Discover Hotels in Hungary and other places of interest

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Hotels in Hungary – Hungary, a small country in the heart of Europe, still retains the sparkle and small extravagances of the kings of another era.

The capital Budapest is breathtaking for anyone setting foot in the city.

Walking in the streets is admiring buildings with unique design and architecture.

Also, the city has a large leisure offer: a spectacular nightlife, a large number of seaside centers at affordable prices, an opera house with very good value for money and luxury Hotels in Hungary.

Of course, if you want to know Hungary, it is not just Budapest that you will have to visit, but also the small village of Esztergom which shelters the marvelous Saint-Adalbert Cathedral, standing majestically on top of a hill.

Or Lake Balaton with its small, peaceful but also lively towns like Balatonfüred and Veszprém.

Györ, one of the most important cities after Budapest, offers a charming historic center to its visitors, and in particular, small details on the buildings that will delight photography lovers.

Little Sopron has ancient vestiges of the Roman Empire. Pecs, located in the south of the country and at the foot of the Mecsek massif, offers privileged access to nature and some luxury Hotels in Hungary.

If you are not only interested in cultural tourism, Hungary also has other enchantments: great wine production and gastronomy based on game meat.

So you have no excuses not to take advantage of this small country, there is something for all tastes and all ages.

Reasons to go to Hungary

There are plenty of good reasons to go to Hungary: it is a country with a strong historical heritage and many activities.

Whether summer or winter, Hungary is a welcoming country and ideal for testing new things and staying in Hotels in Hungary!

Go to the Sziget festival!

The Sziget festival is one of the most famous and famous music festivals in Europe.

It was also voted the best in Europe!

It takes place every year around August on an island in the capital, Budapest.

A whole week with internationally known names like Alt-J, Florence and the Machine, and many more for the year 2015.
Discover Hotels in Hungary and other places of interest

Admire the Danube

The Danube crosses Budapest from side to side, which gives a special atmosphere to the city.

If you are traveling as a couple, you can take a romantic night cruise to go up the city, and admire the monuments which are very well lit at night.

Eat a delicious goulash

Goulash is, of course, the typical Hungarian dish!

A beef stew, garnished with carrots, potatoes, and lots of paprika. It is especially popular in winter because it is warm to the body, perfect for facing the cold of the country while traveling.

Party in the famous “Kert”

Apart from an adventours vacations, the Hungarian capital, Budapest, is also known for its original festivals and atypical places: indeed, many bars have opened in disused buildings according to the occupation, and the decoration, made of recycled objects and others eccentric objects, makes places always very original!

An evening at Szimpla Kert, the most famous bar in Budapest, is unavoidable during any stay in Hungary if you like unusual trips. 

Admire the rich architecture of Pécs and Budapest

The cities of Budapest are among the most impressive: their monuments are majestic: synagogues, mosques, and basilicas will delight lovers of history and architecture.

It is necessary to walk Hungary to take the time to look at the Baroque facades, art-nouveau roofs with multiple colors, and the imposing monuments like the Heroes’ Square in Budapest, essential during your trip to Hungary.

Make a makeover in the thermal baths

Hungary is known for its many baths and spas in every city in the country.

It is a moment of relaxation which many locals indulge in, as this keeps skin young and beautiful, as well as purifying the body, ideal for a well-being stay.

The Szechenyi Baths are the most touristy, and the Gellert baths the most authentic.

Both are located in Budapest.