have to worry about cleaning the spouts and straws like other reusable water bottles often have.

So I consider this a plus.

At the time I ordered the Design for Living Tritan Infuser Water Bottle.

This would be a great fruit infuser to try if you are not sure if you will really stick with using it.

Like the others, it is also dishwasher safe in the top rack.

Downsides to Design for Living Tritan Infuser Water Bottle

My criticism of this one is that the fruit chamber isn’t low enough to infuse the water at the bottom.

When I used this bottle, I found myself filling it up the night before and putting it in the refrigerator so that the water had time to become fully flavored.

It wasn’t that big of a concern though because it ended up saving me time in the morning.

The only downside then became that I use the bottle in the day and then often run my dishwasher at night.

So for the several weeks I tested and used this bottle, I found that I just ended up hand-washing it and then refilling it right away for it to infuse overnight.

Design For Living Tritan Infuser Water Bottle

Also made of Tritan plastic, this one has a rather narrow fruit chamber.

Depending on what type of fruit or vegetables you are putting in there, it may or may not be a problem.

I tend to cut up my fruit into smaller pieces to get more of the juice out but if you would want to put a large whole strawberry into it, it may not fit.

Advantage of this bottle: Best value!

FruitFused Infuser Water Bottle

Here is what I liked about this the FruitFused Infuser Water Bottle:

  • Easy to put fruits and vegetables in it
  • Twist cap that seals completely
  • 28 ounces, larger than the others
  • Not bulky
  • BPA-free
  • Made with Tritan plastic so don’t worry about it breaking

What’s unique about the FruitFused bottle is that it offers a lifetime guarantee, which is rare.

Downsides of Fruit Fused Infuser Water Bottle

Some might not like the very wide mouth of this bottle which makes it difficult to use in the car… not that we should!

However, it might be a negative for some who want to use it at the gym because you have to unscrew the lid to drink from it.

But it was fine for me and makes it that much easier to clean.

It also means that you can drink from any part of the rim; there isn’t a “spout” area from which to drink, so it’s like you are drinking right out of a cup.

I think it’s a great design.

Cleaning fruit infused water bottle

This one is also able to be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher.

It is important to rinse out the fruit chamber before putting it into the dishwasher.

Sometimes I wipe it with a paper towel or scrub brush, just to get all the fruit out.

I like that the fruit chamber sits lower so you can enjoy the fruit more.

It’s great for the water that is still in the bottle to get some additional flavor.

There was supposed to be an e-book with fruit infused water recipes but if I did get it, I didn’t see it in my email.

I’m sure in time I will be looking for some fruit infused water recipes, but until then, I’m happy using whatever I have on hand.

I just love feeling like I am drinking something healthy.

Advantage of Fruit Fused Infuser Water Bottle

Dishwasher safe.

The fruit chamber sits lower enabling the last of the water to capture more flavor.

Cleaning a fruit water bottle diffuser

What is very unique to these types of bottles is that they are dishwasher safe! I absolutely LOVE this feature because I use my infuser water bottle most every day and really dislike hand washing something that gets such heavy use. I also want to know it is clean. Usually, only a glass water bottle would be dishwasher safe, so this is really a plus given these are made from plastic.

Cleaning tip for fruit infused water bottle

It’s best to rinse out the fruit chamber first so the fruit that might be stuck to the bottom or sides doesn’t get “baked” on from the heat of the dishwasher. I always rinse whatever I put into my dishwasher so this is a habit already and not a concern, more just a tip.

Fruit infused water bottles smackdown

The results: The three of these are great products, all of which I would recommend. I’ve used them with tea bags also, and they all worked well. Any of these fruit and vegetable infused water bottles are a simple way to add extra flavor into your water without all the chemicals. I love knowing they can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Sometimes I bring one of these bottles and one of my reusable stainless steel water bottles with me.

Fruit-infused water bottle for kids

I also think they make great gifts and that kids would enjoy using them as well. So many times kids are drinking sports drinks and sugary juice boxes. Using these could be the start of your kids drinking more water and getting used to drinking something without added sugar.

Why get a fruit infused bottle?

Good hydration is one of the most important factors for overall health.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to maintain a good rate of hydration.

The reasons are many.

Some people simply forget to intake liquids.

Others are too hooked on sodas and coffee to think of drinking several glasses of boring water.

Drinking fruit infused water is a great way to increase your water consumption.

