Best Travel Pants Women that are Stylish and Comfortable

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The best travel pants women are versatile and work well with different shoes and tops already in your wardrobe. They are the comfy pants you will want to wear on the airplane and on long road trips. These travel pants will work for all of your adventures — from sightseeing to dinner. They will be your go-to pants even when you’re at home. And they pack well and light in your carry-on luggage.

The best travel pants for women are the ones that provide comfort and style from the moment you put them on. They should be well-made, with a good fit and good quality fabric. They should also have enough space to put your handbag or purse, so it isn’t too small and won’t get in the way of anything else.

Best Travel Pants women

What makes a pair of pants great for travel? Here are some things to consider when shopping for women’s travel pants. The best travel pants for women should be:

  • Comfortable
  • Well-made
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Available in colors that suit all occasions (e.g., tropical colors)
  • Will fit if you gain or lose 5 – 10 pounds
  • Great fitting
  • Stylish
  • Can dress up or down
  • They match lots of different tops, from tank tops, t-shirts and more feminine blouses
  • Multi-functional: appropriate for hiking, sightseeing, nicer restaurants, cruises, and adventure
  • Easy to wash; dry quickly
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Crease and wrinkle-resistant

Here are our top picks for the best travel pants for women and why we like them.

Travel Pants Women

PrAna Women’s Regular Inseam Halle Pant

If you are looking for cross-functional travel pants, PrAna Halle Pants are a good option. They are cut more like chinos than hiking pants, but still have comfortable articulated knees. They are also comfy to wear on the plane. The front pockets are not zippered and are a little on the small size. The back pockets can be secured with button down flaps, and there is a flush pocket in the thigh that does have a zip.

It is easy to wash these pants, and they dry really quickly. They may crease a bit, but hang out quickly if left in the bathroom while you shower. We like that they were available in four colors (we own coal and black). When we find a pair of pants that fit well, we like to buy them in multiple colors. If you are looking for a pair of semi-casual hiking trousers for wearing in the evening, these will be perfect.

Lole Women’s Travel Pant

Lole travel pants are made from an unusual mix of 65% Nylon, 25% Polyester and 10% Elastane. It is a good mix, which produces a smart looking, stretchy and comfortable fabric with a smooth and soft finish. These slacks are slightly heavier than regular travel pants, but that means the they hang nicely. This is not a problem because they can be rolled up really tight without creasing.

Both front side pockets have security zips, but the back pockets just have a flap, which cannot be secured. The zips on the pockets are visible. We don’t like this for our purposes because they aren’t as easy to dress up for dinners and work-related travel. However, with a blazer or longer sweater (not a tuck-in top) this is a non-issue.

These Lole travel pants only come in black. They work well with all types of tops. They are easy to clean and will dry in less than an hour. Note, the fabric is not particularly water resistant, but it is breathable.

Royal Robbins Women’s Paseo Traveler II Pant — Capris

If you are looking for a pair of travel pants that can be worn everyday as well as for activities (hiking, etc.) and travel, Royal Robbins Paseo Traveler II pants are a good option.

They are shorter, like capris, but they are cut to look like regular pants and would work in more formal settings (with dressier shoes) as well. We love these types of pants and find them to flatter different heights and sizes better as well.

The waist is adjustable for a good fit. They are made from 93% nylon and 7% spandex, which make these pants durable and comfortable as well as easy to wash and dry. Also, the fabric is rated UPF 50+ for sun protection.

There is a hidden zip pocket. We love that they are comfortable — they have a little stretch — as well as quick-drying and water-resistant. They are available in black.

Mountain Warehouse Travel II Women’s Convertible pants

Mountain Warehouse Travel II Convertible pants are a great option for active travelers and these are a great pair. They are very high quality and include an anti-mosquito finish, which is perfect for hot climates. They dry super quickly and are very easy to wash.

The legs zip out easily, leaving all of the pockets in place on the shorts. There are two zipped security pockets one at the front one at the back, as well as two Velcro fastened thigh pockets, a further side pocket and a 2nd back pocket.

