Change Your Name on an Airline Ticket Lessons Learned

Change Your Name on an Airline Ticket – Last fall, I posted about my failed attempts to change my name on my American Airlines plane ticket.

In the end, I was able to travel on that ticket without paying a fee — but it wasn’t easy.

Read on to learn how to fly with your current ticket, without paying any fees, plus 5 tips for tips for flying without changing your ticket.

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Change Your Name on an Airline Ticket

I bought an international plane ticket in March, got married in June, and changed my name in August.

My plane ticket was for December.

I called American Airlines three times to change my name, and they told me it would cost either $100 or $200 (depending on who I talked to) to change my name.

Because it was an international flight, the stakes were considerably higher.

Getting stuck in Miami is one thing.

Getting stuck in Belize is another altogether.

Plus, the ticket was multi-destination so that we could see family for the holidays before heading to Central America, which meant there were more tickets to be issued and more security lines to go through.

Suffice it to say, I was nervous.

close view of airline ticket
Change Name on Airline Ticket

The Twist

Then, fate was suddenly on my side. I found a way to sign up to get fast-tracked to get the elite Gold Status on American Airlines.

After I signed up, I called the Gold hotline — instead of the general customer service number — and was told I would probably be fine flying with my new passport, as long as I brought legal documentation (official name change document or marriage certificate) with me.

The representative still wouldn’t change my name on my ticket, but she did add a note to my file so that when I checked in for my flight, they would already know what to expect.

The fee wasn’t even mentioned.

The Decision

Bolstered by that conversation, I decided not to change my name on my ticket.

Worst case scenario, I would have some problems getting out of Belize.

It was a tough decision since I was flying internationally, but I figured there are far worse places to get stranded than a tropical destination surrounded by clear blue ocean.

I was able to print the boarding passes with no problem, but that wasn’t the part I was concerned about.

I was worried about security.

Armed with my new passport and driver’s license, a copy of my old passport, and my name change documentation, I held my breath as I approached the TSA security officer at the first airport.

Part of me was sure he wasn’t going to let me through.

He asked to see my legal documentation, carefully check it against my passport and ticket, asked me if I’d gotten married, then let me through.

And he was even friendly!

It went almost as smoothly at airport number two, though there was more hassle at the ticket issuing stage, then no hassle at airport number three on the way back.

I’d made it — without having to pay any fee!

The Disclaimer

I couldn’t put this post up without a disclaimer.

There’s no way I can know if my situation is unique, or if that’s the way it generally goes.

There are a number of factors that might have been different for me, that you should consider when making your decision about whether or not to pay the fee to change your name before you fly:

The airline you’re flying and its policies.

Do your research.

Elite status. My frequent flier status probably didn’t matter for security line purposes, but it definitely made the airline treat me differently.

Legal name change (including getting married).

I’m sure this would have been completely different if I had just put the wrong name, or misspelled my name, when buying my ticket.

Since I’d legally changed my name due to marriage, it was easier.

Maiden name on passport.

I took my maiden name as my middle name (and my entire name is on my passport), so my former first and last names, plus my new last name, were all on my passport.


I had an original copy of my name change document with me, which is what I showed the TSA officers.

Definitely carry yours with you.

5 Tips for Flying Without Changing Your Name on Your Airline Ticket

Call the airline and ask what their policy is.

Ask if they can change your name (it’s worth a shot) and when they say no, ask if they can add a note to your file so that check-in is easy.

Call back and see if you get a different result with a different agent (it didn’t work for me, but you might as well try).

Get there early.

Give yourself plenty of time to try to go through security with the ticket in your old name.

If it doesn’t work for some reason, go back to the airline counter and see if you can pay to change your name.

Bring all of the documentation you have.

Bring copies of old IDs (passport, driver’s license, other), as well as new IDs and your name change document or marriage certificate.

These are important documents so be sure to keep them safe.

Don’t update your name on either your driver’s license or your passport.

Keep one with your old name (preferably your passport) and use it to fly if you’ve already bought a ticket in your maiden name.

This wasn’t the case for me, but it would have made things easier!

Be nice.

I’ve found that being nice to people in the transportation industry gets you much further — literally.

Remember they have people yelling at them for things that usually aren’t their fault.

Sometimes if you’re nice, people are more willing to help you out.

I hope this helps people in a situation like mine!

Above all, keep your paperwork and IDs safely with you at all times.

