Where Are Yeti Coolers Made?

Where Are Yeti Coolers Made

Where Are Yeti Coolers Made – So, you plan on going on a fishing trip, hunting trip, camping trip, a day at the beach, a picnic at the park, or anything in between. Of course, to keep all of your drinks cold, to keep your food from spoiling, and to keep those beers frosty, you need a good cooler. One of the biggest and best brand names out there right now when it comes to the world of coolers and ice chests is Yeti. Yeti is a brand of outdoor products that has been around for over 50 years. However, they have only recently started to appear on the retail scene in the United States. Yes, you have probably heard of the Yeti brand name before, and yes, the name is quite fitting seeing as Yetis are ice monsters, also known as abominable snowmen. The name itself already tells you just … Read more

3 days in Washington DC Travel Itinerary

3 days in Washington DC Travel Itinerary of What to See

Washington DC Travel Itinerary – Despite its east coast location, Washington DC lies at the very heart of the United States. The national capital is not only home to the president, but also the site of many significant moments from the country’s history. Washington DC can be explored in the monuments and museums that embellish its streets. Thus, when looking at tours in USA, make sure to consider ones that include the US capital. 3 days in Washington DC Travel Itinerary Here we share a 3-day travel itinerary to ensure you make the very most of Washington DC. Day 1 – Gaze upon the original Declaration of Independence Washington’s compact size – as a planned city built on territory gifted by neighboring Maryland – makes much of the capital walkable. However, the upper deck of an open-topped tour bus provides an ideal way of getting to know the city sights … Read more

Best Coolers Like Yeti

Best Coolers Like Yeti in 2023

What are the best coolers like Yeti? So, you love Yeti coolers — Yeti being a renowned brand name in the world of coolers, perhaps the biggest. That said, if for whatever reason you don’t like this brand name, whether it’s the price, style, availability, or anything in between, there are other coolers that are just as good. Today we have put together a list of the best coolers like Yeti in 2022, so let’s get right to it. Best Coolers like Yeti Reviews RTIC 20 Cooler This is a nice little cooler that’s more than ideal for personal use, whether you want to take your lunch to the jobsite or a few cold ones to the beach. It might not be the cheapest option of all coolers out there, but if you’re looking for a cooler like a Yeti, one for a lower cost but with the same level … Read more

middle age man riding an electric scooter

Are E-Scooters Safe Sustainable and Green or Dirty and Deadly

E-Scooters – If you live in a major American city, then chances are you’ve seen rentable electric scooters or electric skateboards within the past year. Certainly, major reasons for this surge in e-scooter use has to do with convenience and availability. For instance, recent data from DePaul University shows most Chicagoans use e-scooters either in the morning or after work. It’s also clear most people only “scoot” short distances on their daily commute. The National Association of City Transportation Officials now estimates Americans took about 38.5 million rides on these devices in 2018 alone. Amazingly, that’s higher than trips on dockless bikes, which came in at around 36.5 million. So, the convenience factor is undeniable, but what about other claims e-scooter companies make? According to the CDC, regarding safety, the most e-scooter injuries are head trauma, bone fracture, sprains, cuts, and bruises. E-Scooters are They Safe & Sustainable or Dirty … Read more

woman with cap and backpack for hiking

Brazos Walking Sticks – This Hickory Walking Stick ROCKS!

Brazos Walking Sticks – This Hickory Walking Stick ROCKS! Over the years, I’ve hiked thousands of miles…in the military, as a Boy Scout Leader, just in my rural neighborhood. For many of those miles, especially recently, I’ve used a sturdy walking-hiking stick. My favorite is from Brazos Walking Sticks The quality of the hiking/walking stick you carry makes all the difference. The day I first tried Brazos Walking Sticks changed my hiking life forever. In fact, their Brazos Hickory Hiking Stick has become my favorite companion on dozens of treks. It’s so comfortable in my hand that I’ve started to feel a little out-of-step when I don’t have it with me even for a short stroll around the block. I didn’t always feel that way. Brazos Hiking Sticks I used to meet people on the trail who were using walking sticks, and I couldn’t figure out why they’d want to … Read more