Discover the Secret Sun-Kissed Surfing Haven of Malaga, Spain Beaches!

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It would be fair to say that ever since the first tourism and vacation travel boom in the 1970s, Malaga has been one of the most visited and most revered European holiday destinations. The province of Málaga is in Andalusia on the southern coast of Spain. It’s on the southern mediterranean coast. It’s an area known for beautiful beaches which are ideal for surfing and other fun-in-the-sun activities. Located on the heavenly, sun-kissed Costa del Sol on the coast of Spain, Malaga is a holiday town that boasts the best of both worlds.

You will enjoy a wonderfully rich historic and cultural experience in the heart of the old town, and stretches of beautiful beach. Malaga also acts as a hub for the Costa del Sol. Many of the region’s main attractions are within easy reach, including the best surfing beaches in this part of Spain. If you and your board are considering Malaga as your next holiday destination, then take a look at some of the very best beaches for surfing in this region. You’ll find the best beach for you!

Malaga is the perfect place for surfers looking for the perfect wave. From secluded beaches to lively beach bars, our guide takes you through the best of Malaga’s sun-kissed coastline. Discover secret spots, breathtaking views, and the crystal-clear waters of El Palo beach to the quaint charm of La Cala de Mijas.

Escape to Malaga, Spain’s stunning sun-kissed beaches and explore the secret surfing haven of this beautiful coastal city. Malaga, Spain is the perfect destination for surfers seeking a sun-kissed getaway. Explore its beautiful beaches, warm waters, and spectacular views. Take a surfing class, relax on the sand, or experience the local culture

El Chanquete Beach Malaga, Spain

Situated in the El Palo area, El Chanquete beach is undoubtedly one of the most popular places for surfing in Malaga. There are sufficient parking areas and permanent showers. The facilities are great. The westerly and easterly winds provide plenty of interesting and challenging waves.

Benajarafe Beach

This beach is situated in Velez-Malaga. It also boasts plenty of easy access and parking areas for surfers to turn up and spend the entire day on the waves. Visit this Spanish beach on days when the wind is coming from the east. You will have the best chance to catch the most impressive waves. The side of the beach where the town ends is the best side for surfing.

Fuengirola Beach

Known for its glorious sandy beaches, Fuengirola is located in southern Spain. It’s in a town on the Costa del Sol. This Spanish beach boasts 5 miles of beachfront (7 km). It’s a popular destination for festivals and concerts. It gets crowded during the tourist season during Easter and again June to September. As far as facilities, there is a separate area from the bathers for water sports where you can rent equipment for scuba diving and more. There are also restaurants and beach bars. 

There are seven different sections of the Fuengirola beaches. Many of these sections have hotels, public toilets and showers, sun beds and umbrellas for rent, snack bars, surf schools, restaurants and more. From east to west, these sections complete the 7 kilometer stretch:

  • Torreblanca: Facilities include restrooms. If you tire of surfing, they also have water sport equipment to rent for jet skiing, windsurfing, and kayaking. 
  • Las Gaviotas: At this section, there are also public toilets and showers. There are also lifeguards. 
  • Los Boliches: A great spot for surfing, this stretch of beach has other water sports, children’s area, beach cots to rent, and public restrooms. There are lots of tourists here.
  • The Port
  • San Francisco
  • Santa Amalia Beach

If you don’t mind taking a few holiday taxis to some beaches further afield, then you can experience some perfect wave conditions. Surfers venturing just outside of Malaga into the wider areas of Andalusia will love the Santa Amalia beach in Fuengirola. The town is filled with specialized surfing shops that will delight fans of the sport. And of course, the waves that the beach creates are more than worth travelling from Malaga for!

  • El Ejido / El Castillo: This is the western most section of beachfront. 

Visiting this area of southern Spain will sure to add some fun to your surfing vacation. Aside from the different surfing beaches, you’ll find beach bars, the perfect meal, entertainment and more.

Artola-Cabopino Beach

This is a famous beach among Spanish and European surfers, especially the small area between the Cabopino Marina and the breakwater. Thanks to its sandy bottom, this particular stretch of the beach enjoys huge waves. At Cabopino Beach, surfers can try some of the more advanced moves in their lockers.

Pijil-Lagos Beach

Pijil-Lagos is another beach located in the popular Velez-Malaga region. It’s in the Lagos neighborhood, in between Torrox and Alarrobo, Spain. Do like the locals do. Head to the western part of the beach in order to catch the biggest breaks. You’ll find moderate waves at this beach.

Bil-Bil Beach

The wonderfully named Bil-Bil Beach is located near the popular Benalmadena Marina. It has an all-sand bottom. This sandy bottom combined with the fact that the wind most commonly blows from the east means that visitors will be able to enjoy some of the biggest waves that any Malaga beach has to offer. What’s more, the laid back, vibrant atmosphere that Bil-Bil beach boasts is something that all surfers will absolutely love. When planning to surf in Spain, be sure to check out Bil-Bil Beach.

Los Lances De Tarifa Beach

Los Lances de Tarifa is a magnificent beach situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It’s located in the province of Cádiz, Andalusia and is at the southernmost end of the Iberian Peninsula. It is perfect for unique surfing conditions. This stretch of beach is known for wind sports. 

Just 14 km away from Africa, Playa-de-los-Lances beach has become something of a pilgrimage location for dedicated surfers from all over the world. If you travel to Spain for surfing, be sure to check it out. The strong winds that blow all year round make for incredibly high waves, perfect for surfers who are looking to express themselves! Tarifa is also Europe’s capital of kite surfing. Don’t forget to book your airport transfer when you visit. You will love experiencing a beach vacation in any one of these beautiful areas.

Choosing beach surf spots near Malaga Spain

Planning a surfing vacation in Spain means you’ll have your pick of some of the most beautiful beaches with golden sand. Stay at one of the hotels on the beach to be just minutes away. Enjoy soaring waves, surf breaks, and some of the sandiest beaches around. Experienced surfers will have their pick of places to choose from. If you are beginner, you can check out surf schools as well. It’s a great way to paddle surf as you learn. They will also have wetsuits you can use so you don’t have to bring everything with you or invest in equipment. A side note: If you’ve heard of Malaga Cove, or RAT Beach or RAT point, this is in California, not Spain. 

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