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  1. I bought a ticket to cancun througha travel agent .
    by Mistake put last name of my baby with the last name of my wife ( also going)
    now the travel agent wants me to pay another ticket to my baby( almost 600$) I called airtran , they can put a note but cannot because it was purchased though a travel agent.
    would you advice me how to proceed?
    I found the post very helpful
    take care

  2. I’m in a similar situation…the travel agent attached part of my middle name with my last name because they told me their computers don’t allow spaces in the firstname/lastname column.

    Confused, I called the airline and they told me it has to be changed. So I went back to the travel agent and they told me it’s going to cost $110.

    I called the airline again and another agent said I could possibly provide supporting documents to the immigration office of the countries I’m travelling to.

    I’m flying international as well (from Sydney to Hong Kong and Japan). The trip isn’t until December but it has taken me 4 weeks now to try resolve this issue…so frustrating…

  3. If this is true, then it’s really good that you actually said it. On the other hand, I’m sure other people should be hearing about it.

  4. You wouldn’t believe how long ive been looking for something like this. Through 7 pages of Google results couldn’t find diddly squat. Quick search on Bing. There was this… Gotta start using this more often

  5. I’m having the same problem! im flying to spain in a couple months from Miami and when I booked they put my middle name in front of my last name though on the e-ticket my name goes Last Middle, First. So I am hoping that I will be fine at the airport any advice or opinion anyone?

  6. I bought two tickets to argentina I didn’t add my child middle name Do you think that would be a problem

  7. Hello, I work as a travel agent so I think I can help you with some advice from my experience. Travelling without the second name will not be a problem – you just have to tell at the check-in counter the same name as on the ticket so the agent can find it in the system. It shoudn’t be a problem, too, that the middle name is written before the first. You can ask the travel agent who issued the ticket to enter your passport details in the reservation so that the airline agent can see it is the same person. Hope I was helpful!

  8. I have the same issue. I made an honest mistake of putting my last name instead of my girlfriend’s last name. Now PRICELINE and USAIRWAYS are point fingers to each other who should change the name. PRICELINE is saying that USAIRWAYS has a rule that does NOT allow them to change name on the ticket. USAIRWAYS is saying that PRICELINE just does NOT want to change the name.

    I wish this is just a leisure trip. My girlfriend’s grandmother is dying. We want to change the name and departure date tonight.

    PRICELINE AGENT’s response – “Please call us back on Monday because the USAIRWAYS office is only open Monday thru Friday”. #$%$%&&#!$$%@#%!!!!!!

  9. @Zeth – I’m sorry to hear about your girlfriend’s grandmother. I’m not sure when you are leaving – but you might just want to go down to your airport and try to talk to someone at the US Airways Ticket counter. If you are nice — and explain the death situation as many airlines will especially accommodate for family emergencies – they may be more likely to change it in person. Best of luck!

  10. i just found out that they miss spelled my girlfriend last name..its alitalia and they put an e instead of an i….they told me ii need to change the ticket….400$ need suggestions

  11. I was in this exact situation.

    I booked my flight with Continental.

    I explain my wife had booked the reservations in her maiden name and now has a passport her her new name and they changed the ticket for me. I was on the phone for 10 minutes 7 of which was on hold. Be encouraged give it a try!

  12. I just read all of your stories and I was really scared. I have just gotten off the phone with American Airlines and they were terrific! I had inadvertently left the “s” off my last name. They corrected it at no charge. Please be overly polite with these people as they are screamed at all the time. Thanks for your tips.

  13. I had booked a flight through Expedia on American Airlines to Cancun under my married name, forgetting that my passport was still under my maiden name. And it being only a week away from our departure date when I realized this, there was no time to change my passport. Since I didn’t book it directly through AA, I had to go through Expedia first — I told them I hadn’t had a chance to update my passport since getting married and needed to change the name on the ticket to my maiden name to match the passport. Expedia then had to contact AA and they had it switched within a half hour for just $25. Now I don’t have to be stressed about security not accepting my marriage certificate!

  14. Yep – it’s happened to me too! We booked our trip this past summer and are supposed to fly out to St Lucia in February, but my trip is booked under my maiden name and my passport has my married name. I just spent 1/2 an hour on the phone with Expedia and was told told “sorry, but we can’t help you”. After asking the agent 3 times to tell me who I should contact that could help me, she called Air Canada and told me that they could help me if I call them. I called Air Canada and was told that Expedia should change the name, after looking at my reservation, the Air Canada agent said that they can change the name, but not until 72 hours before the flight. This makes no sense to me and now I have to worry about this for 2 months!

