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Everest Base Camp Trek ~ Complete Day-by-Day Guide

Plan to Hike to Everest Base Camp – Adventure means taking risks, getting out of your comfort zone, and exploring the world around you. Year after year, climbers and nature enthusiasts flock to Mount Everest, the planet Earth’s tallest mountain. The bravest, most skilled climbers make their way the mountain to appreciate the splendors of this amazing planet! Day by Day Plan for Your Hike to Everest Base Camp If you want to bask in the glory that is this majestic mountain, then a visit to Everest Base Camp is for you! A unique and completely authentic experience in the Himalayas! A difficult hike, that will reward you with exquisite views and awe-inspiring memories from your adventure! What to Expect for Your Hike to Everest Base Camp The entire trip will take a little more than two weeks. That’s 17 days of inspiring mountain vistas, immersion into the culture of … Read more

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The Most Environmentally Friendly Cities of 2021

Most Environmentally Friendly Cities of 2021 – 2020 might have been the most dramatic year of this century. It taught us many lessons and visually showed us our effects on the environment. As most of us suspended our travel activities in 2020, the desire to get out and explore has grown. Here are some of the most environmentally friendly cities of 2021. Most Environmentally Friendly Cities New York USA New York, NY, is among the most popular cities in the United States and the world. From the breathtaking attraction sites to amazing architecture, and rich culture, New York is famous for more than a dozen reasons. It is highly reputed for eco-friendliness and sustainability. Various programs have been put in place to make it a green city, including the NYC carbon challenge that seeks to reduce carbon emissions that cause air pollution. Other initiatives include the GreeNYC and the Zero … Read more

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Least Crowded National Parks You Should Visit

Least Crowded National Parks, There is much to see and explore in our mighty United States, and visiting national parks tops my list. My top five picks among the least crowded US national parks are no less worthy of visiting than the big Y’s: Yosemite and Yellowstone. They are simply more remote than the top US national parks, perhaps smaller, or in some cases, vastly larger and often harder to access. What does this mean for the adventurous traveler? Jasper National Park ~ A Place to See Incredible Wildlife Plenty of unspoiled landscape, unmarred views, and lots of room to roam. The Best of the Least Crowded National Parks Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Alaska Lake Clark National Park is teaming with volcanoes, waterfalls, rivers, and glaciers. While most visitors come in the summer months when ranger headquarters are staffed, it is open year-round. Top activities include kayaking the … Read more

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Best of Bellingham Washington Things to do in Bellingham

Traveling to Bellingham Washington, Ferndale, Blaine, Birch Bay, or Lynden for vacation? There are so many different ways to explore this beautiful area in Whatcom County. This area is an outdoor wonderland with much to do. Best of Bellingham Washington The scenery is amazing. You may want to plan time to visit Mount Baker and Vancouver Canada as well. You can explore Bellingham Bay in different locations, and experience tide pools, marine life, and water activities.   Things to do at Mount Baker — A classic year-round destination I grew up in the Midwest and while I have traveled extensively throughout the United States, I never made it to Washington state. My first time there was when I moved to Bellingham, WA. With mountains and Bellingham Bay as my backdrop, I packed up my house and toddlers and off we went. I hadn’t realized Mount Baker was so close to … Read more