5 Holidays That Promote Wellness

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Holidays That Promote Wellness – Taking a holiday is a good way of taking care of yourself, especially with the hectic lives most of us lead.

However, holidays and vacations aren’t just a way of relaxing; they can also be a way of promoting our overall wellness as well.

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making relevant choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life.

It is taking care of your emotional, spiritual, and physical needs.

Holidays That Promote Wellness

The following holiday adventures can promote your general wellness. 

Holidays That Promote Wellness
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Sri-Lanka happens to be home to some of the most spectacular Buddhist temples, monuments, and historical sites in the world.

You could take a walk to the temples in the ancient cities.

In the corner of the lake of town Kandy, there lies the beautiful Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic.

Legends say that this beautiful temple was saved from Buddha’s funeral pyre and traveled a long way to finally settle in this ancient town.

This Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic is set in in a very quiet and serene part of the lake making a must-go-to place to go to when doing a spiritual pilgrimage in Sri-Lanka.

Just a few hours from the great town Kandy there lays a dusty town known as Dam bulla.

At the entrance of the town lies Cave Temples that are guarded by a large golden statue of Buddha that marks the way up the hill.

This is a great place to take a spiritual pilgrimage walk as you experience the breath-taking views and scenery.

The caves have almost 2000 years of history that can help you learn the most important murals and statues.


Soaking outdoors in a geothermal pool is a vital part of the Iceland experience.

This is a sure way of; meditation and relaxation.

Surprisingly, every settlement in Iceland regardless of the size has a geothermal pool sited in it.

Therefore, you don’t have to travel far from where you reside to get to experience these natures’ gifts.

Some of the geothermal pools that you can go to in search of wellness are;

bluelagoon Reykjavik Iceland
Bluelagoon Reykjavik Iceland

The Blue Lagoon, Reykjanes

This pool is located just off the highway that links this town to the international airport at Keflavik.

This makes it very accessible if you are flying in from another country.

This glorious spa has brightly colored water which is an outflow from a geothermal power station located nearby and has fine white silt that is considered a cure for every type of skin condition.

Therefore, this is a perfect travel destination that will promote your wellness.

Nautholsvik Geothermal beach, Reykjavik

This is a small white sand beach that is located in the worlds northernmost capital.

It is usually packed with the locals of the area, particularly on sunny days.

It has 2 hot tubs steaming at 38 degrees calcium making it a very enjoyable and relaxing place to go to at any season of the year.


It is situated on the gravel plains of a surprisingly bright wasteland of vivid orange Rhyolite Mountains.

This pool is usually referred to as the “farmers hot bathing pool” seeps out under the edge of a lava flow that traces back to the 15th century.

Walking upstream to where the two flows, cold and hot mixes is a dramatic show for you to watch as you meditate and relax your mind


You can choose to visit the Aryaval monastery and meditation centre in Mongolia to experience true spiritual relaxation and wellness.

This meditation center was successfully inaugurated in 2006 after very many years of construction.

The center is located on the hillside of a mountain covered with granite rocks and larches in the Terelj National park.

You will not only get to experience the true state of spiritual wellness but also get to admire the new sculpture of Buddha that was recently carved in the rock.

The mediation hut is located at the top of the hill.

It’s recommended that the best time to visit Mongolia is in July, in time for Nadaam Festival, which presents an opportunity to let your hair down after finding yourself.


Mozambique is blessed with several of the most spectacular beaches in Africa.

It is also well known for its fantastic marine life.

Africa is in other terms is a marine time country.

The country is pretty much all about wonderful snorkeling, fishing, and diving activities, so anyone looking to relax can tailor make their Mozambique getaway, to fit their own rehabilitation needs. 

This is a very good opportunity to reconnect with natures finest marine life creatures.

It is also a good place to promote your overall wellness.

Taking part in the activities can be an ultimate stress reliever and a way to relax both physically and mentally.

The country has an astonishing 2500 kilometers of the great Indian Ocean frontage that separates South Africa from Tanzania.

On the south of Mozambique is the archetypal tropical Nirvana beach that offers world-class activities like game fishing.

You can also get to reconnect with the wonderful nature as by visiting the following national park;

  • Ranascent Gorongosa National Park
  • Island of Biera
  • The vast Niassa Game Reserve bordering Tanzania
Mozambique Beaches
Mozambique Beaches


You can decide to volunteer with the orangutans in Borneo and play your part in saving the critically endangered great ape.

Sumatra and Borneo, orangutans are currently only found in the rain forests of these islands.

Most of the orangutan volunteer programmes are offered to strive to help protect the great apes.

They also offer award-winning orangutan volunteer programmes that work to improve the lives of those apes in captivity.

Therefore, by volunteering, you will not only promote your wellness but also you will play a vital role in assisting to bring these amazing creatures back to the brink.

The above holiday adventures are a great choice to promote your wellness.

From looking after the Orangutans in Borneo to reconnecting with nature in Mozambique to taking a spiritual pilgrimage walk in Sri-Lanka to meditation in Mongolia, you can be sure to find the activity that you think will best promote your overall wellness.

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