When I finally stopped buying soda and powdered packets, I started noticing flavored water at the grocery store.

I thought, “It’s water! It’s got to be good for me.”

Some were citrus flavored, some strawberry and others were mango.

I bought a small case of each and enjoyed them almost as a special treat over the next few weeks.

But I really don’t want to fill up recycling centers with cans and bottles.

And these supposedly healthy drinks were made in a factory with added chemicals for flavoring and color.

Plus, it would be cheaper and healthier to do it at home.

Finally, for once and for all, I stopped buying what I refer to as “chemicals with water.”

Fruit infused water recipes

I started with adding some mint leaves and whole fresh raspberries to just a regular glass of water.

It was tasty, and I did it for about a week.

It made my water a lot more special: I felt like I was at a spa!

And I also felt good about myself for treating my body to real fruits and not chemicals.

Then I started experimenting with other combination of fruits.

Most of them just didn’t work well or I felt like I had to almost blend them ahead of time because the fruit was more than flavoring the water… I was eating it!

I didn’t want to be drinking whole pieces of fruit so I stopped adding fruit to my water altogether.

A few months later I noticed my friend had a fruit infused water bottle on one of our walks.

I had never noticed her using it before.

She raved about it and told me some of the combinations she tried, even with vegetables.

So I went home and ordered one that night.

I was excited to try it to see if and how a fruit infused water bottle would be better than just adding fruit to a glass.

I already knew I loved the taste of fruit in my water and was excited at the thought of adding vegetables too.

And I was really looking forward to not having the fruit slide down the glass into my mouth.

I’m glad I tried these fruit infused water bottles because they made it a lot easier to enjoy the fruit flavor.

Overall, they were convenient, easy to use, easy to take with me or to drink at home, and simple to clean.

I’m hooked.

Trend toward fruit infused water

The recent craze for fruit infused water bottles is exciting as it means people are getting away from the chemicals in manufactured drinks.

These flavored waters are a wonderful alternative to syrupy sodas and diet drinks, and they are just as good for you as plain water.

Best of all, there are many fruit infused water bottles on the market which make it easier than ever to make your own delicious water and carry it with you everywhere.

No more boring plain water

One of the problems with plain water is that it isn’t always that exciting to drink nor is it something most people look forward to drinking a lot of.

Flavored water is much nicer.

It is somehow more refreshing and is something you actually look forward to rather than feel like you “have to” drink it.

Hence our recommendation of a fruit infused water bottles.

Healthy, chemical and preservative free, low calorie fruity water

Fruit infused water bottles allow you to add fresh fruit to your water.

It is really simple to use.

You just chop up the fruit and/or vegetables of your choice and put it in a plastic reservoir that is screwed into the lid of the water bottle.

Once you have screwed the lid onto the bottle, the fruit is suspended in the water.

Within minutes, the flavor of the fruit begins to infuse the water.

It is tastes wonderful, clean, crisp, cool water with a hint of strawberry, lemon, kiwi or any other fruit is divine.

You can enjoy flavored water that is not loaded with unnatural sugar, E numbers or preservatives.

Naturally that means the infused water you are making is very low in calories.

It really is good for you without chemicals.

It turns plain water into an even healthier drink.

Benefits of good hydration

Simply put, the better your level of hydration, the better you feel.

Your body needs liquids to perform essential functions.

In fact, practically everything your body does depends on hydration in some fashion.

Most of the time, you aren’t even aware of the important role hydration plays in the quality of your life – until you’re dehydrated.

Even a minimal amount of dehydration can mean big problems.

Dehydration may be the reason you feel sleepy in the middle of the day and it might be the key factor behind that pounding headache.

It might also be the secret behind digestive issues and irregular bowel movements.

Some studies have even linked dehydration and obesity.

With that extra weight comes joint problems, but dehydration can cause joint pain even if you’re not overweight.

In certain dry and arid parts of the country, it is essential to drink water often so that you don’t dehydrate.

When your body is hydrated the way it should be, all of its systems can function optimally.

You’re not plagued by constant thirst.

You may even experience a reduction in appetite, as consuming sufficient amounts of water helps you to feel full sooner.

Best of all, you feel energized and ready to meet life’s challenges.

It sounds good, doesn’t it?

Making a habit out of using fruit infused water bottles can get you there.

What is fruit infused water?

