3 Easy Hacks for Getting More Exercise on Your Holiday

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Exercise on Your Holiday vacation might be the ultimate time to unwind, but that doesn’t mean you have to let your exercise routine slide.

While it might be tempting to take a break, and treat yourself to some rest and relaxation, you don’t want to let your hard work go to waste.

Getting More Exercise on Your Holiday

Instead of abandoning your healthy lifestyle while you’re away, why not use your vacation to broaden your horizons and expand your workout regime?

If you don’t fancy spending your holiday lifting weights or running on the treadmill, try these three easy hacks for getting more exercise on your holidays…Tips for Surviving Stressful Business Trips

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Get off the Beaten Track

When you’re in a new location, you will want to explore as much as possible. Whether you are heading to a secluded mountainside resort, a sun kissed tropical beach, or a bustling city, you can combine your sightseeing excursions with a little exercise.

Seek out hiking trails or even walking tours and you’ll soon be hitting your daily step target. In fact, many people find that they walk further than they normally would when they explore new locations on foot.

If walking isn’t your style, hire a bike or take one with you. Cycling is a fabulous form of exercise and traveling on two wheels will mean you can cover a larger area in the time available.

Try Something New

Being on holiday gives you the ideal opportunity to try your hand at something new. From skiing down snowy slopes and sledding, to traveling across canyons and gorges on a zipwire, you’ll find all manner of weird and wonderful activities to try.

If you’re traveling to a coastal location, you’ll have no problem squeezing some exercise into your routine. With an array of watersports on offer, you’ll barely even realize that you’re burning calories or building muscle.

For the best water workouts, give paddle boarding a try, book a water-skiing adventure, or arrange a kite surfing excursion. As well as being a great way to incorporate some exercise into your trip, trying a new activity could lead to a lifelong passion or a fun new hobby.

While you may not be able to recreate the ocean in your backyard, you’ll find plenty of water sports activity centers on dry land too!

Enter a Local Event

If you really need some motivation to keep yourself on track, sign up for a local event while you’re on vacation. Whether it’s a local 5km run, a half marathon or a triathlon, you’ll have the incentive you need to maintain your training while you’re away.

Of course, taking part in a local activity can be a great way to know the area and meet some locals too.

With plenty of events offering online registrations, you can book your place as soon as you’ve confirmed your trip and amp up your training straight away!

Many sponsored events actually incorporate major landmarks and tourist attractions, so you could increase your heart rate, raise money for your favorite charity, and explore your vacation destination in style if you choose to sign up for a local event.

Keeping Fit on Vacation - Getting More Exercise on Your Holiday
Keeping Fit on Vacation – Getting More Exercise on Your Holiday

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Keeping Fit on Vacation

If you want to do some daily exercise while you’re away, bear this in mind when you’re booking your accommodation. Choosing a resort with a gym or a private villa with a pool ensures you will have easy access to fitness facilities throughout your stay.

With a new environment to explore and a whole range of activities to try, maintaining your exercise regime on vacation can be even easier than when you’re at home! If you have an active vacation planned, you are all set. However, if you are sitting a lot, perhaps taking a long flight only to sit on a long bus tour, etc., you need a plan to get moving. Whether this involves stretching, using fitness equipment, taking a fast walk or run, using resistance bands, swimming in the hotel pool, or something else, it’s important to exercise when traveling.