10 Places to Enjoy Green Holiday in the Wilderness

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Green Holiday in the Wilderness – Life in a big city is exciting as you wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and fresh bagels but there are times when you wish it was the fragrance of fresh grass that you woke up instead.

This is when you dream about a place where living green is the essence of life.

Travel planners like Far And Wild Travel help you find places for a thrilling yet sustainable vacation.

Green Holiday in the Wilderness

Nature urges true travelers to maintain the sanctity of the place they are visiting and that’s what sustainable travel is all about.

Kumarakom, Kerala, India

One of the greenest destinations in the Indian subcontinent, Kumarakom is a land of ethereal beauty.

The eye meets a different shade of green, everywhere you look.

Located on the Vembanad Lake, this little hamlet is a treasure trove of nature.

There are backwaters to explore on a houseboat which takes you through picturesque shores lined with tall coconut trees.

Staying on the houseboat, eating locally caught fresh food that is cooked fresh, right in front of you makes your holiday as green as Kerala is.

Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kandy, Sri Lanka
Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kandy is the favorite destination of anyone seeking a green holiday in Sri Lanka.

The country promotes eco-tourism and staying in eco-lodges or with the indigenous tribes are just some of the things you can do to have a green holiday.

The place is perfect for a laid-back holiday in the folds of nature that has green vistas covered with tea plantations, mountains, and cascading waterfalls, as you breathe the fresh air which brings with it a whiff of aromatic tea.

As you enjoy a sumptuous meal served to you on a enormous tree leaf, you know what a bliss it is to go on a green holiday.

Madagascar, Africa

What you get in Madagascar is a holiday in the wilderness, packed with hordes of wildlife which is equally fascinating.

If you are a nature enthusiast, the place is a paradise packed with not just dense forests but also beaches that are surrounded by a green belt of palm trees.

Despite being so rich in natural beauty, Madagascar is still an economically poor country and traveling to such places warrants that we do our bit in terms of maintaining their riches by not buying anything made illegally from forest or animal resources.

Another step is to go off-piste and stay in eco-accommodation that is an important part of having a green holiday.

Botswana, Africa

The wilderness of Botswana provides the perfect backdrop for a tranquil vacation where you seek to relish the bounties of nature; be it the lush green foliage all around you or the wildlife that languishes in it.

Botswana offers you so many options to explore its beauty.

You can get on a traditional mokoro to wade through the meandering waters of the Okavango Delta, witness the beauty of the plains astride a horse or simply go around on foot.

The delta teaches you how to enjoy nature without leaving a carbon footprint.

Stockholm, Sweden

What if we told you that there is a building in Stockholm called Kungsbrohuset that uses people’s body heat for heating the building?

Or that the geothermal station in the city channels the body heat of its over 200,000 commuters into the water which is then used to provide heating to the city?

You would want to pack your travel bags and head to this vibrant Scandinavian city.

You can see the green initiatives of the city being reflected in its literal greenery as well.

The city has as many as 12 parks lined with tall trees overlooking the canals that cut through the parks.

Dominica, Caribbean Islands

Dominica, Caribbean Islands
Dominica, Caribbean Islands

Nestled between Guadeloupe and Martinique, this 29-mile long island called Dominica is a beacon for a green holiday.

It was the first country in the world to be marked as an eco-friendly destination by Green Globe.

Mountains carpeted with green tropical rainforests, thermal springs, the Emerald Pool, bubbling Boiling Lake in Morne Trois Pitons National Park, and waterfalls that spiral down graciously give this place a breathtaking look.

The eco-lodges here are built with materials like bamboo. They even compost their toilet paper and you can have a sip of water right from the fresh springs!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a city that urges you to take the tram and ditch your own car.

And did you know, it has as many bicycles as the number of people there?

In fact, the air of this city feels so clean because of its green initiatives that you will feel as if you have grown a pair of new lungs.

The city must be on your travel wishlist if you are looking for a green spot.

Tree-lined canals, lush green parks, and dedicated cycle tracks are a testimony to this city being Europe’s greenest city.

Oslo, Norway

It is green and it stays that way too. Oslo was Europe’s Green Capital in 2019 for its efforts in maintaining what nature has bestowed on it in terms of its beauty.

The city follows a sustainable style of living with car-free streets, clean lakes, and locals seen on bikes.

All this has made Oslo a perfect destination for having a green holiday.

This city is not just green in terms of its picturesque setting but it is also a truly green city where the pristine beauty has been maintained by people through their awareness about eco-friendliness.

Kenya, Africa

Giraffe in Kenya, Africa
Giraffe in Kenya, Africa

Love wildlife and love to travel in a sustainable way? Then Kenya is where you must plan your next holiday.

The national parks of Kenya are homes to some gorgeous animals like elephants, lions, and rhinos but when you visit the country to see these beauties you do not in any way hamper the ecological balance.

Eco-lodges that use sustainable forms of energy, renewables used for tourists and water conservation are just some of the ways Kenya is doing its bit for the planet.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana has to its credit winning the European Green Capital Award which told the world about this hidden gem of Slovenia.

The city has green walkways, gardens with fountains gushing out crystal clear water and mountains all around.

Eco-friendly public transport, the tap water which is the cleanest in all of Europe and free transport for the elderly are what make Ljubljana so impressive.

The city sets a fine example when it comes to maintaining urban sustainability in things as small as its food that uses locally grown ingredients.

These destinations have maintained their natural beauty only because the locals as well as tourists know what it means to be eco-friendly.

So, if you too want to plan a green holiday without compromising on the fun and excitement, head to one of the aforementioned destinations.