Best Organic Travel Products Review ~ What to Buy

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Organic Travel Products Review: While finding organic personal care products is getting easier, it’s still difficult to find organic products that are travel sized. Read the best organic travel products review to make your shopping easier.

Ideally, everyone would transfer their bulk shampoo into smaller containers, but some people prefer the convenience of buying travel size products.

Vacation Guide to Travel Size Products

dropps green laundry detergent
dropps green Organic Laundry Detergent

Organic Travel Products Review

We like organic products. Organic toiletries and personal care items are made from high quality ingredients and generally do not contain chemicals. These products are much gentler than most non-organic products as well as being good for the environment.

We love them so much that we even use organic products when we travel. Below is a roundup of some of our favorites.

Organic travel products review for hair

Desert Essence nourishing coconut travel shampoo

Organic coconut oil gently cleanses hair and conditions it as it goes.

This [easyazon_link keywords=”Desert Essence” locale=”US” tag=”gogreentravel-20″]Desert Essence[/easyazon_link] product also contains olive oil and Jojoba oil, which are both organic.

There is no drying alcohol in these products and no artificial chemicals either.

Desert Essence nourishing coconut conditioner shampoo

There are also fragrant free, raspberry, lemon and red grape versions of this product available.

The basic composition is the same as the shampoo, but a different natural fragrance is added.

Argan Oil hair mask

If you are looking for a way to deep condition, your hair while traveling this organic hair mask is definitely a great option.

It contains several natural oils including [easyazon_link keywords=”organic Argan oil” locale=”US” tag=”gogreentravel-20″]organic Argan oil[/easyazon_link], coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil and Shea butter as well as several important vitamins and minerals.

Organic Body Washes and Soaps review

Dr. Bronner organic liquid travel soap

This amazing product is a fantastic multipurpose soap. This old style soap is made from completely natural and organic compounds.

You normally buy it as a bar, but the company recently released a liquid soap version, which they sell in travel sizes.

It is one of the most versatile travel soaps out there. [easyazon_link identifier=”B0016BFD4K” locale=”US” tag=”gogreentravel-20″]Dr. Bronner organic liquid travel soap[/easyazon_link]

You can use it as a shower gel or for washing clothes. However, it is not suitable for washing your hair, but weirdly people do use it as a less abrasive alternative to toothpaste.

It smells heavenly too, the version featured here is almond scented.

This soap formula has never been tested on animals and is 100% biodegradable, so is safe for the environment too.

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Kiss My Face Anti-stress Shower Gel

This is a great all round [easyazon_link keywords=”Kiss My Face Anti-stress Shower Gel” locale=”US” tag=”gogreentravel-20″]organic travel wash[/easyazon_link].

You can use it to wash your hair as well as use it as a shower gel and a face wash.

This versatile product now comes in travel sizes.

Other Organic Travel Personal Care Items

Bigelow travel size organic shave cream

This beautiful shaving cream is suitable for all skin types. Bigelow shave cream is infused with coconut and eucalyptus oils, contains menthol to cool the skin, and leave it pleasantly taunt. Even a small dab produces a softening lather that spreads a long way. This may be a small pack, but it really lasts.

Organic toothpaste in travel pack sizes

You can now buy Auromere herbal toothpaste in travel pack sizes. Each tube contains 4.16oz of paste.

Auromere make a range of different flavors including liquorice, mint free, fresh mint and a non-foaming version, which is perfect for people with a hypersensitive gag reflex.

These products are 100% natural and organic, they do not even contain fluoride, but they do contain 24 natural cleansing agents that are also known to be good for dental health.

Organic insect repellent in travel size

This USDA certified travel-sized Organic insect repellent contains no alcohol or synthetic chemicals and it has not been tested on animals It is certified as kid safe and is DEET free as well. This is a very effective insect repellent.

Going green products
Going green products

Organic Travel Toiletry Kits

One of the most economical ways to buy you travel organic toiletries is to buy them as a kit. Here are a few of the best ones.

Honey Girl Organics facial care travel kit

If you want to carry out a full skincare routine while on the go, this kit is great. As the name indicates, all of these skin care products are honey based. They all come in a zipped travel pouch and the kit includes lip balm, facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer and eye crème.

PAYA Organics travel toiletry set

If you want to order everything in one go the PAYA organics travel size kit is the answer. This kit contains a 1.5oz bar of organic soap with orange peel, a bottle of organic shower gel, a small bottle of organic body lotion, as well as a bottle of both shampoo and conditioner.

Acure Organics dry shampoo and leave in conditioner kit

For those who are not sure they will have access to water for a while a travel dry shampoo can work wonders. It is easy to use, is suitable for any type of hair and keeps the hair free of dirt until you can get access to a water source.

It is also a great option for business travelers who may experience delays, which does not leave them enough time to wash and dry their hair before a meeting.

Couple that with leave in conditioner and you have access to a complete water free hair care system. Acrue Organics products are all high quality and they really do wash and condition your hair.

Miessence travel pack review

  • 2 Different Varieties of Shampoo (for normal to dry and normal to oily hair)
  • Conditioner
  • Hair Repair
  • Hair Styling Gel
  • Body wash
  • Body Cream

All of the products are products of Australia and Australian Certified Organic. Overall the products worked well. I really liked the B5 Hair Repair and the shape Hair Styling Gel. I have curly hair and they did a good job of keeping my hair from frizzing.

One thing that stood out about the shampoo containers was that they are made of extremely hard plastic. This is great for traveling as they won’t get smashed in your suitcase leaving shampoo-soaked clothes.

The downside of this is that you have to take the entire cap off the bottle to get shampoo out since you can’t squeeze the bottle to get it out of the flip-cap. A minor annoyance, but the benefit of not squishing in the suitcase is nice. Miessence has a range of organic skin, hair, body and cosmetic products.

Organic Travel Products

It’s stressful enough traveling so it’s great if you can use great products along the way. By bringing your own toiletries, you can decline the mini shampoo, condition and lotions that come in plastic containers. 

We try to use organic travel products when traveling. It’s been easier than ever to find them. If you have other favorites, we would love to hear from you.

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