London top 10 events you can stream online

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London! Stuck indoors? Oh-yes! It’s quite dull and boring. Missing the old times hanging out with friends, driving till the dawns, partying, all the fun, and no one to stop. We all do!

Yet self-isolating doesn’t mean the pleasure of going out has to stop.

Agreed, London has been walloped by the Covid-19 disease, an outbreak of Coronavirus, with significant institutions and independent venues closing and events being postponed or canceled to ensure safety and security.

Nevertheless, you may not be able to go out, London’s sparkling and ever-resourceful artists, musicians, experts, and craftspeople are now bringing the fun to you. That’s true.

You might not have to go anywhere and enjoy living in your homes and have fun!

Besides, several live-streaming events, workshops, and festivals originated in the last few days, with more and more being advertised.

These London’s streamed events are a great way to promote and donate to people in the entertainment and hospitality industry facing very unpredictable times.

As always, the Things to Do organization intends to bring you the best in London.

Hence we’ve accumulated the best events that will be streaming into your homes!

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Mentioned below are the top 10 list of latest online streaming events in London:

Bread Ahead’s Instagram Baking Tutorials

It is the bakery school and shop in Borough Market.

It is free of cost and runs twice-weekly online tutorials on its Instagram page. It’s for anyone who loves baking and cooking and wants to get their hands dirty kneading in the kitchen!

You can search online on your insta feed to know more.

It’s a savior from the daily boring diets and the everyday living indoors!

For all those baking lovers, be ready to roll; and for those non-bakers, you must get this that there’s always a first time for everything.

Follow the Bread Ahead page on Instagram!

Aerobics with Dolly Trolley

Feeling bored and tired working all these days at your desk or bedside table at your homes? Get started with a little assistance from London cabaret star Dolly Trolley.

She will be streaming a drag aerobics class online on Instagram and Facebook Live.

And you got it right, It’s Free! Yet some PayPal giving will be just a suitable mode. You may find out more on their Instagram or Facebook page.

Filmageddon Weekly Rewind Film Quiz

The Filmageddon quizzes were a constant thing at The Prince Charles Cinema. It allows old-school cinephiles, film buffs, and loveable movie devotees to come together and show off their knowledge!

This Filmageddon team is streaming some of those smash-hit quiz sessions by remixing them for a weekly online event. It will be streaming on Twitch.

Rooftop Activities In London
Rooftop Activities In London

The Show Must Go Online Shakespeare Readings

‘The Show Must Go Online’ is digital forecasting to combat from the current gloom through spending some time with the words of a man who senses a thing or two about plagues: Mr. William Shakespeare. The public may follow it on YouTube!

Royal Opera House and Ballet Stream

The ideal and iconic Covent Garden institution is conducting operas and ballets to your living room.

This excellent ROH performance will be streaming every week as a part of their ongoing #OurHouseToYourHouse initiative!

Queer House Party

If you spend your Friday nights seeking the new Lady Gaga at an east London gay bar, this live stream is probably just for you!

Resident Queer House Party DJs Harry Gay, Wacha, and Passer will be streaming you queer bops, throwback pop, house bangers, and techno clangers, right into your living room on Friday nights!

Treadwell’s Intro Videos

Locked-down witches will be continuing their charms in check with Treadwell’s intro videos!

Stream London Theatre

These days, all the theatres and theatre companies are streaming over the digital platforms. You can probably watch more theatre shows, dance and opera shows, from your living room than London.

There is a tremendous amount of stuff to watch online, as everything is streaming online! It’s just the best way to get over the busy and tiresome schedule of working from home.

Moon Festival Canada

London had its inaugural Moon Festival last year.

It gives a tribute to all things lunar expressed through music, art, and literature!

The lockdown has shrouded the planned edition, but now there is an online offering: The Canadian Moon Festival, an exploration of ‘Canadian culture and the moon’!

An Indian Summer

The tenth publication of ‘An Indian Summer,’ which, as usual, takes place in Leicester, is now going entirely online this August, due to the Lockdown.

However, the program is still packed with significant events! It will be led by two weeks of film, dance, cooking workshops, art exhibitions, and live-streamed concerts.

The Proms

Coordinators of the longest-running classical music concert series in the world, which turns 125 this year, are now revealing plans for a new, digitized version of The Proms covering eight weeks of broadcasts across television, radio and online!

Enjoy our guide to the best events, festivals, workshops, and things to do in London that are being live-streamed!