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Cheap Rental Car ~ How to Save Money on Rental Cars

The very best travel coupons that you’ll find on the internet are car rental coupon codes. I have been able to use some sort of car rental coupon every single time I’ve had to rent a car. However, it’s a rarer occasion when I’ve used a coupon for airfare or hotel. Here’s how to find a cheap rental car. It’s overwhelming to start planning a trip. Not only do you have to work within your budget but it’s stressful trying to find the best deal. You want to know you got the best price possible. Ways to find cheap rental car Use a travel search engine (aggregator) for an initial search One of the best ways to get a cheap car rental is to get a sense of the baseline price. As soon as you decide on a trip, search for a rental car in the area you plan to … Read more

COVID-19 Make Cycling In Los Angeles Safer

Could COVID-19 Make Cycling In Los Angeles Safer – And Less Smoggy?

Cycling In Los Angeles – Compared with the Bay Area, Los Angeles doesn’t have as stellar a reputation in terms of cycling safety. In fact, the City of Angels often leads the national rankings for the least safe city for cyclists. There are, however, a few reasons to be optimistic about cyclist safety in LA. Indeed, the recent coronavirus pandemic has forced LA’s leaders to adopt radical policies that could change how bicyclists get around the city.  Slow Streets Initiative For instance, Los Angeles recently introduced a “Slow Streets” initiative to help bicyclists practice social distancing. Miles of LA’s residential streets in districts like Del Rey are now temporarily closed to through traffic. The City of LA also added bike-protected lanes along 7th street to give cyclists more space during COVID-19. These recent initiatives are largely a response to the rapid growth of cyclists throughout the USA. As more people … Read more

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London top 10 events you can stream online

London! Stuck indoors? Oh-yes! It’s quite dull and boring. Missing the old times hanging out with friends, driving till the dawns, partying, all the fun, and no one to stop. We all do! Yet self-isolating doesn’t mean the pleasure of going out has to stop. Agreed, London has been walloped by the Covid-19 disease, an outbreak of Coronavirus, with significant institutions and independent venues closing and events being postponed or canceled to ensure safety and security. Nevertheless, you may not be able to go out, London’s sparkling and ever-resourceful artists, musicians, experts, and craftspeople are now bringing the fun to you. That’s true. You might not have to go anywhere and enjoy living in your homes and have fun! Besides, several live-streaming events, workshops, and festivals originated in the last few days, with more and more being advertised. These London’s streamed events are a great way to promote and donate … Read more

Safety on the Road

5 Things You Need for Safety on the Road in 2022

Safety on the Road – This has been quite the year so far, and now that things are starting to return to a relatively normal state, people are traveling more, which means more people on the road. That means you need to take extra precautions when traveling so that you can get to your destination in one piece, whether that means getting the right auto insurance, creating a roadside emergency kit, keeping your car in good condition or staying safe at the pump. Things You Need for Safety on the Road Use these travel safety tips. Below are five things you need for roadway safety in 2022 and beyond. 1. Stay Safe at the Pump Driving more means you’ll need to fill up your gas tank more often than you have been in recent weeks. Staying safe means making sure you have plenty of hand sanitizer, gloves and masks to … Read more

Natural Wonders of North America to Visit with Your Family

Natural Wonders of North America to Visit with Your Family

Natural Wonders of North America – If you live a sustainable life and try to encourage your children to keep the environment top of mind, too, you know how important it is to appreciate Mother Nature. One of the best ways to do this, and remind yourselves why you make daily eco-friendly decisions, is to spend time in natural surroundings. Natural Wonders of North America to Visit North America is full of beautiful, awe-inspiring places, so you don’t have to travel too far to witness such splendor. Check out some of these American and Canadian natural wonders on your next close-to-home vacation. Niagara Falls, Canada/USA Niagara Falls is one of the most iconic waterfall systems in the world and always worth visiting. Made up of three distinct waterfalls, the American Falls, Horseshoe Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls, this phenomenon is famous because of the amount of water that cascades over the … Read more