Fun Outdoor Activities to Do While Travelling with Your Dog

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Travelling With Your Dog – It’s important to regularly arrange outdoor activities to go on with your dog to keep them healthy and fit, but also to give them some fun entertainment.

You don’t want to keep your dog cooped up in the house or apartment all day long.

These outdoor activities will keep your dog happy and tire your dog out so that he or she stays out of trouble when back at home.

The best part is, these outdoor activities are great for your health and fitness, too.

Traveling with your dog
Traveling with your dog

Being outdoors and in nature are linked to happiness, as fresh air is known for being a great natural mood-booster.

Not every activity is dog-friendly, but plenty of fun outdoor activities are dog-friendly and some are even more fun when you bring a dog.

Fun Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Dog

Below are 6 of the best outdoor activities to do with your dog. How Animal Therapy Helps People


Hiking is one of the best outdoor activities for physical fitness and sight-seeing.

Hiking is one of the best ways to see some of the most beautiful views in your area, and to get a great workout in as well.

Dogs love hiking because it’s great exercise and they get to spend time with you.

Most hiking trails have rest stops where you can hang out with your dog, enjoy the view – and don’t forget to feed your dog some food and water at these rest stops, too.
traveling with a dog


Most dogs are comfortable on a boat, or can be trained to ride on a boat safely.

It’s common knowledge that dogs love to stick their head out of the window of a moving car, because they love watching the world go by with the fresh air whipping onto their face.

Boating is a similar luxury for a dog, since they get to have that same feeling they get in a car, except they don’t have to roll down a window.

If you want to go boating with your dog, be sure to test the waters and make sure your dog is comfortable on a boat.

If your dog loves boating, it will become one of your favorite outdoor activities to do with your dog.


If your dog loves swimming in the ocean, a beach day is a great outdoor activity.

You can both get some much-needed sunlight and both of you can swim.

Swimming is a great form of exercise for your dog because it’s low-impact and safe.

Pack a blanket and a picnic with dog treats and your own snacks.

Fill the day with an easy combo of swimming and relaxing on shore.

For added fun, pack a ball or Frisbee to toss around with your dog on the beach.


It’s nice to bring your dog on a camping trip, especially since it will make you feel safer.

A dog can act as a protector on a camping trip, and most campers agree that they feel more at ease camping in rural areas when they bring their dog.

Typically, camping involves some hiking to get to the camping spot, which is great since it gives you and your dog some exercise.

Once you set up your tent, you can fire up your portable grill and keep your dog warm by a fire.

Farmer’s Market

When you’re walking through a local farmer’s market, sampling new foods and shopping for produce, why not bring your dog?

Many vendors even have puppy bowls for thirsty dogs, and some vendors will even feed your dog a treat.

If your dog is friendly, it’s a great way to interact with people.

If you’re single, your dog could be the ice-breaker you need to talk to an attractive person you spot at the market.

Dog Park

The dog park is a great place to interact with other dog-owners, while your dog gets to play with other dogs.

At a dog park, you as the dog owner can make new friends in your area, and your dog gets to run free if it’s an off-leash dog park.

Your area should have some off-leash dog parks, as most neighborhoods do.

Make sure to bring a ball to play fetch with your dog, and bring some dog treats so that when you’re ready to leave the park, your dog will come to you.

Without a dog treat bribe, it might be difficult to convince your dog to leave!

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