Tour Amazon Fulfillment Center ~ Free Warehouse Tour

Tour Amazon Fulfillment Center Free Warehouse Tour


Tour Amazon Fulfillment Center for great family fun. If you are taking a road trip, be sure to look up if there is an Amazon warehouse along the way.

Amazon offers free tours which are fun for the entire family.

We toured the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Phoenix, Arizona which is a sortable facility.

Amazon offers free public tours at 22 of their locations in North America. They offer tours at 47 sites globally.

Tour Amazon Fulfillment Center

They have currently suspended tours. However, you can learn about our experience, and why you will want to plan a visit when they reopen.

When they do reopen, you will have to reserve online in advance for a scheduled day and time. They don’t allow walk-ins.

You will need to tell them your name as it appears on your driver’s license or ID. In addition, you will need to provide your birth date.

You will receive an email confirmation.

We were told to wear close-toed shoes; no sandals, flip flops, etc., and to bring our IDs. (They aren’t necessary for children.) In addition, they wanted long hair pulled back, no flowing scarves, etc.
Outside Amazon Fulfillment Center in Phoenix

Amazon warehouse tour time

When does Amazon offer tours?

They offer tours twice a day, Monday through Friday. Some locations may offer weekend tours as well.

When you go to the website, you can choose the date and time you want.

When we were going, in June, we booked a month out. At that time, there were many choices of dates and times.

After registering, we received an email confirmation.

What cities have Amazon fulfillment tours?

These are the Amazon locations that offer tours:

Arizona: Phoenix


  • Sacramento
  • San Bernardino
  • Tracy

Colorado: Thornton


  • Jacksonville
  • Opa-Locka

Indiana: Jeffersonville

Maryland: Baltimore

Massachusetts: Fall River

Minnesota: Shakopee

Nevada: Las Vegas

New Jersey:

  • Edison
  • Robbinsville Township

Ohio: Etna

Tennessee: Chattanooga


  • Grapevine
  • Houston
  • San Marcos

Utah: Salt Lake City

Washington: Seattle (Headquarters tour; you can also tour The Spheres on select Saturdays)

Wisconsin: Kenosha

Canada: Ontario

Hopefully wherever you live, there will be one close by.

How much are Amazon tours?

The great news is you can tour Amazon Fulfillment Centers for free!

What is the age minimum for an Amazon tour?

There is a minimum age of six years old to take the warehouse tour.

On our tour, there were 24 people.

In addition to our family, there was one other family with tweens and teens. Under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

It’s fun to go with your family or friends. We went with our family of four. I also invited my parents to go.

Whether or not you are a frequent Amazon shopper, you will be awed by the tour.

Parking at Amazon warehouse tour

When you approach the massive Amazon center, you will see there is ample free parking.

We were able to park very close to the entrance for the tour.
Tour Amazon Fulfillment Center Amazon warehouse in Phoenix

When you get to the Amazon tour

At the Amazon tour we went on in Phoenix, there is a small lobby with a few chairs. We could see into the warehouse.

There were two employees checking people in and verifying IDs.

How long is the Amazon tour?

We were in the Amazon building a total of 58 minutes, though these will vary by location and the tour guide. (Our guide seemed to try to keep it moving along.)

This included checking in, sitting in the room getting instructions, going on the actual tour, returning the headsets, and being escorted back into the lobby.

Is there a lot of walking?

You will walk to a room with chairs where you will hear the instructions and get the headsets.

For the duration of the tour, you will be walking and standing. The actual tour, including people’s questions, took about 40 minutes.

There were stairs. One person in our group was in a wheelchair and was able to take the elevator which was right there. They also also service animals (dogs).

Taking photos while you are on Amazon tour

You can take pictures outside of the Amazon building as well as inside the lobby.

After that, you aren’t allowed to take pictures or video.

About 3/4 into the tour, you will stop in an area which overlooks the deliveries. The tour guide will take your picture and either email or text it to you. More on this below.

It’s Amazon!

Taking an Amazon tour is an amazing opportunity. We learned the Phoenix center is the size of 28 football fields!

Going on an Amazon Fulfillment Center tour means you get to go behind the scenes with this mega operation!

They have streamlined their processes so well… truly it’s a well-oiled machine. Haven’t you ordered something from Amazon and had it in less than 24 hours? It’s truly remarkable how they do it.

And you get to see it for yourself.

What happens on tour Amazon Fulfillment Center

After you check in and it’s time to start the tour, the tour guides will lead you to a room.

On your way to the room, you will be walking in the warehouse.

You will see lots of products piled up in different areas. Also, you may see some employees.

Once you are in the room, the tour guide will give you a short talk. They also talked about the benefits of working for Amazon. They really seem to care for their employees.

They gave us a disposable water bottle to take with us.

In addition, they gave us headphones with disposable ear covers.

We walked past an employee break room.

In addition, we saw a lot of positive employee recognition frames on the walls. overs. We returned the headset at the end of the tour.

Then the two guides lead us through the different areas in throughout their fulfillment center.
Amazon Main Entrance

Is it loud?

It is loud but not unbearably so.

Because you have the headset, you will be able to hear the tour.

The only difficult part is sometimes, it was hard to hear the questions and answers.

Amazon warehouse tour review

We loved it!

It’s rare in today’s world that you can go on factory tours. Very few remain throughout the United States due to liability reasons. 

To be able to go inside the mammoth Amazon center is fascinating.

Anyone who has ever ordered anything on Amazon, from the typical to the obscure, will find it interesting and will learn a lot.

It’s also likely you will leave with a sense of wonder and awe that they process so many orders each day.

The scope and scale is truly unfathomable. Even though they have honed it, they continue to improve their processes.

You will get to see a lot of the fulfillment center.

You are right in it, walking past employees, seeing the employee awards on the walls.

In addition, you will see lots of different products as well. We saw at least five things we had purchased from Amazon!

Seeing the products in the warehouse

It was interesting to see how they put the products in areas seemingly-randomly throughout the warehouse and how automated it is so that everyone can easily find the items.

They place and store items in a random order which they said is more effective for them than grouping all the same types of products together.

So many products

We were able to walk to one section lined with yellow containers — “pods” — each packed with unrelated products. These pods contained thousands of different types of products.

The guide explained how the employees, the “pickers,” found the products to fulfill the orders using bar code scanners.

There were random Lego sets next to plastic forks next to rubber gloves and a hammer.

We saw a yo-yo next to gardening shears and a stationery set.

It was a interesting to see how this random system worked for them. At first, I thought they were people’s orders because it was so random.

But think about what you order on Amazon. Oftentimes, it’s very different types of things!

From there we went to the packing area. They showed us how the products are put into boxes and envelopes and how they seal them with tape. They had automatic label and tape dispensers.

We were also able to see where the shipments come in off the delivery trucks.

Before we got to the shipping sorting section, we were able to look down at the area where the deliveries came in.

Can you imagine all the products Amazon receives each day? There are thousands that come in and thousands they send out.

Our tour guide said they try to reuse the boxes that they receive deliveries in. The rest get recycled.

At the Phoenix fulfillment center, we were a story higher looking down on this area.

This is where we were able to get our picture taken.

Photos inside the Amazon tour

You have a chance to stand alone or with whomever you came with to get your picture taken with the center in the background. They gave us some props to hold, including Amazon boxes.

We posed with the deliveries down below. The staff below was on a break or a shift change.

I’m thinking they arrange the tours around this to give the employees some privacy.

After taking our picture, they asked for a cell phone number and texted us the picture. You can have it emailed if you prefer.

It seemed like everyone in our group got their picture taken. It went quickly. While we we were waiting, we were busy looking out at everything.

This section was a little rushed so we didn’t feel we could ask for a second picture of just our kids.

Amazon Fulfillment Center Phoenix tours

They had different areas for packages with expedited shipping versus packages with slower shipping.

It was amazing to see the different conveyor belts and areas for packages that were sending out in one day, via Amazon Prime, and for slower shipping.

We loved visiting the Phoenix warehouse and look forward to touring other fulfillment centers in other locations… even if it was a Sortable warehouse again.

No matter which Amazon location you visit, you will surely learn something new and see new things.

What we liked

It’s free!

It was fascinating to be inside.

They really seem to value their employees. It made me wish I lived closer to an Amazon center to work there.

There is a fun Amazon sign to take a picture of when you enter or exit.

They handed out headphones — not ear buds — which were comfortable. In addition, they gave us disposable ear covers to put over them.

They seemed to schedule the tour when there were less staff around… we liked that. It helped give their staff more privacy.

We were all blown away by the way they sorted things randomly.

At the end of the tour, they gave everyone a reusable Amazon water bottle.

Downsides to Amazon tour

It was a little rushed.

While he certainly wasn’t rude, our tour guide wasn’t encouraging of questions. At times, he seemed a bit impatient with questions. 

It was very hard to hear the questions and answers, especially if we were in the back of our group. We would have appreciated if the guide repeated the question loudly.
Amazon Phoenix Fulfillment sign in lobby

Tour Amazon warehouse

Depending on which location you visit, you will see different things. There are three types of warehouses to tour Amazon Fulfillment Center.

Sortable facility

The Phoenix Fulfillment Center is considered a sortable facility. This is where they have everything from pin cushions and bags of candy to blenders, pillows, backpacks, planters, and poker sets.

Non-sortable facility

These fulfillment centers ship larger items such as furniture, rugs, etc.

These Amazon facilities ship large items and won’t have all the smaller items we saw on our tour. 

Robotics sortable facility

These centers ship products smaller than a typical-sized microwave. Robots work alongside the workers to ship products.

You can find out which center you will be visiting when you click on the city on Amazon’s website.

When you scroll down, go past the FAQ section, to the Site Information section.

You will see 01. It will say 01 The Fulfillment Center.

Read the paragraph to learn if that location is Sortable, Non-sortable, or Robotics sortable.

Tour Amazon Fulfillment Center field trips

It would make for an excellent field trip. It would be an ideal outing for Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and other organizations and clubs.

Amazon makes special accommodations if you have a group of 20 or more.

Adults and children will enjoy it.

Tour Amazon headquarters

Oh how we wanted to do this when we were in Seattle! Unfortunately, the times didn’t work out for us because we needed to get to the airport.

You can tour Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Amazon is Seattle’s largest private employer.

They are also temporarily closed. However, when they reopen, you can take an Amazon headquarters tour.

Two Saturdays a month, they open The Spheres to the public. When they open again, this is surely something to put on your Seattle to do list.

Seattle Spheres is their outdoor botanical wonderland. They also have a greenhouse and so much more.

Amazon is a great place to work

Something we learned when we toured the Amazon Fulfillment Center is that employees definitely walk and stand a lot.

It also seems like it would go quickly because of all there must be to do.

You can tell they treat their employees well.

We walked past an employee break room which was large and comfortable-looking.

Amazon is an incredible company. They give back to their communities as well.

Amazon warehouse tour review

We were happy were were able to see everything from the shipments coming in, the areas the products were stowed in, the packing section which included boxing, labeling, and taping, and the shipping out section.

It was fun to part of the Amazon excitement.

We appreciated all that goes into their operations.

As much as we try to buy local, you can’t beat the convenience of Amazon.

It was incredible to be inside their operation and to try to fathom how they can get all these products to their customers overnight or in days.

We felt “part of the group” being Amazon Prime subscribers.

It’s a really great tour for families. Most companies do not offer tours. Kids will really enjoy seeing behind-the-scenes.

See other factory tours we were on in Denver, CO and Milwaukee, WI.

Tour Amazon Fulfillment Center warehouse

See for yourself how Amazon fulfills millions of orders each day!

It’s fascinating they open up their world to the public, especially in times when so many companies do not. 

They train and offer steady employment for area residents and should be viewed as an asset to the areas in which they are located.

Please note, we visited the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Phoenix, AZ in June 2019.

Currently, their tours are suspended. Hopefully, you can visit a warehouse next year. There may even be one in the area in which you live. It’s truly a wonderful free tour.

How to Travel with a Dog on a Plane

How to travel with a dog on a plane


Travel with a Dog on a Plane – If you are planning to travel somewhere by airplane, chances are you are going for at least a few days.

You could leave your precious dog at a boarding kennel, but those places are expensive and often don’t give your dog the attention you are used to providing them.

Whatever the case, dogs are family, which means that you probably want to take Fido along with you for the journey.

That said, there are some very important things that you need to know about airplane travel with a dog.

Therefore, how to travel with a dog on a plane is what we are here to cover in some detail right here and now.

Tips for Traveling with a Dog on a Plane 

Here advice and a few tips for you to follow when you are looking to take your dog on a plane with you.

Size Matters

Something you want to consider before you start thinking about taking your dog with you is how large the dog is.

The reason for this is because the size of the dog will determine whether or not the pet can sit with you in the passenger cabin or if it has to travel below in the cargo hold.

Each airline has specific guidelines in this regard, so be sure to do your research.

Generally speaking, most airlines will allow small dogs to be in the passenger cabin in a carrier, but larger dogs will need to be in the cargo hold.

If you are allowed to take the dog into the passenger cabin, be aware that removing the dog from the carrier and letting it roam free in the airplane is forbidden.

The Type of Dog

Something else to consider before you get on an airplane with a dog is what kind of dog it is.

The biggest concern are dogs that have compacted snouts, such as bulldogs and pugs.

The reason for this is because these dogs already have breathing issues due to their deformed airways in their noses.

Being on an airplane can worsen these breathing issues.

If you have a dog with a compact snout, it is strongly recommended that you do not bring it on an airplane.

Proper Documentation

If you are traveling on a domestic flight, you probably won’t need much documentation to travel with your dog, just some basic stuff.

However, be aware that international pet travel is subject to strict rules and regulations, and you will need the proper authorization and documentation.

This usually involves getting a microchip for your dog, having all the proper immunizations, and other such factors too.

This is all going to depend on the destination country you are traveling to.

Be sure to do in-depth research on all rules and documentation surrounding international air travel with your dog.

A Good Dog Carrier or Crate

Now that you have your documentation and have figured out whether or not your dog will be in the passenger cabin or cargo hold, the next thing to do is to get the right kind of crate or carrier.

