Fruit Infused Water Bottles

Best Fruit Infused Water Bottles Guide Review ~ Top 3 to Pick

Fruit infused water bottles – Fresh, refreshing drinks that are actually healthy. Yes, please! Learn about the best fruit infused water bottles and why they are awesome. I never knew what a difference owning a fruit infused water bottle would make! Prior to owning one, I thought that I could just put some fruit in my glass or reusable water bottle if I wanted some extra flavor. I had been “off” of diet soda for over a year. Instead, I (unfortunately) switched to vitamin water and also started adding those sugar-free powders into my water for flavoring. But when I finally stopped to think about all the chemicals I was adding unnecessarily to my body, I never bought them again. Best Fruit Infused Water Bottles Review Being I use reusable water bottles every day, it’s essential the bottle is easy to manage, won’t break, and won’t ever leak. I also … Read more

Zero Water Cup

Best Water Bottle with Filter Guide ~ What to Buy and Why

Best Water Bottle with Filter – Of course we need to think about what’s in our water. It’s supposed to be the best drink for us, yet it’s often filled with harmful bacteria, viruses, lead and heavy metals. The great news it’s fast and easy to filter contaminated water and drink it safely. There are many times you will benefit from a water bottle with a filter: At home, work, school, gym Traveling abroad, local travel, hotels, motels Outdoor activities: hiking, backpacking, camping, RVing, Scouts Emergency preparedness and prepping When you refill from a drinking fountain If you live in areas with severe weather, such as tornadoes or hurricanes Basically, use it anytime you want to know you’re drinking clean water without harmful pathogens. Best Water Bottle with Filter Review [easyazon_link keywords=”LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle with LifeStraw Filter” locale=”US” tag=”gogreentravel-20″]LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle with LifeStraw Filter[/easyazon_link] [easyazon_link identifier=”B01C6HAVVM” … Read more

Best Glass Water Bottle

Bring Your Own Water Bottle!

Bring your own water bottle – On average Americans buy 36.5 gallons of bottled water each year. If we multiply this number with the number of American population it’s easy to see that we consume an incredible amount of bottled water each year. According to the Beverage Marketing Corporation, total bottled water volume continues to grow. It increased from 11.8 billion gallons in 2015 to 12.8 billion gallons in 2016. That’s an increase of 9%! Despite people bringing their own reusable water bottles with them, consumption grows each year. Bring your own water bottle While drinking a lot of water is a good thing, we have to pay attention to what type of water we actually drink. Buying a bottle of water might be convenient at some times but we shouldn’t make it a habit. Each bottle of water we buy we harms our environment. There are so many excellent … Read more

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EcoVessel Water Bottles for Your Drinking Pleasure

EcoVessel Water Bottles – While there are many excellent reusable water bottles available, EcoVessel water bottles stand out for many reasons. Living in the dry southwest, our family brings water bottles everywhere we go. It’s a habit, even in the winter months. We choose stainless steel, rather than reusable BPA-free plastic ones, 98% of the time. During the school year, this also means our kids bring a stainless steel water bottle in their backpacks each day. They also pack water for their lunch bags. They need water bottles that are reliable and easy to use for 180 days each school year. We own many water bottles and have tried many through the years. We have various ones for different circumstances. In the summer and for outdoor adventures, we carry water bottles that hold 25 or more ounces. For school, our kids bring water bottles that are at least 16 ounces. … Read more