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Is the Travel Industry Doing Enough to Go Green?

Is the Travel Industry Doing Enough to Go Green – Glance over travel imagery in brochures, on social media feeds, and travel sites, and it is hard to believe just how impactful the travel industry is on the environment. Is the Travel Industry Doing Enough to Go Green? Those beaches appear pristine; the mountains so rugged and wild. However, our endeavors to see more, and to experience more of the planet’s wonders are making their mark in a spectacular fashion. Take the natural and land resources depleted by a constant influx of tourists, as an example. Water, energy, and raw materials are used at an alarming rate, placing considerable strain on local communities that struggle to absorb this financial impact. Then there’s the air pollution and noise contributed by the industry. Tourism is responsible for approximately 60% of air travel, which leaves so much more than contrails in its wake. … Read more

Go Green Go Cycling - Recycling Facts for Kids

Recycling Facts for Kids and its Significance

Some fun recycling facts for kids can comprehensively describe the growing need and importance of recycling. The younger generation needs to understand the significance of saving and protecting their environment, their home, their planet. One can only hope they do a better job than ‘us grown adults’ in taking things more seriously while growing up. It’s also about What is Going Green Recycling Facts for Kids, its Significance and What You Can Do to Help Recycling for the layman tends to be a very boring and negated concept. Some are too busy to recycle their own waste, while others wildly assume that a recycled product will cost them more. It hardly takes a second to dispose waste off in ‘Recycle Bins’ which are placed everywhere. Yet, due to ignorance people fail to realize that this one act can add to the environment’s health and ultimately to the planet’s health. That … Read more

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How Much Cash Can You Travel With Plus Safety Tips

How Much Cash Can You Travel With. If you’re off to see the rest of the world, then you can’t do it without cash. Like the rest of the stuff you’re packing for your trip, cash is also something you have to plan. Frequent travelers would recommend keeping a modest amount of cash on you for emergencies. After all, you can always use your card for other purchases. The question of how much cash can you travel with varies depending on your destination.  In countries like Cuba, for instance, you won’t be able to use your American ATM and credit cards, so you may have to carry a bit more cash than you’d like.  In any case, cash is necessary, and you won’t be able to enjoy your trip as much without it. Aside from the country you’re flying to, your country of origin would also determine the amount of cash … Read more

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Prepare for Extended Travel – 7 Steps to Mentally Prepare Yourself

It took us a while to realize the simple problem: in our pre-departure packing fervor, we’d taken no time to mentally prepare for our travels… Learn from our mistake. Take these steps to get ready for your extended trip so you can start enjoying your destination as soon as you arrive.

COVID Friendly Trip

Tips for Planning a COVID Friendly Trip

COVID Friendly Traveling over the last year has been a complicated business as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with planning, research, and following some detailed guidelines, it is still possible to plan an exciting vacation adventure while keeping yourself and your family safe. As the world slowly opens up over the next few months, there will be plenty of travelers looking to take advantage of their new-found freedom and shake off the cabin fever of 2020. With vaccination programs well underway in most countries, this is the right time to plan the much-needed holiday in 2021.  If you’ve been looking forward to a Caribbean vacation or a cultural city break for months, here are some tips for planning a COVID-friendly trip in 2021. COVID Friendly Preparation is key Vacation preparation has never been more critical than it is right now, and doing your research and getting everything in … Read more