This is especially important for pets traveling in a cargo hold.

For one, you want the carrier to have enough slits in it for light and air to get it.

This will help calm the dog down and provide ventilation.

However, be sure that the floor of the crate or carrier is solid, as one with a grate or slits in it may injure your dog during transport.

Moreover, the size of the carrier or crate is also very important.

At the very least, your dog should be able to stand up in the crate and it should be able to turn around as well.

A cramped journey is an uncomfortable one, and nobody wants that.

How to travel with a dog on a plane
How to travel with a dog on a plane

Food and Water

The next thing to keep in mind when traveling with your dog on a plane has to do with food and water.

You will want to bring a small amount of food and water for your dog, enough so that it won’t die of dehydration or hunger, but no more; here, the bare minimum is advised.

The reason for this is because if your dog drinks or eats too much, eventually that food and liquid will need to make an exit.

If your dog is has eaten or drank too much, it’s going to end up making a huge mess in the carrier.

Moreover, many dogs suffer from travel anxiety and often end up vomiting during flights, so the less food and water is in its stomach, the less of a chance of this occurring.

Try not to give your dog water for about 6 hours before the flight, and only give it minimal water during the flight.

Pre-Flight Exercise and Potty

A dog that is tired and has had plenty of exercise is going to be much more relaxed for travel.

It’s a good idea to try and tire your dog out as close to the flight as possible.

Take it for a long run or a really long walk, play with it a lot, and make sure it uses the bathroom.

This is very important if you expect things to go well.

Some Comfort Factors

The final thing you should do to ensure that your dog is ready for airline travel is to put some nice things it is familiar with into the crate or carrier.

Generally speaking, a soft blanket to lay on is always a good option, preferably one that the dog is familiar with or even attached to.

On that same note, a few good toys which your dog loves will help pass the time and provide some familiar comfort.

Travel with a Dog on a Plane

When it comes down to it, as long as you don’t have a dog with a compacted nose, and the dog is not ill or aggressive, there is no reason you should not be able to take it on a plane.

Whether the dog can be in the cabin with you or in the cargo hold below, remember our tips in regards to feeding, exercise, the carrier/crate, and comforting items too.

Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

Traveling with your dog – Traveling alone carries with it a plethora of preparations.

When you are traveling with dogs, you will find those preparations increasing in number and difficulty.

There are a number of considerations that you should take into account in order for your dog to be comfortable and safe without risk of loss, injury, or accommodation difficulties.

Traveling with your dog

The following tips will instruct you in making traveling with your dog a breeze.

Build Your Way Up

The absolute worst time to discover a dog’s challenges with travel in a vehicle is on a long car ride or airline flight.

You should begin with short trips to places the pooch finds pleasant or get him used to an airline approved crate.

Make use of praise in plenty, soothing tones, and favored treats for desired behavior.

Be observant.

Do you notice any sign of vomiting or nervousness?

You can speak to your veterinarian regarding treatments for either issue.

Have Essential Proofs

When traveling with a dog, it is always wise to have particular documents on hand.

This is true whether you are journeying within your home state, going across state borders, and for crossing international borders.

Such identification and essential documents include proof of licensing, vaccine proofs, and current identification tags.

To add to peace of mind, consider microchipping your dog.

Be sure that the registration includes a mobile number so that, wherever you journey, your dog can be safely reunited with you.

Consider Safety

Certain safety safeguards are a must when you travel with your dog by car or other vehicles.

Dogs should, first of all, not be free to move about at their leisure.

A crate that has been secured by a safety belt or other means of securing safely is best for dogs that are larger; smaller dogs should be in carriers that are secured in a seat.

Also, front seats should be reserved for humans.

Deployment of airbags can cause significant harm to a dog, even one that is in a carrier.

Find Accommodations and Know Your Route

The Internet is a great resource when you take your dog traveling.

Many websites give lists of pet-friendly restaurants, hotels, venues, and beaches according to locale.

When traveling with a dog, you must keep in mind your dog’s comfort and enjoyment just as you do those of the party’s people.

Such websites make such efforts a breeze. Pet friendly RV rentals

Know airline specifications for how to travel with your dog before taking off, as well.

A small backpack can be an essential tool when traveling with a dog.

Keep within it a first-aid kit, treats and toys, some food, a travel bowl, and whatever medications or supplements your dog might be on.

One resource for food can be found Organic dog food here.

Also, remember to keep a bowl of cool water accessible to the dog.

Have your veterinarian’s number and numbers of veterinarians where you will be traveling on hand for emergencies.

These items, along with safety precautions and proofs of vaccinations, are vital for successful dog travel.

Visiting the Hoover Dam ~ What You Should Know in Advance

Visiting Hoover Dam sign


Visiting the Hoover Dam and seeing this momentous structure is even more awe-inspiring when you consider laborers built it during the Great Depression.

Plan a road trip when you are in the area or make it your destination.

It’s worth the drive and is easy to see on any budget.

Family fun at the Hoover Dam

What’s great about visiting at the Hoover Dam is kids and adults will enjoy it.

Maybe the kids won’t appreciate the engineering feat; however, they will enjoy walking over the water and looking down. It was also fun to see the birds and watch the water flowing.

Fun fact:

There is enough concrete in Hoover Dam (4.5 million cubic yards) to build a four foot wide sidewalk around the Earth at the Equator.

Hoover Dam Intake Towers
Hoover Dam Intake Towers

How much time to spend at Hoover Dam

It’s really up to you how much time you want to spend at Hoover Dam. We spent two hours which included the walk from and back to our car and walking around.

You can spend as little as an hour at Hoover Dam and still be able to feel like you were there.

After parking, we took our time walking along the sidewalks. We took pictures of the dam, read the signs, and enjoyed being outside.

It wasn’t crowded — we visited in the fall — and we were able to stop often to marvel at the construction and engineering as well as the views.

Our mistake at the Hoover Dam

Our intent was to visit the Visitor’s Center in the time we had. However, we didn’t realize there was a fee.

I’m sure it would have been worth paying to see the Visitor’s Center, but for us at the time, having allotted just two hours for us to spend at the Hoover Dam, we didn’t pay to go in.

By the time we made our way to the center, we had already been there for over an hour.

As we were waiting in line deciding what to do, we decided it wasn’t worth it to spend $40 for the four of us when we only would have been there for a short time. (We had a long drive ahead.)

The next time we visit, we will plan better. Learn from our mistake!

Next time we will take one of the other tours for the difference in price.

We talked to someone who worked there who explained them to us. More on the Hoover Dam tours below.


Where to park at the Hoover Dam

Coming from Las Vegas, you will see parking garage signs as you approach the Hoover Dam area. The parking garage has RV parking as well.

If you park in the garage, you will be closer to the Visitor Center and where the tours are.

We went past the signs, past the Hoover Dam, to the other side.

On this side there are various spots for parking, all different distances and lots. We paid $10 for parking. At this end, you will be farther away from the Visitor’s Center.

What do you do after you park?

We walked about 8 minutes to get to the Hoover Dam area. This is a through-street with sidewalks on both sides. You can walk on either side and easily cross the street if you want to see something on the other side.

While there were people everywhere, it wasn’t particularly crowded when we visited. We visited on a weekday in October.

Hoover Dam costs

Something we wish we knew before we went to the Hoover Dam is the costs. We would have planned more time at the dam and would have paid for the Visitor Center or for a tour.

Hoover Dam Spillway
Hoover Dam Spillway

There are a few options you will have. After paying to park, you have the option to pay to get into the Visitor’s Center and/or for a Hoover Dam tour.

Hoover Dam tours

You will have three options for tours.

Self-Guided Visitor’s Center Tour

Time needed: at least 30 minutes to make it worth your while

It’s $10 to visit the Visitor’s Center. You can only purchase these on-site, not online.

There are narrated exhibits as well as access to the Observation Deck. From the Observation Deck, you can see Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, the Colorado River, and the Hoover Bypass Bridge.

If it were free, we would have taken the time to check out the Visitor’s Center. However, because we were on a time schedule and didn’t think it would be worth the money for to be able to just stay for 20 – 30 minutes, we didn’t do it.

Guided Power Plant Tour

Time needed: at least two hours

You can purchase tickets up to 90 days in advance online. What’s nice about this is while you choose the day, you don’t have to choose a certain time.

Adults (17 – 61 years) pay $15

Seniors (62+), U.S. Military w/ ID, and Juniors (4 – 16) are $12

Plant tours are from 9:15am – 3:45pm but an employee told us it’s best to check in before 3pm.

In their 30 minute guided tour, you will have the opportunity to see the commercial generators in the Nevada Powerhouse. You will get to walk through the original construction tunnels.

There is also a 10 minute movie on the Hoover Dam’s history.

Audio and film presentations, exhibits,

You will be able to visit the viewing platform to feel the vibration from the water rushing through the pipe.

This tour also gives you access to the Visitor’s Center package.

Hoover Dam Memorial
Hoover Dam Memorial

Guided Dam Tour

Time needed: 2 hours and 15 minutes – 3+ hours for the full experience

This is their most extensive tour. It gives you access to the two above as well (Visitor’s Center and Power Plant Tour).

It’s the most expensive tour at $30. You can only purchase this in person. It’s first come, first served.

If you want to the Guided Dam Tour, pay for this as soon as you can after you park.

This is what we’d like to do the next time we visit because you will get to ride the original elevator to the top of the Hoover Dam.

Note, the minimum age for the Guided Dam Tour is 8 years old.

You also get the chance to see the Colorado River through the inspection ventilation shaft.

In addition, you can walk through the original inspection tunnels at the Hoover Dam’s center.

This includes viewing the 10 minute movie on the history of the Hoover Dam as well as the 60 minute guided tour.

What’s free at the Hoover Dam

Our family enjoys visiting national and state parks as well as sites from the Bureau of Reclamation and other government entities.

They offer so many amazing opportunities for visitors.

At the Hoover Dam, you can walk on either side of the road to see the dam and the construction.

Hoover Dam Cafe
Hoover Dam Cafe

You can also walk over the bridge which is in a different part. There are some statues and signs with information.

Tips for visiting Hoover Dam

There is walking involved. You will be closer to the buildings and the dam itself if you park in the parking garage.

It wasn’t crowded when we were there in October but there were definitely people all around. There was plenty of time to take pictures as enjoy walking around.

Visiting the Hoover Dam in the summer will likely be hot and crowded. Plan for the off-seasons, when kids are still in school.

In addition:

  • Wear good walking shoes
  • Bring a filled, reusable water bottle
  • Bring cash in case you need it for parking
  • We recommend sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Leave your hat in the car if it’s windy
  • Reserve a tour time in advance if you know when you will be there
  • Don’t bring pets
  • Bring easy-to-eat snacks or eat at your car

Know that there are cars passing by the area the actual dam is. Be sure to mind young children.

We didn’t see dogs. I don’t recall seeing benches or anywhere to sit until you get to the main area with the buildings.

However, there were (I believe two sets of) bathrooms on the south side of the street on the side the Hoover Dam is. They were surprisingly clean and decent.

We were disappointed we weren’t able to access the gift shop. It’s always fun to look around and see interesting things.

Where is the Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is located on the border between Nevada and Arizona. It’s in Black Canyon on the Colorado River.

Hoover Dam address

The Hoover Dam doesn’t have a street address but it’s easy to get to.

If you have a smart phone or are using a GPS, you can put in “Hoover Dam”, and it should come up.

Hoover Dam coming from Las Vegas
Hoover Dam coming from Las Vegas

Hoover Dam from Las Vegas

We made our visit to the Hoover Dam on our way to Arizona after our road trip to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Located approximately 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas, it will take about 45 minutes to drive to the Hoover Dam from Las Vegas.

If you are planning a roadtrip from Las Vegas, it’s easy to do in one day.

Even if you have to rent a car to head back to Vegas, it’s definitely worth seeing.

Distance from Grand Canyon

It’s amazing to think you could see the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon in the same day.

It’s approximately 250 miles which should take about four hours.

While you could, you probably wouldn’t want to visit the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam in one day unless you planned to spend an additional day/days at the Grand Canyon.

If you are coming from the west, you could spend the morning and early afternoon at Hoover Dam, and then drive wherever you are staying near the Grand Canyon.

Likewise, if you were coming from Grand Canyon, you could visit it in the morning, then set out for the Hoover Dam.

What is the Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is a concrete arch gravity dam. It’s 726 feet tall.

Highway 93 Bridge bypassing Hoover Dam
Highway 93 Bridge bypassing Hoover Dam

It was built to harness the power of the Colorado River. The water produces hydroelectric power as well as water for irrigation.

Hoover Dam facts

The Hoover Dam was built over five years during the Great Depression. Between 1931 and 1936, laborers worked tirelessly to tame the Colorado River and connect Nevada and Arizona.

There was a big push to utilize the powerful waters of the Colorado River to help aid in the expansion of the country.

It served the dual purpose of giving laborers work and giving new communities the tools they needed to thrive.

The work to build the Hoover Dam was very dangerous.

From 1931 – 1936, during construction, 96 men were killed in industrial accidents. Many workers perished in the tunnels or fell to their deaths from the dam itself.

The dam was eventually finished and has stood strong for nearly a century.

It’s amazing to think that during peak electricity periods, there is enough water running through the generators to fill 15 20,000 gallon swimming pools in one second.

Plan a trip to the Hoover Dam

According to the Bureau of Reclamation, you can visit the Hoover Dam every day between 5am – 9pm.

Make sure you check with the Hoover Dam Visiting Center if you will be visiting on a major holiday.

It’s a fascinating, family-friendly place where you can appreciate all of the hard work that was put into the dam, and see some of the inner workings for themselves.


Make the absolute most out of your trip to the Hoover Dam.

The Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge is a great place for pictures

The Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge is located right near the Hoover Dam and is a wonderful place to take pictures.

Cross the bridge to a panoramic view of the dam itself, and a bird’s eye look at all of the stunning natural landscape that surrounds the region. You can also turn it around and get some great pictures of the bridge from the Hoover Dam.

