Texas Travel A Must For The Eco-Conscious Traveler

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Texas Travel – There is a strong drive in Texas to become a sustainable and “green” state.

The Texas Oil Patch is at the heart of political debates, as the hope of the Green New Deal underpins major green initiatives that will ban fracking and scrap fossil fuels.

For the eco-conscious, there’s no better place than Texas to kick off those sustainably sourced shoes, sit back on that bamboo chair, and enjoy a nice cool beverage from a recycled mason jar.

Texas Travel to Houston A Beacon For Sustainability

As the top purchaser of green power in the nation, Houston is a well-established powerhouse for sustainability.

For travelers, this means sustainable travel from start to finish.

The city has a high number of hybrid buses to offset greenhouse gases created in other parts of the city.

Hotels in the city play a major role in sustainability and are phasing out old, energy-draining appliances for new, energy-efficient ones.

Simple practices such as phasing out the one-day towel policy and harsh ingredients during cleaning also make a difference.

Houston is also packed with sustainable activities that range from epic garden and landscapes at Bayou Bend to the Beer Can House recycling project that features 50,000 recycled beer cans.

Austin Hits The High Relaxation Notes

If relaxation and pampering is the highlight of your Texas trip, then Austin should feature on your list.

It boasts a high number of plush hotels committed to being green.

Austin also has a high number of pampering spots, and if you decide to opt for a med spa in Austin, remember to ask for treatments that are eco-friendly.

A salt scrub, mineral soak or clay mask can easily relax tired muscles after an invigorating day at the Barton Springs Mineral Pool or the many hikes and bike trails in and around the city.

Austin also happens to endorse a farm-to-table approach to eating and boasts some of the top sustainable restaurants in Texas.

Many of the coffee shops source their beans from fair trade farms, and eateries include locally sourced ingredients on their menus.

Breath Of Fresh Air In San Antonio

If your trip happens to include San Antonio, you’re sure to spend a good portion of it outdoors.

San Antonio offers over 2,300 acres of outdoor leisure space that include trails, parks and reserves.

Apart from attempting some of the activities on your own, there is also the opportunity to join one of the local groups for walks, kayaking trips, cycling expeditions, and even the odd nature show.

Bird lovers are spoiled for choice when it comes to ticking off species on their list, and for those who need a bit of an adrenaline rush, adventure parks offer obstacle courses and more.

When it comes to food, keep an eye out for charcuterie-style and farm-to-table dining.

Travel in Texas for the eco-conscious ranges from the gastronomically delightful to epic scenery and guilt-free comfort.

Remember to make use of refillable cups for coffee stops, and be sure to check out local eco-transport.