People have been making their own fruit infused waters for centuries using mason jars and pitchers.

The basic concept is simple.

Combine slices of fresh fruit with water and soak.

The longer the mixture soaks, the stronger the flavors are.

However, the flavor never becomes overpowering and could be described as subtle instead.

Fruit infused water is not particularly sweet, so it may be something of a change for devotees of soda and commercially produced juices.

Nonetheless, its natural ingredients and low sugar content make fruit infused water a nutritionally smart choice.

Best fruit for infused water

There are so many recipes for fruit infused waters.

Some of the most popular varieties include citrus fruits like lemons, oranges and limes.

Others feature delicious strawberries and raspberries.

Some innovative recipes combine fruit with fresh herbs like mint, sage and rosemary.

People who have an insatiable sweet tooth can look for ways to sweeten the drink by adding honey or agave syrup.

Tried and true recipes can be found on the Internet and in recipe books.

Of course, it’s also fun to experiment by making your own mixture.

Why drink fruit infused water?

There are so many benefits of using a fruit infused water bottle.

A lot of people have developed poor drinking habits thanks to the widespread availability of soda and coffee.

A caffeinated beverage might provide the jolt of energy you’re looking for, but it doesn’t last long and can leave you drowsy when the effect wears off.

Moreover, many popular colas and coffees have an abundance of sugar.

They’re bad for your waistline and your teeth.

Even diet sodas aren’t a particularly good option.

With the presence of chemicals and artificial sweeteners in their formulas, they often do more long-term harm than good.

Realizing the detrimental effects that cola and coffee can have on their health, many consumers made the switch to commercially produced juices and flavored waters.

The problem with these beverages is that they aren’t as healthy or as natural as they seem.

Many juices contain very little authentic juice, and many flavored waters contain as much sugar as a can of soda.

Moreover, no matter what your beverage of choice may be, chances are good that it’s expensive.

Whether it comes in a can, a bottle, or a cup, you may be spending a lot of money each day.

None of the drinks that are mass produced is as good for you as the flavored water you can make yourself.

Also, consider the container it came in.

You don’t want to cause more waste in our landfills.

Negative impact of bottled water on environment

These days most people know the importance of drinking enough water and staying hydrated.

This fact is borne out by the fact that sales of bottled water in the US have soared over the past five years.

Sales continue to climb with an increase of 6.7%.

From a health point of view, the fact that people are drinking more water is a good thing but from an environmental point of view it is not good.

All of the plastic bottles used by the industry have to be produced then either disposed of or recycled.

This consumes a lot of energy, precious raw materials and causes a lot of pollution.

Best infuser water bottle

Fruit infused water is the healthy, natural alternative.

It’s one of the easy ways to go green at home.

You will be better hydrated as you are likely to drink more.

Many fruit infused water recipes can help cleanse your system.

Maybe the real question should be, “Why aren’t you drinking from a fruit infused water bottle?”

fruit infused water bottles
Fruit Infused Water Bottles

Safe Fruit Flavored Water the Easy and Green Way

Fruit Infused Water Bottle – BPA Free.

Add Your Favorite Fruit to Enjoy Great Taste and Health Benefits.

Flavored Water At Its Best.

Get This Cool Flavor Infuser Today and Receive a 30 Day Love It Guarantee!

If you are looking for a safe, environmentally friendly way to drink flavored water, you should consider buying one of these water bottles.

This BPA free water bottle allows you to use fresh fruit to flavor the water you and your kids drink while on the go.

Learn more about water bottles here:

Fruit infused water bottles make great gifts too

Ways to get more vegetables in your diet

As a side note, another way to get more fruits and vegetables in your diet is to get a NutriBullet.

At my house, we consume more produce than ever before after getting one.

We are wasting a lot less and getting healthier in the process.

These are all good things!

Drinking a vegetable and fruit-packed smoothie a few times a week is easy to use, easy to clean, and fast to prepare.

You can put vegetables in your fruit infused water bottle too, though you have to pick the right ones.

What more can we say?

Very rarely do we come across a product with so many plus points and so few cons.

Using fruit infused water bottles can help you to save money, help the environment, stay hydrated, eliminate chemicals, and be healthier.

Start enjoying healthy, environmentally friendly water at a fraction of what you would have to pay for sugar loaded flavored water and drinks.

Once you find the best fruit for infused water to suit your tastes, you will want to drink it everyday.

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