Mike O’Callaghan - PT Tillman Memorial Bridge Highway 93
Mike O’Callaghan – PT Tillman Memorial Bridge Highway 93

Be aware of potential high temperatures

The Hoover Dam is located in the southwestern part of the United States.

Temperatures skyrocket during certain times of the year. The dry desert heat can be intense if you are not prepared.

Remember that temperatures regularly exceed 90 degrees on the hottest days, and bring lots of water with you.

There is very little shade at the dam itself — the areas around the bathrooms are the only areas that come to mind when you are near the dam.

Make the most of the history

The Hoover Dam is simply full of history, and you should immerse yourself in all of it while you are there.

The Hoover Dam Visiting Center can point you in the right direction of the “How the West was Won” exhibit; a must-see for anyone who has ever been interested in the history of the American frontier.

Also, you can see the generators in action, and learn about the specific way the Hoover Dam effectively moves water.

Make sure that you dig deep into the educational aspects of the Hoover Dam.

The Hoover Dam is one of the most memorable man-made attractions in the United States, and you will find your experience to be both enjoyable and unforgettable. Make sure that you put the Hoover Dam on your family’s bucket list.

Visiting Hoover Dam is an easy day trip from nearby Las Vegas.

This will surely be one of the highlights of your family’s vacation. It’s one of the most iconic man-made monuments to American ingenuity that exists.

When you consider it was constructed during the darkest days of the Great Depression, it’s even more awe-inspiring.

The dam provided thousands of out-of-work contractors with work when there was none elsewhere.

Best Travel Yoga Mats of 2020 Reviews and Guide

best travel yoga mat

Best Travel Yoga Mats – It’s the start of a new decade, and if there are two goals that most of us want to accomplish, it would be these two: to travel more and to get more fit. 

As we explore our best travel yoga mats, we will touch on both of these goals, and hopefully, accomplish them in the near future.

Best Travel Yoga Mat Reviews

After all, whoever said that you can’t accomplish your fitness goals while also traveling at the same time?

Tips for Surviving Stressful Business Trips

GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat by BalanceFrom

There is not a lot of information available about the company BalanceFrom, but from what we have researched, they have been one of the top-ranking sellers of yoga mats online for the past couple of years. 

That’s why, for our first choice, we want to feature their GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat, which is one of their bestsellers. 

It’s the perfect choice for those looking for an affordable yet quality travel yoga mat.

This yoga mat comes in the dimensions of 71 x 24 inches, making it comfortable for anyone regardless of their height and size. 

It is made of high-density foam that’s half an inch thick that comfortably cushions the body no matter what position you’re in.

Another feature that we appreciate is its double-sided non-slip surface. 

What makes this surface even more special is that it is moisture-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about your sweat seeping in. 

Lastly, this travel yoga mat comes with a strap for added portability and storage convenience.

BalanceFrom Yoga Mat by

We love that it has that double-sided non-slip surface since there are a lot of yoga mats that only have the bottom side as non-slip. 

This feature ensures the safety of its users.

Another thing that we really appreciate about this product is that its moisture-resistant surface also makes it very easy to clean. 

All you need is soap and water, and it’s as good as new again.

This yoga mat is also available in seven color options: black, blue, grey, green, pink, purple, and red. 

It also comes with BalanceFrom’s 100% satisfaction guarantee and a two-year warranty—something that you don’t see from other yoga mats a lot!

The one thing that we could complain about this product is that some users claim that it is not tear-resistant, but the mat will start showing signs of wear and tear just after a few weeks or months of use.

  • Affordable
  • Comfortable to use
  • Non-slip 
  • Portable
  • Different color options
  • Not tear-resistant


Essentials Yoga Mat by Gaiam

Unlike BalanceFrom, Gaiam is already a household name when it comes to manufacturing yoga gear. 

Their name, Gaiam, that is the combination of the word Gaia and “I am”, already says a lot about the company’s vision. 

That is, they want people to be more grounded and at peace.

Today, we will feature a piece that is part of their Essentials Collection, their Essentials Yoga Mat. 

It is an all-around, high-end yoga mat that comes at an affordable price.

Measuring 72×24 inches, this mat is an inch longer than our first featured item, which means that it can accommodate even more people. 

Aside from that, you will also be pleased to learn that it is also five times thicker than the previous product. 

It’s 2.5 inches thick.

Those who find their elbows excruciatingly hurt digging into their thin yoga mat will feel relieved using this piece. 

Its premium feature, though, has got to be that it’s eco-friendly and 6P free.

We will talk more about sustainability later on in our short buyer’s guide, but just know that 6P stands for a group of chemicals that is very harmful to one’s health. 

Finally, this yoga mat will come with a free strap for ease of transport and use.

Gaiam Essentials Yoga Mat Pros and Cons

First of all, we love the energy of the company. 

They are really dedicated to providing healthy and sustainable yoga mats. 

This is probably the reason why even celebrities like Jessica Biel use it.

The added thickness is very appreciated too. 

You don’t see that in a lot of yoga mats these days.

Finally, we love that it has nine different color options.

The thing that we don’t like about this product is that it doesn’t come with a warranty. 

Also, some users claim that it has a weird smell upon opening, but the good thing is, it goes away after some time. 

  • Well-known brand
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable to use
  • 6P Free
  • Different color options
  • No warranty included
  • Has a weird smell


Exercise Yoga Mat by AmazonBasics

We believe that Amazon is a company that needs no further introduction. 

After all, anyone who has done some online shopping must have heard of Amazon already.

AmazonBasics is its own line of products. 

They manufacture different everyday essentials that range from batteries to digital devices and home decor, and yes, fitness gear like this yoga mat. 

It is a basic yoga mat that is perfect for beginners looking for an affordable piece that comes with a strap for added portability.

This yoga mat might have the label “basic”, but it does come with interesting features like its textured surface that increases its traction and support. 

It is also made of a durable 100% NBR foam material that is half-an-inch thick for added comfort.

NBR, or Nitrile Rubber, is the same material used for insulation and sound-proofing, so you know that it’s reliable. 

As for its dimensions, this measures at an impressive 74×24 inches that is even longer than our previous mats.

What We Like about the AmazonBasics Exercise Yoga Mat

Its textured surface is very comfortable to use, and the product is really basic, so you don’t have to think about a lot anymore. 

It’s perfect for beginners who just want a lightweight, classic yoga mat at an affordable price.

Coincidentally, this product is available in seven colors, including black, blue, green, grey, pink, purple, and red. 

Finally, NBR is also known as a non-toxic material, making this product safe and healthy to use.

What We Don’t Like?

Well, what can we say? 

Those looking for more advanced features will not find that here. 

Plus, it doesn’t come with a warranty.

  • Well-known brand
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable to use
  • Non-toxic
  • Different color options
  • Has limited features
  • No warranty included


Classic Yoga Mat by TOPLUS

Interestingly, there are actually two companies named TOPLUS. 

One is in Taiwan, but the one we’re referring to is in Florida. 

They are a company founded in 2016 that specializes in yoga products.

One of their flagship models is the Classic Yoga Mat.  

It’s priced mid-ranged, though, so it’s a bit expensive compared to the other mats we have featured so far.

The price, we believe, is due to TOPLUS’ exclusive Body Alignment Line System, which is embossed directly to the mat to help you adjust the alignment of your hands and feet for better form and position accuracy.

As with any physical activity, yoga requires a proper form. 

This is why a lot of instructors don’t really recommend beginners to start their yoga journey without the aid of a professional trainer. 

However, this alignment system makes it significantly easier, and not to mention, safer, for solo practitioners to do yoga at home alone. 

It also is important to mention the mat is made from TPE or thermoplastic elastomer. 

It is an environmental-friendly material known for the minimal energy it consumes during production and its high recyclability rate.

Another feature of the mat worth mentioning is its non-slip surface to prevent injury.

What We Like and Don’t Like About The TOPLUS Classic Yoga Mat

The first thing that we like about this product is its dimensions. 

It is 72×26 inches, which means it is two inches wider than the other yoga mats we featured so far.

Aside from that, it also comes with a one-year warranty.

We also love the brand-exclusive feature, their Body Alignment Line System, as this is something you won’t get from any other mats by other manufacturers.

There are a few things that we don’t like about the product, though.

First, it is only ¼-inch thick, which means that it’s not as comfortable to use compared to other yoga mats. 

Another concern is that it doesn’t come with its own carrying strap—something that we put a lot of value in since we travel a lot. 

It also only comes in three color options: grey, green, and purple.

  • Brand-exclusive features
  • Wider dimensions
  • Sustainable
  • One-year warranty included
  • A bit expensive
  • Not very comfortable
  • No carrying strap included
  • Limited color options


Pro Yoga Mat by Manduka

Manduka is another renowned brand in yoga gear. 

It was founded way back in 1997 to create better quality yoga mats to improve, or in their company’s terms, “revolutionize” yoga practice.

The yoga mat we will feature today is part of their Pro Series. 

It’s a collection of products that they take the most pride in, so it comes with a lifetime warranty!

The yoga has a bottom lining made of a non-slip material that provides better traction and prevents injuries. 

As for the top material, it is sweat-resistant that makes use of the company’s closed-cell construction that prevents moisture and sweat from seeping in. 

This makes their yoga mat very easy to clean and prevent the growth of microorganisms.

Additionally, each of Manduka’s product is made from an emission-free facility. 

They are also non-toxic that makes them safe and healthy to use, even for kids and pets!

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat Likes and Dislikes 

We obviously like the eco-friendly construction of this yoga mat. 

It tells a lot about the company that made it.

Another thing that we really like is the lifetime warranty. 

It’s a huge leap from most of the yoga mats out there that don’t even come with a warranty in the first place.

It also has a good size to use for anyone, and it comes in nine different color options.

There are a few things that we don’t really like about this product, though. 

First, it is only ¼-inch thick, which means it’s not as comfortable as the other yoga mats we have featured. 

Second, it doesn’t come with its own carrying strap.

Finally, it is ten times more expensive than some of the mats that we have featured above. 

This is a piece that you should definitely consider investing in, even with its lifetime warranty.

  • Well-known brand
  • Excellent product design
  • Sustainable
  • Different color options
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • Expensive
  • Not very comfortable
  • No carrying strap included


Best Travel Yoga Mats Buyer’s Guide

We’re sure you have your own personal favorites already, but before you decide, we suggest that you read our buyer’s guide first. 

We will discuss the different features that you should definitely look out for when buying a yoga mat. 

In this way, you’ll make a smarter purchase decision.

Travel Yoga Mat Weight

Since we are featuring a list of the best travel yoga mat options, we put a lot of value in the actual weight of the product. 

This is the reason why all of the mats that we have featured above are lightweight since we expect that you will be carrying them around when you go wandering.

Travel Yoga Mat Portability and Foldability

Another factor that you should consider is the portability of the mat.

Does it come with its own carrying strap? 

Will it fit into a separate carrying strap should you decide to buy one? 

Can it be rolled up without you worrying it would get torn?

Some people love wider yoga mats because they offer more room to practice in. 

However, you should also consider whether or not it would still fit into your luggage or travel backpack

If it doesn’t, then we recommend getting a piece that comes with its own carrying bag.

Travel Yoga Mat Comfort

You should also consider yoga mats that have a lot of features dedicated for additional comfort. 

We know that some people prefer a thinly padded piece because they are less bulky, but for us, we are willing to sacrifice the portability in favor of comfort. 

That is because a yoga mat that is painful to use will not be used at all, regardless of how portable it is.

Yoga Mat Thickness

Most thicker yoga mats are more comfortable to use than thinner ones. 

We believe that it all boils down to the weight of the user, though. 

There’s a sweet spot for everyone.

The best way to ensure that your yoga mat has the proper thickness that you are comfortable in using is to test it yourself. 

Do you feel your elbows digging into the hard floor while you’re using the mat? 

If so, then you should consider getting a thicker piece.


Yoga requires forms that can cause serious injury if done on a slippery mat. 

Hence, getting a piece that offers a lot of traction is preferable over those that don’t have non-slip features.

Most non-slip features, though, are limited to the bottom layer of the mat. 

We suggest looking into mats that offer non-slip features in both its top and bottom layers.

Keep in mind that there are materials that can be difficult to practice yoga in because they are slippery by nature, while other materials can get slippery once you’ve already sweated all over it.

Travel Yoga Mat Durability

Here’s the thing: high-quality yoga mats are not cheap. 

That’s why you should get a durable piece that will not get torn anytime soon. 

In this way, you will get more value for your money.

Not only that, but you also need to consider the durability of the piece because you’re going to travel with it. 

That means it will be exposed to various elements, temperatures, and constant handling.

Some people consider thicker yoga mats to be more durable than thinner ones. 

This is actually not the case. It will still boil down to the durability of the material used.


Finally, here’s a feature that we’ve constantly mentioned above. 

That’s because we consider yoga not just as a physical practice; it is part of a spiritual lifestyle.

We also believe that using yoga mats that don’t value our health and the environment defeats our purpose of practicing it in the first place. 

If you agree with us, then you should definitely consider mats that have sustainability and health features.

The feature 6P free, for instance, means that it doesn’t have phthalates. 

There are 16 types, but the first six are the ones that have been extensively researched so far.

They are already proven to cause serious health issues like liver and kidney damage, respiratory diseases, and even cancer! 

Phthalates are usually found in yoga mats made out of PVC. 

Travel Yoga Mats FAQs

Which Side of the Yoga Mat Faces Up?

First of all, you should check if your yoga mat is reversible. 

If it is, then you have nothing to worry about since you can use both sides either way. 

If your yoga mat comes with a design, then the side with the design goes up, and the plain one goes at the bottom.

Finally, if your yoga mat is plain and both sides look very similar, then you should carefully pay attention to its texture. 

The textured layer goes up while the plain or stickier layer goes at the bottom.

How Much Do Yoga Mats Weigh?

In general, yoga mats weigh between two and four pounds, but this largely depends on the thickness of your chosen yoga mat. 