  15. I got a court order to change my name in October. I had booked my international ticket in September under my old name. My passport is also under my old name. My flight is in about two weeks. Now with TSA security being more strict, I wonder if I should freak that my passport is not up-to-date? What would happen if I travel with an old passport?

  16. @ Teri, you should likely try to get a rushed passport – or talk to your air carrier about changing the name. Depending on the reasoning for the court order they may be flexible and work with you on changing it.

  17. Hi! I just got off the phone with United Airlines. My husband bought us tickets to vegas for christmas. My passport was in my maiden name, and also expired before we went. I have applied for my new passport in my married name, and didn’t think a name change on a flight would be so horrible!! Had I known I would have gotten my passport in my maiden name!

    I called Expedia, they said we cant help, call UA. I called them, back and forth five time. Two people said they could help me, but that was not the case. By help I could by a new ticket they said. Anyway I finally had my moons and stars align. I called again this morning to start my battle again and after talking to a lady who was adamant they couldn’t help me, she said the best words EVER!! “Would you like to talk to a supervisor?” Well yes, Yes I would. Supervisors are amazing. I explained my issue, and was on hold for 20 minutes, and BAM my name was changed. It was a rough battle but I hope I won. Lets just hope that my ticket is valid and I can actually get on the plane.

  18. My husband purchased a ticket to Nashville last April 2010. His uncle passed away before he could use his ticket. We told that he had until April 2011 to use the ticket. However, my husband passed away last November and he obviously can’t use his ticket. I would like to be able to use the ticket to visit relatives. However, U.S. Airways says that the ticket is nontransferable. This seems absolutely absurd. If anyone can help. I would appreciate it.

  19. Hello Mrs. Leitner,

    We saw a comment on Twitter, regarding your post on We would like to see if we can try to assist you. Please email us with your Orbitz Record Locator, and we will be in touch with you.

    Orbitz Customer Relations

  20. I booked a flight using my full name, i.e. Jane Lee Ann Doe on expedia for a flight from the US to the UK.
    Expedia sent my info to the airlines as Doe, Janele. But when I checked my passport after the fact I noticed that it actually only has Jane L A Doe.
    I called expedia to ask if my full middle names will show up on my ticket because I would assume that Lee Ann would be acceptable for L A…but they told me my ticket was reserved with LE and I would have to pay 35 pounds PER LETTER to change it! The ended up putting a note on my file that says my full name and I planned to bring my birth certificate to show full name…but with all of these recent restrictions, I am worried that it wont even be accepted with full name vs initials for middle name.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  21. I was married in 1975 but did not change my name. Since my husband and I often traveled abroad both separately and together I was concerned that we would be allowed to speak for one another in the case of a medical emergency. My solution was for each of us to carry a notarized photostat of our Marriage Certificate with our passport. There is no legal requirement to change your name anyway and the marriage certificate only says “John Brown and Jane Doe” were legally married, but it satisfied the skeptical authorities when we needed it.

  22. Hi everyone. I was wondering if you can help me out. I just book a ticket through yesterday and I put down my friend’s middle name as her first name because that’s what we usually call her. However on her ID, she has a different first name but also has her middle name. do you think american airline would let me switch the name? Will there be a charge?

  23. Hey everyone —

    My sister and I are flying to Cuba in April, I left out our middle name(s) as there was no column/space to enter it when I filled out the flight info.

    We are flying Air Canada… Is this going to be a problem?

  24. Hi,
    I have a reservation for an international flight with American Airlines, but my friend made a mistake in my lastname (1 letter is wrong) when he booked. I ve called the AA Customer Service to change the name and they told me that I need to buy a new ticket ! What the hell is that ? Is that normal ? What can i do ?

    I need your help, thank you.

  25. These airlines are worse than the credit card companies with their fees. It shouldn’t cost a dime to change your name, especially because they are almost all e-tickets now. It doesn’t take them more than one minute to do it, but they are lazy and greedy.

    Don’t ever fly on JAT Airways – backwards, stubborn people that need a lesson in courtesy and customer service.

  26. hi
    i travel to do usa on may the 4 i am scared because my travel agent made a misstake when booking he put my middle name on but not my first name would i be aviable to travel fronm chaicago to newwark with that on my tickets plz plz someone help email me

  27. @ Rizwan – If you are traveling to the US from another country you will likely want to talk to your airline agent about getting your name changed as at Immigration and Customs they will likely need the correct name.

  28. it’s possible that AA won’t even notice. However, because the airline sends their name list to the country you’re flying internationally to it might be an issue. They should certainly not make you buy a new tickets. But you’ll likely have to pay a fee to change the name.

