Go Green Go Cycling Helps Environment, Health and Wallet

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Go Green Go Cycling – The idea of going green is a way not only to help protect the environment but also to benefit your health and your wallet.

Riding your bicycle protects the environment by removing another pollution producing and traffic congestion-causing vehicle from the road.

Cycling tourism helps you learn more about the area you are visiting…World’s Most Bike Friendly Cities

Bike riding is excellent for your health.

Commuting on your bicycle, especially on a hybrid bike, can have a green effect on your bank account; there are more dollar bills available in it.

Clearly, going cycling has many different aspects of going green.

Go Green Go Cycling for the Environment

The most obvious reason to ride your bicycle is to reduce pollution: air, water, and land.

When you use a bicycle instead of a car, you eliminate the harmful exhaust emissions that are released into the air whenever a car engine is started.

Not only does this improve the atmosphere for you, but also for all other living creatures on this planet.

A second type of pollution that has a major impact on the health of the planet is water.

The natural resources and materials, including water, that are used in the production of one car could be used to create almost a hundred bikes.

Furthermore, you can park nearly a dozen bicycles in the same footprint as a car parking space.

Additionally, with a bike, you are always guaranteed front row parking and do not have to spend valuable time searching for that elusive parking space.

In some situations, riding a bike may actually save you time.

A car has a greater velocity, but during rush hour, a bike can travel as fast as, if not faster than, a car.

An additional consideration is that biking is superior to bus riding because you do not have to wait for a bike to show up; you just hop on and go.

Obviously, going cycling is a great way to go green for the environment.

What is Going Green

Cycling Green for your Health

A major reason for riding a bicycle is that it is a beneficial form of exercise.

Biking will result in improved cardiovascular and mental health, strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, stamina, and calories burned.

One hour of biking can burn up to 600 calories.

Riding your bike to work is a great way to wake up in the morning in a natural manner, and your ride home can be a great way to de-stress.

This means you could be a happier, healthier person.

Sometimes people need help, and at BetterHelp.com, that is exactly what they do.

Almost nobody smiles while running, but it is often hard not to smile riding your bike on a beautiful day.

Additionally, you can have experiences on your bike that you may remember for a long time.

Yes, you can see a lot in a car, but you do not get the same profound results as you do on a bicycle.

Riding a bike puts you more in touch with the sites and people around you.

Furthermore, people of all ages and physical status can enjoy the low impact effects of bike riding.

Conclusively, riding a bike is an easy way to go green for your health.

Cycling Green for your Wallet

In today’s uncertain economic times, being able to keep green in your bank account has never been so important.

When you compare the costs of maintenance, insurance, fuel, parking fees and depreciation associated with a car versus a bicycle, it quickly becomes apparent that going cycling is a good way to save money.

When you ride your bike to go shopping, you can save money because you are limited to buying what will fit into your backpack or bike basket.

Impulse buying is eliminated, and you find you are limited by space to buying only the items on your list.

Since riding a bike limits your traveling range, the green slogan “think globally, buy locally” could not be truer.

You support your local community by only buying goods from nearby vendors.

People who ride their bikes generally miss fewer days of work, resulting in a larger paycheck and smaller health care costs.

In addition, if you ride your bike to work, you do not need to pay for a gym membership but can simply get your exercise on the ride home.

Moreover, bikes create less wear on the roads than cars do.

Consequentially, this results in less road maintenance that could translate to lower taxes.

Without a doubt, using a bicycle is a helpful way to go green for your wallet.

The idea of going green means using available resources (like a Bamboo Bike) in the most productive manner possible.

An easy way to do this is to use the most efficient form of human-powered transportation, the bicycle.

Riding a bike enables a person to live greener in several ways.

Benefits to the environment, an individual’s health and a bike rider’s wallet can all be achieved and appreciated by simply choosing a bike (upgrade your bicycle) as a frequent mode of transportation.

How to find a bike route wherever you are

Ever since I moved to Washington, DC three years ago, I’ve wanted a bike.

I thought it would be a fun way to commute to work.

Plus, driving in this area is intolerable and public transportation can be unreliable. I did it.

I bought a 1980’s blue Fuji road bike with a headlight and quick release wheels from a local bike co-op.

As you can imagine, I’m very excited with my purchase and have been enjoying riding it around my neighborhood and for quick trips to the market.

If you live in a big city, getting a [easyazon_link keywords=”foldable bike” locale=”US” tag=”gogreentravel-20″]foldable bike[/easyazon_link] makes a smart choice. Foldable bikes are easy to pack and to tote.

This makes it super convenient and easy to take on public transportation.

It’s also easy to store the bike in smaller spaces (in an apartment) and to bring in your office when you use it to commute to work.

When on vacation, it’s important to consider cycling tourism as well.

Perhaps you can rent a bike to get around town instead of relying on public transportation or renting a car.

Not enough bike lanes

The only problem?

DC, like many big cities, is full of daredevil bus drivers and sleep-deprived, caffeine-fueled commuters in a hurry to get to work on the Hill and K Street.

There is also a definite shortage of bike lanes.

I’ve had my bike for two months now, and I have yet to ride it to work.

I’m just too afraid for my safety and my sanity.

Find a bike route near you – Check online.

It is always a good idea to look online for the parks and recreation department in the town in which you live or are visiting.

They should have all the trails mapped out so it will be easy to find a bike route.

Use Bikely

Another great way to find a more practical, utilitarian trail to work is to use Bikely.com.

This is a wonderful free website which enables you to find a bike route.

It is community-based and offers easy-to-use mapping.

The best thing about it? It is created by cyclists for cyclists to enjoy.

It lists over 175,000 public bike routes, and that number increases each day as users contribute to the database.

A nice feature is because Bikely has contributions from all over the world, you should usually be able to find a bike route.

Bicyclists around the world log in and share their favorite routes, which are shown on Google maps.

You can even add comments along the route, like “lots of traffic on this street” or “watch out for potholes here,” which is very informative for cyclists new to the trail.

find a bike route
my “new” bike

My success finding a bike route with Bikely

My favorite thing about Bikely is that it is searchable.

In less than 10 minutes, I found a route that will get me from home to work.

This week, I think I’ll take the plunge and bike to work.

Looking for more information on bikes and cycling?

Find a bike route and lessen your carbon footprint

Interested in bike co-ops?

Find a community bike program in your area.

You can check your local bike shop for group rides.

Take the time to find a bike route that is doable and safe, and enjoy the benefits of good health and of being greener.

Depending on where you live, bike riding can be done at least several months of the year, maybe more.

It’s a great family activity and great exercise too!

How do you find a good bike route?