For instance, thicker mats can even go for as much as nine pounds. 

There are pieces, though, that can still go for as much as 2.5 inches thick but only weighs three pounds.

How Do You Break in a Yoga Mat?

There are different ways in order to break-in a yoga mat. First, you can expose it to heat. You can simply leave your mat out in the warm heat of the sun all day to soften it up for use.

Another way to break in a yoga mat is by giving it a warm salt scrub. Sounds relaxing, right? 

To do so, make a mixture of salt and warm water, and then sprinkle it on your mat. 

Then, give your mat a gentle scrubbing using a soft washcloth.

You can also break in a new yoga mat by stepping on it. 

Lay your yoga mat flat on the floor, tune in your favorite TV show or feel-good playlist, then brace yourself for a sweaty workout. 

Stomp all over your mat to soften it up!

Finally, you can break in a new yoga mat by simply using it frequently.

How Often Should You Clean Your Yoga Mat?

Ideally, you should give your yoga mat a quick wipe down after every session to ensure that dirt and sweat don’t accumulate and create a funky smell. 

However, it is an absolute must to clean your yoga mat once a week.

Why Am I Slipping on My Yoga Mat?

The main reason that you’re slipping on your yoga mat is simply the fact that it doesn’t have non-slip features.  

If it was indicated that your yoga mat has one, then you have sadly been duped.

You can improve the traction of your mat by washing your mat with water to get it worn down a bit. 

After all, worn down mats definitely have more texture than brand new ones. 

Just don’t use a harsh cleaning solution or vinegar since they can strip away the non-slip layer of your mat.

Best Travel Yoga Mats Recommendation

Overall, we recommend the GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat by BalanceFree. 

We believe that this is the product that best provides the balance between price, features, and portability.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to buy a separate strap, and if you find that the ¼-inch thickness is already comfortable enough for you, then we recommend giving the Classic Yoga Mat by TOPLUS a try with its impressive Body Alignment System feature.

In any case, it will all boil down to your personal needs and preferences. 

We hope that you find the perfect yoga mat for you, though, a piece that will motivate you to practice regularly because that is what’s most important in the end.

Best Walking Sandals for Travel: Top Choices for Men and Women

best walking sandals for travel

Best Walking Sandals for Travel – Traveling is one of the best ways to see the world, whether it’s for business or for pleasure.

There are several ways to travel; you can go by car, airplane, boat, or even train, but all of them share one thing: walking.

If you are wearing the wrong shoes during your trip, your feet will become sore easily and may even prevent you from enjoying what’s left of your vacation.

To make it easier for you to find the perfect shoes, below, you will find in-depth reviews that cover the key features and the pros and cons of the 10 best walking sandals for travel.

Don’t head out the door before looking at which products made the list; you may even be surprised at how affordable these choices are.

Best Walking Sandals for Women

Birkenstock Arizona Unisex Leather Sandals

When people think of high-quality casual shoes, Birkenstock sandals are likely one of the first ones to come to mind.

Though we have put the Birkenstock Arizona Leather Sandals in the women’s section of this list, these shoes can be worn by anyone.

One thing that makes this pair of the best options for travel is how comfortable they are to wear for long periods.

There is a simplistic design to Birkenstock sandals, thanks to the cork cole, leather covering, and a couple of buckles.

These sandals have been around for nearly 250 years and are still being worn today by millions of people, thanks to how easy they are to slip on and off.

Because of the way the footbed is designed on these sandals, your body weight will be distributed evenly while wearing them, giving you maximum support and stability.

You can wear them on the plane, while walking around the city, or even during long shifts at your job without your feet getting sore or tired.

One of the only downfalls of wearing these shoes is that they are not that cheap.

With that being said, if you do decide to buy a pair of these high-quality and durable sandals, you will find that they tend to last for several years before needing replacement.

These shoes may not come in several fun and entertaining colors, but there are plenty of neutral options available.

  • Incredibly long-lasting
  • Made of natural materials
  • Can be worn for extended periods
  • Made by a trusted brand
  • Expensive
  • Can get dirty easily
  • Narrow width


Teva Women’s Tirra Sandals

Whether you are a vegan or someone who cares a lot about the environment, you will love the Teva Women’s Tirra Sandals.

There are a few things to note when it comes to the highlights and improvements of the Teva Women’s Tirra Sandals.

For starters, these shoes are designed with a zinc-based antimicrobial technology that makes them a lot more hygienic than other shoes on the market, and you won’t have to worry about any funky smells.

If you are someone who is always in a hurry, you can just throw these on quickly and head out the door.

The exterior of these sandals is made completely out of textile.

The rubber sole makes it really comfortable to wear these sandals on long walks along the beach, around the airport, or just around the hotel.

There are three different straps to keep your foot comfortably in place: one across the toes, one across the foot, and the other around the ankle.

You can choose from 25 different color options, including black, red, teal, and camouflage.

One thing that could use improvement is the fact that these shoes shouldn’t be exposed to higher temperatures or direct sunlight for long periods.

  • Several color options available
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to put on
  • Made of 100% textile
  • Sensitive to heat and light


KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandals

If you are someone who struggles with finding a pair of walking sandals that go with your wardrobe, the KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal is probably what you’re looking for.

It comes in nearly 100 different colors and color combinations.

With the exception of the comfortable rubber sole, the rest of the shoe is completely made out of polyester, making it incredibly durable.

There is a built-in bungee lace capture system that helps these shoes fit your feet perfectly and securely.

At the same time, it gives you a little bit of wiggle room for those days when you decide to throw on a pair of socks.

These shoes are breathable, thanks to the hydrophobic mesh lining that keeps moisture out and prevents your feet from becoming too sweaty.

The molded compression EVA midsole on these sandals prevents your feet from getting sore, even if you slap on these shoes for a long journey right out of the box.

KEEN shoes are known for their metatomical footbed design, which provides you with amazing arch support and helps cradle the natural contours of your foot.

If these shoes get dirty, which they will, you just can toss them in the washer on a gentle cycle with a splash of detergent to get them as good as new.

They do run a bit large, so it may be in your best interest to order half a size smaller than you normally wear.


  • Machine-washable
  • Comfortable for extended wear
  • Tons of color and design options


  • Can be a bit pricey
  • Run half a size large


Skechers Women’s On-The-Go 600-Brilliancy Sport Sandals

Available in four different colors, the Skechers Women’s On-The-Go 600-Brilliancy Sport Sandals are one of the best out there.

With a comfortable synthetic sole, you can easily wear these shoes from morning until evening without your feet getting sore.

They’re lightweight, too, which means that packing these shoes into your luggage with other accessories is a breeze.

The 5Gen cushioning is incredibly responsive and keeps your feet sturdy and comfortable at the same time.

Many people enjoy the soft-heathered fabric upper, too, as it adds a bit of added support to your ankle and the top of your foot.

Unique to the brand, the Skechers Goga Max high rebound insole is designed to bring the wearer the most comfort a shoe can.

You will likely enjoy the adjustable straps that are designed to fit more people and still keep your foot nice and secure.

One thing to mention about these shoes is that the arch support can be lacking if you’re looking for a lot of it.


  • Comes from a trusted brand
  • Secure and adjustable straps
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Can be expensive
  • Lacks arch support


Viakix Hiking Sandals for Women

The last women’s shoe that we’ll be talking about is from Viakix, and it is one of the best options for travel because these are great for hiking in, as well.

There are one- and two-strap options, and each of which come in a variety of color combinations and designs.

In addition, there is also elastic webbing throughout the shoe that stretches and adjusts to the size of your foot.

You will get a lot of enjoyment out of the EVA foam midsole on this pair, which provides plenty of arch support, comfort, and absorbs the impact of tough terrain.

Due to the design and material of these sandals, you will find that they are incredibly lightweight and compact, so you’ll be able to easily pack them in a suitcase, carry-on, or even in your handbag.

If you are traveling to a place where you will have access to bodies of water, these sandals can also be worn as water shoes; it quickly dries off once you need to walk on land again.

Besides the amazing comfort that you will experience from wearing these Viakix hiking sandals all day, there is something to say about how incredibly durable they are, as well.

There is a heavy-duty rubber outsole that makes these shoes comfortable to wear for long periods, wherever you are.

Something to note when buying these shoes is that they do run a bit large, requiring most people to buy half a size smaller than they normally wear.


  • Fun color options and designs
  • Different strap options
  • Comfortable to wear for a long time
  • Double as water shoes


  • Run half a size larger than normal shoes


Best Walking Sandals for Men

KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal

KEEN is one of the most popular shoe brands for men, and the Newport H2 is one of the best styles that it has to offer.

For starters, these shoes are available in over 20 different colors, which range from black, gray, and even tie-dye.

One of the best things about these shoes is that they are designed with polyester webbing and can be tossed in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes when they need a little sprucing up.

The rubber sole, paired with the metatomical EVA footbed, makes it incredibly comfortable to walk with these shoes for long periods.

The multi-directional lug pattern that KEEN added to the soles of these shoes give you increased traction and added stability no matter what the terrain type is.

You also may enjoy the hard rubber protector over and around the toes, which keep your toes safe in the event that something falls on your foot or you get your foot slammed into something like a boulder.

We also have to mention the Cleansport NXT feature that KEEN added to these shoes.

The Cleansport NXT is a built-in feature that not only prevents your shoes from becoming stinky but also controls natural foot odor in the first place.

There is also breathable mesh lining surrounding the sides of these sandals, which helps to keep moisture out and reduce the amount your feet sweat.

One of the only not-so-great things about these sandals is that, due to the closed-toe front, if you want to drain out water or sand, you may have to take the entire shoe off to shake things out.


  • Wide color selection
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Rubber toe covering
  • Cleansport NXT controls smell


  • Can be expensive
  • Buy half a size larger than your normal size


KIIU Men’s Closed-Toe Sandals

If you are on a tight budget but want one of the best sandals for travel that money can buy, consider the KIIU Men’s Closed-Toe Sandals for your next trip.

It is available in classic colors, including black, brown, blue, and gray.

These sandals are perfect for traveling, thanks to the non-slip rubber outsole they have.

The PU outsole has a durable cushioning that makes each step comfortable and reduces the chance of you getting sore feet after extended use.

If you struggle with sweaty feet, which most people do, you will enjoy how breathable these outdoor sandals are.

These shoes are designed with a lining that is not only waterproof but also quickly dries when it does get soaked.

The mesh outer layer of the webbing absorbs moisture while also enhancing the breathability of the entire shoe.

You won’t have to worry about your feet slipping out of these sandals, thanks to the elastic band and heel strap that keeps the sandals closed when they’re supposed to be closed.

This isn’t the only safety feature that these KIIU Men’s shoes have if you consider the closed-toe design; this improves foot strength and protects your toes in the event of an accidental impact.

These shoes were designed to look like the outdoor shoes that fishermen would wear while they are on the water, which is one reason why they are waterproof.

Unlike many other options available, these can be worn for casual events or a long journey along the boardwalk.

You also won’t have to worry about breaking the bank when you buy these, which is great because traveling is expensive enough.

Because the sole is made out of rubber, it may feel a little sticky on your skin if your feet do tend to sweat a lot.

Other than that, though, there isn’t really anything too negative to say about these walking sandals.


  • Closed-toe design provides protection
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Affordable
  • Come in neutral colors


  • Rubber insole can be sticky


Teva Men’s M Hurricane Xlt2 Sport Sandals

If you are looking for a pair of the best sandals for walking that also have style, the Teva Men’s M Hurricane Xlt2 Sport Sandal is a great choice.

Whether you want something casual like a black or brown sandal or one that has bright colors and unique designs that remind you of the ‘90s, these shoes have it.

While there is textile fabric throughout the shoe, the sole is synthetic and incredibly comfortable.

Part of this is thanks to the EVA foam footbed, which provides plenty of soft cushioned padding for all-day wear.

These are great sandals to take with you when traveling because there is a built-in polyester webbing that can handle being soaked in water and will dry in no time.

The straps are adjustable, too, making these perfect for people who like to go in sandals barefoot one day and in socks the next.

Another amazing thing about a pair of these sandals is that while you can wear them to a casual day on the coast, you can also do so for a hike in the woods.

Like any other product on the market, there are both good and bad things to make a note of.

Thanks to the straps mentioned earlier, these sandals provide a surprising amount of support for several hours at a time.

Something that could be improved about these sandals, though, is the short Velcro straps.

While they do the job, making them an inch or two longer could benefit people who wear a larger size who just want their shoes to fit snugly.


  • Fun color options
  • Easy to slip on
  • Comfortable cushioned footbed
  • Can be worn while hiking
  • Will dry quickly when wet


  • Short Velcro straps


ECCO Men’s Yucatan Outdoor Off-Road Hiking Sandals

The Ecco Men’s Yucatan Outdoor Off-Road Hiking Sandals makes the cut as one of the best sandals for travel.

It is available in 21 different color options, making sure that each customer can find a pair that goes with the rest of their wardrobe.

While the majority of the color selection is neutral, there are more off-the-wall color choices, including blue, red, and green.

The soles on these sandals are made of rubber, while the exterior textile is made out of soft nubuck leather.

This leather is incredibly durable and is part of the upper that has a three-point adjustable strap to ensure that these sandals fit you as comfortably as possible.

The Ecco Men’s Yucatan sandals have textile lining throughout the shoes, providing a soft and padded experience for the person wearing them without compromising breathability.

If you want a comfortable footbed, you will enjoy the anatomically molded one that is on these shoes, which helps them be enjoyable to wear for extended periods.

These shoes boast a unique Fluidform technology that only ECCO shoes have.

This technology is designed to make sure that the rebound and cushioning of the shoes is well-balanced and that there is a flexible yet durable bond.

Something worth noting is the price range of these travel sandals.

Depending on which shoes you buy, you could be paying less than $60, while another pair will cost you over $200.


  • A lot of color options
  • Leather upper for durability
  • Anatomically designed footbed


  • Large price range


Chaco Men’s Zcloud 2 Sport Sandals

The last walking sandals we’ll be talking about are the Chaco Men’s Zcloud 2 Sports Sandals, which come in a variety of colors.

