Go Green

Go Green Campaigns and Go Green Movement


The increasing number of environmentally conscious consumers brings about more go green campaigns and a go green movement along with solutions. This gives ordinary people and corporations the opportunity to choose to make this planet a better place to stay.

With global warming gradually affecting our earth, consumers, corporations and governments need to be more proactive in going green in every aspect.

Go Green
Green Movement

An Effective Go Green Campaign in Every Nook and Corner

It is possible to go green wherever you may be: the home, workplace, community, public spots and across nations are potential arenas to go green.

The home is the easiest place to get a go green campaign started with every family member being conscious over their carbon footprint imposition.

Acts of green are easy with recycling, reducing and reusing resources in the home to cultivate go green habits.

This can include using compact fluorescent bulbs (or LED Bulbs)that use 75% less energy and give out less heat to keep the home cool.

Windows and doors can be draft-proof while low-flow showerheads serve to reduce the home’s carbon footprint significantly.

The workplace is another excellent spot to keep environment green. This would generate a healthier atmosphere to spur on productivity and attitude amongst workers.

Colleagues can motivate each other with a “Green Team” in reuse, recycle and reduce activities or actions that include reusable utensils, No Plastic Days and Tree Planting. Used or unwanted papers can be recycled as rough sheets or wrappers.

Used copier and printer cartridges can be recycled or refilled through the available channels while unwanted or old computers, used printers and other electronics can be donated to relevant parties.

The community can embark on a simple go green campaign such as car pooling or public transportation to improve the environment. These actions are excellent in building up relations while keeping the environment clean and healthy.

The neighborhood offers an excellent arena to stay green through various green projects. Each resident’s trash can be someone else’s treasure. Spring cleaning need not be limited to spring time.

The community can organize a Garage Day where barter activities can be conducted. Unwanted items can be freely passed on to those who may have some use for them.

Commercial outlets can work out a simple go green campaign in their premises and modus operandi. These can recycle bottles, plastics and cans used especially with restaurants, bars, pubs and hypermarkets. Consumers can be encouraged to bring their own shopping bag as part of a green campaign on certain days to inculcate green habits and attitude.

The local municipality can encourage the community to practice green actions with well located recycle bins around the neighborhood. Consumers are educated with civic consciousness and green solutions to keep their neighborhood clean and green.

Friendly neighborhood green competitions can be organized to create a greater awareness on the need to go green and stay green for all strata of communities. Local products are strongly encouraged by consumers to reduce the amount of energy in goods transportation.

When the energy consumption is reduced, there is a higher energy efficiency that promotes a healthier environment.

Getting into the Green movement

Something that everyone is aware of nowadays is the go green movement that is gaining momentum all over the world. This can only be good as the environment has started to enter the consciousness of more and more people.

It is important that we make sure this go green movement is entrenched in the minds of the people in the coming years so that living in an environmentally aware and sustainable nature comes naturally rather than requiring a change in lifestyle.

Of course there are a number of other hurdles that need to be taken care of. Not least of them are the various infrastructural issues that may need active government intervention.

All our infrastructure needs and systems in place are energy-intensive and dependent solely on non-renewable sources of energy. However, there are certain countries, like the United States of American and China in particular which are experimenting with putting in alternate systems in place which can help take the load of their energy resources.

The benefits of this shift toward green sources of energy are countless to list and everyone seems to be aware of them yet the resolve to bring about these changes seems to be lacking due to the upfront costs that may be incurred.

This can only be brought about as more and more people believe and practice the go green movement and begin to apply these principles into their everyday lives. As more and more people take the plunge and get educated about the benefits of the go green movement, they will start to question the current practices that they see around them.

It has been said countless times that small changes that everyone makes over a period of time have big effects. It is staggering to think the amount of water all of us could save by simply turning off the taps while shaving and brushing our teeth.

Other viable options arelow intensity showers and the benefits of filling buckets in the bath and pouring them as needed instead of filling the entire bath.

Recycling cooking oils, re-using everything that can possible be reused, walking wherever you can; there are so many things you can do. They do not require any financial support from anyone or any special equipment.

And all of these things are very essential to helping turn our ecosphere into a self-sustaining one.

All these small things require awareness and that will come from education. The go green movement should be taught in our schools from a young age so that our citizens are already aware of the small changes they are all capable of making.

Teachers celebrating Earth Day is a very small example of bringing this life-long message to children. One educated person acting in a responsible manner will inspire dozens around him/her to act in the same manner.

It is a chain effect, and we have to keep at it till we hit critical mass and this movement becomes big enough to propagate itself. When our cities, schools, businesses, etc. start to implement go green campaigns and a go green movement, it will possibly be a turning point for our civilization and its very existence