3 Easy Hacks for Getting More Exercise on Your Holiday

Keeping Fit on Vacation - Getting More Exercise on Your Holiday


Exercise on Your Holiday vacation might be the ultimate time to unwind, but that doesn’t mean you have to let your exercise routine slide.

While it might be tempting to take a break, and treat yourself to some rest and relaxation, you don’t want to let your hard work go to waste.

Getting More Exercise on Your Holiday

Instead of abandoning your healthy lifestyle while you’re away, why not use your vacation to broaden your horizons and expand your workout regime?

If you don’t fancy spending your holiday lifting weights or running on the treadmill, try these three easy hacks for getting more exercise on your holidays…

2 kids with hiking back at John Muir Trail


Get off the Beaten Track

When you’re in a new location, you will want to explore as much as possible.

Whether you are heading to a secluded mountainside resort, a sun kissed tropical beach, or a bustling city, you can combine your sightseeing excursions with a little exercise.

Seek out hiking trails or even walking tours and you’ll soon be hitting your daily step target.

In fact, many people find that they walk further than they normally would when they explore new locations on foot.

If walking isn’t your style, hire a bike or take one with you.

Cycling is a fabulous form of exercise and traveling on two wheels will mean you can cover a larger area in the time available.

Try Something New

Being on holiday gives you the ideal opportunity to try your hand at something new.

From skiing down snowy slopes and sledding, to traveling across canyons and gorges on a zipwire, you’ll find all manner of weird and wonderful activities to try.

If you’re traveling to a coastal location, you’ll have no problem squeezing some exercise into your routine.

With an array of watersports on offer, you’ll barely even realize that you’re burning calories or building muscle.

For the best water workouts, give paddle boarding a try, book a water-skiing adventure, or arrange a kite surfing excursion.

As well as being a great way to incorporate some exercise into your trip, trying a new activity could lead to a lifelong passion or a fun new hobby.

While you may not be able to recreate the ocean in your backyard, you’ll find plenty of water sports activity centers on dry land too!

Enter a Local Event

If you really need some motivation to keep yourself on track, sign up for a local event while you’re on vacation.

Whether it’s a local 5km run, a half marathon or a triathlon, you’ll have the incentive you need to maintain your training while you’re away.

Of course, taking part in a local activity can be a great way to know the area and meet some locals too.

With plenty of events offering online registrations, you can book your place as soon as you’ve confirmed your trip and amp up your training straight away!

Many sponsored events actually incorporate major landmarks and tourist attractions, so you could increase your heart rate, raise money for your favorite charity, and explore your vacation destination in style if you choose to sign up for a local event.

Keeping Fit on Vacation - Getting More Exercise on Your Holiday
Keeping Fit on Vacation – Getting More Exercise on Your Holiday

Keeping Fit on Vacation

If you want to do some daily exercise while you’re away, bear this in mind when you’re booking your accommodation.

Choosing a resort with a gym or a private villa with a pool ensures you will have easy access to fitness facilities throughout your stay.

With a new environment to explore and a whole range of activities to try, maintaining your exercise regime on vacation can be even easier than when you’re at home!

5 Safety Tips for Traveling Overseas

Best Travel Accessories for Women

Safety Tips for Traveling Overseas – Whether you are travelling on your own, or with family or friends, there are always safety tips you should consider to make sure you and your party have a trouble-free trip abroad.

Here are our top five safety tips for overseas travelers to think about before they go away.

Safety Tips for Traveling Overseas – Stay Connected

Thanks to smartphones and tablet computers, it is easier than ever to stay in contact with friends and loved ones while you travel the world.

With 4G and Wi-Fi connections available almost anywhere in the world, and some Wi-Fi for free, you can use messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to keep up to date with people back home and let them know your plans.

Make sure you take the right leads and power supplies with you when you travel, so you can recharge your devices and stay in contact.

It is well worth picking up a few travel adapters for power outlets.

Make Copies of Important Travel Documents

Most people have some important documents that they will be traveling with.

Not only will you have your passport or tickets, you will likely have travel insurance policies or documents related to vehicle insurance or your driving licence if you are planning on driving while abroad.

It is a good idea to photocopy these documents so you have a copy in case you misplace the originals, or to use instead of the original documents that you may want to keep at your accommodation, or at home while you travel.

Safety Tips for Traveling Overseas
Safety Tips for Traveling Overseas

This tip can save you potentially hundreds of dollars on replacing documents that get lost on your trip away.

Research Your Destination Thoroughly

If you are planning a trip to a tropical or far away destination, you should go that extra mile before you travel to thoroughly research your destination.

There may be local cultural customs that you should be sensitive to when visiting a country, or even political and security concerns that you should be aware of.

A more common problem when travelling to far-flung destinations is a health concern such as Malaria.

There are steps you can take that can to protect yourself from Malaria and other health concerns when travelling, such as preventative vaccinations.

You should consider a travel clinic instead of a general practitioner if you want advice or treatment when traveling to tropical destinations.

Know What to Do and Where to Go in an Emergency

Many countries have different procedures to take in the event of an emergency.

Something as simple as knowing which number to dial on a phone when an accident happens can be lifesaving.

When you research your destination, take the time to have a look at how to contact the emergency services, just in case you need them.

Another step you can take is to check where your nearest Embassy for your home nation will be located.

If you get caught up in an incident or misunderstanding, you could need their advice or help in dealing with local authorities.