We love that these are lightweight and so versatile. They are shrink-resistant and fade resistant too. They only come in a neutral beige — a nice color that matches everything — but we wish they were offered in more colors. These are great women’s travel pants. We love that they convert to shorts so easily. You will easily be able to change up your look while traveling. 

Skyler Travel Pants

If you want women’s travel pants that look as good with heels as with a pair of flip flops, Skyler Travel Pants are the answer. Unlike most other lady’s travel pants, these are slim cut, so they show off your calves and look good with all kinds of footwear.

These travel pants can be dressed up or down. They are some of the lightest travel pants on the market and are made from 92% polyamide and 8% Elastane. The polyamide ensures that these slacks will not crease, so they look great straight out of the suitcase or backpack.

Polyamide is an extremely lightweight Nylon-Lycra mix that is very soft to the touch and is breathable as well as water resistant. It is also dirt resistant and dries extremely quickly even without heat.

The pockets are quite deep and generous, which is unusual for women’s fashion pants. There are also two jean-style pockets at the front. Here are more of the best women’s travel pants that our editors and reviewers enjoyed wearing and would buy again.

Overall Best Women Travel Pants

We love these travel pants for flattering all shapes and sizes:

  • ExOfficio Nomad Roll-Up Pants
  • Columbia Saturday Trail Stretch Convertible Pant

Women Travel Pants Petite

Pendleton Travel Tricotine Destination Pant

When you shop for the best travel pants for women, it is key that they are comfortable and easy to pack and wear. When traveling, you want clothes that are comfortable, stay clean and don’t wrinkle and crease.

Whether you go for a fashion cut, convertibles or hiking pants, buying high quality slacks is important. When you travel you need clothes you can rely on and know will look good regardless of what you throw at them.

It’s always a challenge to pack light and having the right clothes for travel make it a lot easier. For those traveling light or going away for long periods, it is important to bring travel pants.

They are easy to wash, multi-functional, lightweight, fast drying, crease resistant and durable.

Best Women’s Travel Pant

The best travel pants for women are versatile and work well with different shoes and tops already in your wardrobe. They are the comfy pants you will want to wear on the airplane and on long road trips.These travel pants will work for all of your adventures — from sightseeing to dinner. They will be comfortable, but it also depends on what you are wearing.

For example, if you are going out in a suit, these may not be the right choice. If you are going out with casual clothes, these may be better than regular jeans or shorts.There is always a compromise between comfort and style when it comes to travel pants — either way you need one that works for your body type, your outfit, and the outfit you put them in.

There is no “best” for anybody, so just make sure that what works for your body type is also something that makes sense for you to wear all of the time with whatever clothing you have chosen to wear while traveling!

Some tips:

  • Wear a belt: Belt keeps your pants up straight so they stay out of the way while working as one of the basic necessities of life — especially in airplane seats!
  • Wear shorts or jeans: Keeps legs comfortable even during long walks through city streets because they don’t get too hot (like shorts do) while staying away from other people’s feet (like jeans do).  But shorts can get dirty easily because they don’t keep their shape; so look at putting them on a shelf near where they can be cleaned when needed.
  • To keep them looking clean pick up some laundry detergent or hand soap and use it to wash them before putting them back into their bag or suitcase…  Just make sure that it’s not that kind of detergent which has been left sitting around which does anything but wash clothes! (If this sounds familiar because someone has left behind some detergent then rinse it off thoroughly in hot water before washing clothes).
  • Use some kind of fabric conditioner: Fabric conditioner helps keep wrinkles out of your clothing by adding some softness to the fabric. A lot of travel pants have stretchy fabric inside so if you do buy fabric conditioners make sure there’s enough for both sides! 

Bottom line: Travel Pants should fit well without any need for retouching or styling… As such, products like “Travelkatex” by SpandexGirl are great options. The best women’s travel pants will tick all of these boxes. There is something for every woman on this list. Having the right travel clothing and pants will make all the difference.

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