Gelato Maker Pasta Maker

Gelato Maker Pasta Maker: 10 Machines that Bring the Taste of Travel Home


As I’ve said (probably one too many times) one of my favorite parts of traveling is sampling the country or region’s local specialties. But, it’s very helpful to have Gelato Maker Pasta Maker machines.

In Belize we drank Belikin (beer), in Argentina we drank Yerba Mate and ate ate Medialunas for breakfast and steak/parilla for dinner (and lots of other stuff too.) and in New Zealand we snacked on Kiwi fruit and pavlova.

But what do you do when it’s time to come home – you have to leave so many delicious foods behind you. Or do you?

Gelato Maker Pasta Maker: 10 Machines that Bring the Taste

I’ve found that with the increasing diversity in grocery stores coupled with an endless array of kitchen gadgets you can make just about anything in your own home.

One of my favorite trips (for cuisine) was a trip to Italy.  So, we got a gelato maker and a pasta maker. Another time, a friend of ours from Korea was appalled that we made sushi rolls without a proper rolling mat – so she bought us one. While these gadgets are specialized, if you make the food a lot they can be well worth the investment.

Not only are these gadgets good for your own nostalgia, they are great gifts. I think that for the traveler-who-has-everything (and isn’t traveling) kitchen gadgets are a great way to bring home the taste of a favorite travel spot.

Here are some fun kitchen gadgets that I found that I think bring home the taste of travel. I’d love to hear of any suggestions you have!

Gelato Maker Pasta Maker

Gelato Maker

I own this Lello gelato maker. It’s self-freezing which means that you don’t have to remember to pre-freeze the canister. Now all summer long (and less frequently in winter) I make my favorite types of gelato and ice cream in this machine.

Pasta Maker

We own this pasta maker. While it takes a little effort to make the pasta (each sheet has to go through the machine 10-14 times), with a glass of wine and good conversation, it’s an amazing evening. Perhaps sometime I’ll upgrade to an electric pasta machines. But for now, I can’t go wrong with the melt-in-your-mouth texture of fresh pasta in browned butter sauce.Pasta Maker

Mochi Maker

Personally, I’m a big fan of mochi ice cream. But this Japanese rice cake is also popular in soup.

Crepe Pan / Blini Pan

In Russia I ate Blini nearly every day. There are similar to crepes or blintzes and so any sort of crepe pan or griddle can also be used to make terrific blini.

Lefse Grill

Lefse is a Norwegian crepe/tortilla/flatbread like treat that is made from potatoes. My family eats them around Christmas each year. With a little bit of butter  or some cinnamon and sugar they are absolutely delicious. My mom bought a lefse grill in order to properly cook the lefse – (the griddle works well for tortillas and blini too.)

Arepa Maker

Areaps are like papusas and are commonly eaten in Columbia, Panama and Venezuela. They are relatively puffy and are made of corn. Supposedly the arepa makers will help you get the right shape and thickness more easily than a griddle might.


Moroccan Tagines are becoming quite popular since several large cooking pot manufacturers have started making these pots. I have several friends that own tagines and they all rave at the ability of the ceramic pots to tenderly cook meats and vegetables. (Perhaps this will have to be a Christmas present for me this year.)

Mongolian Hot Pot

The Mongolian Hot Pot (aka Fire pot) is used to make soup like dishes (you’ve likely had a hot pot at Chinese restaurant.)


We use our molcajete exclusively for making guacamole, though I suppose it could be used for anything a mortar and pestle could be used for. (However, we did properly season it so it’s best to just use it for guacamole.)

Sushi Rolling Mat

Sushi rolling mats are cheap, easy to use, and fun.

What other kitchen gadgets do you use (or would you like to buy for yourself) as a way to relive a visit to a favorite place?

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