10 Things To Do With a Kids in London

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We are come up with 10 Things To Do With a Kids in London, but the possibilities for entertaining a toddler in London are practically limitless.

With their abundant curiosity and enthusiasm, kids often make wonderful travelers.

As a city with numerous attractions designed to appeal to little ones, watch sunset in London , rooftop activities and views in London just might be the ideal destination for families.

Here are a few highlights. Planning a Trip to London

10 things to do with a kids in London

Kids in London to London Zoo Penguin Beach
Kids in London to London Zoo Penguin Beach
kids in London at Science Museum
kids in London at Science Museum

London Zoo is popular for kids in London

It’s no secret that kids love animals.

Indulge that enthusiasm with a trip to this fantastic zoo that offers a number of live shows highlighting some of rarest animals in the world.

Little ones are particularly drawn to the Penguin Beach shows and otter feeding time.

The zoo also hosts children’s birthday parties, so anyone celebrating while in London can plan a memorable event.

Science Museum

This free attraction is an amazing experience for visitors of all ages, but it’s particularly appealing to toddlers.

An exhibition known as the Garden is found in the facility’s basement, and it definitely caters to the under six crowd.

Of particular note is the water play area.

Kids are provided with raincoats so as not to get soaked while playing with the boats and pumps.

There are also giant Lego bricks that tots are unable to resist.

Everything in the Garden is made to be touched and played with, so it’s a wonderful spot.

Exhibits in other portions of the museum allow little ones to dress up and explore outer space.

Plus, any kid in London who loves cars and trains will never want to leave this place.
Kids in London at Museum of Childhood

Natural History Museum

Many kids develop a fascination with dinosaurs at a very young age.

If your child loves these ancient creatures, then the Natural History Museum is the spot for them.

The institution’s world renowned collection of dinosaur skeletons is second to none.

Kids will want to spend hours gazing at the towering beasts.

Little ones also love the earthquake room where they can experience a trembler in complete safety.

They also enjoy measuring themselves against the giant sequoia and saying hello to the resident Komodo dragon.

Children in London to London Coram's Fields
Children in London to London Coram’s Fields

Museum of Childhood is a Great Destination for Kids in London

Another free attraction that little kids just can’t seem to resist, this is a fun and exploratory place with plenty of interactive activities.

Children adore playing dress up here, but perhaps the best attraction is the marvelous rocking horses.

The exhibit of puppets and toy theaters draws a great deal of admiration, and other kids marvel at the impressive collection of cars.

This is one museum where there is something for every child to love.

Children in London to London Vauxhall City Farm
Children in London to London Vauxhall City Farm

Coram’s Fields

Located in the center of London, this lovely, sprawling park space is the perfect place to burn off some energy.

In warmer weather, tots adore the paddling pool, but there is always something fun to do in the park’s seven acres no matter the season.

This is a park specifically designated for children.

Accordingly, no adults may enter unless they are accompanying a child.

Carefully selected staff members are always on hand to help, which can give parents a welcome break.

There is much to explore here including sand pits and a fabulous playground.

The pet’s corner is packed with goats and other friendly animals.

Vauxhall City Farm

Offering a quiet countryside escape in the midst of urban sprawl, this remarkable spot is wonderful for children.

It’s very small and doesn’t require a lot of time, but young visitors are always thrilled by the assortment of animals.

With Shetland ponies, rabbits, cows, alpacas and more, this is a wonderful way to pass a quiet hour.

The Discover Centre

Found in Stratford, this amazing attraction is packed with interactive exhibits that let kids make up stories of their own.

Designed for children under 11, this place appeals to a variety of ages.

Kids love the Story Trail which features a thrilling secret cave.

Other top displays include an indoor slide, dragons, a helicopter, puppet theaters and dress up clothes.

Kids could easily spend hours here.

Imaginative staff members also help to bring alive this fascinating place.

Museum of London Docklands

Kids adore this museum mainly for the Mudlarks section, but there are many other things to hold their interest here as well.

The Mudlarks children’s gallery is completely interactive, giving even the littlest visitors the chance to explore London’s bustling docks.

In the soft play area, which is ideal for kids and children explore a DLR train and other playthings.

They might dig for treasure or figure out how to dam a river.

Children enjoy other sections of the museum too.

The Sailortown and Warehouse of the World exhibits are sensory delights that fire the imagination of kids.

Kids in London will Love the London Aquarium
Kids in London will Love the London Aquarium

Children in London will Love the London Aquarium

Children under the age of three visit this attraction for free.

Plan a visit in the afternoon to be able to watch the sharks being fed.

In fact, the new Shark Reef Encounter area is one of the best reasons to visit the aquarium.

Little kids marvel at the glass walkway which makes it possible to gain a unique perspective on these mighty predators.

Little ones are also attracted to the lovely penguin experience.

They may not fully appreciate the painstaking research that went into creating this meticulously authentic penguin environment, but they will fall in love with the creatures that live there.

Children in London will Love the London Transport Museum
Children in London will Love the London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum

Considering that a great number of kids are absolutely transfixed by things like buses, trains and cars, this attraction is a surefire hit.

This place makes it easy on parents by offering free admission to everyone under 17.

Even better, kids love being able to explore vintage train cars and other interactive exhibits.

Particularly fascinating for little ones is the model of London complete with toy trains.

Kids are mesmerized by it.

The museum also presents a number of toddler friendly events throughout the year.

Story time and arts and crafts workshops are two popular choices.

London is a vast city with plenty of spots designed to appeal to kids and their parents.

With plenty of galleries, museums and theaters to explore, this city is a wonderful place for young visitors.

To find a great place to stay with your kids in London.