Book Your Trip with a Reputable Travel Agent

One of the single most important steps you can take to enjoy a safe and fun vacation is to book with a reputable travel agent that has been recommended by a friend or you have used before.

All good travel agents will make you aware of any travel advisories for your destination, and offer help or travel advice to make sure your journey is stress-free.

They should also insure your holiday so that if there are any unforeseen events, such as an airline going bankrupt or a hotel closing down, the insurance will cover any added costs or offer you full reimbursement for the cost of your holiday.

Traveling overseas can be life-changing, but if you fail to take some or all of these steps towards a safe holiday, it may be life-changing for the wrong reasons.

Use one or more of our tips to keep yourself safe when you travel.

How to Maintain Healthy Habits While Traveling

women wearing skirts heading to the beach


Healthy Habits While Traveling is always an exciting prospect, even if it happens to be a business trip, but anyone who is a frequent flyer will tell you that it does take a toll on one’s health.

That being said, if you are someone for whom traveling regularly is not optional, then you will be happy to know that it’s perfectly possible to stay fit and healthy on the road, as long as you take the following tips to heart.

Learn to Cook

One of the main gripes of frequent traveling is that it keeps you away from home-cooked meals.

If you take the culinary arts seriously though, you can prepare your own home-cooked meals even outside your home.

The opportunity to cook your own meals may not always be there, but there are plenty of options these days to choose accommodation that offers fully stocked kitchens and all modern cooking facilities for the guests to prepare their own food.

More Exercise on Your Holiday
How to Maintain Healthy Habits While Traveling

Learn a Bit About Exercising on the Go

Some hotels have gyms and fitness centers, but not all of them do.

Also, you may not even get enough time to reach the gym after a busy day outside.

To prevent your frequent traveling schedules from messing up your exercise routine, consider the following exercise options for keeping yourself in the habit of exercise, even on the move.

  • Rely on push-ups, crunches, pull-ups (door frame maybe?) and other body weight exercises
  • Stick to HIIT with mountain climbers, knee raises, burpees and planks for cardio
  • Stretch to keep your muscles and ligaments relaxed
  • If you are not in a condition for serious exercise, try moderate yoga or power walking

Don’t Compromise on Your Sleep

Jet lag, the unfamiliarity of a hotel room, and calls to stay up late at night are all common hindrances that make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

Although the occasional traveler may just get away with a few nights of bad sleep, that’s not an ideal option for someone who travels regularly.

To prevent a lack of sleep from getting to you, consider the following suggestions.

It doesn’t even matter if you are traveling for work or for leisure, your productivity and the ability to enjoy the trip will both suffer, unless you maintain your sleep schedule with the seriousness it deserves.

Besides, improper sleeping habits, be it while traveling or at home, can lead to worrying health issues.

Rely on Food You Know and Recognize

It’s only natural to try out different cuisines when you visit a new place, but that may not always be a good idea.

To make the best of both worlds, follow a few simple strategies to make sure that you remain healthy and don’t miss out on experiencing new dishes as well.

  • Be wary of meat you don’t recognize
  • Don’t eat a new dish unless you are sure of the ingredients in it
  • Eat in small quantities to give your digestive system time to adjust
  • Avoid spicy food or semi-cooked food

Healthy Habits While Traveling

The goals for staying healthy on the road are actually not that different from the ones we should be setting in our day to day lives as well.

However, the difference lies in flexibility and adaptability.

The targets should remain the same, but some of the methods might need to be modified for the dynamic traveling conditions.

To that end, these few tips should be enough to help you stay healthy and fit even when you are away for work for the most part.

How to Pack A Suitcase

How to Pack a Suitcase


How to pack a suitcase may seem like child’s play.

However, many people end up overpacking to the point where not all of the necessities fit, but somehow a plethora of unnecessary items are in the suitcase.

Packing a suitcase without any kind of method or technique can end up driving people crazy.

It’s actually much harder than most care to admit.

Not packing a suitcase right can result in broken items, spilled liquids, imbalances that make it hard to maneuver, and in the case of airline travel, heavy fees due to oversized or overweight baggage.

Here are some of the most crucial tips for you to follow in how to pack a suitcase.

8 Ways How To Pack A Suitcase

open luggage with a hat beside

Use Every Inch of Space Available

One of the best ways to ensure that you can maximize the space in any suitcase is to use every last inch of space available.

Think about playing Tetris when you pack a suitcase, or in other words, fit everything together as closely as possible.

For example, when it comes to packing shoes, they have a lot of room on the inside of them, so use that to your advantage.

You can stuff multiple pairs of socks inside of each shoe, therefore maximizing the space at your disposal.

You can then lay your shoes heel to toe in the bottom of the suitcase, and then stuff small items around the shoes to fill in the unoccupied spaces.

This should be done for any kind of hard object with a hollow space inside of it, such as shoes, small boxes or containers, or anything else you plan on taking along for the trip.

Every last inch of space should be taken advantage of.

This will either let you pack much more in a single suitcase or it can allow you to travel with a smaller suitcase.

Use a Good Clothes Packing Technique

One of the most valuable tips to follow when packing your clothes is to use a good clothes packing technique.

This is important for a variety of reasons, mainly for your own convenience, and it could save you money too.

If you employ a good technique when packing clothes, you can fit a lot more in a small space than you might think.

Fitting more items into a small space can allow you to bring along more with you or allow you to use a smaller suitcase.

The smaller the case, the easier it will be to travel with.

