5 Best Travel Skirts for Women

Not long ago it was scandalous for women to wear pants. Times have changed, and many women enjoy wearing pants or shorts while traveling. However, wearing pants in some destinations isn’t advisable. Many religious sites adhere to strict dress codes, requiring women to wear dresses or skirts. Even when a skirt is not required, some women just appreciate a more feminine look. Fortunately for them, today’s travel skirts offer plenty of style and versatility.

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Travel skirts make a great choice for a number of reasons. They tend to pack easily. That’s because most travel skirts are fashioned from a lightweight fabric that resists wrinkles. This means that the skirt can be shut up in a suitcase for days, but still be ready to wear after a quick shake. For a little extra style, some women opt for a crinkle skirt. Just twist, fold and pack. There’s no need to worry about wrinkles. These comfortable, easy to wear items are the perfect carefree look for any getaway. Some travel skirts are popular because they have amazing pockets. Most of these skirts have at least one pocket that is hidden away where an item that needs to be protected can be stored. A passport, identification, a room key or some emergency cash could be stashed in this secret pocket, and no one has to know it’s there. Travel skirts typically have more than one pocket though. Sometimes they feature an oversize pocket where it’s possible to carry a map or small wallet. Many skirts have pockets that can be zipped shut to deter pickpockets. Travel skirts make it very easy to carry essential items without calling attention to them.

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Advantages of Travel Skirts for Women

Travel skirts can be remarkably versatile. Depending upon the design, a skirt may be able to convert to capris or shorts in the blink of an eye. Styles like this are ideal for someone who’s going kayaking in the morning and on a tour around the city square in the afternoon. A handy clip or set of snaps is usually all that’s needed to switch the skirt into shorts or capris. It’s a quick transition that keeps the skirt cleaner and drier for later in the day. Women also choose travel skirts because they can go from day to night so easily. A long, flowy skirt looks fantastic and keeps the wearer cool on sunny days, but looks glamorous enough for dinner at eight. Just a change of blouse and perhaps shoes is all that is required to transform a daytime look into one that is suitable for evening.

Travel skirts are generally easy to care for. Many styles can be washed out in a sink and will be dry for the next day. Moreover, many skirts are made with advanced materials designed to keep the wearer cool and to block out the harmful rays of the sun. Travel skirts are so fashionable and functional that it’s no surprise that so many women are choosing to wear them no matter where they roam. Skirts are great for traveling because they’re lightweight, versatile, and don’t take up much room in your suitcase. And, if you pick the right travel skirt, you can dress it up and wear it to the theatre or dress it down and wear it hiking. Here are my five favorite skirts for women who are on the road.

Best Long Skirt: Patagonia Serenity Skirt

This ankle-length skirt is made of organic cotton and spandex. It’s long, but not frumpy and its fit will complement most body types. It’s machine washable and dry-able, which is great for women on the go.

patagonia serenity Travel Skirts

Best Wrap Skirt: Kuhl Lavanda Skirt

The Kuhl Lavanda is a wrap skirt that features a secure zipper pocket, UPF protection, and a moisture-wicking fabric. It’s machine washable and versatile, making it perfect for traveling.


Best Knee-Length Skirt: Royal Robbins Discovery Skirt

As evidenced by its name, this skirt was made for travelers. It has pockets, withstands moisture and water, and is completed by a slight ruffle at the bottom. It perfectly balances style with practicality.

Best Sporty Travel Skirt: Nike Tech Classic Skort

If you’re looking for a skirt that fits your active lifestyle, look no further. This skirt (technically a skort) has built-in UV protection, lots of pockets, and is made of Dri-FIT fabric. In short, it was made with the athletic traveler in mind.

Best Fun Skirt: XCVI Double Shirred Panel Knee Length Skirt

Featuring poplin, a drawstring waist, and a unique design, this skirt is perfect for the traveler looking to spice up her wardrobe. It comes in seven colors and is machine-washable. Skirts are versatile and light-weight, making them the perfect addition to your travel wardrobe. Whether your style leans toward athletic or fashionista, there’s a perfect travel skirt for you.   You might also be interested in our post on best travel dresses.