Is Flying in Africa Expensive – Plan Your Trip The Greenest Way Possible


Is Flying in Africa Expensive – A trip to Africa is almost synonymous to safaris, and safaris are never cheap.

However, guided with the right timeline and planning – a trip to Africa can be tailored-fit to anyone’s budget.

Is Flying in Africa Expensive
Is Flying in Africa Expensive

Is Flying in Africa Expensive

When is the best time to book trips?

Nomadic Matt, a travel blogger shares to check out Indian and Middle Eastern carriers.

The best flights to book are those during mid-week instead of during the weekends.

It is also worth taking advantage of ‘seat-sales’ from local and international carriers.

This usually happens at the start of the year, from January to February.

Carriers would also put up early-bird seat sales to at least ensure that the cost for fuel of most of their flights was already covered.

This is when most of the cheapest flights are available when going to Africa.

Tips and tricks to score the best airfare

We’ve all heard about certain tricks from frequent travelers on how they get the best airfare when they travel.

These tips are actually effective.

Going on ‘incognito’ mode

When you search for flights on a regular browser, this is often recorded through your computer’s cookies.

This is how airlines are able to detect what you’re most likely looking for since you’ve searched for it.

Hence, don’t be surprised if all of a sudden the online ads you’ll see is most likely related to the last flight details you’ve looked at.

However, you can go around this by clearing your search history and cookies.

Going in private browsing or going ‘incognito’ while booking your trip can also help you elude detection from travel agencies and carriers.

Book trips on a Sunday When Flying in Africa

It used to be on Tuesdays when airlines would drop their prices mid-week.

Last year’s report from Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) revealed that Sunday’s the best day to book flights.

This came about due to the rising competition and as the carrier’s way of changing strategies since their ‘Tuesday’s trade secret’ has been revealed.

Switching VPNs

Mask your IP to reflect as though you’re booking from your destination.

However, do make sure to use a credit card that would avoid foreign transaction fees.

Local rates of your destination are most likely cheaper compared to when booked from your actual location.

Keepgo vs TEP Wireless vs Skyroam

Now that you’re all set the most cost-effective trips to Africa.

Time to prepare for green traveling!

How do I get Internet While Traveling?
How do I get Internet While Traveling?

Going green during your trip

Let’s face it going 100% green during travels is impossible.

However, there is no harm in making an effort of going green in every way possible during trips.

How to go green during travels?

Simply put it is considering ecological and more sustainable choices and incorporating that during your travels.

In the words of Go Green Travel Green’s owner and editor, Dawn Head, it is “when our choices align with our eco-interests and values.”

Travel light

Heavy pieces of luggage would mean heavier weight capacities.

These would require more fuel used for vehicles, which includes trains and planes.

It will then result in green gas emissions.

Hence it is preferred to travel light.

Avoid plastic at all cost!

Bring reusable drinking flasks and washable eco bags.

This would ensure you would cut-down on wastes and disposable alternatives which are most likely not biodegradable.

Choose green businesses

Look or ask for green certifications from businesses.

You can also ask certified green travel experts for references, such as those on Go Green Travel Green’s website.

Pack eco-friendly toiletries

In Africa, toiletries are a luxury and are more expensive than European price tags.

It will be very helpful if you pack your own shampoo, soap, and toothpaste.

There are now a variety of eco-friendly shampoos and toothpaste to choose from.

Go for these options during your trips.

Wifi hotspot keepgo
Wifi hotspot keepgo

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There you have it, a quick rundown on avoiding an expensive trip to Africa while still going green.

The conscious steps of a few going green – can grow to a thousand of men’s efforts which will definitely have an impact.

Kudos to your green travel efforts!