Ultimate Ayahuasca Experience in Peru

Ayahuasca – Everyone wants a smooth sailing and stress free life.

However, we all have tensions and worries in every aspect of life, be it workplace or home.

The hectic lifestyle and constant rat race add to the anxiety levels.

The medical market is making constant efforts to come up with newer and modern stress relief medications.

But if you try to opt for age old tried and tested remedies, come to the retreats of Peru for the ayahuasca treatment.

Ayahuasca is a plant drink which is made from the ingredients of the herbs and plants found in the forests of the Amazon.

It has been used since time immemorial by the tribes of the Amazon and is said to be effective in curing all kinds of physical and emotional issues.

Ayahuasca Drink

This is a special kind of brew which is said to be instrumental in a self healing process and also connects people with the real self.

Nowadays there has become a boom is ayahuasca tourism since there are many retreats and resorts opening in Peru for the complete ayahuasca experience.

However, keep in mind that this is not a drink which you can sit in your kitchen and sip casually.

The drink has to be taken in a special ceremony with a group of people under the watchful eye of a trained shaman.

The Peru retreat  is one of the best places where you can get the required health care and supervision before, after and during the intake of the ayahuasca medicine.

It is a noteworthy fact that there is no specific recipe for making this brew as each tribe prepares it in its own individual way. 

The shaman or curandero sits in the middle of a group of people and sings sacred hymns or icaros.

Then he drinks the potion and gives it to the participants.

The effects of the drink are felt within as less as fifteen to twenty minutes.

Nausea, diarrhea, dizziness and hallucinations are said to be some of the common symptoms of the ayahuasca brew.

It is considered a part of the self cleansing process.

However, when you pick a ayahuasca resort  , make sure that it has good ratings, a learned as well as compassionate shaman who has a genuine interest in guiding people.

It is also preferable that you note that there is a good medical staff on hand in case people have severe sicknesses from drinking this brew.

According to research, there have been excellent reports of people making good progress but there have also been reports of serious side effects.

So, it is always better to keep a safe check on choosing a good treatment centre.

Ayahuasca Experience in Peru

The ayahuasca is also termed as Mother Ayahuasca since it provides mental and physical healing and a life of inner awakening, along with a connection to the other world.

This plant is also referred to as yage or the spirit vine.

It is basically a blend of two plants called the banisteriopsis caapi and the chacruna shrub.

This shrub is also called psychotria viridis and it comprises of psychoactive ingredients which may create hallucinations called dimethyltryptamine or DMT.

This is one of the reasons that this medication is banned in many countries.

However, the positive effects of this medicine cannot be denied and it is also recommended that you take the help of a specially trained curandero in the intake of the ayahuasca medicine.

The doctor and the shaman also decide on the amount of dosage for each participant which is based on their height, weight, body structure, physical condition, age and medical history.

The emotional state or the mental condition is also a very important factor in this regard so it is of the paramount importance that you abide by the guidelines provided.

The bodily cleansing and purification is a must so the participants are instructed to abstain from physical intercourse, caffeine, tobacco, cigarette, drugs and alcohol.

The medical history of each patient is also taken into account.

So this is where the choice of a proper shamanic healing is very important, with the stress on the word proper choice.

Just as there two sides to every coin, there have been some reports of evil shamans harassing people, particularly ladies, while under the influence of ayahuasca.

A good clinic will always have a reliable medical staff and an able curandero on hand to aid the people.

However, caution should be observed with heart patients as ayahuasca increases the heart beat.

Some other places of shamanic Yage treatment include Brazil and Coasta Rica, other than Peru, when it comes to the ayahuasca drink.

You will also receive constant counseling to prepare your body and mind before the ayahuasca ritual, by the carefully selected and trained group of facilitators

Traditions and conventions

Each Peru ayahuasca clinic has its own method of conducting the ceremony with a specific number of guests and at the specific hours.

There are time slots allowed for the guests to indulge in any kind of meditation or personal prayers before beginning the ceremony.

There are security teams patrolling in and around the temple to ensure the guests remain safe.

There are also personal volunteers to help the people to the washrooms if necessary.

The effects of this drink can be pretty severe in some while others may have mild reactions.

There are always medical units present in case of extreme emergencies.

The things to be bough include a cushion for meditation, a water bottle, flashlight, matches, pusanga or the sacred water of the flower which is given to the guests.

According to age old ancient shipibo traditions, the ayahuasca ceremonies are always conducted at night in a sacred place called the maloka.

It is the holy spot where the ceremony is held.

The healers sit in the middle of the group of participants to conduct the ceremony.

Codes of conduct

Some behavior norms will need to be followed during the ceremony for the successful completion.

There is to be no audio or visual recording of the ceremony and no physical contact among the guests.

The participants should not talk or clap or sing during the ceremony.

One should remain inside the protection of the sacred venue till the ceremony is completed.

These are some of the hallmarks of a good ayahuasca place.

One should always know the thorough details about the ayahuasca before going in for it.

It is supposed to have cured mental illnesses like depression and physical ailments like cancer.

It is even considered an antidote to alcohol addiction.

But before you opt for it, it is always a wise bet to read up thoroughly about the benefits and ill effects.

Every person may not have the same reaction to this plant vine so it is always best to be safe than sorry.

Peru Adventure

If you choose a good retreat, you can be rest assured of seeing the amazing locations of Peru, along with having a memorable ayahuasca experience.

So, it can be an adventure trip and the most memorable journey of your life.

People travel from remote locations to solve their life problems with the intake of the ayahausca potion.

So, it is of the prime importance that you choose the treatment center with care and know what to expect.

You may have contacts who have used a particular clinic before and have written rave reviews about it.

With regard to ayahuasca, each person reports a different experience.

While many have written glowing comments online about the positive changes brought in their lives by ayahuasca.

There have been examples of people who describe it as nightmarish and nothing to write home about.

However, there is no doubt about it that it is a touted medical breakthrough and can make miracles happen.

But the effects are always individual specific.

Peru Ayahuasca Recommendations

One thing should always be kept in mind.

Never ever try to order ayahuasca like a casual cup of tea and drink it at home.

It is a special potion which is prepared in the forests of the Amazon by trained and learned curanderos of the Shipibo tribe who know the right ingredients since centuries.

However, knowing about the right dosage for each participant is equally important for the right kind of effect.

So, one should always have a calm mindset and refrain from disturbing events before the intake of ayahuasca.

It is no doubt an interesting concept which has taken the world by storm and continues to attract millions of tourists to the Peru ayahuasca centers for making their lives better.

The shamans are learned individuals who guide and help the people in drinking this magical potion.

But it is urged for the women specially to be careful and use their instincts particularly around a male shaman.

You should remember that you would far away from your home and family and need to keep your wits about you, to keep yourself safe.

Many retreats also organize adventures and treks.

The experience is no doubt interesting, if nothing else.

So as always, it is recommended that you read up all you need to know about ayahuasca and take a lot of time in your research.

No one can say whether you need ayahuasca treatment of not, as you alone are the best judge of that.

However, you will need to keep in mind your requirements and use your judgement.

So, choose an ayahuasca clinic and enjoy the ultimate ayahausca experience.

Peru awaits your arrival with the blessings of Mother Ayahuasca to give you a completely new and better life.