Travel Alarm Clock: Reviews of the Best Digital and Atomic Clocks

When I travel I like to have a real travel alarm clock nearby – not an iPhone or a digital watch. Because of this, I frequently bring a travel alarm clock with me on my trips. And I like the reliability of my own clock – I’d rather not worry about not setting the hotel’s travel alarm clock correctly and missing my flight. Depending on what type of travel alarm clock you’re looking for there are numerous options on the market. That’s why I’ve put together this list of the best travel alarm clock reviews.

Best Digital Travel Alarm Clock

This Elgin Travel Alarm clock is the best in the category of most basic and cheapest travel alarm. It costs less than $6 (with free shipping on Amazon – as all the products below are), has a four minute snooze, with an indigo backlight. It measure 4” by 5”. It requires 1 AA battery for operation.

Elgin Folding Travel Alarm Clock

The Casio Travel Alarm clock costs a few dollars more but comes with a thermometer. It also has a 5 minute snooze and requires 2 AAA batteries. It has a blue backlit face and features the day and date – you’ll never lose track of a birthday when you’re on the road! If you’re looking for an alarm clock with the date like the Casio, this Sharp travel alarm clock might be just want you want — it even has a thermometer. It has a huge snooze button, backlit. It’s ultra-thin and folds up to be the size of a cell phone. For the price, it’s one of the least expensive options out there. You can get this Seiko “get up and glow” alarm clock. It’s digital and reviews say it’s easy to set and easy to operate. The snooze/light button is large. It uses a AAA battery and has the date on the face.

Best Atomic Travel Alarm Clock

The Oregon Scientific atomic travel alarm clock is a little unusual looking – perhaps more modern than most alarm clocks. But over 390 give it top marks on Amazon. It has a crescendo alarm that gradually gets louder (in case you’re a sound sleeper.) An 8 minute snooze and a projection setting that allows you to continuously project or momentarily project the time onto the ceiling. It’s an atomic clock that automatically updates the time.

This Sony alarm clock automatically updates the time. It has a dual alarm. You can adjust the brightness of the display. It has a radio. And it measure about 7” by 3.5”.

The Seiko is the most expensive of the atomic clocks, but it comes with a three year warranty and is baked by the Seiko brand. Besides automatically updating the time, reviewers say the display is clear and the date/day functions are helpful.

Analog Travel Alarm Clocks

Sick of digital products? Just want a good old fashioned analog travel alarm clock. This 3×3” folds-into-a-box analog alarm clock is your best bet.