Samsonite Winfield vs Samsonite Omni Carry On Luggage

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Samsonite Winfield vs Samsonite Omni – The right carry-on bag can make all the difference when you’re traveling. If you have one that’s heavy, isn’t on wheels, or is a bit over-sized, getting from one end of the airport to the other is nothing but a hassle.

In addition, there’s the difficulty of lugging that bag up the narrow aisle of the airplane or trying to hoist it into the overhead bin.

However, traveling is a different experience when you’ve got the perfect carry-on bag. More people are flying than ever before, and that means that flights are overcrowded. As a result, overhead storage is at a premium. Choosing the right suitcase is essential.

Samsonite Winfield and Omni both have spinner wheels, TSA approved locks and conform to carry-on regulation size. They are both excellent choices for carry-on luggage.

Paying for baggage on flights

On most airlines, you have to pay for all bags now. You can only bring your small personal item for free.

Paying for baggage — even carry-on luggage that you used to be able to store overhead for free — now makes choosing the right luggage even more essential. You want to be able to maximize your space so you only have to bring one bag with you, no matter where you are traveling.

Even if you do pay to check additional luggage, you want to be confident you are using the most streamlined suitcase. Accordingly, having an ideal carry-on luggage has become a necessity.

How to Travel With a Suit Garment Bag

Samsonite luggage

The market is crowded with small luggage. Some boast recognizable labels while others are more obscure.

While there may be lesser-known brands that offer a quality carry-on bag, most people prefer to go with a recognizable name like Samsonite. This famous luggage maker has been in operation since 1910.

Samsonite has constantly worked toward new innovations that are beneficial to every traveler, whether they are on the road virtually every week or just once a year.

Samsonite Winfield vs Omni

This reputation leads consumers to trust Samsonite to produce a quality bag, and that is certainly the case with the Samsonite Winfield and the Samsonite Omni.

Samsonite Winfield vs Samsonite Omni Carry On Luggage
Samsonite Winfield vs Samsonite Omni Carry On Luggage

Comparing Samsonite Winfield vs Samsonite Omni may help you to decide which of these bags is right for you. However, know that with Samsonite’s reputation for quality and innovation, both are a great choice.

Furthermore, you can rely on the Samsonite warranty if anything goes wrong. With no-name bags, remember, you often get what you pay for. Should you choose one, be sure to use a TSA approved lock.

Comparing Carry-on Bag Size and Weight

Both of these Samsonite bags are described as 20-inch spinners. However, their dimensions are slightly different.


The Winfield measures 20 inches by 13.5 inches by 9.5 inches.

The Omni measures 19 inches by 14.5 inches by 9.5 inches.

These dimensions mean that both of these bags are small enough to meet the carry-on bag guidelines imposed by most of the world’s major air carriers.

However, the Omni bag is expandable, so if you collect souvenirs on your trip or want to have extra room on trips via car, rail, bus, and ship, this bag may be the ultimate choice for you.

Keep in mind that when it is in its expanded state, the Omni may be too big to fit your air carrier’s guidelines for a carry-on bag. If you don’t over-stuff it, you will still be able to use it as a carry on.

Lightest Suitcase

Both bags are lightweight, with the Winfield coming in at 6.7 pounds and the Omni clocking in at 6.8 pounds.

That’s not enough of a weight difference for the average traveler to notice. With a bag this light, it’s possible to load it up without exceeding weight limits for airlines.

Durability of Samsonite Carry-On Bags

These hard-sided bags are constructed from a tough, but lightweight, poly-carbonate material. Accordingly, neither of these bags will be acquiring numerous dents or dings unless airport personnel mishandles them.

Of course, the problem with any hard-sided bag that is used as a carry on is that it can’t be squished or molded to fit the available space in the overhead compartment.

The good news is that the poly-carbonate shell does a great job of protecting whatever you have put in the suitcase. These bags also continue to look great even with years of repeated use thanks to this shell. Both are attractive bags.

The Winfield has a modern, brushed finish while the Omni features a rugged, micro-diamond texture. Both finishes resist scratches.

Maneuverability Makes These Carry-On Bags a Great Choice

We’ve all had the experience of lugging carry-on suitcases through parking lots, airports and hotels. Even the lightest of these bags begins to feel heavy after a full day. It takes a toll on the body.

However, both of these models feature four, 360 degree spinner wheels. This means that traveling anywhere is a breeze, and no more sore arms and shoulders after a day of hefting your bag everywhere you go.

Why the TSA-Approved Lock Matters

The rules and restrictions associated with air travel have become far more stringent in recent years. With security tight, it’s more important than ever to make certain that we’re all safe at the airport and on the plane.

Most people prefer to lock their luggage, particularly if you are going to check it. The locking feature is also helpful if you will be leaving your luggage in a hotel room unintended for any length of time.

Both of these Samsonite models are equipped with a TSA-approved lock on the side. The lock has a combination that you choose, so it’s easier to remember. You can always buy your own TSA-approved lock as well.

If you’re like us, you probably don’t lock your carry-on bag when traveling to the airport. You’ll want security to have easy access to it should they need to look inside during the security screenings. It will make your time through the security process faster.

If you check your bags, TSA officials may use a special key to unlock the bag so they can check it for prohibited items. However, sometimes, you can risk damage to your bag. If you don’t have a TSA-approved lock, then the officials can just cut it off if they want to search your bag.

Also, if you are waiting a long time in the airport if your flight is delayed or if you get there early, you may want to access your bag at the gate. Fortunately, both of these Samsonite bags are easy to lock and unlock.

Even if you think you’ll never use it, it’s a really good idea to choose a combination for the lock. That way, if you have to lock and check your bag, you’ll always be ready. It’s really stressful to have a TSA inspector lock your bag when you haven’t set a combination.

Samsonite Winfield vs Samsonite Omni – Which Should You Choose?

Both of these hard-side suitcases are attractive, durable and incredibly functional. You will be able to roll them with ease and find their handles to be easy to raise and lower.

Pros to the Winfield:

If you want to make certain that you stick to carry-on bag guidelines, go with the Winfield. This is the best pick if you want the luggage for airplane trips instead of local travels.

Pros to the Omni: 

Alternatively, if you know that collecting souvenirs is a must or want that option for a bit more room, choose the expandable Omni. This would be the best choice if you take local trips and road trips when you aren’t worried as much about the size. With the Omni, you will have the option to expand the case if you ever need to.

Lightweight luggage reviews frequent travelers

Either way, with Samsonite, you’ll be gaining a trustworthy traveling companion with a wealth of useful features.

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