You will get to choose from tan, navy blue, black, gray and pink combo, and gray.

One of the best things about these men’s walking sandals is that they’re designed to be vegan-friendly.

This is thanks to the LUVSEAT dual-density PU midsole that is cushioned with Chaco Cloud.

The rubber sole is incredibly comfortable to walk on for long periods, and the exterior is designed with polyester, which is an incredibly durable material.

The unique adjustable jacquard webbing throughout the upper wraps allows your foot to fit comfortably and makes these shoes incredibly breathable.

In order to make sure that these shoes fit you perfectly, they have been designed with a customized fit toe loop and an adjustable high-tensile webbing heel riser buckle.

The way these shoes are designed makes it easy to slip them on and head to the beach, hop onto the plane, or even go out for a casual meal at a new restaurant.

These sandals fit true to size, which means that there won’t be any spare room at the heel or toe unless you order a size up.

Easily one of the best things about these kicks is that you can wear them on land or in water, making them perfect for tropical destinations.

One thing they could make better about these shoes, though, is the price point.

While they’re not overly expensive, they could be more affordable for what they are.


  • Amazing color section
  • Comfortable to wear even without a break-in period
  • Easy to adjust
  • True to size
  • Can be worn in water


  • No extra room
  • Not the cheapest option


Best Walking Sandals for Travel: Recommendation

Having a pair of comfortable shoes to walk along the beach in, or simply down the road on your way to getting a refreshing margarita, is a must for traveling.

Now that you know a bit more about the 10 best walking sandals for travel, now is as good a time as any to add them to your cart and book that plane ticket to your next destination.

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Best Women’s Shoes: KEEN Mary Jane
Best Travel Shoes, Travel Sandals, Walking Shoes and Hiking Boots

Thankfully, we are confident that you won’t have to worry about sore feet, blisters, or cracked heels while wearing any of these walking shoes.

When it comes to buying one, though, remember to pay attention to the break-in time so that you won’t be wearing shoes that take a week to break in on the first day of your vacation.

Also keep in mind the padding, breathability, materials used, and other features to help you pick out the best pair of walking sandals for your travel needs.

Do Babies Need a Passport to Travel: Preparing for Trip With Your Newborn

do babies need a passport to travel

As a new parent, you may be asking, do babies need a passport to travel?

Getting ready for your upcoming trip can be stressful, especially if you haven’t taken a trip with your baby yet. 

Knowing what documents are required for your baby and making sure you have everything packed can be stressful, but traveling with the family is a phenomenal experience.

Below, we’ll answer all of the most commonly asked questions about the items that you need to make sure your family is ready for your upcoming trip.

Do Babies Need a Passport to Travel?

The most straightforward answer to this question is yes; your baby will need a passport to travel. 

It’s far too often that parents believe that showing up to the airport and giving permission for their child to travel is enough when it is not. 

You’ll want to make sure you are prepared before trying to buy tickets online or being turned away at the ticket counter.

In today’s day and age, every human needs to have a legal passport to travel, regardless of age. 

Any situation where someone is traveling from one country to another, there needs to be documentation to prove their identity as well as other pertinent information.

How to Apply for a Passport

The next step before getting your bags ready is to go through the actual application process, which isn’t as simple as you would think. 

Although it might seem daunting, parents around the world do it every day, and there’s no reason as to why you can’t, as well!

Step #1: Prepare

During the planning process of your trip, you would want to make sure you apply for any necessary passports as soon as possible. 

Even though there is a field that you can fill out about your date of travel, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your baby’s passport will be ready in time.


You’ll need to gather the appropriate form (DS-11) from the Travel.State.Gov website, which is a requirement for any travelers under the age of 16.

You then have the option to print the forms out and fill them out manually, or you can fill out the form on your computer. 

To avoid confusion during the processing period, it’s best if you can fill it out using your computer, as the writing will be the most legible. 

You must finish all of the required fields, especially your baby’s social security number, before printing the papers.


Another vital thing to make a note of is the cost of getting a passport, which can be quite hefty, even for travelers under 16 years of age. 

A minor’s passport is $115 in total, though these fees are subject to change, with $80 reserved for the application fee and $35 for the acceptance fee. 

With that said, the type of document you opt for will come with different prices; for example, a passport card will be less expensive.

Ensure that you read through the travel restrictions with each type of travel document you consider. 

For example, travelers cannot do international air travel with a passport card, whereas a passport book is applicable for land, air, and sea travel. 

If you need it to be expedited, you have to pay an additional $60, though if you plan, you should be able to avoid paying extra.

what countries require proof of onward travel

Step #2: Have a Passport Photo

Much like when you had to register for your passport and needed a photo, your baby does, as well. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t a process that you can do at home since there are precise requirements and settings necessary for the U.S. government to accept it. 

Most likely, local drug stores in your area will be able to offer the service for you, and there are likely independent stores you can reach out to, as well.

Getting your baby’s passport photo taken is far less expensive than paying for the processing fee of the passport itself. 

You might be able to find rates as low as $14 depending on where you live and the business you choose. 

With the help of a professional, you will be able to make sure your baby is positioned correctly and that their face is visible in the photograph.

Step #3: Go to the Passport Office

In the past, parents used to be able to mail the form into a passport office, but today, both parents are required to be present at the office to apply. 

You will want to make sure you have a few hours scheduled out of your day, as passport offices can frequently be busy.

Make sure that you confirm with your passport office about whether you need to book an appointment to submit the forms or not. 

Some offices will accept walk-ins, which can be convenient for dropping the forms off while you’re already running errands. 

If only one parent can go to the passport office, there is a specific form that a parent will need to sign.

After the parent signed the paper, it will then need to be notarized, and there are also other types of parental exceptions that may apply to your situation. 

It’s best if you can take a look at the exceptions to see what documents are best for applying for your child’s passport.

Step #4: Gather the Remaining Documents

There are a few other documents you will need to get in your hands before visiting the passport office to provide the identity of your child and their relationship to you. 

In the United States of America, you need to show two copies of the identification documents and the application. 

You will also need to gather the original and copy of your baby’s birth certificate as well as their social security card.

These documents will show the government proof of parental relationships, and these items need to be submitted along with your application. 

Any original forms that you submit will be returned to you when they mail back your baby’s passport to your address.

Step #5: Submit the Passport Documents

do babies need a passport to travel

Now that you have everything gathered, it’s time to submit your documents to the passport office in your area. 

If you aren’t aware of the correct office to choose, you can use their locator to find the one closest to your address. 

With that said, in some rural communities, your best option may be to submit the papers to a post office.

The process is very streamlined once you submit the documents, as the representative you talk to will explain how processing works and ensure that you have all of the correct documentation. 

You should receive a receipt at the end of the transaction, which you can use to show that you have applied for a passport. 

Sometimes, you may even be able to track the processing of the passport online.

You’ll find that applying for a baby’s passport is far less time consuming than if you were an adult, simply because they won’t have as much of a history to be taken into consideration. 

With that said, processing times can vary depending on the time of year, but if you paid for the expedited service, you might get the passport in three weeks or less.

Required Identification for Passport Applications

There are several different forms of identification that you can use for both you and your baby when it comes time to apply for their passport. 

We’ve compiled a couple of lists to help you make sure you are fully prepared before submitting the paperwork.

Proof of Citizenship

Only one of the documents below is required for your child’s application, and it will need to be an original or certified physical copy of said documents. 

Unfortunately, you cannot submit photocopies or notarized copies, though remember, you will receive the original documents back in the mail.

  • Undamaged and valid U.S.A passport (even if expired)
  • U.S.A birth certificate with the following:
    • Proof of full name, place of birth, and date of birth
    • Has the parent(s)’ full name(s)
    • Registrar’s office filing date
    • Registrar’s signature
    • Proof of issuing state, country, or city of birth
    • Seal of the issuing authority
  • Certificate of Citizenship
  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certification of Birth

Proof of Parental Relationship

You should also provide evidence of your parental relationship with your child when applying for a passport. 

You can use the following documents:

  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certification of Birth
  • U.S.A birth certificate
  • Foreign birth certificate
  • Divorce or custody decree
  • Adoption decree

Parent’s Identification

Along with proof of your baby’s identification, you will provide evidence as to the parent or guardian of the child. 

You will be required to bring any of the following IDs when submitting the forms:

  • In-state valid driver’s license
  • Valid U.S.A passport; can be expired but undamaged
  • Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization
  • Valid foreign passport
  • U.S.A military ID
  • Matricula Consular

Proof of Parental Consent

To help prevent child trafficking, there are laws in place to prove that children are allowed to apply for a passport for legal travel. 

As earlier discussed, there are exceptions for parents in certain situations that may be applicable to you. 

The requirements include:

One Parent With Sole Legal Authority

  • A complete court order showing proof of sole legal custody of the child
  • A full court order showing evidence that you are permitted to apply for the child’s passport
  • Certified copy of baby’s birth certificate with you listed as the only parent
  • Certified copy of adoption decree with you listed as the sole parent
  • Certified copy of judicial declaration that proves the incompetence of the other parent
  • Certified copy of death certificate of the other parent

One Parent Cannot Appear

  • Signed and dated form DS-3053 approved by a notary public

Other Parent Cannot Be Located

  • Additional evidence will be required such as an incarceration order, restraining order, or custody order
  • For deployed military members, notarized form DS-3053 or military orders with form DS-5525

Neither Parent Can Appear

In this instance, a third party needs to be granted permission to apply for the child’s passport along with a notarized statement given by parents or guardians. 

Notarized statement must include parents’ identification.

How Soon Can You Travel With a Newborn

how soon can you travel with a newborn

Do Babies Need a Passport

What Countries Can I Travel to Without a Passport

If you’re wondering, do babies need a passport to travel, the answer is yes. 

By using the above tips, you’ll be able to make the process as simple as possible so that you and your family can have the freedom to travel with ease.

How Soon Can You Travel With a Newborn

how soon can you travel with a newborn


Travel With a Newborn – We’re going to give the good news to you straight: it’s perfectly safe to travel with your newborns.

Don’t believe the people who are telling you that your travel dreams should be put on hold because of your newborn.

In truth, that doesn’t have to be the case for as long as you have a perfectly healthy infant.

How soon can you travel with a newborn, though?

If your baby is born healthy and strong, then you shouldn’t have to wait too long to take the little one along with you.

Some parents travel with children as young as three months, while others wait a bit longer.

However, all these depend on certain factors concerning the child’s health as well as the method of travel.

There are three methods of travel—by train, car, and plane—but today, we’ll be explaining how soon you can fly with your babies after they’re born.

How Soon Can You Travel With a Newborn by Plane

The safest option is to wait until your baby has developed a stronger immune system before taking them on a plane.

For full-term infants, this could be as early as one month, although many doctors would recommend that you wait until three months.

Now, it’s a completely different story for children who are premature.

These babies could experience breathing problems due to the lower pressure of the airplane cabin.

If your child happens to be premature, you’ll want to discuss the matter with his or her pediatrician before making a decision.

Airline policies on traveling with infants differ.

There’s an airline that requires an infant to be at least a week old before he or she can fly.

These airlines will only clear newborns who are less than a week old for flying with the permission of their doctor.

The youngest that some airlines are known to accept is three days old.

Some airline companies are adamant that no child under a week should be admitted on board regardless of the circumstances.

They apply the same stringent policy for newborns in incubators.

Traveling with a baby on board can be distressing because you never quite know what to decide.

In any situation, you’ll always want to talk to your child’s physician first.

Do Babies Need a Passport to Travel

What to Keep in Mind When Flying With a Newborn

Flying with your baby can be a huge challenge for both you and your baby.

Even your fellow passengers can get nervous about observing the situation.

However, you should be able to handle the situation just fine with the help of a few tips.

Some advance preparation is all everyone needs to ease the stress of flying with a newborn.

Prepare the Necessary Travel Documents

We’re talking about your child’s passport and birth certificate, the former of which is necessary when you’re traveling outside of the country.

The birth certificate also tells the airline that your newborn is young enough to travel.

Passports typically require a birth certificate—a document that isn’t given a day after your child is born.

During the processing of your child’s certificate, busy yourself with other matters like taking their photos and filling out the passport application form.

Once you receive your newborn’s birth certificate, head to the nearest office that processes passport applications.

You can even pay extra if you wish to expedite your child’s application.

Book Early

The sooner you make reservations, the better.

Plus, if you really need to travel with your child, then be willing to dish out a bit more cash.

What makes traveling with newborns tricky is their unpredictability.

As much as possible, you need to figure out their bedtimes and nap times quickly and reserve flights that take place when they are more than likely to have their rest.

Pack Wisely

Packing for newborns can sometimes be a nightmare because you’re always questioning everything.

Am I bringing everything that my baby needs? Am I bringing too much?

These are usually the two questions going through your mind.

What you want to make sure of is not to pack too much.

It’s not necessary to pack a million diapers; you just have to bring a couple situated at the topmost portion of your travel bag so that they’re easy enough to grab when you need them.

As for those essential baby equipment, it won’t be necessary to pack them either.

You can just do some research on your destination to find out where you can rent these items.

Always Bring the Must-Haves

There are three things that keep you sane when traveling with your baby: diapers, food, and wipes.

Lightweight cotton blankets are also very useful because they can serve as a nursing cover or a blanket for your baby to lay on.

Keep Your Newborns Hydrated

Newborns are always hungry.

They can also easily get dehydrated because of the plane cabin’s dry atmosphere, so make sure to give them what they need at all times.

If you’re a breastfeeding mother, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated, as well.

If you’re pumping, then you’re going to want to pump a bit more so that you’re prepared for any scenario.

You don’t have to worry about the TSA getting on your case with this one because their policy concerning liquids doesn’t apply to juice, breastmilk, and formula.

You just need to make sure that your baby bottles are filled with liquids.

Some of the other important stuff to pack for hydration are liquid teethers, baby food, and freeze packs.

Board Wisely

Strategic boarding is of absolute importance when flying with your baby.

