HitchHikers Guide to Traveling Around the Galaxy

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Hitchhikers’ Guide – A backpack, broad smile, positive vibes and a thumbs up, everything you need to hitchhike around the world.

While many people prefer to travel around the world in planes, trains and taxis, the breed of hitchhikers doesn’t mind gambling on the occasional free rides.

Hitchhiking is for everyone, even if you have no money.

Heading out on an unplanned journey and meeting new adventures head-on has a rush of its own.

HitchHikers’ Guide

However, before beginning your trip make sure that you purchase decent travel insurance.

It can save you a fortune if you end up getting injured or sick abroad.

Moreover, if you are a frequent traveler and a long-term nomad, travel insurance is a sound investment.

Other than purchasing insurance, there are a few more tips that every hitchhiker must go through for a happy trip.

Take the Right Equipment Hitchhiking

If you are hitchhiking a long distance, then you must be prepared for spending a night under the stars.

HitchHikers Guide Take the Right Equipment
HitchHikers’ Guide Take the Right Equipment

Most of the times, you will find a hotel to stay in.

However, you must be ready in case you don’t find one.

Always hitchhike with a tent or camping hammock and make sure that you have enough warm gear, mosquito repellent and a good map.

HitchHikers Guide keeping your passport safe
HitchHikers Guide keeping your passport safe

Keep Your Documents Safe

While travelling abroad, the first and foremost thing you need to do is keep your travel documents safe.

It can be your passport, your travel visa, identity proofs and other documents.

Many times, hitchhikers face problems with authorities without proper documents.

Best travel gear for hitchhikers
Best travel gear for hitchhikers

Best Travel Gear for Hitchhikers – Invest in Your Gear, If You Like Camping

If you are into camping, purchasing a good sleeping bag and kit is necessary.

However, if traveling with a sleeping bag feels like a hassle, a decent mat is also helpful.

It will keep you warm and save you from aches and pains that are common when you sleep in a tent.

Another thing that you must carry is a headlamp.

Best hitchhiking Destinations
Best hitchhiking Destinations

Pick Best Spot for Hitchhiking

Picking an excellent stop to get a lift is one of the most essential part of an excellent hitchhiking trip.

Always choose for a lay-by on any long-straight road or service stations.

Majority of the times someone will give you a lift.

However, do not be afraid of walking down the road a bit.

Basically, you will need to find a spot where drivers slow down or stop.

Polite and Friendly when hitchhiking
Polite and Friendly when hitchhiking

Be Polite and Friendly When Hitchhiking

Once a driver pulls over, run up to them – don’t make the mistake of making them wait.

Begin your conversation by thanking them for stopping and find out if they are going in the direction you want to.

Even if they are not going the way you are, thank them properly before they leave.

Once in the car introduce yourself and try to make small talks.

This will help you in bonding well with the driver, and if you are lucky, the driver may even go an extra mile to drop you.

Utilize Online Hitchhiking Travel Websites
Utilize Online Hitchhiking Travel Websites

Utilize Online Hitchhiking Travel Websites

Find out everything about the area in which you will be hitchhiking.

A little information about the area, its roads and cities will help you in figuring out the best route.

Moreover, it will also help you find common problems that hitchhikers might face in the area.

You can use sites like Hitchwiki, for finding quality hitching spots.

Flexible and Happy When Hitchhiking
Flexible and Happy When Hitchhiking

Be Flexible and Happy When Hitchhiking

One of the key characteristics that a good hitchhiker must have is flexibility.

You have to realize that even with all the planning, some unfortunate disruption can happen on the way.

You need to be flexible to adjust to the situations and enjoy the ride.

Moreover, always make sure that you have a smile on your face while you are asking anyone for lift.

If you look approachable and cheerful, you are far more likely to get a ride.

Staying Safe When Hitchhiking
Staying Safe When Hitchhiking

Staying Safe When Hitchhiking

If you get a bad feeling from somebody, refrain from getting into their car.

Therefore, it is better if you travel in a group or at least as a couple.

Also, always carry a pepper spray or some sort of safety equipment to protect yourself from miscreants.

Hitchhiking can be a godly experience only when done right.

Why Hitchhikers Need Travel Insurance?

The most likely thing to happen while hitchhiking is a common accident, for which you might need medical assistance.

If you purchase travel insurance, the medical bills that might seem extortionate will not affect your pocket that much.

In addition, the other places where travel insurance may come in handy are:

Travel insurance benefits

  • It helps in case you lose your bag which has all the documents and money
  • In case you need emergency medical evacuation
  • If your travel company cancels the trip mid-way
  • Your flight back home is cancelled, and you have no money to purchase a new ticket
  • In case you need to call off the trip

Hitchhiking Around the World

Hitchhiking is one of the most amazing ways to get around the globe and to connect with amazing people while travelling.

You will experience some of the most fascinating, unbelievable, shocking and inspiring moments while hitchhiking.

So, what are you waiting for?

Pack your bags and get going.

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