Moreover, airlines, trains, and buses always have specific baggage allowances.

These can differ from one method of transportation to another, and even from airline to airline.

Critical first step in how to pack a suitcase, be sure to research the specific method of travel you are using, and the company you have bought your ticket from.

You don’t want to have a suitcase larger than the baggage allowance dictates, or else you will end up paying a heavy fee for oversized baggage.

At any rate, employing a good technique is key.

What you should try to avoid doing is folding your clothing as you would to store it in your closet.

While it looks neat, it’s not very effective for saving space.

One of the best ways to pack as many articles of clothing as possible into a tight space is to roll them.

Start off by folding your clothing to form a long rectangle, then use some elbow grease and lots of pressure to roll pants, sweaters, and shirts into tight tubes.

This will go a long way in maximizing the space at your disposal.

Use a Compression Technique if Possible

Related to the previous point of using the right packing technique, anything you can do to compress your clothing will go a very long way in saving space.

Some people may want to go as far as putting clothes in vacuum-sealed bags.

Clothes are very soft and can compress down into a much smaller package.

Vacuum sealing clothing is a great storage method for maximizing space, and doing so will allow you to fit much more into a small suitcase.

Of course, buying vacuum bags and a vacuum sealer may be out of the question for you, but there are still other similar methods.

For instance, if you have five T-shirts and two pairs of pants, fold them into a neat pile or roll them up.

Chances are you are bringing along a belt or two as well.

Take that belt, wrap it around the clothes, and cinch the belt together as tight as possible around the clothes to form a compact and hard package.

How to Pack a Suitcase

Think About Weight and Balance

People often get carried away when packing a suitcase, and often end up packing much more and much heavier items than anticipated.

Of course, the heavier your suitcase is, the less convenient it will be for travel.

You don’t want to be lugging around a cinder block with you, and the longer the travel time, the more relevant this becomes.

You want to pack all of your essentials, everything you really need, but always be conscious of the weight.

If you have to choose between heavier and lighter items, and the lighter items will suffice, it’s a good idea to forgo the heavier items.

Not only will this make your life much easier during the hours you are traveling, but it will also ensure that you meet all baggage requirements.

Remember, unless you are traveling by car, you will need to adhere to strict baggage guidelines, specifically in relation to weight.

Airlines, bus companies, and trains have strict rules in terms of how heavy baggage can be, so do a bit of research in regard to your specific mode of travel.

No, you will not be ejected from the airplane due to a suitcase being 10 pounds overweight, but you will incur some very heavy overweight fees.

Now, packing some heavy items, depending on your situation, may be unavoidable, but be sparing.

You want to ensure that the heaviest items are packed at the bottom of the suitcase, at the foot where the wheels are.

The lightest items should be packed at the top, where the pull handle is. This will ensure that your suitcase is not top-heavy.

A bottom-heavy suitcase has much better balance, will not tip or fall over, and is much easier to maneuver.

Wrap Fragile Items in Clothing

One problem which often arises when packing a suitcase has to do with fragile items.

For example, if you are visiting family for the holidays or visiting friends you have not seen in years, chances are that you will be bringing gifts for them.

Gifts can often be fragile and delicate.

Bottles of alcohol, glass items, and anything else of the sort don’t take much to break.

Airlines and bus companies, if you are going that route, often are not too careful with passenger luggage, often carelessly throwing them around.

This, therefore, puts your fragile items at risk of breaking.

A great way to ensure that any fragile items do not get broken in the suitcase is to wrap them.

For instance, if you are bringing along an expensive bottle of alcohol, wrap it in a few T-shirts, a sweater, some pants, or any other fairly large and soft article of clothing.

You could even pull a few pairs of socks over a bottle to provide some padding.

Anything you can wrap around fragile objects to create a padded buffer will do.

Moreover, never put delicate items on the outside of the suitcase.

The more fragile the item in question, the more towards the middle, the core of the suitcase, they should be placed.

All of those clothes will act like bubble wrap or packing peanuts to protect those delicate items.

Bag Any Sort of Liquids

Another issue which often arises when packing a suitcase, or realistically, when unpacking a suitcase, is that of the spilled liquid; this can be a true nightmare.

If you plan on taking your own shampoo or body lotion with you, or a bottle of alcohol, one of the worst things that can happen is having them break or open up in any way, thus spilling their contents into your suitcase and all over your valuable clothing.

Not only does this make a massive mess that needs to be cleaned up, but it may very well ruin clothing.

Liquids like shampoos, body lotions, toothpaste, mouthwash, and other such items can cause horrible staining, instantly ruining clothes.

Therefore, to ensure that this does not happen, always place these liquid items inside of bags, well-sealed bags, such as Ziploc bags.

Keep the point above in mind as well, because wrapping liquids in a soft protective layer will help stop them from being crushed or moved around too much, which should help stop them from opening up.

However, in the worst-case scenario, if they do open up and spill their liquid, if you have them stored in a sealed bag, at least the liquid will not ruin the rest of your belongings.

Pack the Essentials on the Outside

Yet another mistake that should be avoided when packing a suitcase is to pack your essentials on the inside of the case, or in other words, under piles of clothing and other belongings.

Here, we are talking mainly about toiletries, but this could also apply to medicines and anything else you need quick and constant access to.

Simply put, you don’t want to have to dig through your suitcase every single time you need to get to your life-saving medicine, or just to your toothbrush too.

Any such items, specifically related to toiletries and medicine, should be packed in a separate toiletries bag.