Sure, you should take advantage of early boarding, but that doesn’t mean you should board your child right away.

If you can request for help, send someone ahead to load the diaper bags, prepare the seats, and arrange for swaps if needed.

You’ll also want to board last to steer clear of the stampede.

how soon can you travel with a newborn

Feed During Takeoff

Babies usually fare better when you feed them during takeoff.

As such, it would be an excellent idea for parents to synchronize the plane’s takeoff time with their newborn’s feeding time.

If you just can’t make it happen, then have your little one suck on a pacifier during takeoff if possible.

Be Friendly With the Flight Attendants

This goes without saying that you should be friendly to anyone.

As a traveler, you typically have a better perspective of what’s going on in the world and know that acts of kindness have the potential to change someone’s life.

Being friends with flight attendants is especially important when you have a baby on board.

We know you can’t be in a good mood all the time but, this time, do it for your little one.

A flight attendant can make flying with a baby either so much easier or a lot harder for you—you choose.

Greet them with a smile and always be friendly because they are capable of helping you out in so many ways.

Ask for Help With Your Bags

Traveling with a baby means you’ll have to handle matters that are so much more important than your bags.

With the standard tip of a dollar per bag, let someone else handle your luggage.

You’re also going to be busy calling the airline ahead of time for confirmation on their different rules and policies for flying with a newborn.

Pro tip: Strollers also function as luggage carriers, so if you’re bringing one with you, use it to its fullest advantage by piling it with some items along the way.

You Can Never Have Enough Wipes

It’s official; baby wipes are your best friend.

Short of changing your newborn’s diapers, there is nothing these magical towelettes can’t do.

Baby wipes can come in handy in any travel situation involving your babies.

Case in point: they allow you to engage in some quick and efficient cleaning of your baby’s mess.


Your babies are going to cry; there’s really no way around it.

When they do, however, make sure to say sorry to your fellow passengers for it.

Being genuinely sorry for the situation means that instead of getting hostility from your fellow passengers, you’re given sympathetic nods of understanding.

Travel with a Dog on a Plane

Traveling With a Newborn

Jetting off around the world brings so much love and beauty into your life that you can’t wait to bring the same experience to your child.

As such, you’re itching to find the answer to “how soon can you travel with a newborn”.

When it comes to traveling with newborns, it’s usually the flying that has most parents concerned.

Making sure that your child has a fully-developed immune system and has been cleared by his or her doctor for a particular method of travel is of paramount importance.

You’ll also want to apply some essential tips on flying with babies to get a better handle on the situation and ease the stress everyone is going through.

Las Vegas with Kids ~ Where to stay and things to do in Las Vegas

new york hotel and casino


We spent two days in Las Vegas with kids. Learn where we stayed and why it was perfect. There are so many things to do with kids in Las Vegas.

It’s a great destination for a quick getaway whether you take a road trip or fly.

The McCarran International Airport is located very close to the Las Vegas Strip. Most of the hotels offer free shuttle service. If you wanted to explore areas off the Strip, it’s easy to take an Uber or a Lyft.

The Strip is busy, and we highly recommend not driving there unless your hotel is there. But it’s fun to take a drive on it if you want to see the attractions and crowds. The Strip is a little over four miles long.

We took a roadtrip to Las Vegas so we had our car. If we flew in, we definitely would not have rented a car.

Hershey's Chocolate World
Hershey’s Chocolate World

We went during our kids’ fall break in October. That wasn’t a busy season in Las Vegas; however, there were certainly people everywhere. I can’t imagine how much more crowded it gets.

Things to do in Las Vegas with kids

Our children heard of Las Vegas but didn’t know anything about it. So while they were excited to be going on vacation, they didn’t know what to expect.

Coincidently, on the drive home after our trip, the book my son was reading referenced the Luxor Hotel! It was very cool we had just been there.

Luxor Hotel Las Vegas
Luxor Hotel Las Vegas

Where to stay in Las Vegas with kids

Our first decision was where to stay in Las Vegas when traveling with children.

My husband and I had been to Vegas twice before. We stayed on the Strip both times. But that was pre-kids, over 10 years earlier. I remembered smoke and crowds.

Do you stay on the Strip with kids?

For our family, we made the right decision to stay off the Strip.

Las Vegas Nevada kid friendly hotels

We first thought about renting an AirBNB or VBRO so we could cook meals and have healthier snacks. (We deal with food allergies and also want to eat healthier overall.)

Then we decided because we were going to be there for such a short time, we weren’t going to be at the rental enough to make it worth it.

Our goal was to find a safe, clean and kid-friendly hotel near the Strip.

Hampton Inn – Tropicana

We were very pleased we stayed at the Hampton Inn – Tropicana. It’s very close to the Las Vegas Strip. At the time there was free parking — though that was changing. (Hampton Inn did not compensate us in any way for this review.)

We love Hampton Inn because of the cleaniness and the free breakfast. It’s located just west of Interstate 15, at Dean Martin Dr. and Tropicana Ave. It’s across from In -N-Out Burger.

Free shuttle to the Strip from Hampton Inn

If you fly into Vegas, the Hampton Inn Tropicana has a free shuttle which can pick you up from/take you back to the McCarren Airport.

The Hampton Inn Tropicana shuttle leaves from the hotel on the hour and goes to the Tropicana Casino Hotel, across from MGM. From there, it goes to the airport. (This is a great drop off location to begin.)

When we were there, the Hampton Inn shuttle departed the Strip at 5:30pm and 10:30pm. We stayed on the Strip until about 4:30pm and took an inexpensive Lyft back to the Hampton Inn. It was less than $10.

This hotel is very close and walkable to the Strip — but there is a very busy intersection to get there. Plus, we were already far down the Strip and would have had to backtrack. We were tired and hungry.

Because we took a road trip to Las Vegas, we packed fruit, granola bars, and pretzels, etc. as snacks until our late lunch/early dinner. So we had the free breakfast, went to the Strip all day, then came back to the hotel.

Las Vegas hotels for kids

A lot of the fun of being in Las Vegas with kids is they will delight in seeing the hotels. We all really enjoyed walking in and out, seeing the themes with the larger-than-life decor. That was a big part of our entertainment.

Many of the hotels have fun things for families to see and do. Walking through them, however, also confirmed our decision to stay off the Strip.

In most of the hotels, the casinos are right there — out in the open. They allow smoking. It’d been so long since we were inside somewhere that allowed smoking that we forgot that it used to be allowed everywhere.

The hotels do a good job of keeping it ventilated; however, we definitely smelled it.

In addition, there were So Many People coming in and out of these hotel “lobbies.” It didn’t have the same feel as staying at a hotel off the Strip.

While it seemed safe — it was definitely filled with the public.

We just didn’t like the feel of one of these hotels being our home base, however convenient it would have been to be already on the Strip.

So for us, we made the right choice.

What to do with kids in Las Vegas

After we figured out where we were staying, we looked up some places online to get an idea of what kinds of things our kids would enjoy doing. We didn’t want to miss anything.

Whether you want to do Las Vegas inexpensively or are able to splurge to pay for shows and the thrilling rides, there really is something for all families.

It’s important to plan a Las Vegas itinerary with kids so you don’t waste time backtracking. See below for more tips.

Walking the Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is over four miles long. Even if we decided to walk the entire Strip, we wouldn’t have wanted to walk all the way back. Instead, we concentrated on just one area.

The shuttle dropped us at the Tropicana Hotel which was perfect. From there we had our list of places to see. We made our way over the bridge, taking some great pictures and admiring the structures.

You never know what you will see on the Strip. Throughout the day, we saw showgirls.

As we were walking to M&M World inside the Showcase Mall, we saw a group of Avengers characters. For $10, we were able to get a picture of our kids with them, which was great.

Hershey’s Chocolate World in New York – New York Hotel

Our first stop was to the New York – New York Hotel. We spent time in the Hershey’s shop, exploring all things Hershey. They have all the candies there along with merchandise including shirts, pillows, keychains and more.

Be sure to see the Statue of Liberty which is made with almost 800 pounds of chocolate.

Hershey World is two stories and 13,000 square feet. There’s a Jolly Rancher flavor wall. There’s an entire room with only Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups’ products. They even have a Hershey’s Bake Shoppe.

You can buy any of their candies in all sizes. The options for candies on the wall are cool because you can mix them up. Hershey’s sells them by the pound. There is also a flat penny machine here, which makes for a great souvenir. They are located throughout Las Vegas.

We stayed at Hershey World for about 25 minutes. From there, we walked through the New York – New York Hotel and made our way to a shop called Stupidiotic.


This store was small and cute with some interesting items. This is a good store to take kids to if they want to buy something on their trip.

We had fun looking at the merchandise but were only there about 10 minutes — which I guess is a good thing. Still, it’s fun to stop in. You can look on their website in advance to get an idea of the products they sell.

Outside this shop is a good place to take pictures of Hershey’s Chocolate World. Because we entered Hershey’s from a different entrance and not street-level, we were glad we saw it afterwards. This is a cute photo opp with a Hershey’s Bar and one of the Kisses. It’s also amazing to see the way-larger-than-life-sized Hershey’s products on the building.

From there we made our way to the M&M World.

M&M World in Showcase Mall

Visiting M&M World was one of the highlights of our trip. You will definitely want to get pictures outside; there are massive M&M’s characters and candy on the building.

M&M World is located in the Showcase Mall, next to MGM Hotel & Casino.

The M&M World store is four stories. It’s 28,000 square feet. It was really brightly-lit and they had fun displays of M&M’s and their characters. We stayed here about an hour.

Like all of these attractions, there is merchandise. There’s everything from keychains and shirts to personalized M&M’s that you create.

The wall of M&M’s is really fun. It’s on the second floor. You can choose every flavor and color they have. They weigh how many you have so you can go along the wall and choose however many of whichever ones you want. It’s a great way to sample all of their flavors.

Make sure you make your way to all four floors. On the third floor, there is a short (about 10 minutes) 3D movie. Kids will enjoy wearing the 3D glasses while the adults will enjoy the opportunity to sit down in the small theater.

On the third floor there is also the infamous Welcome to Las Vegas sign done with — of course — M&M’s characters. It makes for a fun photo opp. So too does the M&M’s race car which is on the fourth floor. It’s a replica of Kyle Busch’s 18 M&M’s sponsored NASCAR

There are escalators and an elevator to make going up and down easy.

Coca-Cola Store

Right next door to M&M World is the Coca-Cola Store. This is another massive store within the Showcase Mall. Right outside you will see a gigantic Coke bottle.

The Coca-Cola Store is two stories. There is an escalator and an elevator.

On the first floor the Coca-Cola Polar Bear was out. You are allowed to pose and take pictures with your device for free which is pretty incredible. They also had a professional photographer who took a few quick shots. Then they handed us a card with a code for us to see the pictures for purchase.

There is so much interesting merchandise throughout the store but we really enjoyed browsing on the first floor. My kids chose keychains and some other things (on the way out).

Coca-Cola Beverage Bar - Taste of the World tray
Coca-Cola Beverage Bar – Taste of the World tray

On the second floor there is the Cola cafeteria along with more Coca-Cola merchandise. Here is the best part because you can order from the Coca-Cola beverage bar.

Coca-Cola Beverage Bar – Taste of the World tray

The highlight is to order a flight of Cola products from around the world. It includes 16 cups of drinks from different countries. There is a wonderful area with lots of tables and chairs so you can enjoy your drinks.

I must add the workers were amazing. One of my children has reactions to a lot of additives in processed foods and drinks. I called in advance to ask for an ingredients list. An employee texted it to me. It looked like out of the 16 drinks there would be several he could enjoy.

When I ordered the Taste of the World tray, I also asked to see the ingredients list so I could match each drink with each list of ingredients. The employee let me take the laminated copy to our table. This was incredibly reassuring. My child was able to have 7 – 8 them.

In addition to buying the tasting flight, we also bought him a Mexican Coke. He thought that was really great because it came in a large glass bottle. They also sell Coke floats.

Right when we sat down, a Coca-Cola photographer came over to take six photos.

She handed us a card with a code, and said the pictures were complimentary because we bought the Taste of the World tray. These were easy to access which I did when we got home. They were great pictures. (I even used one as part of our holiday card.)

These free pictures are a great perk of purchasing the Coke flight from around the world. (With the Mexican Coke — which I think it was $3 — we paid a little over $18 for everything.)

Looking around, it seemed most people were purchasing the tasting flight.

Enjoying these sodas and laughing about which ones we liked and didn’t like, really made this activity a hit. We were at the Coca-Cola store for over an hour.

It was also fun to walk around and see the vintage Coke merchandise and advertising.

Las Vegas kids activities

Hershey’s, M&M’s, and Coca-Cola…these are the stores we visited which were all extremely fun and kid-friendly. Think about it: Two candy emporiums and a soda store! How’s that for a child’s dream vacation?

Much of our entertainment came from walking in and out of these stores. What’s great is they are free to enter and enjoy so you can choose to spend what you want.

Also wonderful is these three attractions are all very close to one another.

Las Vegas Strip map

It’s so important to remember how long the Strip is. Whatever you do, get an idea of what you want to do each day you are there. Any hotel you stay at in Vegas should be able to give you a map of the Strip.

Plan to visit that area of the Strip only once so you don’t waste time and energy backtracking.

Showcase Mall

After spending time in Coca-Cola, we walked around the Showcase Mall for a bit.

Where to eat with kids in Las Vegas

There are kid-friendly restaurants all along the Strip.

However, if you are near the Showcase Mall, you may find this to be a good place to eat with kids in Las Vegas.

They have a 3-story Hard Rock Cafe. In addition, there are food-court type restaurants such as Del Taco, Sbarro, and Popeyes. There is also a Denny’s and an Outback Steakhouse.

As in this area, across from the Showcase Mall is Bruxie Fried Chicken & Waffle Restaurants where you can enjoy a waffle sandwich.

Where to eat with kids on the Strip Las Vegas

There are so many kid-friendly restaurants on the Strip in Las Vegas. Just think about the attractions you want to see and if you will be there around a mealtime. From there, consider what your family eats. Look around that area to find the restaurants. Really, they are plentiful.

