Hiking to the Mirador Arrayan Tea House: San Martin de Los Andes, Argentina

After experiencing the amazing Lake Agnes Tea House in Lake Louise, Canada, I was excited to learn that San Martin de los Andes, Argentina has the Mirador Arrayán Tea House. The local city guide pamphlet promised the tea house would have “excellent bakery pasties that can be also appreciated … and eaten.” Appreciated and eaten? I’m there.

We set out for our 10 km hike late morning on the part paved, part dirt road that leaves San Martin de los Andes near Lake Lacar. San Martin is a cute town of about 20,000 people nestled in a valley in the Patagonian Andes.

A gorgeous spring day with just a few clounds in the sky provided the backdrop for our hike and within 15 minutes of our hike we had a spectacular view of the city below.


Despite the trek being on a road and not a trail (you can drive to the viewpoint) we only saw a dozen or so cars. The hike was peaceful and we made it to the Mirador Arrayán in about an hour and marvled at the view trying, but failing, to succeed in capturing it all on film.

Glancing to the west you see the entirety of Lake Lacar with snow capped mountains in the background.


Looking to the east is the city of San Martin de los Andes.


We hiked the 1km further up the road, looking forward to the Mirador Arrayán Tea House, and to appreciating and eating its pastries.


We approached the Tea House, only to find a sign on the door indicating their hours of 4pm-8pm. We weren’t going to hang around for another four hours so we turned back to the lookout point, lunching instead on our backup food– smoked trout and cheese, a local specialty.

I guess we’ll never experience the Arrayán Tea House’s pastries, but the view and serenity were well worth the hike.