You can then keep this in a smaller outside pocket of the suitcase (if the suitcase has one).

If your suitcase only has the one large main compartment, consider packing these essentials in your carry-on baggage for easy and quick access.

Although, remember that airlines specifically have rules about liquids.

You cannot take a large bottle of hand cream, mouthwash, or any other large container containing liquid with you.

If you plan on taking any such thing with you, be sure that it is well under the size limit for liquid containers, or else it will be confiscated. However, if you are not traveling by air, this is not relevant.

This concept applies to all of your belongings in fact.

Anything which you need ready access to all the time should be packed on top, and anything which you only might need, or will need later on during the trip, should be packed towards the bottom of the case.

This will allow for easy access to your most used and needed items.

Only Pack What You Need

You may be tempted to pack as much as possible, but this is a mistake, and moreover, fairly pointless too.

First of all, consider how many days you are going to be away, and then gauge how many clothes you need to bring based on this.

Generally speaking, you will want to pack one pair of underwear and one pair of socks for each day you will be away.

For T-shirts, you might want to bring one for each day.

If you are a really neat and careful person, in terms of pants and sweaters, one of each for every three or four days should suffice.

Of course, you might want to bring along one extra of each just in case something unexpected happens.

However, that said, you only want to bring along what you really need.

If you are going on vacation, remember that there are always places you can wash clothes or buy something cheap if an emergency arises.

Another related tip is to totally eliminate anything which you are not sure that you will need.

Anything that fits into the “just in case” category, should be left at home.

Packing a Suitcase

If you follow all of the tips outlined today here on how to pack a suitcase, you should have no problems fitting all of your essentials into your suitcase with ease.

Remember, use a good packing technique, create compact clothing packages, aim for lightweight items whenever possible, pack heavy items at the bottom, and use every last inch of available space.

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5 Tips for Getting Quality Sleep While Traveling

lady leeping in an hgv


Sleep While Traveling – When you are traveling on vacation, you want to have as much energy as possible.

No one wants to spend their vacation feeling tired and lethargic, but for those with difficulty sleeping while traveling, this is always a possibility.

Below are five tips that any traveler looking to improve their sleep quality can benefit from.

Quality Sleep While Traveling to PreEmpt Your Jetlag

If you are expecting to experience jet lag during your travels, then it is usually worth taking preemptive action.

As we will come onto, you don’t need to prepare yourself if you are only going to be staying for two days or less.

However, if you will be there longer than this then it is worth preparing your body two or three days before you are scheduled to leave.

Try shifting your bedtime forward or backward by a couple of hours, as appropriate, in the days before you leave.

Move it a little more each day, and after two or three days, you should have shifted your sleep pattern to account for a new time zone.

Best Travel Shoes
Best Travel Shoes

Sync Up With The Locals

In different parts of the world, people sometimes have very different attitudes towards resting and sleeping throughout the day.

Perhaps the most famous example of this is the Spanish siesta, something that many of us wish was more popular in our own countries.

If the locals in the place you are visiting tend to have a rest during the middle of the day, then you should do this as well.

Follow The Two-Day Rule

We touched on this briefly earlier, if you haven’t come across this rule before then it is one that is well worth remembering.

Essentially, given how long it takes your body to adjust to a new time zone and then back again, it is only worth making adjustments to your sleep schedule if you are going to be staying at your destination longer than two days.

If you won’t be there that long, by the time your body has acclimatized a new sleeping schedule, it will be time to come home again.

Once you arrive home, your body will then need to re-adjust.

Invest In Some Sleeping Aids

Some people can sleep just about anywhere, while others need conditions to be within certain parameters if they are going to have restful uninterrupted sleep.

Most of us sit somewhere in between these two extremes; we aren’t overly fussy about our sleeping environment but we do need it to be quiet and comfortable.

Fortunately, if you are experiencing any disturbances or discomfort when trying to get to sleep, there are a number of products on the market that might be able to help you.

Don’t underestimate how much difference a good travel pillow can make.

You really can’t put a price on comfort, or on getting enough sleep.

For the relatively minor cost of a travel pillow, you might be able to significantly improve the quality of your sleep.

If you rely on a CPAP machine when sleeping, you might want to consider these easy to pack strips.

Somnifix’s mouth strips enable the user to naturally breathe through their nose while keeping their mouth closed.

For CPAP users, this ensures compliance with nasal masks. For everyone else, these strips can reduce snoring and improve breathing.

Stay Active

The more active you are during the day, the easier you will find it to get to sleep while traveling in the evenings.

If you have the option of filling your days up with stuff to do, we recommend that you do so with glee!

If you are older or less mobile, a short stroll or trip outside in the evening can make getting to sleep afterward much easier.

No one wants their holidays to be ruined by sleep deprivation.

But sleeping troubles are a common complaint, amongst even experienced travelers.

If you have had issues sleeping while traveling before, put a plan in place for this trip to ensure you are well-rested throughout.

6 Tips for Camping with Kids Makes Memories Forever

a child and teenager stand near a fire in bors


Camping with Kids – If you’re a big fan of the outdoors, chances are you enjoy camping.

But when you have kids, getting away for a camping trip can be a bit of a challenge.

The solution to this?

Take the kids along with you!

Camping with kids can be just as much of a challenge as arranging to do so without them, though.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of 6 tips for camping with kids that’s sure to make your trip more enjoyable and less stressful.

By using these tips, you and your kids will be able to optimize the beauty and fun of nature.