Most of the hotels will have more than one kid-friendly restaurant. Also too, they have buffets which means even the pickiest eater can find something. We also like the buffets because of the fresh fruits and vegetables.

In addition to the hotel buffets and many independent restaurants and food stands, Las Vegas boasts family chain restaurants. There’s everything from The Cheesecake Factory, TGI Fridays, and Buca di Beppo, to McDonald’s, Wendy’s, etc.

Whether you are on the south end, middle or north on the Strip, there will be plenty of restaurants for kids.

Bellagio Hotel

After wandering around Showcase Mall, we continued down the Strip to see the Belliago fountains.

Along the way, you will enjoy seeing the hotel structures such as the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and its Eiffel Tower. There is fabulous people-watching wherever you are as well.

The Bellagio Hotel is a Las Vegas luxury resort. We couldn’t afford to stay here but we were able to experience many wonders of it. Be sure to make a stop here to see the incredible features.

Bellagio fountain show

Adults and kids will think these fountains are amazing. If you will only be near the Bellagio during a certain period, check online to be sure you go when you can enjoy the fountain show.

On weekdays, the shows don’t start until 3pm.

We arrived for a spot along the railing around 2:45pm which worked out perfectly. While we were waiting, we ate some snacks.

During the daytime, the shows run every 30 minutes. After 8pm, the shows are every 15 minutes.

Our family loved watching the water dance to the music and lights. You should be able to get a wonderful view as it’s over 1,000 feet long. Water shoots as high as 460 feet in the air.

When we were there, we were lucky to hear the Star Spangled Banner as well as one more song for a total of about 8 – 9 minutes.

Afterwards, we went inside to see the gardens.

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens Whether you have kids traveling with you in Las Vegas or not, it’s worth it also to see the Bellagio gardens. These wonders are all inside and will likely be decorated for the season. It was autumn when we were there. It was incredible with many larger-than-life displays.

We wandered around the gardens and the rest of the first floor in the Bellagio, then headed off to see another hotel.

Las Vegas hotels to see with kids

After seeing the Bellagio, we walked to Caesar’s Palace. We wanted to be sure to go to the hotels with themes our kids studied in school. For sure we wanted to see: Caesar’s Palace, Excalibur, and the Luxor.

As you will have seen from driving in the vicinity of the Strip, all of these hotels are showcases. Each is pleasantly outlandish in its own way. Their architectural details are truly something to appreciate.

Caesar’s Palace

We spent some time wandering around Caesar’s Palace enjoying the statues outside.

Atlantis Aquarium

Be sure to see the free-to-see Atlantis Aquarium which is inside The Forum Shops. They have scheduled feeding times which you can see if you plan ahead. (When we were there it was at 1:15pm and 5:15pm so we missed it.) They also offer free, behind-the-scenes guided tours.

After we saw Caesar’s Palace, we were going to cross the street to the Flamingo to see the free Flamingo Wildlife Habitat. However, by this time, we were all quite tired.

We also realized the Excalibur and the Luxor were near where the shuttle dropped us off that morning, toward the south end of the Strip.

We decided to go back to our hotel and come back the next day to do more in Las Vegas. We saw those hotels the next morning when the Hampton Inn shuttle dropped us off at the Tropicana again. It was easy to walk to Luxor and Excalibur. They were both fairly empty as well which made it even more pleasant.

We walked over five miles that first day.

Las Vegas shows for kids

Adults and kids would enjoy these shows:

  • Cirque du Soleil
  • David Copperfield
  • Le Reve
  • Blue Man Group
  • Potted Potter

There are so many incredible shows in Vegas. I thought it would be fun to see Potted Potter. Our kids love the Harry Potter books, and we were almost through with watching all the movies.

However, when we were there, the tickets were for the afternoon or the evening. We didn’t want to be on a tight schedule during the day, which left seeing the show at 8pm. Our concern was that by that time, we would be tired and would have been just as happy relaxing in our hotel room And considering the price for tickets, we were glad we didn’t do it. For us, we made the right choice.

The next time we go, I will definitely book it during the day.

Las Vegas with kids – Monorail

Also know, there is a Monorail system which makes traveling the Strip easy, affordable, and fun for kids.

Free things to do with kids in Las Vegas

Like all vacations, things can be expensive. There are some fun, free things to do in Las Vegas with kids as well.

  • Walking in and out of the hotels
  • Going into Hershey’s World, M&M World, Coco-Cola Store
  • Bellagio Hotel: Fountain show; Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens; see the Chihuly ceiling (glass sculptures)
  • Caesars Palace Hotel: Atlantis aquarium; Fall of Atlantis free show featuring the Story of Atlantis
  • Flamingo Wildlife Habitat: See real flamingos
  • Mirage Hotel: Volcano show at night; the 20,000 gallon, salt water aquarium behind the front desk
  • Circus Circus: Circus acts starting at 11am on the center stage of Carnival Midway
  • Take picture by Welcome to Las Vegas sign. There is free parking but be prepared to wait in line unless you go in the morning.

Las Vegas coupons and discounts

Be sure to ask at the hotel desk for a map of the Strip. Even if you have one already, you will want to look through it for coupons.

We used a 15% coupon at the Coca-Cola Store. There is $25 off $50 in food at Senor Frog’s. Some of the Las Vegas shows have buy one, get one free or discount codes. There was a free cheese bread at Giordano’s. If you are going to these places anyways, you might get more for your money.

So definitely look through these coupon books.

Amusement park rides in Vegas

If you are a thrill seeker, you will have found your destination. Here you can enjoy so many amusement rides. Adults will find them thrilling too.

Rides at STRAT Hotel

Located at the north end of the Strip, the SkyPod (what most people still refer to as the Stratosphere) is located outside the Stratosphere Hotel. (This hotel is now called the STRAT.)


Admission to the SkyPod give you access to the inside and outside observation decks for 360 degree views of the city. You can purchase tickets for just this experience.

In addition, if you are more adventurous, you can add on one or more rides at the Stratosphere:



Big Shot


If you are even more adventurous, you can jump off the Stratosphere. It’s called the SkyJump.

Adventuredome at Circus Circus

There’s the 5-acre theme located inside Circus Circus. They have live performances as well. In addition, during the holidays, they deck it out accordingly. There is a 4-D movie as well.

You can purchase rides separately but if you plan to spend some time there, it is better to get the wristband. The price is based on if you are over or under 48″.

There is so much to do here.

High Roller at the LINQ

Across from Caesar’s Palace, this is the world’s tallest observation wheel. If possible, they advise you book your tickets in advance.

Imagine a traditional Ferris Wheel but instead of sitting with your group, you will ride with up to 40 people in your cabin.

Fun for kids off the Strip

If you feel like getting away from your hotel pool and all the excitement of the Las Vegas Strip, you and your kids will enjoy the pinball museum.

International Pinball Museum

It was much like we expected it to be: Fun!

This arcade space is so close to the McCarran International Airport and the Las Vegas Strip, that you can easily take a Lyft or Uber. There is also free parking in the front if you have a car.

Most games range from 25 cents to a dollar per play. Most were either 50 cents for three balls or 75 cents for five. Most of the games have a paper with pricing taped to them.

This was a walk down memory lane for the adults. Not only are the pinball games fun, they are all different.

You can have fun playing a Gilligan’s Island pinball machine, on a Q-bert one, Star Wars, and on an Aerosmith one. It was incredibly fun to walk around to relive childhood memories.

Pinball Museum Las Vegas
Pinball Museum Las Vegas

For the kids, they will enjoy walking around playing whichever game they want to.

There are change machines there along with cups to put your quarters in. The machines accept cash or credit cards. 

What’s great about taking your kids here — especially during the day when it’s likely to be a little less crowded — is that it’s much like the M&M World, Hershey World and Coke store. You can give them whatever money for them to enjoy. We spent about $25 for our family and then left.

It was also neat to see the other types of coin-operated games there. The vast majority is the pinball machines but there are a few other retro arcade games and other games as well.

There are employees there but mostly to service the machines.

Pinball machines

There were hundreds of pinball machines.

Arcade games

Some also include legendary arcade games like Centiped, Ms. PacMan, and Donkey Kong.

Retro novelty machines

In addition to pinball and some arcade games, there are also some other types of games and machines. We enjoyed seeing the Mold-a-Rama, the claw machines, and many others.

Note, it’s dimly lit.

Las Vegas family vacation

In addition to swimming in the hotel pools, your kids will have lots to do in Las Vegas. Remember, there are so many free things to do in Las Vegas with kids. In addition, there are restaurants galore.

Las Vegas family itinerary

As you plan your Las Vegas itinerary with kids, take into consideration what they enjoy doing.

For our family, we knew they would love seeing the massive displays at the hotels.

We also knew they would love playing pinball. Add in Hershey’s and M&M’s and Coke — and making them more of an experience rather than just a consumable, it was a great vacation!

To plan your Vegas itinerary, consider first where you will be staying. Then, plan the things to do closest to your hotel.

Depending on if you stay on or off the Strip, be sure to get an idea of what you want to do based on groups: north, south, and in the middle of the Strip. Plan to do those activities then, that day, while you are there in that area.

Remember, the Strip is over four miles long.

Unless you are heading back to your hotel on the Strip, you won’t want to have to waste your time, energy, and possibly money backtracking.

Hoover Dam

As we left Vegas and resumed our road trip back home, we stopped at the Hoover Dam. That itself made for a memorable and educational experience. We took a tour, walked over the bridge, and took lots of photos.

Visiting the Hoover Dam ~ What You Should Know in Advance

Tour Amazon Fulfillment Center ~ Free Warehouse Tour

Las Vegas family vacation

You may not think of Las Vegas as being a great place for a family getaway. However, especially if you avoid going during the winter holidays when it gets really busy, it will be manageable. We are also a family who goes out during the day, and not at night.

If you are familiar with Las Vegas, you may be surprised to know how kid-friendly it is. No matter how much time you have in Las Vegas with your family, there is plenty to do.

Best Travel Accessories for Women in 2020

Best Travel Accessories for Women


Best travel accessories for women – Traveling can be hectic and stressful.

You have to pack, make sure you have everything, you need to get to the airport on time, usually hours in advance, and much more.

Then there’s the fact that traveling is usually less than comfortable.

Those airplane or train seats never seem to be designed to fit normal human beings.

Whatever the case, when it comes to traveling, there are lots of accessories out there which can help make life a whole lot easier.

We’re here to reviews some of the best travel accessories for women of 2020.

Best Travel Accessories for Women Reviews

Best Travel Accessories for Women Miamica Dirty Laundry Bag

Miamica Dirty Laundry Bag

The Miamica Dirty Laundry Bag is a great travel accessory for women who just don’t want to have to deal with dirty laundry on vacation or on a business trip.

It’s small, simple, affordable, and will keep your dirty laundry in one place.

This is a convenient little laundry bag folds out to a size of 21”L x 22”W, making it ideal for storing all of your dirty laundry in one place.

The bag itself is made out of microfiber, which is both very lightweight and durable.

It’s more than light enough to pack in a suitcase without having to worry about it sending you over your baggage weight limit.

Moreover, the material is very tough and tear resistant, so it should stay in one piece, not to mention that it’s moisture resistant; your sweat and the grime from your dirty clothes won’t leak through and sully up the rest of your belongings in the suitcase.

When not in use, the Miamica Dirty Laundry Bag folds down to a size of 6.3”L x 6.2”W, and with the drawstring closure system, you can keep it as compact as possible, depending on the amount of dirty laundry inside.

Miamica Dirty Laundry Bag Pros and Cons

The great part about the Miamica Dirty Laundry Bag is that it’s small, lightweight, and compact.

It’s one of those things that serves a convenient purpose, in this case separating dirty laundry, while barely adding any weight or taking up room in your luggage, not to mention that it comes at a great price.

Something to be aware of is that the Miamica Dirty Laundry Bag is moisture resistant, not waterproof, so if you put soaking wet clothing in it, the rest of your clothing and belongings in your pack will still get wet.

  • Great for keeping dirty laundry separate
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Quite durable
  • Very affordable
  • Moisture resistant
  • Not waterproof
  • Not ideal for very large clothing items


Teamoy Jewelry Travel Case


Whether you are going on vacation or a business trip, you probably want to take a nice selection of jewelry with you to match all of the outfits you plan on taking with you.

Here we have a compact jewelry organizer designed specifically for travel.

The Teamoy Jewelry Travel Case is a convenient little jewelry case.

For one, it has a lot of space on the inside.

Now, it may be more than small and lightweight enough to be portable, so it won’t take up much space in your luggage at all, yet it still has a fair amount of room on the inside for all of your most important jewelry.

The Teamoy Jewelry Travel Case comes complete with 2 layers on the inside.

The first layer features 3 necklace holders complete with bottom pouches to avoid tangling; 1 soft bar for rings; and 2 soft bands for earrings.

The second layer features a transparent zipper pocket as well as 2 dividers in the bottom for various pieces of jewelry.

As you can see, it’s got more than enough room for a couple weeks’ worth of necklaces, rings, earrings, and everything in between.

The case itself is made quite tough. Now, it doesn’t have a hard exterior, but it is somewhat padded, so it should keep most jewelry safe, and the case is quite durable, so it shouldn’t rip or puncture. We like the easy zipper closure that keeps everything in one place as it should be.

Teamoy Jewelry Travel Case Pros and Cons

The good part about the Teamoy Jewelry Travel Case is that it’s a small, simple, and lightweight way to store jewelry.

Considering its low price, it’s surprising how much you can fit inside of it, not to mention how durable it is.

The only drawback we see with the Teamoy Jewelry Travel Case is that it does not have hard walls, which means that glass jewelry and other pieces of fragile jewelry still need to be wrapped for protection.

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Plenty of interior space
  • Small and compact

Not ideal for fragile jewelry


Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Whether you have a long flight, train ride, or any lengthy trip in front of you, it’s always nice to be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite music while you wait for the journey to come to an end.

Although these are somewhat pricey, the Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are some of the best in the business.

