Comprehensive Guide to Airport Parking at the FLL Airport

Airport Parking at the FLL Airport – Located just 21 miles to the north of Miami is the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport.

This facility services Fort Lauderdale in Florida and is conveniently located just 3 miles from the downtown area of Fort Lauderdale.

A good number of flights taking off from this airport are bound for the Caribbean so transit tourists are ever at this location.

For this reason, the airport has provided plenty of parking spaces.

It is up to car owners to decide whether to use the airport parking lot of other alternatives.

Actually, there are 4 on-site parking facilities and several other lots near or around the airport.

In this guide, you are going to learn about the many parking options available to you, so that it will be easy to choose which best suits you according to your preferences.

Making Online Parking Reservations

With platforms such as Parkos and SpotHero, making reservations is easy.

You just need to know when you are scheduled to travel, how long you wish your car to be parked for and which type of parking is best for your needs.

The process for these platforms begins by launching the site on your browser then picking the best specifications for your parking need.

There is no need to make a physical visit to Fort Lauderdale Airport with such tools.

Parking Rates & Options

Fort Lauderdale Airport has a mega parking complex that is comprised of over 12,000 parking spots.

Split between the Hibiscus and Palm garages, this complex just recently went through an initiative that cost a millions of dollars to simplify using technology.

If you are planning to use Fort Lauderdale airport facilities, it will cost you between $3 and $25 depending on the preferences.

Obviously, short term parking is more costly as compared to long term parking so it is important to consider all aspects of your travel before booking.

Even though Fort Lauderdale Airport rates are posted online, they may change from time to time without notice.

Long-Term Parking at FLL Airport

Long term parking can take many forms at the Fort Lauderdale Airport namely daily overflow parking, off-site parking, curbside valet service and the Palm and Hibiscus Garages.

A while back passengers were allowed to park at the economy parking facility but it is currently only available for employees of the airport.

The daily rate for on-site garage parking is $15 but the cost could go down to as low as $5.

Short-Term FLL Parking

Both daily and hourly parking facilities are provided at the Fort Lauderdale Airport close to the terminals.

The Hibiscus and Palm garage facilities are a short distance from the terminals making it convenient not only for passengers but also for someone who is picking/dropping them.

If your sole reason for being at the airport is to pick/drop someone, the hourly parking option is best for you.

On the other hand, someone who needs to stay a longer period of time at the airport with their vehicle needs to go for economy or daily parking as they are cheaper in the long run.

FLL Parking Resources – Discounts and Coupons

It is no secret that most travellers that pass through Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Airport are able to afford the expensive parking rates, no wonder they are still operational.

Well, not everyone!

If you require to park for several days, you can save on parking fees if you take advantage of coupons and discounts.

Where do you go or these money-saving deals?

  • Official Airport Parking webpage
  • SpotHero – an app available on iPhone and Android devices and from where travellers can buy parking inventory.
  • FlySmart – an app that is available on android, iOS and blackberry devices, and which offers itinerary, parking and flight information.

Airport Parking Companies near Fort Lauderdale Airport

Travellers boarding from Fort Lauderdale airport have a wide range of airport parking service provides to pick from.

Here are a few of them;

  1. Park 24/7 – they offer a flat rate for parking on a daily basis and do not require upfront booking fees. Their operation base is just half a mile from Fort Lauderdale Airport.
  2. Park ‘N Go – their facility offers services both in the day and night. Passengers benefit from luggage assistance and complimentary shuttle picks. Booking with them grants passengers an opportunity to win free parking services.
  3. Gold Coast Airport Parking – passengers benefit from complimentary shuttle picks and luggage assistance. They are the perfect choice for groups because of group travel discounts.
  4. Discount Parking FLL – this is a pretty new operation that offers off-airport parking to air travellers. They offer complimentary picks that drop you at respective terminal within 4 minutes. Their strong point is security enhanced by fencing, lighting and video cameras all over their parking lots.
  5. FLL Park Safe – this is an ideal choice for both short and long term parking. Since they are less than a mile from airport, they are ideal for travellers in a rush.
  6. Park N’ Fly – this service offers complimentary shuttle service, 24 hours security and luggage assist.
  7. Park By The Ports – they offer complimentary shuttle service or groups of up to 4 and then charge $8 for any additional travellers. They have discounted monthly packages.

The Parkos FLL airport parking platform is one of the major parking assist tools that operates at the Fort Lauderdale airport.

With Parkos, car owners are sure that their vehicles are left in safe and secure lots.

Not only are the airport parking lots individually inspected for compliance but they are also upgraded to match the platform’s standards.

Fort Lauderdale airport parking is an affordable option compared to many other service providers at the facility.

Considering the many parking options that travellers can choose from, those who choose to park with Parkos get value for their money.

Whether you are looking for airport parking facilities that offer onsite parking or options nearby, this platform is a force that does not disappoint.