The Most Environmentally Friendly Cities of 2021

Most Environmentally Friendly Cities of 2021 – 2020 might have been the most dramatic year of this century. It taught us many lessons and visually showed us our effects on the environment. As most of us suspended our travel activities in 2020, the desire to get out and explore has grown. Here are some of the most environmentally friendly cities of 2021.

Most Environmentally Friendly Cities

New York USA

New York, NY, is among the most popular cities in the United States and the world. From the breathtaking attraction sites to amazing architecture, and rich culture, New York is famous for more than a dozen reasons. It is highly reputed for eco-friendliness and sustainability. Various programs have been put in place to make it a green city, including the NYC carbon challenge that seeks to reduce carbon emissions that cause air pollution. Other initiatives include the GreeNYC and the Zero Waste Program, not to mention energy efficiency enforcement laws. As you can see in the image below showing data collated by Compare the Market, New York is one of the top 10 most visited cities in the world and has a Pollution Indicator on City Environments (PICE) equal to Dubai.

Most Environmentally Friendly Cities of 2021
Most Environmentally Friendly Cities of 2021

Berlin Germany

Who doesn’t know Berlin? It is said to be one of the most popular cities globally, with a population of 3.47million people. Over the years, the Germans have evolved to become extremely self-sufficient. They are moving towards completely kicking out gas-powered cars by 2030 and replacing them with electric cars. Can you imagine how clean their air is? Apart from clean air, some other reasons to visit Berlin include:

  • Breathtaking green spaces
  • An amazing nightlife
  • Lots of things to see and do
  • Rich culture and history to learn
  • The beer is great
Madrid Spain
Madrid Spain

Madrid Spain

By the mention of the name Madrid, what comes to mind? Football? Most definitely. This is the home of the famous Real-Madrid, and besides its glory on the pitch, it is one of the world’s greenest cities on the planet. Most of the city’s investments are on infrastructure, which has greatly boosted its architectural attractions and plant life. The citizens of this place have embraced environmental conservation activities that help make the world a better place. Here, leisure activities are mostly powered by energy-saving and environmentally friendly options like solar-powered tour boats. Environmentally friendly, hybrid and electric vehicles are also pretty common in Madrid.

san francisco cable car

San Francisco California

This Californian city is the sixth most eco-friendly worldwide. With a population of 860,000 people, the residents can ensure an affordable and sustainable lifestyle. You will realize that the lower the population, the more eco-friendly the place becomes. Its national authorities aim to have a clean and safe environment for its citizens and tourists. They educate their citizens about waste management, making it easy to protect the environment. They are also pushing towards banning specific products like plastic bags and bottles for more beneficial environmental results.

The world as it is today needs to adopt eco-friendly alternatives as far as human activity is concerned. Protecting the environment will not only benefit us today, but it will benefit our future generations even more. It helps curb various environmental problems like global warming and climate change. It just feels great traveling to a city that embraces green living!

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