The Apres Ski Activities in Méribel You HAVE to Try!

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Apres Ski Activities in Méribel – Winter is a time for snuggly blankets, hot chocolate, and good books.

That is, unless you’re always in search of adventure!

When it comes to sports, outdoor challenges, and breathtaking views, nothing comes close to the 3 Valleys in Savoie, France!

Taking winter head on, you can ski the slopes, snowboard through the valleys, and relish in all of the spectacular amenities that the Méribel resort has to offer!

Even though it’s a world-renowned ski resort, that doesn’t mean your holiday has to be all about shredding the snow!

Apres Ski Activities in Méribel

There are so many other activities that you can do around Méribel!

It’s not every day you get the opportunity to walk across a glacier, go paragliding, or even break out some snow shoes in the Alps!

Enjoying the beautiful scenery around you and having an excellent ski vacation doesn’t have to mean leaving a mess behind you.

There are so many ways you can ski the Alps, reduce your carbon footprint, and still do all the activities on your unbelievable holiday getaway!

Here are some of the non-ski related activities that you HAVE to try while you’re enjoying your winter holiday!

Our top pastimes are proof that you can respect our planet and have a blast all at the same time!

Wine and Dine in Méribel!

Ski resort, or no ski resort, when you’re in France, you HAVE to try the local cuisine!

Whether you enjoy some meat and potatoes, or want a five course five-star meal, Méribel has so much to offer.

Wine and Dine in Méribel
Wine and Dine in Méribel

While enjoying a long holiday, or a weekend trip of skiing, you will want to treat yourself to the best of the best!

Booking your spectacular holiday with sites like iGoSki will not only include amazing chalet prices and all your skiing extras, but will also grant the best seats in the house wherever you go.

By treating yourself to iGoSki weekends, or extended holidays, you’re DEFINITELY going to want add eating the best food Méribel has to offer to your to do list!

Here are just a few of the great restaurants available:

  • Chez Kiki: 30 years of amazing French Alpine steaks! Open fired sirloins, t-bones, and strips will all be grilled to give you the best, most mouth-watering steak of your life!
  • Aux Petites Oignons: Vegetarians rejoice! This is one of the most a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere that also serves up an amazing menu!
  • La Lodge du Village: Some of the best Italian food the 3 Valleys has to offer! Enjoy your pasta, your fish, or your pizzas on a large, sunny terrace!
  • Hotel La Croix: When it comes to authentic Savoyard dishes, Hotel La Coix serves up some of the best local food, fresh from the local markets! Great wine, gourmet food, and a great place to spend your apres ski evening!

Wine and dine yourself after a great day on the snow!

Meribel Olympic Center

Méribel was a huge part of the 1992 Winter Olympics!

There’s nothing quite like ice skating on the same rink where some of the worlds’ most talented athletes have competed before you!

The Olympic Center is a great way to spend the day as a family, get a challenging workout, or simply exploring a little bit of history.

The Olympic center includes a huge pool where you can take a refreshing swim, or relax with your family.

You can also skate in the Olympic center’s ice rink!

Play a quick game of hockey, try out your figure skating skills, or just take a few laps!

You can work out on the ice, or you can get your sweat on in the Olympic center’s top of the line fitness area.

With a recreation center for kids, and a wellness spa for adults, the Olympic center has something for everyone!

A great way to take a day off the slopes, with lots of price options and activity packages!

Snow Shoeing in Meribel

Take a hike! Literally, take a hike in some snow shoes around the Méribel area!

Snow Shoeing in Meribel
Snow Shoeing in Meribel

Whether you want to slow down to see the 3 Valleys, or simply want to cross snow shoeing off your Winter bucket list, this is a fun and healthy thing to do before or after a hard day skiing!

There are lots of peaceful and relaxing snow shoe treks you can take in the area.

Whether you want to pace your way through a whole day of fun themed walks, or get your heart rate up on a sporty half-day trip, there are a TON of options!

You can even star gaze in your super stylish snow shoes on a night hike through the French Alps!

Walk your way through a dream come true as you take a moonlit strut through the snow!

Paragliding in Meribel

A great holiday isn’t really complete without trying something you would never do at home!

Paragliding in Meribel Mont Blanc
Paragliding in Meribel Mont Blanc

Paragliding is a great way to not only see the best views of the French Alps, but to really set yourself FREE!

Flying through the air with one of the many clubs or organizations in Méribel will help make your holiday one you’ll never forget!

You can take tandem flight with an instructor and fly from the tops of the mountains down to the heart of the valley.

Spread your proverbial wings and soar your way into an afternoon of adventure!

Exploring the Valley

Exploring the area around the resort can be as easy as walking up the street!

Get out to lunch, enjoy a hike, or shop till you drop!

When it comes to activities for outdoor lovers, Méribel doesn’t disappoint!

You can take a walk on a GLACIER!

Wake up super early, get all your gear together, and take a hike on the summit of a glacier!

You can also enjoy these amazing outdoor activities to get more in touch with Mother Nature on your winter holiday!

  • Snow biking
  • Ice climbing
  • Heli-skiing
  • Dog sledding

Challenge your mind, body, and soul with some of these amazing outdoor events!

You can also explore the valley by visiting some of the many local shops!

You can buy some cool gear, get a memento from a local artist, or buy some memorable souvenirs.

Take it slow and spend some of that hard earned dough in the local markets!

Maribel Night Out!

No matter if you’re traveling with the whole family, with a few friends, or on a romantic getaway, Méribel has a little something for everyone.

It has the answers to all the key questions you ask yourself before picking the right ski resort for your family, but it also has an amazing night life for all the singles to mingle!

If the kiddos have worn themselves out on the bunny hills, and the qualified caregiver has everything taken care of in the Chalet, it’s time to hit the town!

Maribel Night Out
Maribel Night Out

Or if you and your friends are ready for a wild night, the wide variety of after dark activities will keep you entertained until the wee hours of the morning!

Stop into the Doron Pub for live music.

Enjoy a quiet drink at Le Loft. Get the party started at Le Privilege.

Dance the night away at Le Rastro.

Enjoy all the best parties and events the French Alps can offer you as you spend a night out!

From a quiet drink, to a raving party, you can find something to fit your after dark appetite in Méribel!

To Ski or Not to Apres Ski Activities in Méribel

Your holiday in Méribel wouldn’t be complete without more than a few days tearing up the snow on your skis!

But if you’re looking to get a little more out of your cold weather getaway, then these amazing activities will get you up and out of the chalet!

Whether you’re dancing the night away, working up a sweat at the Olympic center, or paragliding through the sky, there is always something to do after the slopes!

Take a risk, walk on a glacier, and create some incredible memories Apres Ski Activities in Méribel!

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