Mid-Week Links

Things have been a little slow over here at Go Green Travel Green this week; but we’ve got some great content coming in the next few weeks (and a surprise series which we guarantee you will love!)

Here are a few good links for your reading pleasure:

John Vidal at the Guardian has written about the recent McMansion fires in Washington. It’s an excellent article about the fires and “eco-terrorism” in general.

Janelle at Intelligent Travel has a post about Organic Explorer, a green guide to New Zealand.

Antonia at Perceptive Travel scolds all those who produce too much trash on their flights.

In case you missed the hype a few weeks ago about the first “carbon negative” airport, The Daily Green has a good article.

And finally, if you need a little advice on how to save up some money (the other kind of “green”) for your next vacation, check out this week’s carnival of personal finance.