  29. hi,
    I’m a citizen of India. After I got married 3 years back in US, I had my last name changed. I had my last name changed in all other documents, but forgot to change in Indian passport. I booked Jet airways international flight (to India) through an agent with my maiden name, same as passport. Now I’m planning to change my last name in passport. Should I do it now or after I return from my India trip? Will I have problem with immigration in either countries?

  30. Here is my recent experience: I booked my family travel and used my wife’s married name while her passport shows her maiden name. It happens all the time and the airlines can re-issue the ticket with the right name at the ticket counter, but not all airline employees are familiar with that procedure so you need to be patient, persistent and allow a lot of extra time in case they screw things up.

    First: call the airline or the agent that booked the ticket for you and ask to put a “secure change request” on the ticket. In my case, I booked it directly through USAIR, but the first flight was operated by UNITED. When I first called USAIR, the person on the phone told me to call UNITED and ask them to change the ticket. WRONG ANSWER! the United AIR person told me to call USAIR back and have them change it because they sold me the ticket. The next time I called USAIR the person who handled the call had it right but he did ask his co-worker for instructions on how to do it. I called USAIR for the third time to to be sure the 2nd person did it right and what do you know he did. I was told to bring our marriage certificate as well as any other documents that show a legal name change, so I also went to the social security office and had them issue a report of my wife’s name change (she did not take my last name when we got married rather 2 years later).

    I also called TSA and asked if a marriage certificate and the social security report should suffice. They said that I should be good to go. Mind you that each airport employes different TSA contractors, so I had some hard time finding the one that was working at SFO. I looked up that TSA vendor name, found the website and called their customer service. They couldn’t answer that question over the phone but they did call me the next day to discuss it. Most TSA calls are about lost baggage it appears.

    When I got to the airport I first visited the USAIR desk as they issued the ticket. The person there understood what needed to be done and she updated the USAIR tickets with the correct name and gave us a printed report for that as well (for UNITED).
    Things is, the first flight in our international travel was operated by UNITED and she could not change that ticket, so we needed to go to UNITED and have them do that.

    At UNITED, we went to additional ticket services. There was a line and I noticed 2 people working the stations. A nice smiley chap and a not-so-nice lady. We were unfortunate to get her to “assist” us. She did not really know what to make with this procedure and was not inclined to ask her peers for instructions. At first she told us to go back to USAIR and tell them to change the ticket. We said we already did and showed her the printout they made. UNITED and USAIR are at different terminals and there was no time for us to go back anyway. Then that lady frowned a little and just printed the ticket with the name I used at booking time and told me “good luck with TSA”, I am quite sure if we had gotten the other person, he would have been very happy to look-up how to update the ticket if it was something new for him. That lady just couldn’t care less and seemed quite proud of it as well. I took her name and I am filing a complaint against her.

    LESSON TO BE LEARNED: look at the face of the person you are about to deal with, you will need to ask that person to do something that might require learning something new – if that person seems to be having a bad day, let the people behind you in the line take your spot and wait for a better associate to be available.
    If I had an extra hour, I would have gone back to USAIR and have them tap on UNITED’s shoulder. But I didn’t.

    Luckily, TSA looked at my documents, smiled at me and allowed us through. In my case my wife changed her maiden last name as her married middle name, so it might have made my case easier, but in short, the agent just looked at the passport, ticket and marriage certificate and once she saw that all the names made sense, she allowed us through. I was though *very* nervous while waiting in line.

    On the next flights in our trip, USAIR changed the name in the tickets and there were no issues.

    tickets can be changed, it happens all the time.
    get the paper work you will need (marriage certificate etc)
    allow PLENTY of time. If things go smoothly, it should be 10 extra minutes, if things don’t it could be 2 hours.
    Remember you are dealing with PEOPLE who are not cut from the same block when it comes to knowing their job.
    If you have a few days before the flight, consider using a rush-passport service. They cost a few hundred bucks, but it can save a lot of time, stress and eliminate the human factor from the airlines personnel.

    After my experience, UNITED airlines joined Northwest airlines in my list of airlines I am avoiding at all cost. I am never going to make a reservation with them and will make sure that they are not operating *any* part of *any* of my future air travel. They lost my business for good.

  31. Hi, I’m in the same boat as many here. I recently booked a flight using It has been years since I have booked flights through expedia and I guess they still had my maiden name on file. Even though I entered my married name, my married name as my billing name, etc, expedia plugged my maiden name in on the flights. Now I’m given two options- pay $150 to change it or show up to the airport with my marriage license and *hope* that they let me fly. Great.