You won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable, unprepared, or stressed.

Taking the kids camping
Taking the kids camping

The best part is, your kids will get a positive first-hand experience exploring the world around them.

Let the Kids Help Pack

Give your kids some responsibility.

Let them pack their own bags and gear using a list that you all create together.

Just make sure you add the essentials and double-check your kids’ bags.

But, allowing your kids to have the responsibility of packing their own bags will help to get them excited about the trip and will get them to value organization.

Pack Food That Your Kids Like

While you and your kids are packing, ask them what kinds of foods they would like for the trip.

This shouldn’t just include snacks for any road-tripping to the campsite.

Find things that will be easily stored at the site itself.

Primarily, snacks that are shelf-safe are the best.

But if you’re bringing a cooler, you have more options.

Organize Your Gear

Organizing your gear is imperative when you’re camping with kids.

Pack some plastic totes in case the weather gets bad.

You can use them for organizing kitchen utensils, pajamas, clothing items, and more.

This will prevent you from rooting through bags for supplies.
Best Camping Hammock

Plan Activities for Inside the Tent in Case of Inclement Weather

Even with the best pop-up tent, preparation, and excited kids, your camping trip may be ruined if you aren’t prepared for terrible weather.

Checking weather reports doesn’t always cut it, after all.

Surprise storms, light rain showers, and more could ruin your trip, for you and your children, if you aren’t ready to keep everyone entertained even within the tent.

Pack Your Kids’ Favorite Toys

This may be a no-brainer if you let your kids help pack the bags and car, but it’s important to double-check.

Make sure that your kid has their favorite toy with them for the trip.

It’s also a good idea to pack extra toys in case of boredom, especially with young kids that might lose focus easily.

Family Camping
Family Camping

Bring coloring books, a portable DVD player, board games – whatever your kid usually enjoys when they can’t play outside because it’s raining.

Dress Your Child in Layers and Bring Extra Clothes

Part of preparing for inclement weather is having the foresight to pack extra clothes.

Dress your kids, and you, in layers if the outdoor conditions warrant it.

Additionally, remember that it often gets noticeably colder at night no matter what the daytime temperature is.

Pack extra pajamas, raincoats, and more.

Practice Camping At Home Before the Trip

This is particularly important if your kids are new to staying outdoors.

Pitch a tent in the backyard, or in your house if you have the space, and let your kids hang out in the tent and sleep in it.

This will help them get used to the new sleeping arrangement before your trip.

Make Safety a Priority

Set some ground rules before you get to the campsite and remind your kids of what they are when you arrive.

Don’t want them wandering off too far?

Tell them how far they can stray, and maybe set up some flags to give them a visual.

Don’t let your kids go swimming alone or unsupervised, even if the family is comfortable with their swimming abilities.

Be aware of your surroundings, local plant life, and more.

Also, don’t forget the first-aid kit!

Make the Most of Nature

This is a great time to spend with your kids!

Look for friendly wildlife.

Go bug or bird watching.

Examine rocks and identify flowers.

When it gets dark, look at the constellations.

If you’re camping at a national park, some have junior ranger programs you can take advantage of or have guided hikes.

Camping with Kids
Camping with Kids

Find Teachable Moments

While you and your kids get better acquainted with nature, use the trip as a learning experience.

Wildlife, bird watching, and more can be used to explore biology and talk about regional species variations.

Remind your kids how they can enjoy the environment and work to protect it.

Give them ideas on how to adapt to changing, natural landscapes.

Have them practice safety measures, like the proper way to extinguish a fire.

Everything can be a teachable moment with the right outlook.

Be Flexible and Embrace Nature (And Dirt!)

Even with all of the preparation in the world, you can’t anticipate everything.

Things won’t always go the way that you plan.

All you can do is create a good structure for your kids to grow and learn to appreciate nature.

Also, don’t get upset if and when your kids get dirty.

After all, you’re outdoors.

It’s bound to happen.

Camping trips are one of the best places and situations where your kids should be able to get as dirty as they want.

Day hiking with the kids
Day hiking with the kids

If you don’t have running water at your campsite, set up a hand-washing station with a bucket of soapy water so the kids can clean up before meals.

Create a Comfortable Sleep Space

If your kid is picky about how they sleep, try to accommodate their needs.

Remember, they’re sleeping in a new place, away from their bed and everything they’re familiar with.

Pack favorite blankets, stuffed animals, and pillows.

You may want to get a camp pad, sleeping bag, or something else to pad the bottom of your tents.

Or, if you can pack extra thick blankets, you can layer them to create a cushioned space.

Even a great camping hammock will be truly exciting.

If You Have Young Kids, Anticipate and Utilize Nap Times

The excitement of being somewhere new might keep your kids from wanting to sleep at their regular bedtimes.

But, even considering that, they’ll probably still need their naps.

This is especially true of young kids.

Try to keep their tent ready for such times. Have them make their sleep space up every morning, or help them to do so.

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Guide To Skiing In Japan: When To Go And Where To Stay

winter in japan


Skiing in Japan – If you want to experience some of the best snow and winter action in the world, you should really get out there and ski Japan.

Japan is a mountainous nation with tons of opportunities for skiing aficionados.

Whether you love shredding up the hills or ripping through the powder, Japan has something for you.

Guide To Skiing In Japan: Is It Expensive To Ski In Japan?

It’s not more expensive to ski Japan as opposed to skiing in other countries.

