Never Wrinkle Your Suit Again! The Best Way To Travel With A Garment Bag!

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Travel With a Suit Garment Bag – When it comes to the logistics of air travel, there is hardly anything more difficult than trying to figure out how best to transport our crisp suits. If you’re going on a business trip, you need to pack that suit properly so that it doesn’t how to travel with a suit garment bag end up looking like a wrinkled mess during your important meeting. Knowing how to travel with a suit garment bag is critical to make sure that your suit is taken care of accordingly and is perfectly wearable upon your arrival.

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What Is a Suit Garment Bag?

A suit garment bag is a long, zippered bag that helps travelers carry items of clothing such as dresses, suits, and jackets. These hanging bags can come mighty handy if you need to pack formal wear for a wedding or a business meeting. Since a suit garment bag folds easily, you won’t really have trouble carrying it. It can accommodate numerous garments and, when packed the right way, can protect your clothes and make sure they end up relatively wrinkle-free upon arrival.

How to Travel With a Suit Garment Bag

Simply throwing your suit inside the suitcase and hoping for the best is not going to get things done, and this is where a suit garment bag comes into play. Before you go ahead and pack, though, here are some factors to keep in mind when you’re planning on traveling with a suit garment bag.

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Decide If You Actually Need to Use a Garment Bag

Maybe you won’t end up needing a garment bag for your stuff, after all. Your decision to travel with a suit garment bag is, most of the time, determined by your itinerary. Official events related to work would likely require you to pack a suit. Special occasions, such as weddings and anniversaries, will almost always require formal wear, too.

Are you bringing a suit to your destination? If you are, then you might need a suit garment bag to transport your suit and keep it fairly crease- and wrinkle-free. To be sure, make a list of all the functions you’ll be attending at your destination. If all you’re going to need on your getaway are casual clothes, then it won’t be worth packing a garment bag. However, if you have tons of official events to attend, then you may need to bring more than one suit garment bag.

Put as Few Items as Possible Inside Your Bag

The thing about a suit garment bag is that it can get pretty bulky, which is why it typically isn’t the best way to transport numerous clothing items. Its inefficiency means a traveler must only pack one when necessary. If you can determine that your clothes will end up fine inside your suitcase, don’t hesitate to pack them there. If you’re packing a dress shirt, tie, and some accessories, you don’t necessarily require a suit garment bag. The same goes for a business-casual attire that can be folded and stowed away in your suitcase. Only garments that have been treated and must remain as wrinkle-free as possible should be placed inside a suit garment bag.

Use a Garment Bag for Your Business Trip

There is no better time to use a garment bag than during a business trip. Your trip is likely going to be short and filled with business meetings where you’ll be wearing suits almost all the time. Since garment bags have a limited capacity, you’ll want to use them during trips that last for only a few days. Pack an extra suitcase with your garment bag for extended trips that combine business and leisure.

Request for Professional Help

The most trouble you’re going to have with your garment bag is when packing a wedding dress. This can be a major nightmare for a lot of people who don’t have experience. This is exactly the reason why you should never even attempt to pack your dress on your own. Save yourself the headache and the hassle by requesting a dress company to do the packing for you. A dress company can also determine the best way to pack your gown.

If a garment bag doesn’t work, these professionals will likely ask you to bring a carry-on suitcase. What’s great about a carry-on is that it allows you to keep a close watch of your item. Some planes may have closets big enough to hang your garment bags, but don’t bet on it. A carry-on is always the safest best. Plus, whatever issues your dress may have in terms of creases and wrinkles during the flight can usually be settled easily at the destination; a little steaming is all it takes!

how to travel with a suit garment bag

How to Pack a Suit Garment Bag

Now that you know how best to use your garment bag, it’s time to get to the packing.

Wash and Iron Your Suit

Suits for business meetings, weddings, and other elaborate events should be taken to the dry cleaners before being packed inside garment bags. Aside from making sure your stuff is clean, you should also make sure your garment bag is dirt-free and spotless. In this way, you won’t have to worry about your garments getting dust or dirt on them. There could also be parts of the garment bag missing, such as zippers and buttons, so you’ll want to check and even double-check this before you pack so that the appropriate repairs can be done.

Maintain the Shape of Your Suit

To keep your suits in the best condition for transport, lightly stuff the arm and leg portions with some tissue. This also prevents your garments from creasing or wrinkling, which is always good. Make it a point to use white tissue because, in the event that your suit gets wet, no color will bleed onto the garments.

Pack Depending on Your Itinerary

Proper packing should be done according to the itinerary of events you’re attending. Clothing for events scheduled at a later date should be placed at the back of your bag, while garments for earlier functions should be situated at the front. Incorrect packing can lead to you rummaging past other garments and wrinkling them in your effort to reach for clothes placed in the back of the bag.

Use Hangers

There are certain types of garment bags that have built-in hangers and others where hangers are separate. If you’re dealing with the latter, make it a point to use wire hangers that are lightweight and space-saving compared to plastic or wooden hangers. Several items can also be hung on each hanger to save space. You could maybe hang a t-shirt under a blazer and place a belt over the hanger. For pants and skirts, use pant hangers as it keeps these items from moving as much and, therefore, keeps them as wrinkle-free as possible.

Attach Formal Pieces to Hangers Using the Ribbons Inside Them

Doing this keeps the material from stretching from its own weight pulling against those shoulder straps. This is particularly important to note when packing gowns with long trains and dresses with beads and other stitched-in accessories.

Close Those Fasteners

Fasteners in the garment should all be closed and secured to help prevent wrinkles. Remember to button the buttons, snap those snaps, and zip those zippers, and you should be all good.

Put a Cleaning Bag Over Each Hanger

Plastic is great at preventing wrinkles. It causes the garments inside to rub together and produce the friction that keeps those creases and wrinkles at bay.

Use the Garment Bag’s Interior Pockets

Cosmetics, underwear, and hankies are some of the items you can place inside those interior pockets. In the event that you’re bringing a carry-on, then you can also put these items there. By doing this, you’re preventing these tiny items from bringing about wrinkly havoc on the clothing on your hangers.

Garment Bag Recommendation

Knowing how to travel with a suit garment bag involves being aware if it’s absolutely necessary to pack the item with you. If your upcoming trip is long and mostly for leisure, then it just isn’t worth it. However, if your trip is more about attending business meetings or formal functions for a couple of days, then packing a suit garment bag is absolutely necessary. Make sure to pack only a few items inside the garment bag. Lastly, use all the best strategies for effectively transporting the item so that the garments you place inside it arrive at your destination with as few wrinkles as possible.