Planning a Trip to London

As we know, researching and planning a vacation, getaway, or business trip is easier than ever with the Internet.

We can research and easily access whatever information we want or need, without having to use a travel agency or having to order area brochures months in advance.

However, there are drawbacks too.

Sometimes there can actually be too much information available.

How to know what is credible or what makes the most sense?

I ran into this dilemma recently.

My family and I were planning a trip to London after my son became fascinated with it from learning about it in school.

We thought it would be a great place to go on vacation.

We ended up using a website we never heard of before and really enjoyed planning our wonderful 12-day vacation and locating where to watch sunset in London.

Planning a trip to London the easy way

Where do you start when you are planning a trip to London from the United States?

I really didn’t know.

I couldn’t even start with my usual search, which always includes looking up flights on Southwest Airlines.

That wasn’t a possibility this time because their flights include the majority of the lower 48 states along with other areas now (Mexico, Bahamas, Jamaica, etc.) but not London.

Therefore, I began my search by looking up flights online through United Airlines and American Airlines, just to get an idea of pricing.

We were somewhat flexible with our dates, and we knew we wanted to fly into Heathrow Airport.

From there, we weren’t sure where to stay, how to get there, and where to go.

It was important for us, being green travelers, to find public transportation as well.

Family Friendly Places to Ring in the New Year

We wanted to see the major tourist destinations in London, the ones my son studied about in school.

But what else was there?

How far away were these sites from each other?

Where would we stay?

I looked at several sites online and quickly became overwhelmed with all of the information.

My online searches lead me to a lot of sites that were informative, but they weren’t always “expert sites.”

Many of them were people posting questions with others answering them.

Depending on what I am looking up, I often find these useful and discover a lot of “insider information” on places and topics.

However, when I was planning a trip to London, I became very stressed and overwhelmed with all of the opinions and information.

It wasn’t fun, and part of the fun of vacation should be the planning and looking forward to it, not just being there.

Luckily, I found London Travel

It turns out that there are websites dedicated to London travel arrangements.

I wasn’t able to book my flights on there, but I didn’t need help with that.

London Travel websites strength is in arranging places to stay as well as offering a wealth of expert information about where to go in London, how to get there, etc.

They have specific articles dedicated to topics such as, “How do I get into London from Heathrow Airport?”  which included specific information to reach Central London by tube, by rail, by bus, and by taxi.

It included easy-to-follow, detailed information, including the actual fares for each, specific bus lines, names, and the fastest way to get to your destination.

This helpful information was available for all of the airports: Gatwick Airport, Stansted Airport, Luton Airport, and London City Airport.

It was extremely detailed yet very simple and easy-to-follow.

We would have the information ahead of time and feel confident in our choice before even arriving to the airport.

Information about planning a trip to London

Websites includes timely information.

There was a recent post that the bus system no longer allowed the use of cash to pay for bus fares along with the options they now require as payment.

There was “family-friendly” information; help if you were traveling with a group; suggestions on places to visit; and detailed information about lodging all around London.

Easy to find a hotel in London

What I found most amazing was their search options for researching lodging in the surrounding areas.

I was able to search for London as well as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham, and many more places.

It was very easy and convenient.

Remarkably, they offered the ability to search by the landmark or site we wanted to visit as well.

We were able to find lodging easily in London.

This was really making planning a trip to London fun and simple.

Whether you are going there for business, school, or for a vacation, is easy to navigate and offers discounted pricing for hotels, bed & breakfasts, studios/apartments, hostels, and more.

Search lodging based on specific criteria

Not only that, but once I picked a location, there was an optional “hotel type” section which enables one to select specific criteria.

You could search “All,” or easily do an advanced search for a budget hotel, one with 1-2 stars or 3-4 stars, a bed and breakfast, a hostel, and more.

There were selections which included cots/cribs, elevator, internet access, free breakfast, cooked breakfast, parking, and free parking, and even more.

If you didn’t do the advanced search, it would pull up all of the available lodging for the location you highlighted.

This was so much easier than my past experiences with other travel websites.

The reason is that this entire website is specific to planning a trip to London and the surrounding areas.

On these websites are the experts when planning a trip to London.

Map of Europe – planning a trip to London

Other benefits of using when planning a trip to London

The idea of using an online site is to not have to interact with a customer service representative; however, the website was very liberal with sharing their customer service hours and contact information.

It was very easy to find an actual 24-hour telephone number if one needed help reserving hotel rooms or wanted to reserve them on the phone instead of electronically.

They do not charge additional fees, including booking fees.

They offer the lowest rates available and guarantee that if you find the same lodging for less money, they will pay you double the difference in price.

They offer outstanding customer service, and comprehensive, easy-to-use information to help you plan your trip.

I really like the “Place of Interest” feature when searching for lodging

I was so impressed with this feature that it bears mentioning again.

Something I’ve never seen before is that they allow you to search for lodging based on the “Place of Interest” you are traveling to.

You can enter it yourself or use the drop-down menu and see the categories and also the actual names of places for arts, museums, education (colleges, etc.), food and drink, embassies, fun with kids, historical sites, and much more.

You can use this website to plan your entire trip to London.

They have an interesting Frequently Asked Questions section that educated me on things I hadn’t even thought about.

Recommend using London Travel Websites when planning a trip to London

We were very pleased when we used London Travel Websites in planning a trip to London.

It was so user-friendly, easy, and informative.

Was an excellent resource for us, and it gave us lots of ideas for where to visit as well as how to get there using public transportation when planning a trip to London.

Best of all, we were able to save money as we were able to easily compare the prices of different hotel rooms, finding exactly what we wanted, all within our budget.