The pricing is basically the same as it would be in the United States or Europe.

You’ll need to either rent or bring your own gear and buy lift passes.

Many places will allow you to rent equipment on-site, and rentals will generally run you about $70 for a full day.

This price includes poles, skis, and boots.

Similarly, you’ll pay roughly $70 for an all-day lift pass.

Japan’s mountains are no joke, so novice skiers will want to get at least a few lessons before they hit the slopes.

Ski in Japan
Ski in Japan

Depending on where you go, lessons will cost between $50 to $100.

Where Can You Go Skiing In Japan

There are plenty of places to find epic skiing in the country.

Most of them are in close proximity to resorts or other accommodations.

Ski in Myoko

Myoko is a medium-sized city that caters to high-end tourists.

The slopes in Myoko are considered to be a little more technical than in other areas, so it’s a good spot for more advanced skiers to test their skills in Japan.

Furano Skiing

During the spring and summer months, Furano is awash in lavender and beautiful flowers.

In the winter, it’s one of the premier spots to visit a posh Japanese resort and get some quality skiing in.

Skiiers of all levels will enjoy their time in Furano.

Also, the views from this lovely Japanese city are astounding.

Skiing in Asahidake

Asahidake is famous for its mammoth peak, Mount Asahi.

The volcanic activity in Asahidake makes it an ideal spot for those looking to head out and hit the slopes.

There are plenty of different trails and peaks in Asahidake for all levels of skiers.

When Can You Ski In Japan?

Ski season in Japan runs between November and May, depending on the region.

Each place is different, and the quality of the snow will depend on the altitude and latitude of the city.

When Can You Ski In Japan
When Can You Ski In Japan

If you’re planning on heading to Japan for some skiing, check the resort and location before you go.

Where Is The Best Powder Skiing In Japan?

Japan has some fantastic power skiing, and there are two destinations where you will be in powdery heaven.

Visit one of these two places, and you’re bound to have a fantastic time on your Japanese vacation.

Hakuba Skiing

Hakuba is the best place to find excellent power in Japan.

It’s located high up in the Japanese Alps and boasts tons of winter sport activity.

You can ski, snowboard, snowshoe, or hike in Hakuba.

It’s a nature lovers paradise.

It’s also relatively close to get to, as it’s near the large city of Nagano.

We recommend the Karuizawa Prince Hotel East.

Visit Hakuba, and you will not be disappointed.

Ski Niseko

Another fabulous place to ski in powdery glory is Niseko.

This town is located on Hokkaido Island and is full of incredible slopes for every fitness level.

Niseko is also a great place to check out some of Japan’s legendary hot springs.

You can get the best of both worlds, fire, and ice, in Niseko.

What Months Can You Ski In Japan?

You can technically ski in Japan between November and May, but peak season is between December and April.

In some places in Japan, ski season ends in March, so always check before you schedule your vacation.

Since snowfall and temperature varies so much in Japan, you’re best looking into particular areas.

If you want to avoid the bulk of the tourists, travel on the fringes of the season.

November and April or May see far fewer tourists than December and February.

Prices might be lower during those months as well, and you could even buy some cheaper ski equipment while visiting the country.

Whenever you’re considering traveling overseas, it’s important to book several months in advance.

As you get closer to your vacation date, prices will skyrocket.

What Months Can You Ski In Japan
What Months Can You Ski In Japan

Use an app like Hopper or Google Flights to check the status of your tickets and book when the price dips.

When Is The Best Time To Ski In Japan?

If you are looking for powder snow, travel to Japan between January and February.

Hakuba is ideal in late winter, although the resorts will be packed at that time of year.

March tends to be sunnier, and the temperatures are a little bit lower.

If you’re craving a more comfortable skiing experience, early spring might be best for you.

Realistically, the best time to ski in Japan comes down to what matters most to you.

If you want to avoid the crowds, travel at the beginning or at the end of the season for the least crowded resorts and queues.

Traveling off-season will also save you some money on airline tickets and hotel fare.

Generally, resorts will raise their rates during the peak season and drop them when the tourists trickle off.

If you’re strategic, you might be able to get some really amazing deals.

If great snow and cold conditions are essential to you, and if you have a short vacation where you can’t afford to miss a day out on the slopes, travel during the busy season.

The deep heart of winter is the best time for true snow lovers to visit the island nation of Japan.

Japan is one of the best places in the world to find some incredible skiing.

Next time you want to take an excellent wintertime trip think outside the box.

Forget Aspen or Switzerland and think about the gently sloping peaks of Japan instead.

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Can Americans Travel to Saudi Arabia

woman in hijab reading a book


Can Americans travel to Saudi Arabia? For many travelers, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been on the bucket list, but visiting this desert land seemed impossible.

Saudi Arabia has plenty of wonders to offer, and its rich history makes it the ideal place for people interested in history.

In addition, the larger cities of Saudi Arabia, like Riyadh, are sophisticated shopping destinations that cement this country’s reputation on the world stage.

Is Saudi Arabia Safe For US Citizens?

Can Americans travel to Saudi Arabia?


We’ll get into that more in the following section.

Most convenient way to get to Saudi Arabia is via Saudia, also known as Saudi Airlines , is the national airline based in Jeddah.

Saudia has regular daily flights from Jeddah to Cairo.

travel to Saudi Arabia
travel to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is also safe for US citizens as long as they abide by the rules of the kingdom.

Like all larger cities, the bigger metropolises in Saudi Arabia are home to some petty crime and theft.