  32. Hello,

    Good Afternnon,

    I am planning to go for vaccation in India from August to september,2011. I want to book a return ticket from Fort McMurray,Canada to Bombay,India on the name NICLAUM AZAVEDO. I will be renewing my passport in India with the change in name.

    Name on the passport : Niclaum Azavedo
    Name will be on the new passport : Nicolas azavedo (as per my birth certificate)

    Please let me know, if it will be a problem while coming back with the different name on the passport and the flight ticket…Hope you will do the needful.Waiting for your reply.

    Thank you
    Niclaum azavedo
    Fort McMurray,Alberta

  33. I have an odd situation to add to the dozens of questions on here as well…

    I was finally granted a divorce last March and the judge ordered my name change back to my maiden name. Now, a year and some later, my fiance and I are looking to book a trip to Negril, but I have not changed my old married name on my passport, social security, drivers license, or any creditors (no other reason than I just have put it off and everyone relates to me by my maiden name personally). My questions is, do I try to get everything switched before our impending trip beginning of August, or just book everything under my old last name? The last thing I want is to pay for a ticket and hotel and not be able to even board the plane…

  34. I legally added my maiden name to my married name because I never wanted to change over in the first place. (I’ve been married 32 years). I thought a good time to do the change would be when I had to renew my passport. On May 2nd my husband bought me a ticket to Germany for $3,081.75. On May 3rd my name was legally changed with the court.

    Step One: I called Lufthansa Airlines and the customer service department women told me I would have to get the ticket reissued for a price of $10,000.00. No…. not $100.00….. $10,000.00!!!! The first leg of my flight is with Continental. I’m going to the airport to talk to someone there. What do you think my chances are? I’ll keep you posted.

  35. i am very stressed ive booked my air tickets since march and last month i have notice the e tickets do not match the surames of grand has the maiden name ofm daughter as shes separated from her partner . i phone the agents a few times with no avail stating i have to buy new tickets which will cost me the full price.

  36. I am a travel specialist and I just want to share my twp cents regardinf name changes. Please be advised that most airlines will only allow name corrections if there are 1 or two charaters misssing (example: Instead of Irene you accidentally typed Iren) this will usually be processed free of charged if you call the airlines or your travel agent, however transferring a ticket to another person is not permitted. This is more a security issue than the airlines policy. After the 9/11 tragedy, the airport security had become more strict than ever when it comes to name corrections/changes. This is being implemented for the safety and well being of all passengers travelling. My take on this is that, all passengers should be more careful whenever you book something online.

  37. I ran into a similar issue recently and realized that the name on my passport was my maiden name and my airline ticket was booked under my married name. I called the travel agent who said they could not change it without booking a new ticket. This would forfeit the cost of my old ticket and i’d get no refund and additionally have to pay for another ticket. So, I called the airline and talked with them, they told me it was no problem, just to bring supporting documentation showing I got married. When arriving at the airport to check in, I got a weird look at first, but they saw the note that the airline had added to my account indicating my checkin name on my passport was different than my ticket name. A few key things to remember:

    -When going through security, use your ID that matches your airline ticket.
    -When going through customs/immigration, use only your passport. You are not required to show your airline ticket when going through immigration and customs so there will be no confusion.
    -Make sure to fill out any immigration forms with your name that matches your passport.

    If you follow these rules, you should be fine. You shouldn’t have pay any additional fees if you have both a valid passport and a valid ID.

  38. I am booked a AirIndianEpress flight ticket from dubai to trichy .through travel agency i bought the itinerary receipt , then i noticed in the passport no : j815….but actually my passport no starts with g815….Instead of G it printed as J .Is it make any problem on airport for getting the boarding pass………..any one can clarify this..

  39. I am going to India in mid October. Just realized that my passport and visa are under my maiden name. I have time probably to do a rush on the visa and passport to get the name changed;however, this will mean I have to pay basically for a brand new visa and passport….when they both are still valid for another two years. So I was planning on buying the plane ticket under my maiden name, so it will match the visa and passport. Do you think I will have any problems with this then? Do they (US airports/tsa) check your drivers license when going international or just your visa/passport? If they look at my drivers license then they will see my new last name on it, which will cause an issue.

    I did go to Tahiti right after getting married and had the ticket under my new last name and the passport under my maiden. I brought my marriage certificate and they accepted that/did not seem to have a problem with it…

  40. Sandy, that was helpful! I just posted a question that you have seemed to answer….. Guess I missed your post when reading for an answer to my question.

