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Consequences of Global Warming

Consequences of Global Warming Consequences of Global Warming – You’ve probably been hearing lots of news about global warming and how bad it is for our beautiful planet. You might have also been noticing people arguing about the effects of global warming and the potential dangers it brings to the nature and our communities around the world. The matter of fact is that the planet is getting warmer and that people do contribute to this process, but it is also true that our planet has been going through the cycles of warming up and cooling down for billions of years. In this essay on global warming, we are going to look at some facts and try to figure out what all of this actually means for us. Does it Really Get Warmer? Yes, the planet does get warmer, and the noticeable spike in the average temperature around the planet happened … Read more

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Cool Places in New York for Green Travelers

Places in New York – You’re committed to protecting our environment and our precious resources. You’re also planning a vacation to explore New York City. You may be wondering, how well do these two things go together? Fortunately, very well. For one thing, moving around New York with a minimal carbon footprint is easy. If you’ve ever had the hair-raising experience of driving a car in New York, you know that it’s much easier to walk the busy streets than to drive them. New York is also rich with eco-friendly experiences, such as beautiful parks and locally sourced foods. The city has been a leader in passing laws that decrease its carbon footprint and increase sustainability. One of New York’s most ambitious programs is the Carbon Challenge, a voluntary partnership among universities, hotels and other businesses to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Read on for some tips to make your … Read more

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5 Best Nature Inspired Vacation Activities

Nature Inspired Vacation – Traveling around a city can be great because almost everything you need is within reach, making it convenient for our often-excessive lives. However, city traveling can also be exhausting; its fast-paced lifestyle and lack of room for relaxation can be draining, both physically and mentally, that’s not to mention the effects of light, sound and air pollution. This is why many of us prefer having our vacations in places where we can be as far from the demanding and exhausting city life as possible. Nature inspired vacation activities are a great way to relax and unwind from the hectic schedules we have while in the city. Nature Inspired Vacation Here are some of the best nature-inspired activities you can incorporate when planning for your next break: Rock Climbing in California Rock climbing isn’t what comes to mind when talking about California but the state that is … Read more