Collapsible Water Bottle – Compact, Leak Proof and Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

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Collapsible Water Bottle – Just about all eco-conscious travelers are aware of the virtues of stainless steel water bottles. And if you want to know which ones are best, check out our Stainless Steel Water Bottle Smackdown. There are advantages to a collapsible water bottle. The first is that you can always fit it in your purse or backpack. That’s important because most of us carry around a heavy water bottle with us and we don’t want it to get overfilled with water.

What is a Collapsible Water Bottle?

But what about the collapsible water bottle option? At first it might seem a tad gimmicky, but this foldable water bottle variety is here to stay. Is it a viable green option? If so, which one should you buy?

A collapsible water bottle is a great way to carry water anywhere, anytime. They are made of durable materials and can be stored in any number of places, including your backpack. Collapsible water bottles are a great way to save space and help you get the most out of your limited storage space.
This product is a good alternative to buying bottled water for someone who is on the go but doesn’t have time to refill their bottle each time they need it. The ultimate goal of having a collapsible water bottle is letting you take it with you wherever you go without sacrificing convenience or weight.
A collapsible water bottle should be something that is easy to carry around and doesn’t add too much weight. In addition, it should have a sleek design that looks flashy whenever you use it besides being lightweight and compact.
Another thing that is important when choosing the right collapsible water bottle is whether or not it can hold more than just one liter of liquid in the cap, because an expanded liquid capacity comes in handy when people run out of bottled water or cereal boxes and want to store them in their bag for later use rather than returning home empty handed after purchasing food for the family.
If you are looking for an inexpensive yet durable product with lots of storage options that also looks great, then this product may be exactly what you are looking for, because it comes at an affordable price and has plenty of positive reviews from consumers who bought these products for themselves or as gifts for family members.

How to Use a Collapsible Water Bottle

We love to use the word “collapsible” because it conjures up images of a water bottle that is sturdy enough to endure for long periods of time and can be packed away in a convenient fashion.
But we often forget that these water bottles come with a few other features as well. One of the features that people often miss is the fact that these water bottles are not only highly durable, but also have an airtight seal to keep out contaminants. They are also able to withstand high temperatures and humidity which means they can be used even in extreme conditions.
This makes them ideal for things like hiking, camping, or even just running errands in the heat. They are also useful when you’re skiing or snowboarding because they will allow you to stay hydrated while still being protected from the cold and wind. And if you have kids who love playing in cold or hot water, this is an absolute must-have for them!
In addition to being extremely durable, collapsible bottles make it very easy for people like us who don’t want to carry around our own water bottles with us all the time because we would rather keep track of our hydration supply instead of lugging around another item with us all day long.
The reason why we love using these high quality water bottles so much is because they are designed to help people stay hydrated throughout their entire day without having to carry around a separate bottle with them all day long.
In fact, one could say that they have become something of an essential piece of equipment which many people have come to rely on while they start their day and go about their daily duties. So why not take advantage of this convenient feature?

Reusable Water Bottles in General

So you’ve decided to buy a collapsible water bottle, and have been looking at different brands and designs. Well, there are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing a water bottle, but for this article, we’re going to focus on the most important.
Collapsible water bottles are easy to use and drink from. The small dimensions make them convenient for quick access. They are also great for packing lunches or providing water on the go. As you probably know, one of the main advantages of using an octagonal shaped water bottle is that they can be folded up and stored in your bag or keep it in your car or on your desk.
You can also take this bottle with you when you go traveling by simply rolling it up into a tube like shape and throw it in your backpack or suitcase.
Another feature of this type of bottle is that they are made out of polypropylene plastic which makes them strong, light-weight and resistant to heat. The polypropylene plastic is also easy to clean since it is made out of polyethylene which make cleaning very simple since the bottle is designed to be easily washable by simply washing with soap and water.
The only downside of using a collapsible water bottle is that it may not be as comfortable as other bottles if you’re holding it in your hands all day long without any type of grip support . This may seem like a minor issue but if you spend most of your time carrying this bottle around without any form of grip support , then this feature may not be as comfortable as when you have some kind of grip support.
For example, the Gerber Collapsible Water Bottle has a special grip design so that the user can hold the bottle securely even when their hands aren’t wet.
There are many benefits associated with choosing a collapsible water bottle especially if you’re looking for an easy way to carry water while traveling or taking it everywhere with you on your daily commute.
When it comes to the collapsible water bottle, there’s really no right or wrong choice. You have to choose one that best suits your needs and your budget. All of these bottles are made with a variety of materials. Some are made of plastic. Some are made of glass, stainless steel, rubber and aluminum.
A collapsible water bottle is an alternative solution for people who want to reduce their overall weight but still want to carry as much water with them on the go as possible. You don’t have to sacrifice any important features on your water bottle that you may need while taking it everywhere with you like durability or capacity so be sure not to settle for something just because it looks cheap.

