Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Stainless Steel Water Bottles Smackdown

We’ve written so much about stainless steel water bottles — including about a Healthy Water Bottle, Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle, and CamelBak Stainless Steel Better Bottle — that we’ve decided to wrap it up once and for all with a Stainless Steel Water bottle smackdown.

Eco Vessel Surf Recycled Glass Water Bottle

EcoVessel Surf Recycled Glass Water Bottle vs Zulu Glass Water Bottle

EcoVessel Water Bottle- Many athletes, parents and health- and environment-conscience people are seeking alternatives to plastic disposable and plastic reusable water bottles. A few years ago, the trend was to use stainless steel water bottles and mini coolers for toting water and beverages. Now, there are other choices on the market constructed of glass with plastic lids and silicone protective covers. Even better, companies are now making them with recycled glass. Two of the bigger … Read more

How to Choose Healthy Water Bottle

Healthy Water Bottle – What are these and what do they have to do with my water bottle? phthalates, polyethylene, polycorbonate, bisphenol A I’ll admit, though I’m green, I’m not the greenest of travelers. And sometimes when people start talking to me about toxins, and thates and thyles, I cringe and tune out. I mean, isn’t some of this just hype? Yes, some of it is just hype, but when it comes to my personal … Read more

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8 Ways to Save Water While Traveling and at Home

Are you ever actively trying to save water? When you turn on the shower or fill your glass, you probably take for granted the clean water that comes out. But millions of people around the world aren’t so lucky. In fact, 3.6 million people – including 1.5 million children – die each year from water-related diseases. The water crisis “claims more lives through disease than any war claims through guns,” according to the United Nations … Read more

Best Glass Water Bottles: BPA Free Water Bottles

Glass water bottles are becoming more popular as people seek to be healthier. They are BPA-free, easy to clean, and are often made from recycled glass. Depending on the brand, they may not be made in China like other water bottles. The best thing about glass water bottles is you will never have to worry about plastic breaking down over time. Also great is they are dishwasher safe, saving you time from hand-washing and ensuring … Read more

4 insulated stainless steel water bottle

Best Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle ~ Top Picks & What to Know

Best Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle – It’s summer! With new products coming on the market often, it’s time to review the best insulated stainless steel water bottle available. We chose the top brands to review: Thinksport and Klean Kanteen. It’s best to choose stainless steel bottles — whether insulated or not — because of their all-around durability. Best Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle wish list Made with 100% safe materials Leak-proof Clean them in the … Read more

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Review of Yeti Tumbler vs Ozark Trail: Which is of Better Value?

Yeti Tumbler – We can all agree that nothing beats a cup of hot coffee in the morning. But there are things that can come in the way that may prevent us from sipping that warm beverage, like an urgent staff meeting. During those instances, you’d really want to have a tumbler that can keep your coffee for a long time. There are many tumblers available but two stand out for the quality of their … Read more

Ozark Trail Tumbler

Ozark Trail Tumbler Review – Walmart’s Version of Yeti Tumbler

There’s been such great reviews about Ozark Trail Tumbler and how it is giving the Yeti Rambler a run for its money. Is Ozark Trail just as good as Yeti? We say, yes. Here’s why we love ours. Ozark Trail Tumbler vs Yeti Cup review In the Yeti vs Ozark Trail competition, there are many factors to consider. Materials used to make them Keeping drinks hot and cold Lid Ease of cleaning Price Size Grip … Read more

5 different color water bottles

Best Insulated Water Bottle: Guide to the Best Bottles

Best Insulated Water Bottle – Insulated water bottles are great because they don’t sweat on the important documents on your desk, and they keep your water cold in the summer heat. The best ones are light and not bulky so you can take them with you while hiking or on day trips. Best Insulated Water Bottle Here are our top picks for the best insulated water bottles. My family used all of these for weeks … Read more

Fruit Infused Water Bottles

Best Fruit Infused Water Bottles Guide Review ~ Top 3 to Pick

Fruit infused water bottles – Fresh, refreshing drinks that are actually healthy. Yes, please! Learn about the best fruit infused water bottles and why they are awesome. I never knew what a difference owning a fruit infused water bottle would make! Prior to owning one, I thought that I could just put some fruit in my glass or reusable water bottle if I wanted some extra flavor. I had been “off” of diet soda for … Read more