When it comes to sound quality, Bose is always at the top of the list, and it’s no different here.

These particular headphones feature world-class HiFi audio quality, complete with strong bass, clear treble, sound clarity, and all of the highs and lows you could ever need.

Simply put, if you are looking for headphones that can accurately recreate all sounds in any music, and pump up the volume too, then these Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are a great way to go.

Speaking of sound quality, these headphones come with 3 levels of noise cancellation.

We aren’t getting into the science of it here, but the Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones work more or less like safety-grade noise-canceling ear protectors, or in other words, when you have them on, you won’t hear a single thing going on around you.

This helps provide for a great music listening experience.

On a side note, what also stands out is that these headphones have a battery life of 20 hours, which is much more than can usually be expected of Bluetooth headphones of this caliber.

Moreover, these are of course Bluetooth headphones, and they come with an easy-pairing mode, so you should be able to pair easily them with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

What’s pretty cool is that they are also Alexa voice assistant enabled.

These are over-ear headphones, so they are kind of bulky, but that said, they weigh just about half a pound, so they are more than lightweight enough to wear for hours, and they do have an ergonomic design with plenty of padding.

Best Travel Headphones

Bose Bluetooth Headphones Pros and Cons

The good part about the Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is, well, everything.

These are top-of-the-line headphones complete with 3 levels of noise cancellation and excellent components which provide amazing sound quality.

What of course stands out about the Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is the price tag.

No, they are not cheap, but that said, you do get what you pay for.

  • Awesome sound quality
  • High level noise cancelling
  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed
  • Alexa enabled
  • Awesome battery life
  • A bit bulky
  • Very expensive


SAIREIDER Travel Pillow

SAIREIDER Travel Pillow

Unless you plan on traveling first class, chances are you are going to be stuck in an uncomfortable train or plane seat, one that is going to make your neck hurt.

However, with something like the SAIREIDER Travel Pillow, you can ensure as much comfort and as little neck pain as possible for the duration of your travel.

The SAIREIDER Travel Pillow is made out of comfortable memory foam, which is great because it allows your neck and head to sink into it where needed, which helps keep you comfy, but it also provides an ideal amount of support for your neck where it is needed.

This is one of those classic neck pillows you see people have on airplanes, which supports your neck and allows you to get some rest without fear of waking up in extreme pain.

It might be a very simple device, but it’s also one of the most effective options for stopping neck pain and allowing you to enjoy a comfortable flight, and maybe even get a couple hours of sleep.

What’s also nice about the SAIREIDER Travel Pillow is that it was designed by people who know ergonomics, because they made it in such a way that it still allows for plenty of room for your ears, and even headphones, which most people will want to wear on a long journey.

The SAIREIDER Travel Pillow also comes with ear plugs and an eye mask, so you can block out noise, light, and keep your neck supported at the same time.

This isn’t any kind of technical or scientific marvel, but it’s still one of the best neck pillows out there; it’s affordable, and it gets the job done without question.

Best Travel Pillow

SAIREIDER Neck Pillow Pros and Cons

The good part about the SAIREIDER Travel Pillow is that it’s simple and affordable, and it will actually allow you to get some rest on a long flight without waking up with a kinked and painful neck.

One of the only things we don’t like about the SAIREIDER Travel Pillow is that it’s not machine washable, so if you sweat into it, it’s going to get pretty smelly if you don’t wash it by hand.

  • Very supportive
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Stops neck pain
  • Affordable
  • Comes with some extras

Not machine washable


Pacsafe Undercover Travel Pouch

Pacsafe Undercover Travel Pouch

If you don’t want to take a purse on the airplane, and you don’t want thieves pickpocketing your money out of your pockets, something to look into is this little Pacsafe Undercover Travel Pouch.

It’s very unique, but very ingenious too.

The Pacsafe Undercover Travel Pouch is a neat little pouch that you can clip to the side strap of your bra.

It comes with a convenient little clip that straps on in seconds, and it is adjustable in size, so it works for any bra size.

In terms of size, the Pacsafe Undercover Travel Pouch is designed to hold cash, up to 6 cards, and even keys, so it should be more than enough for your most essential financial needs.

The Pacsafe Undercover Travel Pouch is very soft and itch free, so it should not irritate your skin.

Moreover, it is also made to be machine washable, so when it eventually gets a bit sweaty and smelly, you can just pop it in the washer without worry.

It’s a rather perfect little hidden pouch to keep your money safe on your person at all times.

Pacsafe Travel Pouch Pros and Cons

The good part about the Pacsafe Undercover Travel Pouch is that it’s one of the most secretive and effective ways for women to hide their money and keep it safe from prying hands.

It’s actually quite a smart little item.

The bad part about the Pacsafe Undercover Travel Pouch is that the clip used to secure it to your bra is a bit small and cumbersome.

If you have arthritis or even vision problems, maneuvering that clip is not going to be easy.

  • Good size for cash and cards
  • Fairly comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Fairly durable
  • Affordable
  • Fits all bra sizes

Some issues with the bra clip


UGG Women's Scuffette II Slipper

UGG Women’s Scuffette II Slipper

Whether your feet are frozen due to cold hotel floors or just uncomfortable on a long flight, something that might help keep your toes warm and comfy are these UGG Women’s Scuffette II Slippers.

They look great, they are comfy, and yes, very warm too.

The UGG Women’s Scuffette II Slippers are made out of 100% sheepskin, complete with a sheepskin lining and dyed sheep’s fur; they are kind of like suede slippers, and you better believe that they are super soft and comfortable.

Sheepskin is known for being able to keep warmth in extremely well, and even on super cold floors; these slippers should have no problems keeping your toes as warm as possible.

Moreover, these UGG Women’s Scuffette II Slippers come with a natural wool footbed, as well as a solid rubber outsole.

This means that these slippers provide you with a very soft and plush bed to walk on, one that removes some of the impact from stepping and even provides a bit of support.

Now, these slippers are not designed for walking far distances, but they are definitely comfy and warm enough to wear on an airplane or in a hotel room.

What is also worth mentioning about these UGG Women’s Scuffette II Slippers is that they are water resistant, although they are not totally waterproof, so no puddle jumping!

It’s also worth noting that these slippers are surprisingly durable and long-lasting.

Best Travel Accessories for Women UGG Slippers Pros and Cons

What’s nice about these UGG Women’s Scuffette II Slippers, besides their good looking design, is that they are made out of real sheep’s wool and sheep’s skin. They are durable, warm, and extremely plush.

What’s not great about the UGG Women’s Scuffette II Slippers, besides their relatively high price tag, is that they are not machine washable, and they can actually get quite hot.

If your feet start sweating in them, they could get a bit smelly.

  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Great for retaining warmth
  • Real sheep skin/wool
  • Great footbed
  • Very nice design
  • A bit pricey
  • Can’t be machine washed


Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

So you can be sure that you don’t go over the baggage weigh limits, something that is extremely costly if you do go over, you can look into a nifty little tool like this Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale.

This is a simple little hanging scale which is designed to weigh your luggage.

The fact of the matter is that airlines and other travel methods come with some pretty strict baggage weight allowances, and if you happen to go over these limits, the fees are usually insanely high.

This is where the Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale comes into play.

Simply clip your luggage onto it, lift it up, and check the weight.

It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

What’s nice about the Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale itself is that it doesn’t weight much and it’s quite small, so it in itself won’t cause you to go over the weight limit.

Moreover, although it might not look like much, it’s actually quite accurate, to within 0.1 pounds.

It’s pretty impressive for a little $10 item.

In case it matters, it also comes with a thermometer so you know that delicate items are being stored in proper temperatures, although the need for this is admittedly low.

The Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale runs on simple batteries, it comes with a low battery life indicator, and the battery life is pretty decent. Honestly, it is surprising that this item doesn’t cost more than it does.

Digital Luggage Scale Pros and Cons

Of course, the best part about the Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale is that it will stop you from going over baggage weight limits, thus preventing you from incurring hefty fees.

Something worth noting is that the Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale can only go up to 110 pounds, and realistically even less because the clip used to attach the luggage isn’t made of the most durable materials.

  • Simple use
  • Affordable
  • Helps avoid overweight fees
  • Has a thermometer
  • Lightweight and compact

Not the most durable item


Women’s Travel Accessories Buyer’s Guide

Before you go out and buy any and all travel accessories that you think you might need, there are some key considerations you want to take into account.

Size and Weight

One thing to always keep in mind before buying any kind of travel accessory is how large and heavy the item in question is.

Airplanes and even trains always have baggage weight restrictions, plus you don’t want to lug around a ton of stuff either.

So, whatever you want to purchase as a travel accessory, try to go for the lightest and smallest items possible.

Purpose and Necessity

Seeing as we covered so many different product types and categories today, the only thing we want to say here is that whatever you get, make sure it serves a purpose.

A general rule of thumb when it comes to packing for travel is that you only bring along necessities, mainly to keep weight down.

Travel Allowances and Rules

The other thing to keep in mind, besides baggage weight and size allowances, is that airlines often have specific rules about what you can and can’t bring aboard, so be sure that everything you bring along is allowed to be on a plane, train, or whatever other method of travel you are using.

Best Travel Accessories for Women Recommendation

We have reviewed some of the best travel accessories for women, all things which can come in very handy in their own way.

Bring a neck pillow for comfort, some headphones for enjoyment, and keep your cash safe with a hidden bra pouch too.

Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of awesome travel accessories for women out there which can help make traveling much easier.

Check out our recommendations below:

5 Tips For The Perfect Destination Proposal

beach apparel and accessories


Perfect Destination Proposal – There are a ton of steps that go into planning any sort of trip.

From hotel rooms to flights and making sure you hit all of the instagram worthy spots, a trip alone can be a lot to handle.

Not to mention, if you’re planning on a destination proposal, it makes your planning a bit more detailed.

We’ve put together a few helpful tips to make sure your vacation doesn’t just result in a lot of image likes, but with a fiance!
Tips For The Perfect Destination Proposal

Tips For The Perfect Destination Proposal Budget

A proposal can be costly on its own, but adding a trip could make even the most frugal of people get a bit uneasy.

Setting a budget for your trip, engagement ring and proposal essentials is the perfect place to start.

Like anything else in life, there’s always a way to save a pretty penny…you just have to have the right information.

When it comes to the ring, there’s a super easy way to save 20-30%….money that could then be put towards the trip.

Lab-created diamonds have a shorter supply chain than mined diamonds, allowing companies like Clean Origin the ability to price their diamonds at extremely competitive rates.

With an end result that’s the exact same as a diamond grown in the earth, man-made diamonds are the absolute best way to save big bucks on an engagement ring.

Sites like kayak and Priceline have been in the business of helping travelers save money for years, but Hopper is the new online booking site/app that’s trending amongst millennial’s.

As opposed to some of the other sites that just find the best current deals, Hopper analyzes your trip details to inform you if you should book now or wait to book (since they know a better price is coming).

Oh, and it’s free!

Plan, plan, plan

The only thing we can think of that you’ll need to plan more for than a trip or a proposal is well… a wedding.

So combine the first two together and you’ll quickly be whipping out the calendar that you bought from Target 8 months ago that never got used.

From the very beginning, it’s important to always have your end goal top of mind: proposing to the love of your life.

But, in order for that to happen, a lot of other things must take place.

For starters, you’ll want to make sure that a good amount of people in the destination where you’re going to propose know about your plans.

Call the hotel directly and inform them of this momentous occasion.

Not only could they be a potential lifesaver if something goes awry, but who knows, maybe they’ll throw in a bottle of champagne for free!

Have the day of your proposal down to a ‘T’.

Make sure you know exactly when, where and how you’re going to propose.

Being flustered in this moment in a foreign place will make it somewhat obvious to your significant other that something is up.

Keep your cool, take a sip of that champagne and stick with the plan.

But if that plan does happen to fall through…make sure you have a Plan B (and maybe C and D).

Flights could be canceled, trains could have delays and getting lost in a new city (more on this in a minute) is all too familiar to all of us.

Having a few options in mind will reduce any unnecessary stress.

Know the language…or at least a bit

If you’re going to a city where you don’t speak the language, it’s always smart to try and learn the basics before you board the plane.

Not only is this just a conscientious thing to do when you’re visiting another place, but it could really save you in the event of a proposal emergency.

Think about some phrases that you might really need to know, like “where is the closest florist” or “what direction is that really popular waterfall?”

This could also be helpful if you’re in need of a favor from a local.

It’s common for locals to give you much more respect when you take the time to talk with them in their language (or at least try).

If you want that insta-worthy picture by the blue, green waterfall, you’ll be able to ask someone from the area.

Not to mention it will probably really impress your significant other and show the level of commitment and planning that you put into this trip.

Carry the ring with you as much as possible

Now we’re definitely not suggesting that you need it on you at all times during your vacation, but such a small, expensive piece of jewelry should be carefully (and secretively) taken care of.

For starters, keep it on the plane with you on the flight over.

The worst thing that could happen is that you pack the ring in your carry on and it doesn’t make it to your location at the same time you do.

If you have it safely stowed in your carry-on, you’ll know exactly where it is at all times.

When you’re doing your epic planning, make sure to ask your hotel room if they have a safe in the room.

This would be the absolute best case scenario for storing the ring on the days before the proposal.

If they don’t provide a safe, consider bringing a suitcase with a lock on it.

Although this won’t reduce the chance of it being taken 100%, it can help to put you at ease knowing that the ring is locked up.

Make sure she’s camera ready

If you take away anything from this article, make sure it’s this.

She wants to look good in her ‘I just got engaged pictures’!

Make sure you pamper her all day before these breath-taking pictures (in the least obvious way possible, of course).

Have her get a manicure, get her hair done, tell her you’re going somewhere nice, make sure she’s in something comfortable but cute.

Although she might be somewhat curious that you’re now all of a sudden realizing that she changed her hair color 6 months ago, she will thank you for it in the end.

So, if you’ve already set your mind on proposing in France on top of the Eiffel Tower, just remember these 5 easy tips before you head overseas.

They just might save you from a Parisian disaster.