5 Green Theme Parks Green Families Can Feel Good About Visiting


With so many kid-friendly choices for vacations, it is difficult to choose. Narrow the playing field by choosing a green theme park for your next family vacation. It is great news for the kids: green theme parks do exist! If you’re considering a theme park vacation this holiday season or in the new year, eco-conscious families have many to choose from. Before you go, research places so you can stay in an eco-friendly hotel too. No matter where you go or where you stay, remember that every earth-friendly decision you make yields big dividends! Get your kids involved too.

5 Green Theme Parks

Universal Studios

Even while still at home, families can help Universal go green by participating in social media projects at Green is Universal, a site dedicated to everyday green solutions. At the parks (both in California and Florida), guests can recycle their glass and plastic, choose organic menus, and opt for compost-able, disposable dinnerware. Universal Orlando’s vehicles now use alternative fuels that include B-20 Biodiesel in diesel-powered vehicles and E-10 Ethanol in all gasoline vehicles. Universal Studios tickets are easy to order online before arriving.

green theme parks

Universal Studios, Orlando is one of the most popular theme parks in Florida and the US, attracting over 6 million visitors every year.

The Florida theme park is made up of four properties, each with a separate and distinct theme; Universal Studios® Florida, the really popular Islands of Adventure®, City Walk Orlando and Wet ‘n’ Wild Orlando.

The latest and hottest attraction is the Harry Potter theme park in the Islands of Adventure.

Come the holiday season and the queues to enter are really long – you could spend up to 45 minutes in the hot sun just to get Universal Studios tickets, Florida.

But fortunately, there are other ways to easily buy the tickets without having to go through the hassle of spending hours in line.

Standing in lines can not only be a problem when you have kids, but the tickets at the gate are also more expensive.

Booking Your Tickets In Advance

So what is the solution? Well, simply buy your Orlando Theme Park tickets in advance!

You can buy them online, at self-service ticket vending machines, or from your travel agent.

Many travel agents offer discounted ticket prices for entry to theme parks as part of their packages. Shop around; you could get a really good deal.

When buying your tickets online, you can find many different options and deals.

For instance when you buy your tickets on the official Universal Resort website you can save $20 off the gate price on all multi-day tickets, or tickets that include unlimited admission.

Some packages offer complimentary entry to the park, their dining areas with a wide range of eating choices, and you also get free parking with these tickets.

You can also save time by printing out your tickets at home at go directly to the front of the line at the park’s gates!

Another option is your hotel – since you have to book your hotel rooms in advance, anyway, find a hotel that offers these tickets as part of their package.

If they don’t, they will more than happily arrange to get them for you or you could pick them up at the hotel’s front desk.

Check around and shop online and you can definitely get the best out of your trip to Orlando and make your dollar go a long, long way.

2. The Disneyland Resort

Disney parks have ‘made the magic more sustainable’ at Disneyland by converting the five railroad trains that circle the property to a soy-based biodiesel. Other green endeavors: the Mark Twain Riverboat burns a blend of cooking oil; succulents and native plants that require minimal water populate the landscape. You will also find recycling cans throughout the resort. All those treats along Main Street? They’re created in an eco-friendly central bakery that utilizes Energy Star-rated equipment. It keeps waste out of landfills by recycling products such as expired baked goods and leftover dough for livestock feed.

3. Walt Disney World

Not only are the WDW theme parks practicing sustainable measures similar to Disneyland Resort’s, but their corporate side has gone green, too. Disney’s conservation of paper and paper products in their offices is industry-leading. Many of their resort properties have earned hotel environmental awards as well. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is known for their wildlife conservation and participation in the Wildlife Conservation Fund.

4. Hershey Park:

The sweetest place on earth got sweeter. Hershey Entertainment and Resorts have become dedicated to energy conservation, recycling and waste management, wildlife and habitat protection, and environmental education. Hershey Park’s environmental policy statement demands that suppliers be green as well. The Hotel Hershey is Silver Leed Certified.

5. SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld is an known for their commitment to wildlife conservation. In addition, SeaWorld parks take measures for sustainable park practices. Plastic bags are not sold in SeaWorld gift shops, and food waste is recycled whenever possible. All seafood served in the park is sourced from sustainable fisheries, including the food the animals eat. And manure waste is recycled into park fuel.

Pay extra attention as you travel to one of these destinations. You will probably notice other earth-friendly practices that set them apart from other destinations.Visiting one of these green theme parks is a great way to teach your family about the importance of conservation and recycling. Will you be visiting one of these green theme parks? Which is your family’s favorite?        (Photo credit: Joao Carlos Medau)

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