Pros to Folding water bottle

  1. Lightweight
  2. Packable
  3. Foldable
  4. Great for backpacking or hiking
  5.  Some are made in the USA

Cons to Folding water bottle

  1. Made with plastic materials
  2. Most hold less volume than traditional hard-shelled bottles
  3. Foldable: most don’t stay upright easily
  4. More seams equate to greater leaking potential

collapsible water bottle

Folding water bottles are made of plastic, are they eco-friendly and safe?

Some are not: read carefully before buying! Warning: cheap collapsible water bottles, such as most free promotional ones, will leak! You’re better off spending a few more dollars on one of the ones below.

BPA-Free Collapsible Water Bottles

The options listed below are all BPA-free. They are all reusable, and all require less energy to pack, carry, and create than heavier stainless steel.

Platypus PlusBottle

The Platypus bottle is BPA-free, made in the USA, and holds a full liter of water. All Platypus collapsible bottles are made to fit in car bottle holders (though they sometimes fall over) and all the tops in the Platypus line are interchangeable, a big plus. 

The PlusBottle is coated with what Platypus calls its Slimeguard antimicrobial treatment, which is a fancy way of saying it’s treated with a natural (and safe) coating of silver ion which keeps the water fresh and taste-free. The PlusBottle is on Amazon.

Nalgene Wide Mouth Canteen

The Nalgene bottle is also BPA-free, and holds more liquid at 1.5 liters or 3.0 liters. It’s stiffer than the Platypus, and instead of folding it, travelers can roll it. I really like that its wide mouth fits ice cubes and almost all filtration systems. It’s best for backpackers, as the wide mouth might be a detriment for kids and casual travelers. The 48 oz version can be found online.

collapsible water bottle

Vapur Element Collapsible bottle

The Vapur (also made in the USA and BPA-free) includes what it calls a SuperCap over its wide-mouth, which makes it perfect for adding ice cube and easily sipping from.

According to numerous Amazon reviews (this is the only bottle of the three I haven’t personally tried), the Vapur stands up well while filling, and doesn’t collapse even when only half-full.

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

Featuring a unique, patented design, the Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle is capable of adapting itself to your needs, even in the most demanding conditions. Without a doubt, its versatility is impressive, and it makes it the kind of object everyone can use.

Ergonomic, portable and practical, this collapsible water bottle certainly holds great value despite being slightly more expensive than your average water bottle. In order to save space when it is not being used, the Nomader water bottle can be either folded or collapsed flat.

This is remarkable considering its rigidity and stability when it’s in its unfolded, erect state. Apart from being solid and having a great balance, the upright bottle is tough and durable. In fact, being made of shatterproof silicone, it’s resistant to impact, heat and more. Even better, the Nomader is completely leak-proof, making it a truly reliable water bottle.

Everyone knows water bottles can be difficult to clean. Luckily, the Nomader’s design also makes it very accessible for cleaning purposes. What is more, it’s remarkably hygienic during the drinking process due to its hinged cap that doubles as an anti-germ protective spout cover.

In addition, the bottle is completely BPA-free, BPS-free and resistant to phthalic acids and other harmful chemicals. As if all that wasn’t enough, the Nomader is remarkably sleek and stylish.

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle
Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

Pros of Nomader Folding Water Bottle

  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to clean
  • Completely BPA-free
  • Flexible and yet durable
  • Very versatile
  • Great for kid’s school backpacks

Cons of Nomader Folding Water Bottle

  • Slightly more expensive than the average water bottle
  • Not UV-proof, but the Nomader water bottle is made of silicone, and will not experience fading or deterioration caused by UV.