    Anyhow, when going international from US to elsewhere, do you have to show your drivers license at security? I forget how it works when traveling international… Did they look at your drivers license? Or just your passport and visa?

    I think I’ll for sure buy my ticket under my maiden name and remember to sign with my maiden name as well. I’ll make sure to bring my old passport, marriage certificate and

  41. My friend and I booked a trip to las vegas for november through when we booked the trip we proof read everything just to make sure it was correct somehow when she got the e-mail confirmation her last name had my last name put on there and so does the u.s airways boarding pass. She called bookit and they told her that u.s airways would not let them change the ticket and to call them, when she called u.s airways they told her bookit had to fix it so she called bookit back and they said they were gonna put a note on there letting them know of what was going on and that someone would be working on her case. She got a call back later from a agent from bookit letting her know that as long as her i.d and credit card had the same name she should be ready to go. When she checked her e-mail on tuesday to print it out and take to the airport bookit had corrected her last name but her boarding pass still had the wrong last name so we went to the airport to talk to u.s airways about the situation and we were told that she would not be able to board with that boarding pass and that bookit has to fix it we even showed him the e-mail and he said we could have made the e-mail up ourselves so it didn’t prove anything and that she would have to call bookit. He said she could not be refunded and that the person that the boarding pass is under would have credit with the airline but that person does not exist! Bookit says u.s airways can change the name for $150 but from all the trouble she’s having it doesn’t seem very likely. Who can she talk to or how can this be fixed? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!!!

  42. I’m having one of the most stressful times of my life right now!

    Booked tickets to visit family in the US for a wedding through STA travel. We’re going with Delta. Anyway, we realised my partner’s middle name is spelt incorrently by 2 LETTERS on his e-ticket. I called up STA travel a week ago who initially said a week ago that it could be changed and it would cost £140…I bit my tongue and said okay. Today, they told me that fee had gone up to £175….then 6 hours later, they’re telling me they can’t change the name after all and I’m going to have to buy a new flight for him!!

    Is this worth it for 2 letters in his middle name? Will somebody notice? It’s cheaper for us just to change his middle name by deed poll and get him a new passport, can you believe it…

  43. @ Jen – Are you visiting the US from another country? It seems like the problem would more likely be with US immigration. It seems that chances are they won’t notice, but they could.
    You may want to try contacting Delta directly and not STA.
    And it’s ridiculous that it’s cheaper to change his name on his passport than to change the name on the ticket!

  44. Hi Elizabeth!

    Most people say that shouting doesn’t get you anywhere, but my partner proved me wrong yesterday when he finally managed to get STA travel to drop the ridiculous fees to £85 to change the 2 letters in his middle name. I’d already written a complaint the night before and STA travel changed their minds again and told me they COULD change the name after all, after telling us we’d have to buy a new flight ticket!
    They were still quoting us £175 and my partner asked for a breakdown of the fees…they were actually going to charge us £90 just to resend the email to us with the changing of information!! He refused outright to accept that and in the end they waived that charge and we were finally quoted an acceptable price!
    I think my advice to anybody in a similar situation is to not give up and just pay the fees if the charges seem extortionate! They WILL back down eventually when they know you’re not going to be taken for a ride!

  45. I have the same problem. I purchased a ticked through an agency with Turkish Airline, and they reversed my first name/Last name. When I was trying to select the seat, the airliner told me I can not fly and I understand why due to the regulations. But no one wants to help. Turkish Airline siad the ticket must be refunded but my type of ticket is non-refundable, aagency does not want to help, and I am in libo. I call Turkish Airline refund department, but they refre me to the web site, the web site does not provide help. I am ending with a very expensive unuseable ticket (1000.00+) I can not wait for their slow answers. Is there any advise?

  46. I have a name problem and I have no clue what to do about it. I purchased a ticket and put my full name in, first, middle, last. I have just noticed now that my passport however does not include my middle name. I have my birth certificate, medical card and drivers license which all include my middle name and are all government issued but for some reason my passport doesn’t have it. I am flying through the states on my way home from an international destination. I have called the website I booked my flight from and they said they could leave a note on my file and that I should just bring my other IDs with me. And just today I got an email saying I will need to change my name and I will be charged for this. So the question is, do I risk it and not have it changed? Or do I pay and have it changed?

  47. This has happened to me before. I am literally paranoid when it comes to booking flights online because I know how hard it can be to change any information at all, especially your name. I just triple check everything!