It’s a good idea to keep your wits about you while traveling through the kingdom, and always remember to try to be a hard target.

Don’t keep all of your valuables located in one place.

Wear a money belt to avoid pickpockets.

Don’t appear lost or confused while out on the streets.

Violent crime is not much of an issue in Saudi Arabia, even in the larger cities.

Strict penalties deter criminal behavior and keep the streets largely safe for tourists.

Since Saudi Arabia is promoting tourism, you are far less likely to encounter nefarious elements than you would be in other parts of the world.

While some Saudis certainly don’t like Americans or agree with American policy, people from the United States are not routinely targeted in the kingdom.

It’s best to avoid talking about politics and religion while traveling in Saudi Arabia.

You might disagree with the way that things are done there, but it’s a good idea to remember that you are a guest in the country and should behave accordingly.

Can Americans travel to Saudi Arabia?

If you are concerned about your upcoming travels, check out the United States’ State Department website and sign up to receive alerts.

The State Department routinely advises travelers about any country-specific danger or problems.

You are unlikely to encounter anything, but it’s always a good idea to be prepared.

United States travelers to rural Saudi Arabia will encounter more traditional viewpoints.

It’s a good idea to remember that these areas are less progressive than the cities, and if you choose to visit them you will be expected to abide by the rules and regulations there.

Visit Jeddah Attractions Tourists Are LOVING
Visit Jeddah Attractions Tourists Are LOVING

Cultural sensitivity is absolutely necessary while traveling in the kingdom.

What Are The Requirements I Need To Travel To Saudi Arabia?

Many people wonder, “can Americans travel to Saudi Arabia?”

The short answer is yes, but you need a visa.

The travel to Saudi Arabia requirements are substantially less strict than they were in the past and the Saudi Arabia visa requirements for us citizens are fairly relaxed.

Since the United States and Saudi Arabia are strategic allies, United States citizens are welcome to visit the country.

You need to apply for a visa and pay a small fee.

The visa is valid for a year and you can enter the country several times.

Visitors can stay in Saudi Arabia for up to three months, which is plenty of time to fully explore everything that Saudi Arabia has to offer.

You need to be over the age of eighteen to apply, and women no longer need a male guardian to accompany them.

Apply for your visa several months before traveling to Saudi Arabia to ensure that you have ample time to get your passport back.

Jeddah Attractions Tourists
Jeddah Attractions Tourists

Is It Safe For Women To Travel To Saudi Arabia?

Since the kingdom is notorious for its guardianship laws and restrictions on driving, many people wonder what female travel to Saudi Arabia is like.

There are vast differences between Saudi Arabia and the United States, and many of them involve the way that women are treated between the two countries.

Women do have the ability to drive in Saudi Arabia now, and foreign women are often held to a different standard than local women. Still, there are some things to be aware of.

Women traveling through Saudi Arabia by themselves will attract a lot of attention, especially in more rural places.

It’s advisable to have someone to travel with, preferably a male, especially if you’re venturing outside of the big cities.

While it’s no longer necessary for foreign women to wear the traditional abaya, it’s still a good idea to cover up much more than you would at home.

Women will still need to wear abayas and cover their hair when entering a mosque or holy place.

Can Americans travel to Saudi Arabia
Can Americans travel to Saudi Arabia

You might run into problems when it comes to finding places to eat as a single woman.

Plenty of places are men only, and you’ll have to go in through a separate entrance.

Furthermore, hotels outside of cities are reluctant to rent rooms to single women.

Look for signs that say “family entrance”, or frequent tourist attractions that cater to both sexes.

The cities are much more progressive, and there are plenty of places where you can move around freely.

Some of Saudi Arabia’s private beaches even allow women to bask in the sun while wearing fashionable swimwear.

Women traveling by themselves will occasionally be harassed by people who don’t feel as if they’re covered up enough.

Female travelers by themselves should be aware that this might happen, but that these men have no authority over them.

If a woman feels threatened, her best course of action is to find an authority figure like a police officer and ask them to intervene.

In the past, Saudi Arabian religious police have been a concern, but they do not have any legal authority in the country, especially over foreign women.

If a traveler is harassed by someone who claims to be an authority figure and a member of the religious police, her best course of action is to seek out a real police officer.

Saudi Arabia is a fascinating country that is totally safe to visit for anyone.

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Vacation Planning Top 5 Tips to Consider While Planning

forest landscape


Vacation planning your leisure times to enjoy good moments and relax.

They should be thought out and well planned to ensure that you enjoy the vacationing time to the fullest.

Many students find it challenging to account for important factors while planning their vacations.

Many people save for the whole year to go on vacations and end up unhappy due to poor planning.

Therefore, it is essential to choose the destination wisely and plan well.

Here are some important factors you should consider when planning your vacation.

Your Vacation Budget

The first thing to take into account for planning vacation is your budget.

You should precisely plan your vacation depending on the budget you have allocated for it.

You probably need to decide the place for vacationing that best suits your budget.

Different vacationing destinations have different budget requirements.

Of course, the travelling expenses, accommodation, and food should be properly estimated so that your expenses will not exceed your budget.

Therefore, you should plan well to avoid any disappointments.

Also, remember to integrate unplanned expenses in your budget.

Use a trusted money transfer platform for sending money internationally.

Why Choose to WWOOF?
Why Choose to WWOOF?

Destination of the Vacation

Your travel destination is the place that can actually make your vacation enjoyable.

