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Fit for Travel: Staying in Shape While Traveling the World

Staying in Shape While Travelling – If you are a fan of fitness and are always on the move because of work or leisure, then there are some activities you can perform to keep fit ahead of arriving at your destination. If you happen to be enthusiastic about working out, you will find the drive and commitment necessary comparable to running a profitable company. If you wonder about whether it is possible to travel the … Read more

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Best Travel Gadgets for Kids on the Go

What are the best travel gadgets for kids? If you travel with kids, you know that keeping them entertained en route is one key to a great family vacation. While we have strict rules about “screen time” at home, during flights and long car road trips with kids, we are more liberal with the electronic travel gadgets. And are grateful for their existence. Read on for a list of travel technology we never leave home … Read more

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Tucson Attractions Make It One of America’s Favorite Places

Tucson gets attention for it’s quality of life, social diversity, infrastructure, stunning beauty, and unique restaurants and breweries. In addition, Tucson is one of America’s favorite places to vacation because there are so many different types of attractions. Tucson — with a population of a half a million people in the Sonoran Desert — has experienced a sort of renaissance over the last decade or so. It’s a wonderful place to visit. It’s also renowned … Read more

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Yurt Camping Guide: Year-Round Yurts in State Parks

Thanks to yurt camping, the newest camping craze taking off across the U.S., you don’t need to own a gas guzzling RV or camping trailer to enjoy state parks and campgrounds all year long. Park systems in nearly every state now feature these fun, functional, and cozy shelters in at least a handful of their state parks. Some states, such as Oregon and Washington, offer yurts in nearly all their coastal state campgrounds. Yurt Camping … Read more

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Best of Bellingham Washington Things to do in Bellingham

Traveling to Bellingham Washington, Ferndale, Blaine, Birch Bay, or Lynden for vacation? There are so many different ways to explore this beautiful area in Whatcom County. This area is an outdoor wonderland with much to do. Best of Bellingham Washington The scenery is amazing. You may want to plan time to visit Mount Baker and Vancouver Canada as well. You can explore Bellingham Bay in different locations, and experience tide pools, marine life, and water … Read more

Inspiring Places in the World

Great Inspiring Places in the World

Inspiring Places in the World home to the unique and incredible wealth and which the only privileged and glimpse and while the man which is the best thing to showing experiences and then the emotions and walk in nature as losing oneself the music beholding. It have directly to influenced and then upon health and the whole life. If you want to be healthy and traveling while which is absolutely not usual advice hear from … Read more

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Traveler’s Dilemma Choosing Convenience Over Sustainable Products

Green Traveler’s Dilemma Choosing Convenience Over Sustainable Products – This weekend I stopped by REI to look for some hiking boots or trail running shoes. Ideally, I want a shoe that is durable, supportive, breathable, extremely comfortable, and waterproof. Definitely waterproof. I have put off hiking on damp and rainy days because I have not yet purchased what I feel is an essential item. But choosing Gore-Tex means I will not be. Choose convenience or … Read more

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Travel Green On Your Next Vacation to Reduce Impact

Travel Green – When you go on vacation, you obviously want to reduce your environmental impact while you travel green on your next vacation. However, while staying at an environmentally friendly hotel will go some way towards limiting the effects you have on the world around you, the truth is that the biggest impact occurs before you ever arrive – traveling to wherever you are going. Once you do get there, local transportation then just … Read more

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Resources for Volunteering Abroad and Why You Should Do It

In Volunteering Abroad: 10 Things to Know Before You Go, we discussed everything you should think about before you sign up. With proper planning, it can be the experience of a lifetime. Volunteer Travel Programs Local and Abroad – Volunteer travel is an amazing way to see a place, get to know local culture, and leave a positive footprint. We volunteered while traveling through Argentina. We learned a ton about WWOOFing — World Wide Opportunities … Read more

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Best Travel Dresses on the Planet Guide ~ Top 6 Picks

One of the most difficult parts of planning for a trip is figuring out what clothing to pack. You have limited space so you have to pack light. I wanted to find the best travel dresses that would be versatile enough to wear traveling and at home. Dresses are great and easier to wear than skirts. With a dress, you won’t have to worry about finding a matching shirt. It’s often easier to change up … Read more