  48. I called AA this morning to find out what I’d need to do to change my name on my ticket (my legal name change will finalize next week and I plan to update my passport so I can travel under that name and therefore my ticket I thought would need updating) and sure enough I was told the same thing you were… just bring the proof of the name change, keep the ticket in the original name, and then the new passport to go w/ the proof of name change. Easy enough to me! :)

  49. i took one muscat visiting visa but my name have one letter mistake .in passport in my name is sajna instead of in visa my name is sajne that creat any problem in my travel?please help me

  50. Husband and I will be leaving in 2 weeks and signed up with SceptreTours.There wasn’t any room for middle names as their website listed the forms as First, Middle Initial and Last Name.
    Our passports have our full middle names. Called the travel agent and she said its not a problem. Our flights are with Lufthansa and have already filled out the TSA Requirements…DOB,full names on passports,addresses…etc.
    Is this still going to be a problem? I have the e tickets and they came out to John D Smith.Passport has John Doe Smith, and drivers license also has John Doe Smith.
    Am so stressed out.This is the first time we have used this company and changing will incur a fee.
    Any help much appreciated.

  51. I’m a travel agent and I recently had a simlar situation.. I booked a flight for a colleague. Long story short… I mispelled the name by one letter. (because I have always spelled it one way ..however , found out that it was not spelled that way) I called the vendor that I used and even though the name couldn’t be changed( policy) they did send a message to the airline regarding the mistake and it was changed with TSA. I just couldn’t change it the way it was already booked. I also made sure that I received this change in an email (always have some type of proof) and printed it out for my client. So she was covered on both ends.

    As a travel agent..It is my responsibility to make sure everything is correct. If I had to pay for the mistake then I would’ve because it was my mistake. And I would’ve had to take the loss. If the client gave me the wrong information then it is the clients responsibility to pay for the mistake.

    Lesson: Make sure when making a reservation your spelling everything correctly before you confirm it the booking. This will avoid any headaches.

  52. new names for my various bonesets invited with film stories,reviews,journals on air ticket factor in movies ,make it a movie ,nomenclature on my newly born yet to be baptised twin kids of ex-indian army

  53. My family are going on holiday to Bali in Jan – there are eight of us… The problem is that my sister inlaws name on the ticket is spelt wrong… It says Annie, which is a nick name… But her name on her passport is Ann… We are flying on Malaysia Air… I am so worried now … Will she be allowed to travel… The agent said she has put an endorsment on the booking but I am still concerned… What if they turn her away..

  54. @ Tursha, If you booked through a travel agent that should be ok. Did you buy travel insurance? Worse case scenario she will have to change her name on her ticket at the gate.

  55. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate all your staff Dr Gboco, and Maurice (oh and well, gee, YOU too, Samantha!!!!). Everyone really helped me through what I think was the most difficult time of my life. Your kindness and caring goes way beyond the products you sell.and I hope that I will someday meet you. You will always be in my prayers and I will never forget what you have done for me.

  56. i have brught jetairways ticket but my child name is wrong and date of birth is also wrong ,i call my travel agent he send me one note of correction will that note work at the time of my boarding

  57. I have some little different issues.American airlines did not allow me to board the plane because ticket shows the given name(XYZ) last name (YYZ), but on the passport only it has xyz in given name column and yyz shows on the back of the passport as his fathers name.

    but American airline did not allow me to board because not matching. how to enter the last name. what name should be enter as last name on the ticket. If do not enter system will not accept.should we put FNU or same name as given name or first name as xyz?

    If you any answers please let me know.

  58. I do love the way you have framed this concern plus it does give me some fodder for consideration. However, through what I have personally seen, I basically wish when the responses pile on that folks continue to be on point and in no way embark on a tirade of the news du jour. All the same, thank you for this superb piece and whilst I do not really go along with the idea in totality, I respect the viewpoint.

  59. So I booked a trip to cancun last week through apple vacations. I’m not sure exactly how I did it but my boyfriends last name is McCabe and I only entered Mc in the last name spot. After speaking with apple less than 12 hours after the booking I was told I mught have to pay the much higher rate to reissue the ticket (500$ more) and that they could not get in touch with united airlines until Monday and I would receive a call then. Monday morning I got a call saying everything had been taken care of and that I would not have to pay any extra.. I even got an updated itinerary in my email with the correct names. So I gave my friend and her husband the go ahead to book thier trip at the same time as ours.. The next day I get a call from the same woman at apple telling me there is a problem and I may need to pay the 500$ for a new ticket.. ? So now I’m playing the waiting game while apple tries to work things out with united airlines.. I just don’t understand how such an obvious mistake can be so difficult to fix..

