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Best Women’s Shoes: KEEN Mary Jane Review

Updated: February 22nd, 2020In my quest to find the best travel shoes, KEEN was kind enough to send me a pair of Verona Mary Jane women’s shoes to review. Kuru Shoes Review – Women’s Travel Shoe Review Kuru Halcyon Shoes They’re cute, comfortable, and make excellent travel shoes. Learn more by reading our KEEN Mary Jane Review. KEEN Mary Jane Review – the pros Here’s what I like about these women’s KEENs. Keen Comfort and … Read more

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Stainless Steel Travel Mug Contigo Travel Mug Review

We’ve written a ton about stainless steel water bottles; but as the school year approached I began to consider how I was going to transport tea to school. I would venture to say that the Contigo mug is the best stainless steel travel mug there is .… I would highly recommend these mugs as a gift this season for any traveler, student, or commuter.

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Best Travel Shoes, Travel Sandals, Walking Shoes and Hiking Boots

Updated: February 22nd, 2020Best Travel Shoes, Travel Sandals, Walking Shoes and Hiking Boots – If there’s one thing you can’t leave for your next vacation without — it’s travel shoes. And given that, when traveling, you probably walk a good deal more than usual, it’s critical to have the best travel shoes and travel sandals. So, we’ve compiled a list of what to look for in the best travel shoes so you know which traveling … Read more

Change Name on Airline Ticket

Change Your Name on an Airline Ticket Lessons Learned

I posted about a name change on my airline ticket.. In the end, I was able to travel on that ticket without paying a fee — but it wasn’t easy. Read on to learn how to fly with your current ticket, without paying any fees, plus 5 tips for tips for flying without changing your ticket.

Find Cheap Airline Tickets Cheat Sheet

Find Cheap Airline Tickets: Cheat Sheet

I’ve compiled a cheat sheet detailing exactly how to find cheap airline tickets. Depending on when you go, and where you go, there is a best search engine for you to help you find cheap plane tickets.

Priceline for Car Rentals

Ultimate Guide to Priceline Bidding Hacks

The trick here is that you can “game” the Priceline Bidding system by adding zones that don’t have hotels in your class (e.g., if you bid on a 4 star hotel, add a city nearby that doesn’t have any 4 star hotels in it) details at   How to Beat Priceline Check Priceline’s Airline Statistics for the most popular routes to see savings (from Airfare Watchdog, Priceline Now Posting Bid Statistics ) Be patient…. (from Priceline Bidding Strategies ) Priceline Bidding works best for 3 and 4 star hotels, not 2 star hotels and lower (from BidonTravel ) d

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Argentina Money Hacks: Costs, ATMs, Coin Shortage

However, if you’re ever planning on visiting the country there are two other key things to note and they are so important they warrant a separate post…. So, when you head to Argentina make sure you either plan to visit the ATM frequently, bring US Dollars to exchange, or (and I hate to suggest this) bring Traveler’s Checks.

Tikal Mayan Ruin view

Tikal National Park, Guatemala – Hidden Ruins, Animals & More

My first visit to Mayan ruins was to Lubaantun in Belize several years ago. Since then, I’ve also been to Xunantunich, a magnificent spot near San Ignacio, Belize…. This means that as you go from temple to temple, you walk by huge mounds of dirt and grass, often with large trees sticking out.