BPA Texting Service and Other Links

Remember that when you comment on any of this week’s posts, you’ll be eligible to for our BPA-free water bottle giveaway.

Here’s what’s happening this week in the world of green travel:

Do your products contain bisphenol A? Find out with the BPA texting service and check out the Green Guide’s Purging Your Pantry of Bisphenol A.

From Swiss army knives to coin purses – check out Lifehack’s 10 Essential Tools for Practical Travelers.

Have experience traveling with food allergies? Leave your advice for fellow travelers.

Gadling on volunteering and being with a group when traveling.

Vagabondish on 5 Simple ways to beat your travel budget

Brave New Traveler poses the question: Could You Be a War Photographer?

Allie launches her eco-friendly wedding tips, all of which can be applied to destination weddings.

Follow the journey of family of 4 (plus a dog) biking from Alaska to Patagonia.


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