10 Best Family Travel Blogs for Every Type of Travel

According to recent family travel statistics, 33% of travelers visit online communities or travel blogs to seek information before they plan trips. But if you’re reading this, you probably already know that. What you may not know, if you travel with kids: which family travel blogs you can rely on for consistently great advice.

I began my family travel blog, Pit Stops for Kids, when I first began planning my own family trips and found very little information on things to do specifically with young kids. In the time since, I’m happy to say I’ve found many other great family travel blogs. No matter what type of family travel you pursue, you’ll find a blogger with great information in the list below (which is in no particular order), each of which are fully endorsed by me: I read them, use them, and trust their editors and writers with my family trips.

favorite 10 family travel blogs

1. Ciao Bambino

offers a blog rich with international family travel experiences for kids. Plus, each of the hotels and resorts listed on Ciao Bambino is fully vetted for quality, kid-friendliness, and location. Blog founder Amie O’Shaughnessy walks the talk: she and her family live abroad, and have made good use of the experience traveling Europe finding the best hotels for kids.

2. WanderMom

is a fascinating site detailing the round-the-world travel of editor Michele Duffy and her family. Seriously, grab a cup of coffee and a cozy chair, because you’ll quickly get sucked into her travel adventures from South America to Asia to the Middle East. Full of practical advice as well as day-to-day itinerary suggestions, WanderMom is a must read for anyone contemplating long-term travel with kids.

3. The Vacation Gals

is comprised of a trio of experienced family travelers covering everything from resort travel to outdoor adventure travel, both with kids and without. ‘SoCalGal’ Jen Miner, ‘ColoradoGal’ Kara Williams, and ‘TwinCitiesGal’ Beth Blair have been there, done that. Find the latest and greatest kid-friendly hotel chain, read about the best snorkeling excursions, and get up-to-date travel news at this one-stop travel site.

4. The Mother of All Trips

is part travelogue, part travel inspiration, and part practical advice site. After reading even just a few entries on everything from museum picks to city touring, you’ll feel like you know founder Mara Gorman and her family. And bonus: she’s a foodie, so you’re sure to get great restuarant picks to help your kids become adventurous eaters!

 5. Hip Travel Mama

offers detailed, down-to-earth reviews on luxury family travel both in the U.S. and abroad. Reading founder Anne Taylor Hartzel’s entries (with beautiful photographs) is eye candy for the family travel planner. If you’re looking to splurge (or luxury is just how you roll), you’ll love scrolling through her comprehensive collection of reviews. But most refreshing is Hartzel’s celebration of the family travel lifestyle; her entries make you want to pack up and go, just for the joy of spending time with your family, no matter what your budget. Plus, many of her posts include hotel discounts and deals: that gorgeous resort may not be out of your grasp!

6. DeliciousBaby

is a one-stop resource for young child travel tips, product reviews, and hotel and restaurant recommendations. Editor Debbie Dubrow’s City Guides are extremely useful, as are her extensive travel product pages. If you travel with young kids, this site needs to be on your subscription list!

7. Pit Stops for Kids

is my own site, which started out as a road trip resource for families with young kids, and has evolved with my own children into what I hope is a full-service site of experiential travel reviews, outdoor and adventure family travel recommendations, theme park and city touring tips, and everything else you’d need to know while traveling with kids. My East Coast editor, Kate Lepore, covers all the best experiences and hotels for babies and toddlers, while I focus on fun for the school-aged set.

8. Trekaroo

is a mega-review site covering hotels, resorts, museums, and other attractions in all fifty states. You can find reader reviews (or submit your own) on just about every attraction from California to Maine, but the real gold is on the blog, where editor Sharlene Earnshaw (and other top travel bloggers) report the latest travel industry news, review the newest resorts and theme park openings, and offer crucial travel tips.

9. Travel Savvy Mom

offers exactly what the name suggests: smart travel tips and great destinations across the U.S. I particularly appreciate the site’s outdoor travel bent, and how easy it is to find reviews on exactly where you’re thinking of going using their sidebar navigation.

10. TravelMamas

is a family travel site based in San Diego, CA, but takes travelers all over the world with an emphasis on travel tips and advice from editor (and soon to be book author) Colleen Lanin. Learn how to pack for a long trip, keep kids happy on the plane, organize a home exchange, book a cruise, and more.

Of course, the above list represents only a fraction of the quality family travel blogs out there. It doesn’t begin to cover all the great regional blogs, specialty blogs, and blogs dedicated to only one age group. If you want to find the perfect travel blog for your trip or family, submit a comment below! I’ll reply with a link to just the right blog for you and your family.

What family travel blogs do you turn to for advice? As a traveler, what are you looking for in a travel blog?


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