  60. I am looking to book tickets to Europe from Australia. We plan to go in about 5 months and all the rest of our extended family are ready to book now and we hope to all fly together.
    Before I book I am already in a spot of bother about what name to book for my daughter. We are in the process of changing her current last name in the court. (not yet approved). The passport is in her current name. Should I book the airline ticket in her now current name (same as passport) or book in the (hopefull) new name and get her a new passport?


    I want to get this right before I book the ticket and avoid making a stressful situation.

  61. How long will it take the court to change her last name? You will likely be able to bring the court documents with you to show that her last name was changed recently. Or I would just not change her passport with her new name until after you’ve returned from your trip.

  62. Hi everyone. I booked tickets today for my mother and me to go to London and Paris over my spring break. I only had her passport available, so I listed my name like hers: first and last. My passport has both my first and middle name listed. Does anyone think this will be a problem? I called the airline, and they said I should be fine, but I’m freaking a little. Thanks in advance :)

  63. Hi Jill,
    I don’t think this should be a problem at all. As long as your first and last name are on both your ticket and your passport you should be fine.

  64. Hey everyone

    i booked with easyjet and had to do a name change, the charged me £168 which was made up of administration fees and airline fees and then extra because they said i had to pay the cost of the airline ticket now, but i have paid the deposit so surely i have already bought the airline ticket. I havent received the tickets yet so they havent been printed so why so much…can they actually do this?

  65. hi frnds
    my agency issued aticket with my name and middle name in emirates can i travel safely.the stupid guys didnt mentioned my surname pls some one tell me how to include my surname pls

  66. Unfortunately, airlines can charge fees for pretty much anything. I would recommend calling the airline again and asking them to waive the additional fee since you already bought the ticket. If the representative you talk to says he/she can’t do it, ask to talk to a manager and see if the manager can help you. You could also send them an email. It may not work, but it’s worth a try.

  67. The best thing to do would be to contact your travel agency and ask them to take care of it. It is, after all, their fault and any fee that needs to be paid should be paid by them. If they refuse, you can contact the airline directly and explain what happened, then see what they recommend. You’ll probably have trouble flying with the wrong surname, so try everything you can to get it taken care of before your trip.

  68. heyy
    i buy a ticket but they mispelled my first name , my first name is Marleni & they put Marlene instead of putting i in the end,, should this is a problem??? someone help mee pleasee i need to know if i have a problem when i get to the airport???? suggestion??

  69. You don’t say where you are flying from or to. If you will be flying internationally, there is a greater likelihood that the airport would care. Since it is someone else’s fault that your name got misspelled they should be responsible for fixing the name on your ticket.

  70. yeah i will be flying internationally..
    but i call to the company & she told me she was going to send a message to American Airlines to change my name!! you think they going to change my name????

  71. Glad to hear that the company said they would change your name on the ticket. You can call American Airlines and ask them if the company changed your name properly on the ticket.

  72. I just got my pass port a week ago in the mail. When i was booking my trip to Mexico I just noticed they put a e instead of an o in my last name. Can I just buy the ticket and put the e in my last name? Or if it doesn’t match my driver license and marriage certificate will I have problums? I don’t think I will have time to get a new one before we were planning to go.

  73. I would call your passport agency and also a travel agency to ask what you should do. You should not just buy a ticket and put the wrong name as you will have problems with immigration.

  74. US AIRWAYS do not support extenuating circumstances like medical emergency, death in the family and change in military orders. Grandmother is also not an immediate family member as what they define.

  75. Hi Silviya, how about forgot put down the middle name on the ticket; can input the passport info on the ticket help? Thanks so much for your help!

  76. I think travel agencies should take more responsibility in booking international flights! If its so damn important to have your legal name on the ticket then the agent should properly check every customers credentials! Most travel agents are so laid back about this, but they will tell you, you could have a probelm, or it will cost you to change a name. Ok these are all excuses for doing the job correctly! Let’s take some time and do things right for once, This problem would not happen if the agent would just take the time to check a persons id like birth certificate or passport before causing a whole lot of hell later on! I know everyone wants to get a good deal quickly, so you book a flight asap, But this mentality can be very costly when you gamble with international security. Im hoping travel agents or the gov will make this mandatory . This will not only improve correct and secure bookings of flights, but also customer service.
    God be with us!

  77. I have a question? I am sort of worried My 1st name on the E~Ticket is spelt wrong Lsa and should be Lisa. Do you think I will have a problem getting on my plane? I’m leaving Minneapolis to Texas. Dont want to miss daughters graduation from Air Force. Everything else matches as on my I.D

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