Top 5 Rooftop Activities In London

Rooftop Activities – Sometimes, the best way to really appreciate a city is to get above it.

London is no exception.

In fact, this metropolitan city is one of the best in the world for finding fun and innovative things to do on rooftops.

Try these rooftop activities in London the next time you’re visiting.

Rooftop Activities In London

Netil House

If you ever have cause to work in London, you should try for an office in Netil House.

Located on Westgate Street in Hackney, this one-of-a-kind office space is the ideal spot for working and unwinding.

The rooftop locale boasts 100 creative studio spaces.

It’s home to web designers and architects, record producers and yoga teachers.

After a hard day of work or business meetings, take yourself over to Netil Market and Netil360, which also are found on the rooftop.

At Netil Market, you’ll find permanent traders ensconced all week, plus a special Saturday market day.

This is your opportunity to track down some vintage finds or mouth-watering snacks and meals.

If you need even more of an excuse to unwind, trip on over to Netil360. It’s a rooftop gathering spot and drinking hole. The views over London are pretty spectacular, too.

Netil360 and its sister projects are the brainchild of designer and carpenter Ben Revill, who also is the founder of Revill Design.

The Revill company is responsible for pop ups and events across the city, so keep your eyes peeled for other opportunities to revel Netil-style.

Enjoy the Rooftop View from Aviary at Montcalm Royal London House

Although London is surrounded with the Thames and St. Paul’s in the south and Tech City and Shoreditch, the creative pioneers of the digital world, in the north, at its heart there is a unique destination for all types of travelers… the Montcalm Royal London House Hotel.

Montcalm Royal London House Hotel

City of London includes more than 250 tech-ready spacious rooms overlooking the lawns of Finsbury Square with the style of mid-century in a sophisticated manner.

It reveals a refreshing view of the city from its fascinating lobby to the Aviary, the outstanding bar and restaurant on the rooftop, to enjoy the view of the city along with your drinks and food.

Aviary is the latest rooftop bar and restaurant is located on the 10th floor of the Montcalm Royal London House Hotel.

The Aviary terrace has become the hottest and latest rooftop destination of London by providing fantastic rooftop views of its skyline.

Montcalm Royal London House’s Burdock is another bar and restaurant that offers latest French style menu with a very popular weekend brunch.

Enjoy one of the Burbank’s the best collection of lagers and craft ales, international wines and botanical cocktails.

Social Fun & Games Club at Roof East

Billed as an “adventure playground for grown ups,” this spot in Stratford offers an endless variety of fun.

You could spend your evening gazing at Olympic Park while the sun goes down, sipping a glass of your favorite brew, but then you might miss out on all the fun going on around you.

Pick up a putter and play some rooftop crazy golf or head on over to the batting cages to make like Joe DiMaggio.

The Rooftop Rollers attraction is especially fun. It lets you fasten on a pair of roller skates so that you can boogie the night away to 80’s classics.

The lawn bowls have a hip-hop flair, and the Rooftop Film Club invites you to view movies under the stars with wireless headphones while seated in a comfortable deck chair.

Flow East Yoga offers rooftop yoga sessions, if you’re in serious need of relaxation.

You can choose from several bars at Roof East. Plus, there’s delicious Mexican street food provided by Maria Sabrina London.

You’ll have all you need and more here.


This rooftop locale in Tobacco Dock is open each week Sunday through Thursday.

Most people come for the croquet.

Think of it as a rather posh English garden party that’s been elevated a few hundred feet into the air.

Several petanque courts are available as well. If you’re not familiar with petanque, think of it as lawn bowling, though it is mainly played on sand courts.

It originated in Provence, so you can feel as if you’ve been transported to the south of France for a bit while you’re really on a London rooftop.

Actually, this spot has quite an international flair thanks to the presence of a pop up fruit cart from Sanpelligrino.

Complimentary samples, each with a healthy dose of Sicilian style, are available throughout the summer.

In the Skylight bar, Sanpelligrino also offers a line of signature cocktails in addition to the usual beverage menu.

Of course, the highlight for many patrons is the screening of sporting events. Wimbledon and the World Cup are major draws, and the Skylight often sells out of tables long before these events.

Make your reservation early if you want to ensure that you get a spot to enjoy the London sunset.

Skylight isn’t just available in the summer. It promises loads of fun in the fall and winter too.

Autumn brings a shift toward craft beers from around the world, tasty sausages and delectable ciders.

Winter sees this rooftop spot transform into an ice rink.

It’s the only one in Europe that’s located on a rooftop, so if you’re in London during the winter, you won’t want to miss this experience.

M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City

M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City is a hotel which provides 5-star services. They have a bar, restaurant, meeting rooms and spa luxuries.

Whatever your reason for being in London — a vacation holiday, a wedding, or for a business meeting or conference, you’ll want to spend time time enjoying this service-focused hotel.

The statement-making rooms are made to accommodate, with dedicated support intended to hearten at every level.

Here, you will be inspired to encounter the luxury lifestyle that you have been dreaming of.

Be sure to head up to the rooftop to enjoy the view.

It’s the perfect setting for a night out, a special celebration, or to enjoy relaxing.

Do your best to experience these rooftop activities in London.

You’ll enjoy stellar views and unique attractions.

Rooftop Film Club

If you’re the sort that can’t resist a great flick, then this is a club you have to join.

All summer long, you can view a collection of classic films and new releases, all on three cozy rooftops.

The club is recognized for the quality of the views from its roofs as well as the wonderful movies that it screens.

Each patron is given wireless headphones that utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure the absolute best sound quality.

Plus, you’ll never be disturbed by another guest who’s talking or munching their snacks too loudly.

Patrons are seated in deck chairs that are quite comfy and cozy.

Each chair is height-adjustable to ensure that everyone gets the perfect view of the screen.

Themed double features and special events are organized throughout the season.

Beverage and dining selections are suitably diverse to appeal to the whole family.

Gardening Society Rooftop at John Lewis

Whether you are an avid gardener yourself or simply enjoy being surrounded by the tranquility of nature, you will likely fall in love with this spot above Oxford Street where you’ll find one of the best rooftop activities in London.

Your evening will be filled with food, drink and music at this one-of-a-kind rooftop spot.

It’s billed as one of London’s largest, and it’s also one of the most interesting.

The Gardening Society features several sound studios that guests may book in advance.

Each one is soothingly and tastefully decorated while delivering a sound-immersion experience that’s second-to-none.

Live music is offered on a daily basis as are sunrise yoga sessions.

Enjoy innovative and delicious meals from Nanny Bill’s, an eatery that’s inspired by the East London food markets.

At Fever Tree, a gin and tonic bar, you can savor at least one of eight delicious drinks.

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