When a collapsible water bottle is best

Airport security: easily dump liquids at security, fold and store, and refill at the gate. Backpacking during which weight (or lack thereof) is important (use a carabiner to attach a collapsible water bottle to your pack). Packing in luggage for use later during a trip

When a stainless steel water bottle is better

Hiking or backpacking if you dislike hanging a bottle from your pack, and prefer a bottle pocket. Car trips during which you need water bottles that fit in a cup holder. Travels with kids for which you’ll need a sippy cup spout on your bottle. Check out our best water bottle for kids picks. 

When a hydration pack is better

Why a hydration pack?

We can probably all agree that hydration is important. Why choose a hydration pack over a stainless steel water bottle? It’s a matter of preference, of course, but in my experience, I simply drink more water when I have the convenience of a hydration pack at my fingertips (so to speak). So do my kids: when I strap a hydration pack on their backs, they happily drink water due to the ‘fun factor’ alone, whereas I have to remind them to stop to drink from their water bottles.

I also find that hydration packs need filling less often than water bottles (holding an average of 2L-3L), making them the best choice when water sources may be scarce. Pick up a Verve 5 for day trips, day travel, and shorter outdoor excursions. Do you use a hydration pack while traveling or experiencing the outdoors? What model of the ultimate collapsible water bottle do you recommend?

Hydration pack to consider

Osprey Verve Women’s Hydration Pack

The true test of a great backpack is not in its performance upon first use, but in how often you reach for it afterward. As a travel gear reviewer who specializes in outdoor gear, I have a lot of backpacks sitting in wait of the next day hike or bike ride. The folks at Osprey were kind enough to send me a Verve 5 to try out. Ever since I reviewed the Osprey Verve women’s hydration pack, this is the backpack I reach for.

The Osprey Verve for Women Review

The Osprey Verve hydration pack for women comes in 5L, 9L, and 13L, a full-sized hydration bladder, hose, and mouth valve included, this pack is meant to be an all-in-one hydration solution and storage pack for both warm-weather day hikes and bike rides as well as winter sport excursions including skiing, snowshoeing, or cross-country trekking.

It also makes a great companion on travel days with plenty of walking or city touring involved. Depending on the size chosen, the Verve can comfortably fit your day’s essentials on top of your water needs.

Verve Hydration Pack Design

I tested the Verve 5L, which I assumed would be very small, but was in fact much roomier than I’d anticipated. I always recommend trying out packs in a brick-and-mortar store before buying online for this very reason. While the 5L holds less storage room than some hydration packs, and has a sleek, flatter shape, it more than makes up for its smaller volume with numerous compartments to separate your stuff.

In addition to the reservoir pocket, there’s a roomy outer zip pocket with two interior compartments for a cell phone, snack, or gloves. I’ve fit snacks for my family in this pocket, along with a hat and camera. 

Secondly, there’s a stash pocket to stuff a light jacket, base layer, or thick pair of winter gloves. Lastly, you get a small zip pocket at the top for storing keys, a cell phone, or other small essentials (perhaps sunscreen or chapstick).

On the outside are two side mesh water bottle pockets plus a helmet clip to secure a bike helmet. I found the pack construction to be superior to other hydration packs I’ve tried. You get Osprey’s AirScape back panel to wick away moisture and provide some air flow, plus the hydration hose is secured with not only a sleeve down the shoulder strap, but a handy magnet that holds it in place.

I assumed this would be gimmicky, but now I get annoyed with any pack that does not include a magnetic valve attachment! The Verve includes a chest strap as well as a hip belt, and a small front pocket on the shoulder strap.

Verve Hydration Reservoir

The reservoir is one of the easiest to fill that I’ve tried: to fill an Osprey, you open a large valve located on the side of the bladder and hold the reservoir flat under the water stream. There’s a sturdy handle by which to hold it and load it back into the pack (in its own compartment, of course). 

If you already have an additional Osprey pack, it’s a breeze to transfer the Verve hydration system to a large pack. The dimensions of the 5L Verve are: IN: 18 x 9 x 6 – CM: 45 x 22 x 16

What you get:

In addition to the pockets and features mentioned below, the Verve comes with the following:

  • Blinker light attachment
  • ErgoPull hip belt
  • Lidlock technology on the hydration system
  • panel load access

Which to choose?

There are good options for collapsible water bottles and they can work really well for travelers. Just think about what you’ll use your collapsible water bottle for, then make sure you get one that’s BPA-free and won’t leak. Do you use a collapsible water bottle? Which brand do you recommend? Any pitfalls? Or do you prefer a hydration pack?