So, the destination is the most important factor you should carefully decide when planning for a trip.

You should decide a destination depending on your budget and desire.

Many people like to go visit destinations with good beaches while others like parks and natural landscapes to hunt and view wild animals.

Consider which area, city, or country you will go for the vacation and do thorough research on the expenses involved in travelling and accommodation.

Number of People

In most cases, you go with one or more persons on vacation.

It is always advisable to factor in the number of persons while planning for your vacation.

This is vital because you will need to plan for their food, travelling, accommodation, and other related expenses.

More budget will be required when more persons are going on vacations with you.

Save Water While Traveling
Save Water While Traveling

Living Accommodations

You should never underestimate the accommodation factor when it comes to vacations.

No one wants to stay in a low rated hotel with fewer facilities when he is on vacation.

Everyone wants to enjoy every moment while vacationing.

After deciding on the destination, you should research the best accommodation in that area.

Your budget should also be a major concern here.

Select the accommodation that provides maximum facilities in your budget.

Look for the hotels that provide all the accommodation services as a package.

Traveling Means

You need to have proper resources to travel to your destination.

For instance, if you are planning to go on vacations within your country, you might want to consider a road trip.

For that, you have to rent a car or use your own car.

On the other hand, if you want to go outside your country, then you need to make sure that your passport and air ticket is ready before your departure.

You may also consider a touring company for domestic touring.

6 Affordable Winter Vacation Destinations for Students

man jumping on skis back view


Affordable Winter Vacation Destinations – The US has countless beautiful destinations to give you the best winter vacations you can dream of. Use this holiday to have a break from academic responsibilities, to explore a little more this country and also take advantage of the offers of the season to travel cheap and save some money in the process.

Affordable Winter Vacation Destinations for Students

Here, we tell you about some of the cheapest destinations you can find in the US.

San Diego, California

Many believe that you can’t find cheap vacation destinations in San Diego. What they don’t know is that this is only true during summer and that in winter the costs are more student friendly. The temperature is not as warm as on a beach, but it is still nice and warmer than most cities. On this holiday you can take the opportunity to know this interesting city at a price lower than usual.

Austin, Texas

Austin stands out as the coolest city in Texas, maybe because it has a lot of hipster culture. In this city, you can enjoy street food at a higher level and have fun trying their innovative food trucks, which have delicious food and aren’t as expensive as a restaurant. Also it has a lot of local entertainment like concerts and expositions. If you go make sure to visit Rainey Street, Red River and Sixth Street. If you want the best December vacations without spending too much money, Austin is for you.

Austin Texas Winter Vacation Destinations
Austin Texas Winter Vacation Destinations


Portland, Oregon

Portland is not a city usually considered as a holiday destination, but it has much to offer to those who know where to look. The variety of food is outstanding, and the variety of coffee they have will hook any coffee lover. Also, the brewery culture is huge, so while you are there, be sure to try some craft beers. During winter the city has less influx of visitors and during this season the costs are cheaper.

Sun Valley, Idaho

Winter break is a great time to go on vacation to the beautiful Sun Valley in Idaho, so don’t let homework assignments ruin your trip. A good option is to select 100% free essays to help get free essay examples, do your research paper much faster and go on your trip without remorse. Flights to Idaho are quite cheap during winter, and once there you can enjoy a paradise for skiers.

Orlando, Florida

Without a doubt, one of the most warm places to visit in January in USA is Orlando, in Florida. Oddly, during winter these city is not so visited, so it is a great destination if you want to enjoy some crowd-free vacations, unless you decide to visit the parks which are always crowed. Take the opportunity to visit the Lake Apopka, assist in the citrus bowl or go shopping to the best malls. You could also take a day to go to some of the 5 nearby beaches, which are less than 75 minutes away.

Chicago, Illinois

The windy city should be a vacation destination for every American at some point in their lives, and student years are probably the best time. A cold Christmas in Chicago will enchant you: ice skating in the Millennium Park, visit museums and the aquarium, or a boat tour. Chicago is quite windy at this time of the year, it is the windy city, after all, so pack a couple of jackets to keep you warm.

What To Do At Legoland Chicago And What Not To Do ~ Best Tips

Chicago Bean - Cloud Gate
Chicago Bean – Cloud Gate


Warm or cold?

You haven’t decided where to go on vacation? To the mountain and have reflective days in the wild, or to a beach and have an encounter with the sea? That’s a tough call, so we tell you what you would like or not from each scenario.

Affordable Winter Vacation on a Sunny beach

  • You don’t need to expend money on clothes to protect you from cold.
  • Great for partying.
  • You will get a great tan and lots of vitamin D.
  • There are more destinations and activities to do.
  • The sea is great for your health.
  • Beaches are usually crowded during the holidays.
  • You can get serious sunburned if you are not careful.
  • The beach is more tiresome, takes a lot of energy.

Affordable Winter Vacation Christmas in the mountains

  • Great if you need to relax.
  • It gives you the chance to be in touch with the wilderness.
  • It is good to enjoy the silence and to be isolated from crowds for a while.
  • The trips to the mountain are usually long.
  • You will need to rent a cabin, which can be expensive or camp and be at the mercy of wild animals.
  • There aren’t many activities to do.

Independently of what you choose, the main objective of your winter vacations should be to disconnect from the real world and concentrate on having a great time, without hurting your pocket that much. Vacation Planning Top 5 Tips This is the best way to start next year with renewed energy and great new topics for your assignments.

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