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If your green travel journeys find you in non-traditional overnight accommodations where crisp clean sheets may not always be in the cards (think yurts, huts, hostels, or the occasional couch via couch-surfing site), it’s essential to have a high-quality organic sleep sack.

I thought I was getting by just fine hauling around my heavy-duty backpacking mummy bag in all seasons, until I recently tried out Grand Trunk’s Bamboo Sleep Sack.

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What is a sleep sack vs sleeping bag liner?

A sleep sack is like a personal, portable set of sleep sheets.

Most sleep sacks are constructed much like a traditional rectangular sleeping bag, but are sized more generously in both length and width.

Some even come in double.

Most are made of thinner cotton or silk (much like a set of sheets), though I’ve seen flannel as well.

Sleep sacks are stored in cinch bags or rolls, or can be folded up in a backpack or suitcase.

You can use this sleep sack as a sleeping bag liner in cold climates, or use it on its own in warmer climates.

Sleep sack liner review

Getting Quality Sleep While Traveling

Grand Trunk’s Bamboo Sleep Sack

The Grand Trunk Bamboo Sleep Sack is so very soft, I don’t think I can ever go back to cotton.

It’s lightweight, so it would work beautifully in warm climates, but can be paired with a sleeping bag or blanket in colder weather ([easyazon_link keywords=”grand trunk bamboo sleep” locale=”US” tag=”gogreentravel-20″]check prices here[/easyazon_link]).

It’s of course far roomier than my mummy bag and features a nice slit down one side that can be tied back up for easy entry and more space.

Best of all, it has a pillow pocket, so you can insert a pillow, which won’t slip around and disappear during the night.
sleep sack liner review
I took the sleep sack along on a Mt. Hood, Oregon wilderness snowshoe overnight, where we trekked to a rustic hut that was equipped with communal sleeping bags.

I’d need the warmth of the bag, but didn’t relish the idea of sleeping directly where a stranger had the night before, so I wiggled into my sleep sack, then slid into the bag.

The arrangement worked perfectly, and since the bamboo sleep sack is only 16 ounces, I avoided carrying in a heavy bag.

Next I packed the sleep sack for a weekend trip to Portland, OR, where I’d be renting a vacation home room which I wasn’t sure included linens.

Turns out, it did, but I still felt more comfortable using my sleep sack, sandwiched between the sheets and comforter.

Using it with extra covers over me instead of a sleeping bag, I did get a bit tangled up at times, but have I mentioned how soft that bamboo material is?

Totally worth it!

The bamboo viscose material is not only soft, but quite stretchy, and washes easily in a regular washing cycle.

The feel reminds me a little of “t-shirt material” sheets, but better.

Plus, since it’s bamboo, it naturally wicks moisture away from your body.

And of course bamboo is a sustainable, renewable fiber, so you’re doing the planet a favor, too. Nothing synthetic here!

The [easyazon_link identifier=”B019SW46UA” locale=”US” tag=”gogreentravel-20″]bamboo sleep sack[/easyazon_link] rolls into its own small cinch sack.

Grand Trunk Goods: Good for Green Travel

We like when companies are good stewards.

There are few on our short list of green companies.

It does my heart good when I find a travel product company that truly gets travel.

You’d be amazed how many don’t!

Not only does Grand Trunk sell eco-friendly travel products that you’d actually use, but their philosophy — that they make products for travel, not trips — tells me that they’re in the “travel as a lifestyle, not a destination” business.

While you’re checking out the sleep sack, take a look at their hammocks, shelters, tents, and hammock compatible sleeping bags!

Disclaimer: We received a Grand Trunk sleep sack complimentary for the purpose of this sleep sack liner review.

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